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(FT5) High resolution image of the Olympus XZ1. It has an OLED screen!!!


This is the high-resolution image of the Olympus XZ1. We have no picture of the back yet but we were told the camera has a 3.0 inch OLED LCD with 610K resolution!!! Isn’t the camera cute?

P.S: A lens comparison
The Olympus XZ1 has a 28-112mm f/1.8-2.5 Lens
The Panasonic LX5 has 24-90mm f/2.0-3.3 lens
The Canon S95 has a 28-105mm f/2.0-4.9 lens
The Samsung EX-1 has a 24-72mm f/1.8-2.4 lens

  • JRK

    That screen should have been on the new Pen!! Well here’s to hoping it will be on the “High end” model coming later.

    Btw @admin, why not use Disqus for comments? That way I can log in once and forget :p

    • admin

      I do fully agree with you JRK regarding the OLED on the new PEN.
      Disqus? What’s that?

      • JRK

        It’s a very useful commenting system used on many sites/blogs including my tumblr and Engadget

        Check it out:

        Very easy to use and full of features + security

        • Pagination of comments in Disqus sucks: it doesn’t keep original post/replies on the same page.

          Also the fancy mouse-over effects are kind of distracting.

    • i do believe these OLED’s (AKA AMOLED’s) are made by Samsung (the 610K is similar to some NX screen specs). if so, they were only used now because they were in short supply from Samsung during much of 2010 (some mobile phone makers had to
      switch from the originally planned AMOLED screens to TFT for their phones because of the shortage), and that’s only now starting to ease up, I read few months ago about a new Samsung facility expected to solve the problem and enter production of these AMOLED’s soon, maybe this has finally or will soon happen. It is expected also that by this increase of production capacity of AMOLED, we will see more of them in TV, PC screens mobile handsets, cameras, …etc.

  • Alfons

    Looks like a real killer! I wish Aki Asahi will be up making leatherettes for this thing :)

  • This looks like a winner! :-)

    • admin


  • MK

    Opulence… I has it. lolcats strike again!

    Why this has AF assist and E-PL2 does not has AF assist? LOL @ Olympus. +1 LOL for $1700 E-5. I refuse these shenangigans. However, major WANT on the f/1.whatever-f2.5 focal range… this kills the S95 focal.

    • JRK

      I never understood why Olympus omits that tiny LED that could potentially help alot in dark situations. It’s obviously not cost, so I’m leaning towards aesthetics. Which is stupid imo.

      • Agent00soul

        My wife just bought a Panasonic G2 and she simply hated that red light that came on as soon as she pressed the shutter button. I had to disable it for her immediately.
        Personally, I have never missed a focus assist light on my E-P1.

    • janne303


  • jeff

    not a good choice , oled degrades way faster then normal screens and UV light can destroy it.

    not to mention they are nearly impossible to view outside

    • That is only true when they have a touch screen layer in front like on most screens. However, without that, they can be visible outside. try checking out the Samsung galaxy S which puts the touch layer behind the OLED screen. and tbh, the degradation only matters with a TV screen where they remain on for longer periods and being larger screens. And if your camera screen degraded after 6 or 7 years, it might not be a bad idea to upgrade by then.

      • cL


        What matters for me is the color accuracy and ability to be viewed outside, and OLED answered those questions for me. It’s very easy to shoot incorrectly exposed photos using LCD LiveView, that why OVF is still very important for me. If they can make an EVF using OLED, and large enough to MF (at least FF size viewfinder), now that would be some serious threat to OVF. I’m not against new technology (one of my previous disciplines is computer related), but the newer technology must excel that of the older, proven technology before it’s useful. We don’t implement technology just because it’s new and available.

        OLED is not free of defect, not to mention it’s expensive. But it’s better than LCD for things that are photography-centric.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          OLED’s major advantage over LCD in rear screen use is its much higher power efficiency (efficiency of all LCDs plain sucks thanks to how LCD works) allowing higher brightness making image better visible in bright outside illumination.
          In EVF use display doesn’t have to compete against sun so in there also LCD works well so if LCD’s contrast and colour space aren’t problem let’s hope they use the one which allows higher resolution.

          EVF would have been able to challenge OVF already many years ago if its development hadn’t been stopped totally when clanking “analog age” mirror became again fashion. Just check what they say about EVF in reviews of six years old (that’s life time for this kind electronics) KonicaMinolta A2 in Dpreview, Imaging-resource or Steve’s Digicam.

          • cL

            The reason I’m against EVF is because:

            1) It doesn’t work under low light. Try use it when there is little light, and you’d know it’s impossible to do precise manual focus because of digital noises (you have to guess…). If you think 4/3’s ISO 800 photo looks noisy, try that 100x worse, that’s what you see in EVF under low light.

            2) Too slow. When you move the camera around, it stutters.

            3) Questionable color accuracy. LCD is not made for wide color gamut and every LCD panel likes to render color their own way…. My photo would look different on another monitor, even if we all set the color space to be the same. If LCD aged, then the color would be different again. You have to calibrate your monitor like every week…. Can you calibrate your camera’s LCD? I don’t know if there is a way.

            I’ve used older generation of EVF and newer one, so I know…. It’s not ready for prime time.

  • JessyP

    The final design looks so much better than the initial mock-up. It would have been killer with a flip LCD. Of course it will come down to image quality for me. And price of course.

  • I’m getting this one if I want a point-and-shoot.

  • safaridon

    Looks very good indeed and maybe very good S95 competition if similar small size? For once Pany & Oly are complimenting each other. If you want wider get the LX5, if you want smaller and slightly longer and faster get the XZ1 and Pany doesn’t mind because at least gets the profit from use of the LX5 sensor. No mention so far regarding the HD video or whether it will shares the ACHD HD formats with Pany?

    • admin

      Nothing yet…

  • Pff, another Canon S95-inspired bar-o’-soap camera. Cute? Nowhere near.

    I do like the idea of the wider-aperture zoom lens, which was the best feature of the Olympus C4040 I used for years… but as your comparison chart points out, several other cameras are already available with similar optical specs, so this isn’t going to be a standout feature. And an OLED screen alone isn’t going to be enough to make me want one. Olympus had better have slipped something else up its sleeve, or this is just going to be another me-too product line gap filler…

    • Gino

      If you would ever try Pany, Canon or Samy counterparts then you can realize how big is size difference, optics and overall experience with camera.

  • greyhat

    at 112 @ f2.5 we could achieve some subject isolation.

    Admin, any info regarding
    * bokeh, any sentence like “perfect for portrait”?
    * multi aspect / change aspect ratio
    * what can we control with lens “rotary dial”? focus? configurable?
    * It has one dial, right? (source: mockup at photokina)
    * touch LCD
    * availability date and starting price

    (I know I’m asking too much)

    Thanks for the rumor.

    • admin

      Nothing yet :(

    • Jonathan

      subject isolation on a 1/1.63-inch size sensor? i would seriously doubt that. remember, at the long end this is a 24mm f/2.5 lens (and a tiny sensor).

      according to dofmaster, when shooting from about 5m (if you want to see some background), you get a total DOF of 1.33m. this is more or less similar to shooting with a 66mm f/7.8 lens on micro four thirds (from the same distance).

      don’t get your hopes too high if you don’t want to be seriously disappointed.

      • greyhat

        I think I know what to expect from a 112mm F12 in Full frame terms: you have to place your subject away from background.
        I meant _some_ subject isolation.

        Follow my math:
        Crop factor is around 4.7x, this means that lens at F2.5 is equivalent to 112mm at F12.
        If you place your subject 2 meter away (these lenses can focus a lot closer) DOF is 23 cm (0.75ft). Subject at 1 m is 6cm (0.2 ft) – nice face portrait!; 3 meters is 0.54 meters; of course at dof master default of 10 meter (who takes portraits at 10 meter distance) you have 1.33m.

        If you compare DOF with subject at 2m with other similar cameras at lens tele end and widest aperture (better subject isolation/smallest DOF) :
        . Olympus XZ-1 112/F2.5 2m: 23cm
        . Lumix LX5 90mm/F3.3: 46cm (2x)
        . Canon S95 105/F4.9: 47cm (2x)
        . Ninon P7000 200mm/F5.6: 15cm (better)
        . Samsung EX1 72mm/2.4: 51cm (>2x)

        Only Nikon has better isolation (at expense of more than two stops – worst low light).

        Regarding the min 28mm it may appear wide angle adapters (is there a filter thread next to glass or it will be connected to what appears to be a ring dial around the lens?)
        Because of multi aspect sensor it will appear slightly wide :

        • Jonathan

          1.33 refers to an object distance of 5m, not dofmaster’s default. this would amount, more or less, to a a head and torso portrait. IMO 2 meters is too close to leave much background to blur anyway.

          framing is a matter of preference. personally i find many portraits taken with 43 sensors feel a little cramped for trying to achieve background blur (let alone trying to achieve the same effect with a much smaller sensor).

          i’m not exactly an authority on portraits, nor am i saying you may not achieve wonderful results with a smaller sensor. if i wanted to achieve background isolation, this camera would not be my first choice. YMMV.

          that ring looks like a control dial, similar to the Canon a95’s (don’t know if the lx5 has one as well). all in all, i think this has the potential to become a sweet camera.


          • greyhat

            I’m no authority also but _I_ prefer on portrait only head/no torso or full body and scene. my MMV. 2 meters (and slightly less) is an OK distance for my ~100mm.

            I’m afraid that that “control ring” may be where you attach wide angle adapter (or and ebay petal-like automatic lens cap).

            We have to wait and see.

            But if it have lower AA filter and good JPEG output (E-PL1) I think is a winner (as an Olympus cam can be) and a good competition to LX5 at least.

            Even without control ring, jpeg output, Lens, 610K screen, size (smaller than lx5?) and better EVF will win reviewers (important for sales on this market) and compensate for the “28 mm”…
            Nikon “solved” 28mm with an wide angle adapter. Ebay is full of them.

            What will come next? As said ebay will start offereing petal-like lens cap (if possible) and attachable (=glueable) hand grip.

        • Jonathan


          for enthusiasts such as ourselves it is easy to disregard the fact that shallow DOF is not necessarily a good thing in a mass market camera targeted at people with no experience in photography.

          • greyhat

            Totally agree: i one FF mainly because of that (Canon 5D mk I).

            Sometimes these “high end” cameras is all you have with you, i.e. it is the best (possible) cam for the job.

            You will have to work hard to have (some) subject isolation. What I pointed out is that with this Olympus you may not need to work as hard.

  • safaridon

    One has to wonder – When are Pany and Oly are going to produce their m4/3 versions of LX5 and XZ1 cameras using the same collapsing lenses? The XZ1 is 4x compared to 2x for m4/3 so that would become an equivalent 28-112mm/f2.5-3.3 or do the lens elements have to also double in area to cover the larger image circle – any comment from lens experts? While being very small lenses collapsing into camera body, the smaller shutter is in the lens enabling very high fps these lenses would still be significantly smaller with IS and faster than the interchangeable kit m4/3 kit lenses.

    What do you think?

    • Dude. Larger sensor entails a larger circle of confusion. A 14-56mm f1.8-2.5 would be indescribably large and expensive. However remove one stop on each end, and you get f2.5(8)-3.3(5). This is far more likely to reach production and be priced under 1k (though not too much less) though you can keep the collapsible dream going on.

      Personally, a 12-54mm would be an awesome range especially with said aperture values.

    • Chris

      These are 35mm equivalents. The actual lens focal lengths are much shorter, allowing the lenses to be much more compact. In addition, since the lens does not have to cover a large area, it can be made even smaller.

      Also, since the lens is actually a 24mm focal length at the long end (for a 35mm equivalent of 112mm), the diaphragm opening doesn’t have to be that large to have a low f-number. The diaphragm opening would be approximately 9.6mm for f/2.5 at the long end of the XZ1’s zoom range.

      To design a lens for m4/3 with the same f-numbers and the same 35mm-equivalent focal lengths, the lens would have to have a zoom range of 14-56mm with a diaphragm opening of (I think) 22.4mm.

  • arash

    I think one of the most important questions for me is will it have “RAW”.
    I also hope they make an underwater housing for it, I’ve taken my S95 diving a few times now with great success.
    looks really good so far.

  • Dre

    Looking at the optical zoom info on the lens, isn’t it a 24-96mm?

    • Do

      No, because the “crop factor” is more than four. The LX5 has a 5.1 – 19.2 mm lens which is 24-90mm (35mm equiv.) The XZI has a 6 -24mm lens, so it’s indeed 28-112mm (35mm eqiv.).

    • safaridon

      I too am puzzled by the reported effective zoom range as I don’t think the Pany sensor is 4X compared to 2X for m4/3? Another possibility is Oly is not using all the effective size of the larger LX5 sensor in order to keep the size of lens as small as possible and increase its focal length ie closer to S95 sensor size? Just a hunch.

    • hd72

      The 24-90mm LX-5 lens says the actual focal length is 5.1-19.2mm (a factor of 4.7x). Since they use the same sized sensor, and the Olympus says 6-24, that would definitely put it at 28-112mm.

  • yosemite

    Looks nice, but the fact that it starts only at 28 mm full frame equivalent gives the LX5 a huge edge imho.

    • napalm

      again, i reiterate, only an edge if you shoot a lot of wide-angles. but with the f1.8-2.5 28-112mm vs the LX5’s f2.0-3.3 24-90mm the XZ1 has the advantage on aperture and focal range.

      how many times do you need to shoot wide vs times you need a larger aperture zoom?

      to me the focal length is just one part of the story, what will sell this to me is the image quality… i’d have to wait for real-world samples first

  • Henrik

    Thats some nice news. Do any of us have any ideas about how big this camera would be? Lets say compared to S95 and LX5. Can I expect it to be somewhere in the middle of the two or perhaps as small as S95 (Id love it if it was that small)

    • soldar

      wider lens is the most important thing to me, if you’re a travel/landscape photographer, you’ll see most of your pictures use the widest setting of your lens. more importantly, 24mm is not available on most standard zooms for either 4/3 or regular dslrs, unless you go full frame. which makes a compact with 24mm a very useful additional tool to carry with you.

      • hd72

        Another benefit of a wide-angle compact camera for landscapes is the smaller sensor means you have more in focus without even having to try. You may not be able to crank up your ISO – but you don’t have to stop down your aperture much either. ;)

  • sweet

    but what is sweeter … that screen should appear on the E-P3 ;)

  • Collin

    Just one question … I thought this camera was going to have a “Zuiko” lens.

    Just where is the Zuiko branding :p?

    Need I say more?

  • a bit disappointing that it is just another tin-sensor compact and not something like the Sigma DP or Leica X Fuji x100 with large sensor inside them, at least the same 2.5x crop factor sensor Nikon is going to use in their mirrorless (what i was wishful thinkingly hoping). the image qualit of compacts like LX3/5 ,G11/12, S90/95, EX1, P7000 is good by P&S compact standards and that is what we will get from this upcoming F***ing camera. count me out )-:

  • Mark

    Is that an S90/95-like wheel around the barrel? I think all compacts should have one.

  • John

    Yes, it would have been interesting if it had a lens that started at 24mm FF equivalent. Otherwise, yawn . . .

    • Chad


      This is why I still shoot film compacts (Contax T3, Ricoh GR1). Tried the LX and SX models and am never satisfied with the lack of subject isolation and bokeh.

      The Fuji X100 should do nicely but the compact size is still lacking.

      Can someone explain to me why a full frame sensor could not be married to a collapsable fixed focal length lens in the exact same form as say the original Ricoh GR1? Aren’t the optical laws the same?

      • Chad

        Sorry, prev post was a reply to Catastrphile, not John…

  • what exactly makes olympus want to use the panasonic LX sensor instead of the sony made sensor used in Canon G12 & S95, maybe the speculation that there is a secret contract between Oly & Pana by which Oly is obliged to use Pana sensors is correct. the sony made 10mp sensor is better than the Panasonic LX one.

    • > the speculation that there is a secret contract between Oly & Pana by which Oly is obliged to use Pana sensors is correct.

      Very unlikely. It could be that Pannay sells them to Oly cheaper (some sort of partnership) or in exchange for something else (e.g. optical design know-how).

      As Oly apparently doesn’t want to grow beyond the also-run status in the camera market and their sale volumes remain pretty conservative: at the scale, business-wise, it makes sense to save money by having single supplier.

      Also, there is a thing with batch sizes. It might be that Pannay allows Oly to buy sensors in smaller batches, while Sony wants Oly to order large quantity at once. In semiconductor industry (where sensor making too belongs) smallest batch is about 10K chips. And that is very small – for the scale of a typical manufacturer. Large semi companies like Intel or TI or IBM often do not want to deal with lots of small partners and thus offer only minimum 100K/more chips batches. It could be that Sony is also a such company: Canon manages the sale volumes to cover the deals while Oly cannot/doesn’t want to take the risk.

      Finally, Oly is a public company (Tokyo SE) and such partnerships may not be secret and must be properly publicly disclosed.

    • Ihateidiots

      And what makes you say it’s better? The LX images are pretty much on par with the S95/G12 ones.

      • Boss

        I would have to say the LX5 is far better than the Canon, the Canon has some pros, but not as many as the LX5. It’s images are far better than the Canon and the Leica lens/processing engine creates awesome images – especially wide open…

        • no the images aren’t better dynamic-range-wise and high-ISO-wise this my own observation from seeing countless full size images of both from many sources and is also confirmed by DXO results.
          apart from image quality, ie when it comes to features, LX3/5 have faster lens than G11/12 about the same as S90/95, but the LX’s lack the articulated screen of the Canon G models (for some folk this is a make or break feature). also the zoom range of the LX’s leaves a lot to be desired compared to that of the Canon G or even S.

          • copy-paste the link in your address bar:


          • JRS

            The Panasonic corrects for lens issues with internal software, so that is different than the Canon. Also, Ricoh uses Sony sensors in the GXR and I believe the GRDlll, the GRDlll has the same sensor as both Canon models, the G12 and the S95, so I don’t think batch size is an issue as Ricoh makes far fewer cameras than Canon. I don’t know enough about these sensors to have a dialogue about them buy the Panasonic L5 sensor is a bit bigger than the Sony senor. I am very curious to see how the new oly does with jpegs as the jpegs on their M43 are quite good, while the panasonics are not (from my readings), so this will be interesting. But don’t the Olympus M43 and Pan M43 cameras use the same sensor?

  • blackghost

    If I didn’t already have the Samsung TL500, this would definitely be on list. I can’t give up the articulated screen. If the camera has rear curtain flash sync, and if the built in flash can be used simultaneously with an external flash (I miss that feature from my Olympus sp-350), then I would really have to consider it.

  • The dude

    When they first announced this last year , it was said it would take the EVF from the Pen , which is the best EVF I have seen to date , if that’s the case it might take that new Bluetooth module ?

  • Abi

    Admin, will it have Truepic V+ Engine?

    • admin

      No, Truepic V.

      • Abi

        Well that’s a quite good news then… that means JPEG sharpness would be about on par with E-P2 or E-P1. Although I hoped for V+ for even sharper JPEG.

        It will throw LX5, P7000, G12, ans S95 into dumpster of history for sure!

        • the image quality EP1/EP2 is mainly defined by their large sensor compared to compacts not by their version of TruePic. the advantage of a good processor is just good out-of-camera JPG, from the PoV of RAW shooters good or bad processors do not matter at all.

  • Zaph

    Maybe they used the Pansonic sensor because they wanted it to have higher continuous rates and better video? The CCD used by the S95/G12 is high quality for images, but slow (under 2 fps, and HD video at only 24fps).

    It sounds perfect to me, if the lens is as good as it should be. Features of the LX5 with the Olympus processing engine behind it, that little bit of extra reach that the S95 has, and from the looks of it a bit more pocketable than the LX5. And 1.8 to 2.5 compared to 2.0-4.9 on the S95, and 2.0-3.3 on the LX5.

    Plus has a hotshoe and takes the EVF, which the S95 can not. What’s not to love?

    (I just hope they put a big buffer in it!)

  • Peter

    How much would you pay for this camera?

  • Steve

    Since the final version didn’t change much from the mockup, then this image from the back of the mockup will likely be close to the final version. Seems pretty sparse to me.

    • safaridon

      Thank you for providing the link to this rear view of the XZ1 which I find to be very interesting as to what Oly could potentially do with this model.

      Does anyone know the dimensions of the XZ1 or made a calculated estimation of how its size compares to the S95 or LX5? My guess it may be closer to the latter.

      What interests me most is the square connector box under the hotshoe. It is almost the same size as a 0.5″ EVF which could be fitted inside much like the size of the high resolution one coming in the X100 so no need to mount an external EVF above the hotshoe? Yes the opening would need to be a little larger flared for 2x magnification. Consider that the IS is in the lens so there is more space available inside.

      Another possibility which I would like to see is essentially this same camera body but with m4/3 sensor and lens would be slightly modified only now effective 28-112mm/f2.5-3.5 or 1 stop slower to keep same size or 28-56mm/f1.8-2.5 with less reach but same lens speed. Take your choice with two alternative but very similar models.

      This would give you the smallest possible fast zoom with a large sensor in a compact camera covering all the commonly used focal lengths other than longer reach of the compacts.

      Alternatively use this camera body with a 1/2.3″ sensor and a zoom range of 28-420mm/f2.5-3.5

      What do you think?

    • safaridon

      I did a Google search and found the following dimensions given for the XZ1 in;- posted 12/29/2010 and they were 123mm x 87mm x 40mm and 353 grams weight. This looks reasonable given this rear view but seems too large looking at the front view of the XZ1.

      For one the rear screen is 3″ size – compare with the Canon G11 with 2.8″ screen and very smallviewfinder yet is 3.2″ tall so both the width of 4.9″ x 5.5″ h x 1.6″ depth is reasonable. However the front view looks much closer in size and body of the S95 but these dimensions indicate it is larger than the LX5.

      My guess – this rear view and front view are not from the same camera. I think the front view picture is indeed the XZ1 but the rear picture shown above may be the rear view of the next Oly m4/3 with builtin EVF in the middle ie their rangefinder or digital OM. I think such a model would be very attractive indeed.

      • safaridon


        Someone on dpreview Oly forum noted that the quoted dimensions by I found in Google were incorrect as were those for the Samsung NX11 instead. Someone noted the XZ1 when compared next to LX5 was slightly taller, about same width, and a little thinner.

        I still think an Oly m4/3 rangefinder or digital OM model based on this XZ1 design would be very attractive.

  • greyhat

    I assume/hope that the (much hated) penpal is compatible with this camera.

    This will attract travelers and facebook fans that can post _almost_ immediately a good quality picture to facebook _without a computer_. It is much better than Iphone/androd/windows mobile built-in cam regarding quality.

    Regarding bluetooh speed, user will set up camera not for full resolution but for 1280×1024. This is high quality for facebook.

    Perfection comes if camera allow in camera picture copy and size reduction: you take picture at full resolution and post at facebook resolution.

    Post a High Quality picture while traveling and without a computer. It is a Thom Hogan’s dream come true.

  • Abi

    i hope this camera would feature some in-camera HDR processing. These kind of cameras that would benefit most from HDR.

  • at

    Hope this can be a good product to be considered provided the sluggish interface and operation of Olympus DC can be improved.

  • napalm

    just a thought, so all of you saying you cant go anything not as wide as 24mm, means you wont be buying the X100? it’s a 35mm fixed lens…. hehehe

    • Chris

      Exactly. Lots of contradictions on this forum.

      • soldar

        who said everyone wants to?
        I’d never get a fixed lens camera in general.

        • napalm

          i’m talking about the people who openly say how much they want the X100 yet shoot down this camera because it’s only 28mm

  • D

    I prefer the face in last post, more pured.
    Love GR digital forever…..

  • what about Minimal aperture..? will go till 22 ? or will be stuck to 8/9 like many compact camera?
    that would be a huge difference for me.

    • juavel

      Why do you want a f22? I mean, depending on the sensor size and resolution compact camera lenses can be diffraction limited at f4-f5.6, that´s the reason why they don´t go up in Mpx and aperture.

      • nobody

        A 10MP sensor as small as this one is MTF50 diffraction limited around f3. So anything beyond f4 will show degradation already.

        An f-stop of 22 on this sensor would be equivalent to roundabout f100 on a 135mm film or FX sensor camera. In a word: Completely useless for anything but fuzzy images.

        • Mark

          f/22 on this sensor would be pinhole photography. The glass wouldn’t help much.

          • So, can the glass be removed for “f/22” shooting ? :D

          • Probabily true (i trust you, i don’t konw what you talking about :P), but sometimes you just want to use some longer exposure, or a little bit more DOF. i don’t know.. maybe not 22, maybe 16? don’t know… but i’ll be disappointed with f8 as a cap.

            I want something to carry around when i don’t have my e-30, so i want the same “expression” power, of course not the same quality but i hate when i want to take a certain pictures and i cant because of this kind of limit. ;)

            my mantra: let me choose what is right for me :P

          • Medved

            I think there’s no worry about not “small enough aperture”, f/8 would actually get you infinite DOF if the sensor is about the size of the LX5. Rather, the problem is to get small DOF. After for long exposures… depends on the conditions…

  • Miroslav

    As some others have said: AF assist lamp, OLED screen should have been in ( similarly or higher priced ) E-PL2 as well.

    Judging by first specs, this little camera looks nice, but not my cup of tea :).

  • I think what you posted was very logical. But, what about this?
    what if you wrote a catchier title? I am not suggesting your content isn’t good., however suppose you added a headline that grabbed people’s attention?

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