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GX1 X kit Gold box deal. E-M5 Firmware update no big deal :(


There is a Gold Box deal on the Silver GX1 and 14-42mm X kit at Amazon (Click here).

And that’s the only big deal we had today as the December 14ht date for the E-m5 firmware release was wrong (P.S: it was a FT2 rumor from two unknown sources). So you see why you don’t see so many FT2 rumors on that website :(
UPDATE: 43rumros reader Samuel shared an email he got form Olympus saying that “we are not thinking of updating the firmware for OM-D E-M5 at present.”

Back to the GX1, there is also a new Camera Cover from Gariz (Click here to check out the three different versions for sale).

  • Samuel Cabral

    I received this from Olympus:

    Dear Mr. Cabral,

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding our product.

    While appreciating your interest, we are not thinking of
    updating the firmware for OM-D E-M5 at present.

    However, we are constantly making efforts to improve our
    products. Therefore, we are always grateful for customers’

    Thank you for taking time to write us, and we are
    looking forward to having your continued support.

    Best regards,

    T. Katagiri
    Customer Support Center

    • dan

      Have they fixed the EM-5 banding issue with the Panasonic 20mm yet? I would have expected it to be fixed in an upcoming firmware..

      • No, there’s always this banding issue with the 20mm :(( Don’t know if they will fix it one day, maybe to sell their “expensive” 17mm !

        • Gary

          Don’t forget that the GH3 also suffers from banding with the 20mm f/1.7 at high ISO. It’s actually mentioned in the GH3 manual!

      • Um

        The issue is likely a fault in the lens, it was never designed for these newer sensors.

    • Ross

      I’m not surprised as I felt it may have been cofused with Oly’s software update by the rumour provider from what they might have overheard.

      Anyhow, hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

  • Wilson


    • Boooo!


      • Nawaf


  • Matt

    Cannot find this Gold Box deal on Amazon’s site…?

    • Jus Sayin

      its only the silver with x lens, when you add it to cart it will say “view lightining deal”

    • Jus Sayin

      its only the silver with x lens, when you add it to cart it will say view lightining deal

  • Pod

    awww :( was dreaming about focus peeking support added with firmware

  • bop800

    Only 9% claimed in over an hour. I wonder if that’s a reflection of the camera, the lens or the price.

    • Anonymous

      There’s been a lot of GX1 price drops lately. My guess is most people who wanted one got one already. In fact, I bet a lot of people buying it don’t even know what micro four thirds is, and won’t ever change the lens. They’re just getting a Christmas present for somebody who needs a new point-and-shoot and won’t know the difference.

      The camera is quite excellent. Not an E-M5 by any means, but a fantastic camera for the price, even when that price was higher. The GX2, rumored to be coming relatively soon, will be something to see.

  • donthasslethehoff

    $549 for this camera is an okay deal, but nothing spectacular. $400? Now the value proposition kicks in!

    There’s a deal for a Nikon V1 with 2 zoom lenses for $400. That is a good deal!

    • Matt

      Dude, if it was $550 that is a great deal. It was coming with the 14-42 X collapsable zoom, which is a $380 lens. So you would have been getting the camera body for under $200!!

      The GX1 with standard kit 14-42mm is going for $450. Also not bad. But not as good as the above.

      Unfortunately I missed it. I couldn’t find the deal earlier.

  • Yun

    Oh ! That is my camera , exactly .
    This intend a lovely camera to use .

  • Anonymous

    Please I want to see your full website page in my iPhone. I don’t like the “optimized” view for iPhones… Please return my full view of your page… That is not ergonomically to me. Thank you for yor attention

  • 43shot

    Thank you for your letter, we are not upgrading the most common features like decent video as we are saving those for another camera so we have something to market. Just like a premium charge of $300 for black lenses we wil do our best to gouge you on silly things our greedy marketing dept develops. At Olympus it may be the year of silver but it sure feels like gold with the margins we are now squeezing off paint scams and next gen cameras with firmware upgrades. Stay tuned for the next high priced item we release to save our butt from out internal scandals. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Please olympus please please please release a 20mm 1.7 fix. Why doesn’t this lens work with the em5? why? :(

    • bart

      It works quite well with the E-M5 actually.

      Oh, you were referring to the ‘banding issue’ ?


      Looks like something Olympus can’t do anything about, but possibly Lumix could…

  • fl00d

    Dear Olympus,

    **** you. Going with Fuji next time, aholes, like I should have this time.

    Merry ****ing Christmas.

  • OM-4

    With the Instacraze still going strong the next E-Mx or E-Px might get WIFI and random Holga FX including $300 blackframe special edition (oldskool, I forgot to take of lenscap).

    The Oly artfilters are too clean. Every other brand has ‘m too.

    Meh, come on Oly give us PAL support allready.
    It’s like Oly got this multipurpose van but they welded the cargodoors shut.
    Oly: “Yeah, but we got the best suspension in the business.”
    Swell, I don’t need to transport just a box of eggs on the passengerseat on a bumpy countryroad in France. I need to haul freight highspeed over the autobahn.

  • Bresson’s Ghost

    ;) Dance puppets. This has been a most interesting experiment.

  • befocus

    Waiting only for focus peaking to buy a om-d

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