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Holga lenses for Micro Four Thirds now available!

A couple of months ago Holga announced new lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system. I just noticed that they are now available on eBay (Click here). For some reason I didn’t figure out the same lens is available in two different “codes”:

– The Holga “HLW-OP” is specifically branded as lens for Olympus lens (Click here to see them on eBay).
– The Holga “HLW-PLG” os specificall sold as lens for Panasonic G cameras (Click here to see them on eBay).

But they have the same specs so I think that it is just marketing making the difference here!


  • Effective Focal Length: 25mm
  • Aperture: Fixed f/8
  • Focus: Manual Zone Focus
  • Lens Type: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 38x57mm
  • Weight: 38g

Can someone already show us some pictures? I didn’t find any via google!

UPDATE: A reader sent us the link to his image samples: And a video is available here on youtube. Thanks Adam!

  • Samuel

    Do they not have these lens for Standard 43rds?

    I would love to have one on my E-500.


  • The difference could be the printing on the front of the lens?

  • leendert

    I find this set on flickr (But a 50mm Holga lens???):

    • Those look horrible. Apart from the images being dull and not interesting at all, the quality of the images is horrible.

      • io

        My 4 year old 2MPx cellphone can take far better images.

  • Antonio P
  • napalm

    awesome. i love these toy lenses…

  • che

    f8.0 not worth of a word even, and money too.

    • io


      why somebody would like to buy such a lens?

      • Gabi


  • Thomas

    LOL! I think any of the older MF lenses will be a better choice for the same money. I would like to see some shots with this lens :)

  • truman

    i bought one of these a month ago. it works fine on my gf1, but i dont really use it. its an unsharp and vignetting plastic lens. and f8 just sucks :D
    will sell it.

  • It doesn’t cost much, but imho my slrmagic toy lens offers more possibilities due to the non-fixed aperture. And it has a 26mm focal length, so no big difference there …

  • piero

    I also made a test here:

  • Bob B. ads another choice to the pot. More is better!

    • Mr. Reeee

      THREE Fisheyes! Micro Four Thirds has ARRIVED! ;-)

      And for $20? BFD.
      It’s sort of like the plastic lenses in the crappy 120 film cameras I had as a kid. It could be fun at a party or something.
      Shoot lo-res video, run HDMI cable to HDTV, blow it up. Plenty laughs. The more booze, the better. :-)

      @Bob B. Absolutely.
      More Lenses = More Choice = More M4/3 Users = More Kit for the rest of us!

  • SteveD

    I admit I’ve never understood the whole Holga thing. I tend to like sharp photos, so I just don’t personally find these shots pleasant to view. No criticism of anyone, it’s just hard to use stuff that you yourself don’t like.

  • mpgxsvcd

    F8.0 That is a joke right?

  • napalm

    this lens is not for everyone. if you’re not into lomography in the 1st place, why would you want to buy it?

  • Luke

    to the people who are saying it is garbage, you don’t even understand the point and that’s fine…’s not for you. I think it looks like a fun lens and for the price, it probably can’t be beat. Why don’t you try to force yourself to look at the world in a new way?

    • +1

    • Phi Warrender

      +10 to napalm and Luke.
      I understand quality; I’ve shot medium format for 40 years.
      But if you can’t throw a Holga or a Toy or a LensBaby or a Pinhole on the front of your camera and have a blast then you’re just not a fun guy :)
      20 bucks for a crappy plastic f8 lens: I’m there.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Oh yeah, f8 all the way! Crank up the ISO to 12,800 and it’s gritty city!
        Break out the hipster hat, funny glasses and loafers and you’ll be Stylin’ in Williamsburg. ;-)

    • SteveD

      For the price I understand completely why folks would use it. The problem for me is that, even given the base principles of lomography as I understand them, I can do all of it with a better lens like the Oly 17 or the Lumix 20. I understand the price issue which is why the Holga was interesting in the first place. Assuming you already have a micro43 body, however, that’s no longer a real consideration. If you want lousy resolution, just use the stock Oly 14-42. (grin)

      • Luke

        If you even use the word resolution in a response to this subject, you STILL don’t get it. If great photographs can only exist with across the frame sharpness of focus, then we should all be shooting large format WAY stopped down.

        I have seen lousy photographs from great equipment and fantastic photos from terrible equipment and I will ALWAYS prefer the great photo.

        Some may argue that you achieve similar effects using software and starting with a “higher quality” shot with a modern lens (and I do that pretty often), but it doesn’t change the fact that forcing yourself to use these constraints during the capture will make you think more and possibly result in growing as a photographer.

        Is it really that different from deciding that you want load black and white film into your camera when you color film exists?

        • Mr. Reeee


        • cL


          I always try to get everything as sharp as possible when I shoot digital, but with Holga, that’s completely not the point anymore. People who want to shoot sharp photo out of a “plastic” lens is weird…. The f/8 rating is optimistic at best. Seasoned user of Holga cameras would tell you it’s more like f/13 (and very inconsistent, can be anywhere between f/11 – f/16 because of very low production quality). People who shoot with Holga wants light leak, terrible heavy vignette, unpredictable results, color cast. For the last, people use expired film or crossprocess to get weird colors.

          Anyways, if people don’t get it, then they don’t get it. They probably don’t even get why people shoot with film or lo-fi photos.

          And when they say the aperture is f/8, they mean it’s f/8. It’s not maximum aperture. f/8 is the only aperture you can use…. And to shock those uninitiated, you have to shoot using Sunny 16 rule. No auto anything. Focus is manual. You really have to be very knowledge about photography to shoot with a Holga with good result (of course, mounted on a m4/3 camera takes care half of the hard work).

  • che

    look for 10 to 20 euros you can buy any fd with 28 2.8 like i had and have the same effect if you now your lightroom or PS. And personally i like lomo effect. Heck i use expired film with my OLY 35 RC all the time (started bcs of a price as its 1e). And its always easier to degrade quality of a photo than to make it what it is not.
    Btw its just plain stupid to buy any of the lomo branded cameras. You can buy true lomo Like Smena 8, Lubitel 2, and Holga for 5 to 10 euros and not put out 30 all the way up to over 100 for some models with a fancy pansy lomo brand. Hate brands, love cameras.

    • Indeed… no need to buy expensive branded cameras. Check out our ‘Straight from the China factory in completely un-cool box’ Holga models and kits at the HolgaDirect site:

      Rick @ HolgaDirect

    • cL

      Shooting with a quality camera like Olympus 35 RC and a low-quality Holga or Diana are completely different things…. Shooting with Holga, you’re experimenting. You can never know what you are going to get from your camera because it’s not a precision instrument. If I got low quality photos or incorrect meter from my Olympus rangefinders, I would be totally pissed and would send the camera to be fixed.

      If you construct your photos to look low quality, then you are creating it…. You’re probably not putting enough effort into making it. It’s too easy to do that. It’s very hard to shoot something from a Holga the way you intended it, and that’s the fun.

  • the only downside I think is that it ain’t really as wide as the holga is (the 120 version I mean) as that is roughly 38mm if translated to 135 film, aka full frame, and would have to be 19mm on the m4/3.

    but still, I’d get this :)

  • got mine today, like halfway between the mid-range quality of the SLRMagic Toy Lens and the pinwide’s pinhole. Mine has a central pinhole and 6 smaller holes around it, so some very interesting light effects.

    I’ve gotten a couple of my favorite photos with my Toy Lens (haven’t gotten many with the pinwide yet, it really needs some deeper thought.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting sharp with my Voigt, 20mm Panny and 9-18mm Oly too. Each lens brings something different to the party. Isn’t that why us geeks buy these sorts of cameras?

    It’s like the difference between the realists and the impressionists.

  • I’ve recently purchased the Holga 25mm for my GH2 and have started using it for motion work as well as stills. It is true that it is inconsistent and requires a little patience to get good results, but that is why I love it. When the magic happens, it’s fantastic. There are certain unexpected results that you can achieve with these “toy” lenses that I might not think to try and create when sitting in front of photoshop or lightroom. I am also a huge fan on the lens baby for the same reason.

    I’ve posted some sample footage from a recent trip to Joplin, Missouri filming the aftermath of the tornado. This is 100% Holga 25 on GH2:

  • hatolf

    I’ve got mine 3 days ago – it is really a crappy lens but fun to use ;)
    Here a few testshots

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