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HOT! The AG-AF100 MicroFourThirds camcorder website has been launched!


Check it out:

The AVCHD recording format used by the AG-AF100 series includes a professional PH mode with maximum AVCHD bit rate for stunning image quality. Two SD card slots allow continuous recording for up to 12 hours* in PH mode and up to 48 hours* in HE mode with two SD (SD/SDHC/SDXC) cards on board.

The AG-AF100 series records in 1080:59.94i/50i/29.97p/25p/23.98p or 720:29.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p with its multi HD format.
You can render movie-like images. The Dynamic Range Stretcher, Gamma Select and other image features have also been inherited from previous Panasonic professional camera recorders.

The AG-AF100 series features HD-SDI output, XLR audio 2-channel input, and other interfaces that are typically found on professional camera recorders. Time code recording also supports precise video production. In addition to its compact, lightweight body, the AG-AF100 series’s professional camera recorder design with grip, handle and large viewfinder firmly support reliable camera work.

With XLR input and multi-HD format the AG-AF100 easily beats the Sony NEX-VG10! Now let’s wait and see the final price…

  • Din

    Sony NEX-VG10 + 18-200 = $2000
    Pana AG-AF100 (no lens) = $6000

    What do you think…

  • don

    Pana AG-AF100 (no lens) = $6000 – avccam :(

    red scarlet = $ 4750 – 3k :)

    • Well… the $4750 model is 2/3″ and fixed lens…. not comparable.

      To compare, try and price the 2/3″ interchangable model with all the features the Panny has…. the EVF alone is $3k. You’d be looking at at least $10,000 without lenses.

  • YeahYeah

    Are you sure it is $6000?

    • don

      still avccam. no comparison, sorry.

      • For the price of a RED evf you can buy an extrernal recorder to record the HD:SDI feed in uncompressed 4:4:2

  • No 1080P 60FPS and it is a professional cam?

  • Someone here had $3000 in their sock.. I would check the other sock.

  • Joel


    I think there is a typo since this says 29.94p and 29.97p. My guess is that it should be 59.94p.

  • Miroslav

    What are those lenses on the left, m4/3 video lenses or 35mm lenses?

  • NativeFloridian

    I was hoping those were the new Panasonic prime lenses for m43 on the left. With a little research on my part (even though you probably already know this) showed that the lenses are Zeiss lenses. That green ringed piece must be a new adapter. Even more disappointing, the pictured Zeiss Distagon Ultra Prime lenses cost thousands of dollars and are aimed primarily at video. Unfortunately, I don’t see any new primes on the right (I hope that’s not an ominous sign). Here’s hoping that in the coming days some new fast primes will be announced. Personally, I’d like a a native m43 f1.8 or better 40-50mm portrait lens. Pretty please!?

  • The largest lens on the right looks like the Zuiko 14-35 f2, about $2000. Not sure what the other large lens is, an older manual. Looks like a photo to show the versatility of the system, and the “pro” aspirations.

  • lolque

    24bit rate is PRO , lmao =(

    merit is “no rolling shutter” as i heard.

    but i would pay more and go for 1Ds MarkIV which i can also shoot studio with

  • Silverbolt
  • BrianB

    Don’t know why so many are dissing the AVCCAM as such a drawback. At 24 mb it’s a pretty solid codec. People were shooting features on hdv until recently and AVCCAM mops the floor with hdv.

    Plus it has SDI out so codec not really an issue. Remember the target market for this camera. Indy filmmakers. That would typically be for a project under $200k. This is realty the perfect camera for that market.

    For all it’s advantages, P2 media is expensive and older tech. It will ultimately be replaced by AVCCAM and other more efficient codecs, especially for this market level.

    • K.C.

      Very helpful comment, thank you. That’s exactly what I’m looking at it for. Modest budget doc.

  • youknowmyname

    I see that looks like a 14-35 f/2 Zuiko, this camera has been shown with that lens attached before. I cannot identify the other lens either, but it is possibly an OM mount Zuiko.

  • The primes are the brand new Leica primes (110k a set of 6 anyone?), Panny is not affiliated with Zeiss…..
    The old lens is a nikon, just to show the versatility.

  • I think some people here are mixing up AVCCAM with AVClite or some other AVC format.

    AVCCAM looks great.

  • mpgxsvcd

    What will this camera do that a GH13 and $5500 worth of lenses won’t?

  • Anders

    “What will this camera do that a GH13 and $5500 worth of lenses won’t?”

    Proper audio ins(xlr) and controls, proper video out(hd-sdi) for example… VERY important stuff for a lot of people.

  • bilgy_no1

    A bit strange to launch the website while the final product has not yet been announced. Perhaps a sign that it will not be long now.

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