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Here is the image of the first SVS-Vistek “Hasselblad styled” MFT camera!


The German company SVS-Vistek announced the first Industrial Micro Four Thirds camera. The name is “EVO Tracer” and it reminds me of my nice Hasselblad 903SWC camera with that cube style :)

  • Micro Four Thirds mount
  • full electronic support for aperture control and autofocus
  • Remote Lens control via Ethernet
  • Monochrome or Color sensor (made by Truesense Imaging)
  • Full-Frame speeds of 146Hz, 85Hz, 40Hz and 21Hz at 1, 2, 4 and 8 Megapixels respectively
  • Dual GigE Vision Data-Interface (Gigabit Ethernet Standard)
  • GigE Vision und GenIcam Standard compatible
  • Two parallel Ethernet connections
  • variable AOI
  • SDK for Windows (32/64 bit) and Linux.
  • Sequence Shutter mode and enhanced Strobe control
  • On-the-fly programmable AOI for higher frame rates and reduced data transfer
  • 3 Inputs and 3 Outputs (put details in the spec table)
  • 2 Outputs for driving LED flash illumination or Pan-Tilt mount (see spec)
  • RS-232 communication for controlling external devices over the Gige interface
  • Rugged IP-67 rated housing
  • Standard M12 industry-proven connectors for use with COTS cabling

Full specs can be read on that pdf (Click here to download).


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