GX7 announcement soon. Already preorders at Adorama mobile.


The GX7 will be announced soon. Likely at 6 -7 am London time. There is alreayd a preorder option at Adorama Mobile site (Click here).

And this is the Adorama Press Text:

Panasonic LUMIX GX7: The Artisan Camera for Your Creative Vision

The Panasonic LUMIX GX7 is a creative DSLM street camera that brings an artisans vision to life. Smaller and sleeker than a DSLR, the LUMIX GX7 delivers the power of exceptional image quality in difficult to shoot street photos and video discreetly. Discover powerful optical quality and viewfinder accuracy, flexibility to control the creative process, and seamlessly switch between photo and video with the LUMIX GX7. The photographic world is at your fingertips when you pair the LUMIX GX7 with the full line-up of LUMIX G/LEICA DG lenses.

Tilt-able Live View Finder with Field Sequential Color Accuracy
The LUMIX GX7 integrates a 90-degree tilt-able LVF (Live View Finder) delivering a new angle of view for flexibility and discretion in composition. The LVF boasts 2764K-dot equivalent high resolution and approximately 100% color reproduction for high visibility under any circumstances. Achieve a high color reproduction* in the display based on the field sequential system.
* Approximately 100%* using Adobe RGB as a reference, CIE 1931 x,y color space.

Seamless 16MP Photos and Full HD Video 1080/60p
The LUMIX GX7 is a hybrid creative camera featuring full-HD 1920 x 1080/60p smooth, high quality video recording in AVCHD Progressive and MP4 format with stereo sound. Full-time AF and tracking AF are also available in cinema-like 24p video with a bit rate of maximum 24 Mbps. 16MP P / A / S / M photo modes are available in video, delivering exceptional professional-like video recording by manually setting aperture and shutter speed.

Find Your Inner Artist Using Creative Control with 22 Effects and Creative Panorama
The popular Creative Control mode performs beautifully with 22 filter effects. You can even adjust the parameter of each filter effect to capture your true artistic vision. With the Creative Panorama function, you can shoot a horizontal/vertical panoramic image with consecutive shots by overlaying the previous picture. The multiple images are stitched together in the camera to create one single-wide image capturing your scene. After you’ve captured your image, you can get creative with one of the panoramic filter effects.
* For photos only, and some filters cannot be used in Creative Panorama mode

In-Camera Stabilization for Non-Stabilized Lenses
The LUMIX GX7 incorporates an optical image stabilizer-like technology directly in the camera body. This in-camera LUMIX MEGA O.I.S.* technology works as effectively with interchangeable non-optically stabilized lenses, to enjoy blur-free photography.
* Nearly as effective as the LUMIX MEGA O.I.S. in LUMIX DSLM lenses.

Focus Accuracy with Focus Peaking and Magnification Windows
For more precise control over focusing, the LUMIX GX7 incorporates Focus Peaking that shows the peak of focus. The precise area of focus is indicated while viewing the subject in live view. Pin-Point AF allows you to set magnification from 3x to 10x. The One-Shot AF sets the rough focus on the subject where you can then go back to MF to adjust precise focus.

Share Instantly with Wi-Fi and One-Touch Device Connection with NFC
With the Panasonic Image App, you can use a smartphone or tablet to control zoom, set focus, and shoot remote from a distance. The Wi-Fi setup is quick and easy and picture data can be transferred to a designated electronic device right after shooting. You can instantly upload and share your images on a Social Networking Service with your smartphone, and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology connects the camera with a smartphone or tablet by simply bringing them together.

Expand Your Creativity with a Full Line-Up of Lenses
The LUMIX GX7 achieves ultra fast performance with a maximum 1/8000 shutter speed. In-body optical image stabilizer-like image stabilization*, delivers exceptional performance when mounting non-stabilized lenses to the LUMIX GX7. Every Panasonic LUMIX lens is exclusively designed for DSLM cameras taking advantage of digital technologies such as high-precision, high-speed Contrast AF.
* Nearly as effective as the LUMIX MEGA O.I.S. in LUMIX DSLM lenses.

Discover Ultimate Picture Quality
The LUMIX GX7 captures high-quality photos and video with realistic details through exceptional resolution and color reproduction. Panasonic delivers a 16.00-Megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor that achieves both high resolution and high sensitivity image quality with minimum noise. The Venus Engine features advanced noise reduction systems delivering smooth images especially in low light scenes. The Live MOS Sensor works in concert with the Venus Engine achieving a maximum ISO of 25600.

Touch Enabled 3.0″ Tilt-able LCD
Optimized for even sunny, outdoor shooting, the 1040K-dot high-resolution static-type touch monitor delivers approximately 100% field of view and tilts up by 45 degrees and down by 80 degrees. The front panel is directly attached to the In Cell Touch LCD without containing an air layer in-between, resulting in reduced reflection of external light. Combined with increased resolution, the monitor for LUMIX GX7 delivers higher visibility even in sunny outdoor shooting.

Light Weight, Durable Magnesium Alloy Body
Dressed in a magnesium alloy, full die-cast frame, the LUMIX GX7 boasts high durability for any shooting situation. State-of-the-art imaging is delivered in a sophisticated, stylish metal body.

Precise Focusing with Contrast AF System
All LUMIX G cameras boast the sophisticated Contrast AF focus system. Compared with the Phase Difference AF focus system, Contrast AF delivers higher accuracy especially when shooting with a bright lens and a small F-stop. The LUMIX GX7 features quick Light Speed AF, making it possible to capture even the fastest moving subjects clearly.

Premium Body Design with Precision Quality
Separate dials, on the top and back, improve manual shooting performance. The external design of the camera was developed with every detail in mind. LUMIX GX7 offers luxurious comfort in shooting with stunning performance. The LUMIX GX7’s 1/8000 shutter speed captures fast moving subjects. Silent Mode switches the shutter from mechanical to electronic, and turns off all sounds and focus lamps for special shooting occasions where you need to be discreet.

  • ben

    Lowest iso is 160, same as GX1?
    I wonder what is the native iso

    • at

      The lowest ISO is ISO125 (with Expanded ISO = ON)

  • Justin

    Won’t let me preorder though.

  • Since this doesn’t have the 5axis stabilization, what advantage does this camera have over, say, my NEX-6 or even my RX100- they all shoot 1080p at 24mbps, and the Nex has a larger sensor, so why would this camera be considered better for video?

    I’m not trying I challenge anyone, I am genuinely wondering, I would consider selling my camera if I could be convinced it was worth it. I mean, I understand why a GH2 with 178mbps hack would be a serious video camera, but I don’t understand why this camera is considered to have GH3 quality if it’s only 24mbps? My RX100 shoots at that rate.

    • Gekopaca

      You should keep your current cameras at least for 3 years, and shoot with.
      Technology isn’t so important.
      And major improvements don’t occure each 6 months. It’s only firms who try to convince you that you have to change; photography doesn’t care of the technic specs.

    • Sean Nelson

      This will be better for video than the NEX-6 because unlike the Panasonic sensors, the NEX-6’s sensor is not designed to properly downsample to HD resolutions without creating artifacts such as moire and aliasing. See the post below on the DPReview web site for a comparsion of good vs. poor downsampling. The post compares the NEX-6 to the Sony RX100, but Panasonic’s video is generally regarded as superior even to that.


      • Thanks guys, good info!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing mentioned about a better new sensor?!?!

  • 40 fps?! (With electronic shutter.)

    I wonder if it has full-global shutter in video.

    • Anonymousse

      No global shutter.

  • Sean Nelson

    This is the first mention of the viewfinder using field sequential colour. That makes it prone to colour tearing when your eye darts from one side of the scene to the other. This was a common complaint of the GH1 EVF, but was considerably improved in the GH2. I hope they’ve used a high enough refresh frequency to avoid that issue.

    I hate the way the camera manufacturers specify these things. First of all they started using “dots” (e.g, red, green or blue subpixels) instead of pixels because it gives a bigger number that sounds better. Now this viewfinder is advertised as 2764K-dot “equivalent”. In a field-sequential system there aren’t individual subpixels for each colour, each pixel cycles through the different colours. So I’m thinking that this makes it a “921K” display in terms of actual pixels. For a 4:3 viewfinder that would make it about 1100 x 830 pixels.

  • Andrew

    Disappointed that they don’t advertised improved tracking AF, just the same inadequate version they’ve had for four years. Also disappointed in the absence of touch focus and touch shutter.

    • Anonymous

      if it’s touch screen most likely touch focus is there. Not really sure if touch shutter is deployed on any pana body at this moment, but I personally don’t see it that important, after all it will cause slight movement of the body, so i’d rather touch focus and press the shutter myself.

      • anna

        G3 had touch focus + touch shutter. Why on earth should they not be in the GX7?

        Nice to see all those little crystal balls working overtime to predict gloom+doom and finding thousands of reasons why this cam realy has to fail befor the first box has hit the stores…

        P.S.: Some more pictures of GX7 at

        Built in flash looks similar to GX1 = bounce.
        Text mentions impoved autofocus of moving objects, new “light-speed” modus. Don’t read dutch well enough to get the details.

    • Pharque Moi

      That’s why IMO until pana/oly/Sony -whoever – sort out PDAF quality tracking AF for mirrorless, everything that comes out (EP5/GX7/NEX/XE1) is all cosmetic.

  • Gabe

    hopefully future GH series got build in Power OIS stabilization…

  • George

    No .mov format for movie?

  • Kevinlin

    I think 4K is the real big deal in terms of videography
    these 1080p videos no longer impress me to be honest

    • We’re at a point where for now higher resolution above 1080 just doesn’t matter (how many people even have a 4K screen?? Plus at the distance back you should sit you won’t be noticing the difference anyway between 4K and 1080).

      What *really* matters now is higher ISO and high dynamic range and other such factors (moiré, colour science, compression, raw, etc…).

      This why the BMPCC will be such a great camera, although it is “only 1080”. As that doesn’t matter, but it *does* tick the many boxes which DO matter!

  • I’m going to try something really weird. It’s 9:40 pm here, and I’m going to bed. Not wait up for the announcement. See if I can pull it off. :-)

    Hope you all enjoy the party! I’ll see you and your hundreds of thoughts in the morning.

    Or, maybe I’ll wait until after work! Right.

    • Good night and sleep sweet. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Sensor is mentioned in 9th paragraph down? Seems like they want to downplay the sensor achievements (or maybe lack thereof). Also downplaying the IBIS. Not looking good at this stage.

  • Justin

    Happy it’s looking like a $999 US body only price. Anyone have any luck punching in the SKU into any shops yet?

  • Matt

    Love the sound of the camera but they really need to hire a better copywriter for their PR releases. It almost reads like a translation.

    For example I would change:

    Smaller and sleeker than a DSLR, the LUMIX GX7 delivers the power of exceptional image quality in difficult to shoot street photos and video discreetly.


    Smaller and sleeker than a DSLR, the LUMIX GX7 discreetly delivers exceptional image quality in difficult to shoot street photos and video.

    You tell me which reads more clearly and sounds better.

    • dau

      Sorry matt. Theirs is better. Yours reads as if the camera is discreetly delivering an ability to shoot pics ets. Theirs reads as if the camera provides the opportunity to shoot pics whilst being discreet about it.
      Just my take, im no english teacher…

    • Ryan

      #2 for me.

    • ProShooter

      the first sounds *way* better.

  • 16mp sensor … same as the G5/GH2/GX1? Or a new one?
    press release does not state that this is a new sensor

    wonderful looking camera (looks even better no we have bigger photos of it) but surely they are not still using the old sensor? The only reason I am not getting the G6 is that the sensor is a step back from my Oly 16mp.

    can someone clarify if this sensor is new or the years old one?

  • Justin

    Dpreview up. New sensor. Faster contrast detect AF. No stereo input/output.

  • Justin

    also B&H and Adorama taking preorders. No black version… yet

  • TheNewDeal

    Why in the world can’t Panasonic sell a single camera with all their pro features?

    – No higher quality video compressions than most $100 point and shoot cameras or cell phones now ship with.
    – No word of live HDMI output.

    No wonder a giant percentage of the DSLR video market is migrating away and purchasing Blackmagic cameras, before they even ship. Just looking at the Panasonic feature sets, it’s easy to see the Blackmagic product managers just don’t “get” video. Panasonic is just a video tourist for rich moms.

    GH1. GH2. GH3. GF2. GX1. G6. GX7. Strike seven, and I’m out. Frustrating. My next camera will be Blackmagic pocket. Then BM 4k. I love you Panasonic. But your product managers clearly just don’t get it.

    Cue nails into coffin.

    • A BMPCC and the GX7 has perhaps a few percent overlap of customers at best (probably far far less!), while any other Blackmagic Design camera would have even less of a customer overlap by a lot!

      So as their target markets are so different your comment is pretty irrelevant.

      Although I do wish the GX7 had HDMI out and mic in, I wonder how much of a size and cost increase that would’ve meant? Surely not much!

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