And a G5/G3 price drop.


The G5 kit just got a $100 price drop at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). But the real topsellers are the discounted G3 and GX1 (Click here to see the ranking).


  • Patrick

    The pic on the eBay posting has the X zoom, but the GX1KS model number means the non-X zoom, right?

    • admin

      Sorry. That store created quite some confusion with the pic :(

  • gepinniw

    I wish to hell the GX1 did 24 fps.

    • Esrhan

      I’d be ready to put some money on the table, if any of these cameras had manual controls for video mode and also accepted external microphones. It makes no sense that cameras of this nature, price range and with interchangeable lenses are so crippled when it comes to video. Heck, for some reason Panasonic decided to include a 3.5mm audio jack for the FZ200 super zoom. Don’t also even get me started what’s wrong with Olympus cameras. IBIS and manual video controls without any hacks are awesome, but no PAL standard for video and a really awkward adapter that gives you the 3.5mm audio input while takes away the only hotshoe, are decisions derived from backwards thinking at best.

      I’ll be patient though and ready to jump when the right model comes out. The GH3 is close but a little too pro and big for me.

      • Agree. It’s a weird jump for video users – FZ200 or GH3. Eh?

      • Baba Ganoush

        @Esrhan: +1. I own both the G3 and the FZ200. When it comes to video, I prefer the FZ200. Not only that, the FZ200 gives the MFT G3 a good run for the money when it comes to stills. As the comedian Henny Youngman used to say, “Take my G3. Please.”

        • Dugo

          Baba Galoushka, are you saying there is no IQ difference in what a 1/2.33-inch sensor Panasonic camera records than what a Micro 4/3rd sensor Panasonic camera records? That would be great news indeed, as I am eyeing the FZ200. In that case, I will definitely NOT consider any more the $1,300 GH3. I read that since it uses the Sony sensor, the camera is nowhere as reliable with the Panny components as was the case with the GH2.

          Incidentally, I live on the Eastern Seaboard USA, and no camera store within a 100 mile radius of me carries ANYTHING by Panasonic.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad it wasn’t a 100.00$ drop on the body only, as I don’t need a kit zoom and don’t want to try to sell it. More time and it will be within my grasp.

    • joe

      oh in my country , i can buy only body (g5/g3)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the body and body+lens are the same price on Amazon now. Weird!

  • Dugo

    Wow, that’s some price drop indeed. I saw the Lumix G5 weeks ago listed for $599 (body only), not it is $699 with the kit lens that is probably barely wroth a hundred bucks. Oh thanks, Panny.

    BTW, nowhere on the product web site does it says whether the G5 has an external mic input or not. And the photos of the camera are no help, either. Sort of a jack-in-the-box purchase, wouldn’t you say?

    • Lift

      There is no external mic input, that is a GH3 feature.

      • Dugo

        Thanks, Lift! Of course, an external mic jack is also a feature of most other cameras these days that are capable of recording video — models made by Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fujifilm, and so on. And these camera makers give you the much more robust, industry standard 1/8-inch = 3.5mm connectivity on the cameras, not the feeble 2.5mm that Panasonic uses in the GH2. That is a hold-over from the portable transistor radio age.

  • Anonymous

    Great another discount that never happen here in my country, it’s tough to find m4/3 in here let alone expecting a price drop….welcome to the CaNikon country….

  • milo

    The Price will go to the real 449.-$$$
    when you go to store in february 2013.
    After real price-game-changin ( sonny f5)
    i do not buy a
    gh-3 over 599 $
    g5 over 449 4

    and you can fix the list

    sony nex 6 400$
    eos650d 499$
    nikon 5200 449$

    and so on… it is on you and that
    FOR US…. that.

    i do not play that game. no.

    • Dugo

      @ milo, you are waiting for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3’s price to drop to $599 before you would consider purchasing it?

      Okay, well, that’s good to know. Keep in mind, however, that it is now priced at USD $1,299, so its price would have to drop by SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS (!!!) until you would consider buying a copy?

      Might be pretty long wait for that to occur, I am now thinking.

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