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Help Vitaly to hack the new Panasonic GH2! (and maybe the AG-AF100 too)

[shoplink 16254][/shoplink]

The well known [shoplink 14826]GH1[/shoplink] hacker Vitaly (or tester13) asked me to make a support call on 43rumors. That is the text he sent me:

As you may know, I have [shoplink 16254]GH2[/shoplink] firmware now. But it is encrypted, and uses compacts UPD format. It’ll require bunch of resources and expertise to try to dump compacts firmware and learn how encryption is performed. Please publish this info with bold request all engineers NOR flash (and especially LSI with NOR) experience contact me. I can guarantee anonymity if they want.

If you can help him please contact Vitaly at the following address: More info are available here:

And Vitaliy is also working on a hack for the [shoplink 16841]AG-AF100[/shoplink]. Here is the link to the thread:

Thanks Vitaly for your great job!

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