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I will soon have a good reason to disappear for a few days :)


Life always manages to surprise our short staying on this world. Almost a year ago I was hit by a multiple series of not so good events (article here). Those bad news were related to some people close to me that have been living different kind of issues. The months after I worked hard to fix what could be fixed. Of course some things cannot be fixed at all. It had been a time where I spent more energy than I could get back from the world around me. But as I told you, life is immensely surprising. And not only bad news come and go, also unexpected good news hit you from time to time :)

Particularly the news I am going to share you today will have a great influence on my life and also a bit on my work on 43rumors. That’s the reason why I choose to make it public. I will very soon become father for the very first time. The baby is “scheduled” to see the light of the world…guess when…January 1st! Of course you never know when that creature decides to jump out of the box :)

As we are pretty close to the event it could be that when this happens for a few days 43rumors will not be updated. If you see me not posting any news you should know that I have a good reason for it! And the first two weeks I will likely post less on this website. Could be that I skip the usual news-reviews coverage in favour of rumor posts only. And please don’t be upset if I don’t answer your mails or if your comments will take long time before they get approved! And expect me to double or triple the error rate in my already poor written English! :)

Thanks for your understanding!!!

P.S.: I am now going to the gynecologist with my wonderful girlfriend (and future wife). Will be offline for a few hours. And here are some more little news:
43rumors and Mirrorlessrumors design update:
A small design update on 43rumors is coming. And ipad and iphone versions are coming too.
Mirrorlessrumors will be completely redone and become a “vertical community” where to share stories and work and news around the mirrorless world (it will take 4-5 months to develop that).
Thinking on doing a personal blog:
As you know I decided to live somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the Pyrenees. I am thinking on doing a blog sharing some of my small experiences doing that life. I may do camera reviews by photographing cows and goats :)
Last week I presented you my project (article here). This is an easy search and notification service for eBay that soon will be expanded to Amazon too. I carefully discussed all your proposals and ideas with my programmers and most of them will be realized soon! Thanks for your help and keep using and testing it. I hope you will find it useful!

  • Pete


    you just know that Olympus and Panny will release stuff at JUST the most inconvenient time now eh :)

    • Anonymous

      Congrats Admin. It will be the greatest time of your life. Make sure you get a GH3 though. There is nothing like it for recording your kids growing up.

      Are you taking suggestions for names? Admin Junior? Just kidding.

      • admin

        lol! Will put him at work on 43rumors as soon as his english is better than mine. I guess we will have to wait until he is three :)

  • Hard2Xplain

    Whoa!! congrat admin!!

    I’ll give you a week to enjoy your new lovely creature!!

  • stonebat

    Congrat admin!!! Capture the moment!!! No flash. Use a prime :)

  • Congratulations!!! I’m on the same boat as you!!! “Scheduled” for May, though! :)

  • Genamari

    Wow! It’s a great news for 4/3s fanboys also!
    Congrats our web master and your (future) wife!

  • Chad


  • eidrag

    FT5? Congratulations! I’m very thankful to admin and other readers on this sites, sharing good news on m43. Hope nothing problematic on you!

  • pharine


  • yun

    Congratulations to Admin & future wife .
    Hopefully things will back to normal once you have news for my dream cam , OMD Pro or GL .

  • Congrats! That’s great news!

  • Congratulations. Great news.

  • Paddy


    waiting for your baby’s pic in few days!

  • Mauro

    Excellent news!
    Congratulazioni :)

  • Robert

    Congratulations!!! You have the best of all possible excuses. Enjoy life!

  • Dave

    juuuuuuuhhhhh nice! my daughter is celebrating her first birthday on 02. febrauar! iam so happy :)

  • Many congratulations!

    Life’s greatest adventure is just about to begin, I wish you and your family nothing but health and happiness!

  • ;-)

  • BdV

    Congratulations Admin family! Hang on!
    ‘Live somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the Pyrenees’: Interesting. So you’re going to be a landscape Photographer?

    • admin

      Nope..cow photographer :)

      • BdV

        Haha! That’s cool! Really! :-)

  • Congratulations Admin.
    My best wishes to you and to your family

  • John Cantelo

    Good to hear such good news (althogh your life will never be the same again!) Warmest congratulations to you both.

  • Harris

    Congratulations!! That’s awesome news! Wish you guys the best…. what a gift for 2013, eh? :D

  • Brubru

    Congrats! Maybe we wont see you more than just a few days…

  • pbl

    Great news, i wish you, your girlfriend and your child the very best in the world.
    And we will be almost neighbours, i live in Northern Portugal.
    Love those mountains, i go every winter to Valle d’Aran.

  • Anonymous

    Have to add my congratulations as well! Thanks for sharing, best wishes for the birth and those first few weeks. Ignore the site, enjoy your child.

  • Congratulations! Fantastic news — best wishes to you all…

  • Wei

    Best news ever! Is it a FT5? JK. Happy for you and your family.

    If the baby comes in early, you will also get tax break for 2012.


  • Kev2


  • marco

    Congrats! I’m a fresh father too (3 months), so I know what it means… You’ll be forgiven for any (even prolonged) “downtime” on 43rumors :)

  • Anonymous

    congratulations. that must be the fastest baby ever :D

  • Congrats Ale! Having recently become a father for the second time, I can say that life will certainly, never be the same, for great reasons.

    Enjoy the transition into fatherhood, it truly is a special experience and all our best to your (future) wife. :)


  • Minstrel

    Good luck and best wishes. Enjoy these moments…they’re special…and sleep when you can.

  • N!co

    Congratulations Admin !
    I wish the three of you the very best.
    Is this child a FT5 rumor ? :) I haven’t seen it in the 2012 roadmap. A wonderful Christmas gift !!

  • mike kobal

    congrats to the whole family :)

  • uluru

    My best wishes =)

  • Tim

    Congatz!!! I hope you can keep up the work. Alot of nightly posts! Chrz. From Amsterdam.

  • Daniel

    Congratulations for the good news :-)

  • Anonymous

    Honestly dude, drop the website, just post on dpr forum, and focus on the family

  • salvo57

    congrats!! best wishes from Istanbul : )

  • Paulus

    Dear Admin!


    And all the best wishes!

  • Congratulation. And I wish you girlfriend easy labor and a healthy and beautiful baby for you 2.

  • Congratulations!
    And all the best wishes!

  • Congratulations!

    I look forward to the upcoming 24-hours-a-day posts. You WILL be up at all hours! :)

    It’s worth EVERY SECOND of lost sleep, every ounce of baby-puke you wash out of your hair and clothes, and every penny you spend on getting pictures of your little-one.

    Enjoy everything about it!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! and good luck.

  • Congrats.

    We’ll wait for you.

  • Kudos to GH3 baby. I wonder what a photog’s baby’s name will be…..

  • Wow! Congratz!

  • Chris K

    Congratulations from the US, Admin! We just had our second a couple weeks ago. Don’t forget to bring a camera that someone else can use for you! :)

  • Big congrats, this will be the best time of you life!

  • Theeky

    Congratulations! :)

  • metalaryeh

    All the best to you and your family.


  • Congratulations! Great rumor! Please limit any “unboxing” videos of your January event to the private audience.

    Jokes aside, I’m happy for you.



    • admin

      DOn’t think you will see that kind of messy unboxing :)

  • jack

    You should definitely make the middle name Zuiko.

    • admin

      no!!! :)

  • The Real Stig

    Congratulations from Ireland.

  • Kenneth


  • shatteredsky

    Congrats! Was just for two days in Pau, and already missed my daughter …


  • harnamsc

    Congrats on your new bundle of joy!

  • Awesome news! You deserve the best and while you thought life was changing (+or-) last Christmas, wait to see how it changes (++) with your new cherub responsibilities! 4/3 rumors just gave birth to 1/1 Truths!

  • burmese_dude

    Is that FT5 ? :) All the best to your family!!.

  • Congratulations! Your life will indeed change.

    Now, imagine all the new photo opportunities. :)

  • Gerd

    Congratulations !!!

  • avds

    Congrats! :) One would think something had to happen after such an avid Olympus fan traveled to whereabouts of Olympia :)

  • Bawide

    My daughter (my first child) is now 7 months old.
    And by the way: She is the reason that I read this site every second day. I always wanted to leave the compact cameras behind me. And when I knew that I will become a father I decided very fast that to buy a G3. And so I came here…
    Wish you the best.

  • beautemps

    Congratulations. Good Job!
    No I understand why you left pyrenees in winter. .-) Only you the baby, a cow and a donkey would habe been too lonesome.
    A little bad timing, could habe planned better. Sometime after CES…
    Enjoy these days, birth and litle admin/admoiselle, nothing else matters

  • Cellardoor

    Does it come in black? ;-)

  • Mika

    Congratulations! :)

  • nikku

    Congrats admin, I too will be a first time father (ETA December 16, and no, there will not be an “unboxing” video). Who knows, maybe one day our kids will meet?

    • admin

      Maybe ;)
      Congrats to you too!!!

  • Oriol

    Congratulations!! These are the best news, enjoy it!!

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