(FT4) Panasonic ultracompact GM1 to be the first MFT camera with full electronic shutter!


The new GM1 MFT camera is said to be close in size with the Sony RX100MII (pictured on top)

A source just unveiled some intriguing info about the new Panasonic ultracompact camera that will be announced in early October:

1) It’s named Panasonic GM1. Now we have Panasonic G, GF, GH, GX and GM series….what a mess :)

2) The source wrote that “Its a lot smaller than i thought i would be“. It cannot be compared to other mirrorless interchangeable cameras. it’s more close to the Sony RX100 in terms of size (cool!).

3) The camera is very thin and that goal is possible because the camera is the first MFT camera with no mechanical shutter! it has an electronic shutter only! This is supposed to be better than the current e-shutters. And it can work with flash (with a certain shutterspeed)

4) The body is made of magnesium with a leather finnish. It comes in total black, silver/black, silver/brown.


The source writes that if you were hoping got a compact camera with FT sensor and fixed prime lens…forget it. The GM1 is better!

That sounds good! Stay tuned on 43rumors. Panasonic and Olympus rumors and announcements coming the next days and weeks!!!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Kiki

    I hope an very wide angle like 12mm (24mm) minimum to 100mm 2.8

    Does it have hotshot? For evf, hope new evf or compatible lvf2.

  • andrew

    Agreed. Both Olympus and Panasonic suck at naming their products.

    Any info on the lens? f1.8-2.0?
    Will this be a camera to compete with the RX100, PowerShot S100 series? Price should be similar then too.

    • Martin

      As the rumor said: It’s MFT. Hence no point in asking for the lens specifications. It can take any of the vast number of MFT lenses… Which means that it will be much more versatile than the RX100.

      • doug nash

        Uh, yeah, that makes sense. Take a small camera, and add a big zoom lens to it. So, it won’t be remotely pocket-able, unlike the totally pocket-able RX100.

        You m4/3 homers crack me up.

        • Anonymous

          That’s the advantage of an interchangeable lens camera, you can swap lenses. You’re an idiot.

          • rpm40

            And the point of a fixed lens cam is smaller size. Interchangeable lens is nice, but what benefit will this camera provide? Will it be that much smaller than say, a GF5 or pm2 to make a difference? You still won’t put it in your pocket.

          • doug nash

            I’m an idiot, why exactly? Is it because I’m pointing out the utter silliness of a manufacturer coming out with a thing which is small, then doing nothing but releasing things which make it bigger, in EVERY iteration? If that makes me an idiot, then I hate to imagine what that makes you m4/3 fanbois.

            This is one of the reasons why m4/3 mirror-less cameras are selling so horribly in North America. They just aren’t living up to the notion of a real, tangible advantage over the perfect smallness of the very good camera phones, nor the unmatched quality and speed of real DSLR cameras.

            Don’t take it personally, as I doubt you had any role in the business development and mistakes by the m4/3 partners.

            • Anonymousse

              Just like Canon and Nikon making small DSLR bodies and letting photographers mount huge lenses on it. How silly of them!

              • Mr. Reeee

                There’s nothing wrong with huge lenses if they do the job.
                Better lenses tend to be bigger lenses, unfortunately.

                • doug nash

                  Couldn’t disagree one bit. But that’s the issue with m4/3. The entire point (obviously) of that standard, was to offer a small mirror-less option. But the law of diminishing returns is brought to bare much more rapidly with such a small sensor. Sure, you can save a little weight and space, compared with cropped or full-frame options. But at the end of the day, can you pocket the OMD? Nope. However, you could generally pocket the original m/43 offerings from Panasonic and Olympus. That was the cool factor, which they have totally abandoned of late.

                  Panasonic and Olympus aren’t alone. Sony has performed a minor miracle with the NEX line of cameras. Well, the bodies, at least. But what good is a tiny APS-C body, when you still have to mount a giant lens?

                  • spam

                    The whole point with mFT isn’t small size. mFT is what both Olumpus and Panasonic bet their system camera future on, and thei certainly don’t want to make just small models.

                    Actually the first mFT camera wasn’t pocketable at all, the G1 had a dSLR form factor and was only slightly smaller than smallest entry level dSLRs. It took 2-3 years before we saw the first really compact mFT-models like GF3 and E-PM1 and the current E-PM2 is about the same size, but still not smaller than the smallest NEX-models.

                    mFT cerainly have an advantage compared to cameras with APS-C sized sensors in that it should be possible to make the bodies smaller, but neither Olympus nor Panasonic has taken advantage of that, at least not until the new rumored model. Lenses are different matter though and both Olympus and Pansonic has produced some really compact lenses.

              • doug nash

                Your argument doesn’t advance your point. Wait, do you even have a point? They offer some smaller, more limited bodies. Of course. However, even those limited bodies still contain better, larger sensors than even the most expensive m4/3 camera. They can focus faster, have real view-finders, and can shoot three-to-four times the number of shots per charge, compared with the battery-draining all electric m4/3 options.

                Look, homer, I’m no brand loyalist, as you clearly are. I own cameras from a wide variety of names, and I would have been interested in m4/3 for a small travel option. THAT is why it is so unfortunate that Panasonic and Olympus are only making larger, more expensive bodies, along with larger lenses. Purpose = Defeated.

                • Chad

                  Who says it has to fit in your pocket or else it defeats the purpose of being ‘smaller’?

                  I have both a full omd and nikon fx setup. Ever since I got the omd, i only use the nikon for static landscape shots. I can shoot an event all day with a omd while when i use the nikon with the 70-200 i get bored after an hr or so. The IQ that comes out is not that much different for the purpose of what I am doing infact the omd photos are more usable as being a lighter camera it handled much better and with the nikon i couldn’t get anywhere as much well framed shots of people as I did given it’s weight.

    • Phred

      I believe this camera will be very small with a fixed zoom lens.

      • PhotographyFan

        Did you not even try to read the article?

        • Phred

          Go monitor and control someone else,…like yourself.

        • mister_roboto

          yes… and it sounds pretty much like it’s a µ4/3 sensor in a compact point and shoot body with a fixed lens.

          • etana

            the article says it is a micro four thirds camera. That means it has a m4/3 mount, doesn’t it? if it was fixed lens camera, it wouldn’t be a m4/3 camera, it would be a compact with a four thirds size sensor.

            • Anonymous

              go the hell away

            • Phred

              Etana…you are correct.

    • There is no way the 12-32 is going to be f1.8. If this camera is going to be about the same size as a RX100 the designers had to make some compromises.

      In addition to being small this camera should be inexpensive. If they were designing a camera to be cheap it would have most of the same specs. Not having a mechanical shutter, tilt LCD or flash should reduce manufacturing costs by quite a bit. Now that Sony has come out with a $400 NEX that includes a poor EVF there is going to be more pressure to keep prices down.

      I hope Panasonic does not leave out image stabilization on the 12-32. That is unlikely but not totally out of the question. I also hope Panasonic did not have to give up too much optical quality to make the lens thin and cheap. Nikon left out IS when they came out with a cheap, small kit zoom and Panasonic might do the same.

      • Anonymous

        IBIS instead of OIS in the lens, maybe?

        • Marcus Wolschon

          Not likely

          • rpm40

            Even though OIS seemed more effective than IBIS at some focal lengths, I still preferred IBIS. You always have it with every lens, plus, you only buy it once, rather than having different IS mechanisms to take up space and cost with each lens (though I’m sure this is pretty minimal). Still, now it seems Oly’s 5 axis ibis is notably better than any OIS available for m4/3.

            Since IBIS is in the gx7, it seems perfectly reasonable to think they may start doing it in other models too.

            • Anonymous

              ” Still, now it seems Oly’s 5 axis ibis is notably better than any OIS available for m4/3.”

              Oly fanboys hope that if they repeat this enough it will be true, but I’ve seen no reasonable comparative test that supports it. When Luminous Landscape tested the 12-35 they said the EM-5’s 5-way IBIS was, at best, 1/2 stop better than Panasonic’s OIS. But believe what you want. That won’t make it true.

              • jv

                Glad you agree that IBIS is better than OIS.

  • 1) Not really. Happens to other manufacturers as well. I am yet to figure out the naming of single digit Canon DSLRs :).

    2) Wow! Seems like a fine body for small m4/3 primes!

    3) Sounds promising. Let’s hope it works as it should – silent operation, no flash sync speed limit and no rolling shutter.

    4) Leather???

    • Mr. Reeee

      4.) Naugahide or the finest Corinthian leather! ;-)

      I’d opt for stainless steel mesh!

    • markthetog

      The electronic shutters have made great strides but still do not allow flash over about 1/100 of a sec. Some do not allow it at all. I have still seen no spec on the GX-7 flash sync with electronic shutter and not one reviewer has mentioned it.

      • Nikon did a fine job wit electronic shutter in V1.

  • Christian G

    Great news. Three questions:

    How does it handle rolling shutter?
    How high ISO can it shoot?
    How long shutter speeds?

    • alexander

      with IBIS high ISO is not that impoertant anymore !!! you got it?

      • Marcus Wolschon

        Of cause it does. High ISO and ISO<100 for video with a realistic motion blur.

      • There’ll be no IBIS in this one.

        • Anonymous

          What a bunch of idiots!

          No one know if it will have IBIS or not. No one knows how much rolling shutter effect it will be. No one even knows how much validity this rumor has. And yet here are all the fanboys, on every side, talking as if they actually know something.

          Grow up, take a deep breath, and stop talking out your a$$. You guys are clueless!

          • Admin said that himself a couple of months ago, so you should ask him…

    • Milan

      For video the mechanical shutter was never used, so I guess that this camera will work the same as any other while shooting video. The rolling shutter effect (or skew) will be there, though with fast readout speeds it’s not such a big problem anymore.

      Unless this electronic shutter is a new and revolutionary global shutter, of course. But it is very unlikely, given the low end nature of this camera.

      So both for still and video it will be just an electronic rolling shutter, with its limitations and its advantages.

  • Anonymous

    Do you know which sensor it uses?

  • aqasem

    Something interesting finally

  • aqasem

    What about the 5-axis stabilization and weather seald !

    • OMega

      Highly unlikely due to constraint of size, not forgetting the 5 axis is Olympus tech, GX7 (Pana’s only body with IBIS to date) I believe is only 2 axis.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Or a connection for the LVF2? That would be a cool surprise!
      Even the LX-series and Oly-XZ compacts support external EVF, so why not?

      • Phred

        That would make it really useful…I am hoping the same thing.

  • hifinut

    GM1 goes well with the newly announced 12-32 pancake zoom from panny.

    • Phred

      Good point….perhaps it will be an ILC and not a fixed-lens camera.

  • 43Shooter

    Is it an interchangeable lens camera then? Some of the commenters above think it’s a fixed zoom lens camera like the RX100, while others, me included, think it’s a Panasonic G so it must be interchangeable-lens.

    By the way, I find this much more enticing than the EM1 or the GX7. There are people who don’t have to have the built-in viewfinder and want maximum compactness and discreetness.

    • Phred

      Yes…I am confused about whether the lens will be fixed or interchangeable….I believe admin has been saying for quite some time that this wound be a fixed lens camera?…but you could be correct that it is an ILC. The posted information is ambiguous, isn’t it?

      • admin

        It’s a MFT camera! Micro Four Thirds…which emans interchangeable mount :)

        • Phred


        • JHCCAZ

          That sounds good – but I’m not clear on how the overall depth can be reduced be the absence of a mechanical focal-plane shutter. The flange-to-sensor distance is fixed. What’s behind the sensor could be engineered for minimum depth, but not what’s in front. Well, I suppose the body could be shallow but have a deep flange ring.

          In any case, this is very interesting news. Thanks!

          • JHCCAZ

            Thinking about it more – perhaps the whole lens flange could collapse into the body when the camera shuts off. That would be helped a lot by having no mechanical FP shutter.

            • rpm40

              I’ve been dreaming about a compact interchangeable lens camera were the lenses retract into the body like a point and shoot when turned off- the lenses would need to be essentially point and shoot sized with the mount recessed as far as possible into the body. Maybe tough to do, but would be really cool.

          • > but I’m not clear on how the overall depth can be reduced be the absence of a mechanical focal-plane shutter. The flange-to-sensor distance is fixed.

            I was thinking that, too, but, whatever. Could be the source misunderstood or misspoke.

        • OMega

          I’m sorry Admin but I’d have to disagree on your assumption that it has to be interchangeable because it’s u43, u43 refers to sensor size so there is no reason why it cannot be fixed lens, although I suspect and agree that it will be an ILC type of camera.

          • true homer

            Nooe. Micro 43s is a mount not a sensor size

          • admin

            FT is sensor size MFT is the mount.

            • Phred

              Thanks 4 making that clear.

        • kiki

          Oh nice, i though it was an LX like with FT sensor.

          Thank you

  • OMega

    Some interesting questions arise from this info. Kiki and Andrew ask about the lens, as a camera within the ‘G’ group of models, will it be a fixed or interchangeable lens? Or does the ‘G’ family relate to format not type? Up to now all Panna compacts have had a variety of different family grouping (too many to list).

  • this bad a$$ boy

    needs pancake 9mm/4 or 2.8 badly.

    Good job Panny!

    • That would be hot! Actually, the whole µ43 world could use one.

  • Bollox

    Brilliant. I hope they are not going to forget proper dials.

    • Anonymous

      That small and thin, it will probably be menu driven.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Power button and shutter release. ;-)
      Hopefully a mode dial. I’d suspect the majority of controls to be handled with touch screen.

      Panasonic’s touch interface is quite good, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

      Want buttons? Get a GH3 or EM1.

  • Ginny

    pocketable with pancake lens 20mm f/1.7 …. YES!!

    /keep dreaming

  • onlyme

    This camera is sounding more and more interesting. I expect it to be quite basic and I doubt the 12-32mm lens will have image stabilisation but I still think I’d buy one as long as they get a few things right. For me to buy one there needs to be no rolling shutter effect. The flash sync speed has to be better than the Nikon 1’s 1/60sec.

    A GM1 with 12-32mm, 20mm and 45mm lenses could be a great small kit.
    Cheers for the news Admin :D

    • Mr. Reeee

      Don’t forget the Oly 15mm Body Cap Lens! Or the Panasonic 14mm!

  • It is going to be interesting to see if this is a camera aimed at enthusiasts that want a small camera with good image quality or is aimed at cell phone upgraders that want a very small and cheap camera.

    Removing the mechanical shutter, flash, etc. will make it less expensive to build. The new lens cannot be much thinner than the 14-42PZ, in addition to not having power zoom it might be lacking IS to make it cheaper. There are a lot of drawbacks to not having a mechanical shutter. It makes more of a difference in cost than in size.

    I am still hoping for a small camera aimed at enthusiasts. But I do not always get what I want.

    • Phred

      If the camera was aimed at phone up-graders it would perhaps be Plastic & Pleather…not Magnesium & Leather! :-)

    • Anonymousse

      It’s not gonna be cheap, but it could be cheaper than an (unsubsidized) iPhone.

  • Yun

    Another brilliant move fr Pana & maybe this the only way to compete against the high flying RX100 .
    Got my GX7 , 2 days ago & start to play around before any missions on coming weekends .

  • Phred

    Is Olympus planning on releasing a similar camera?

  • googidea

    Very good information – the system will be stronger.

    Wide offer of bodies – from ultrasmall Panasonic to close smallest DSRL EM-1 and even bigger then smallest DSLR GH3. The same offer should be for lenses – from smallest pancakes to medium micro43 lenses and big 4/3 lenses.

    Body for photography (Oly), for photography and movies (Panas) to movies only (Blackmagic). From very small (similar to RX100 size) to not so small GH3. And industrial equipment micro43. And profesional equipment from movies (Panasonic, Blackmagic).

    Any news about Kodak brand in micro43?

  • peevee

    Now they have 5 model lines each not able to pay for its own development and tooling. Great!

    • Do

      I guess the GF line is dead now (or, to put it in a different way, is splitted in two lines, GX and GM). So it’s four model lines now.


        Of course this camera would have a new style Number, it’s a whole new body.

  • maxter

    I really hope either panny or olympus put some more effort into pancake primes. While I do like the 20mm, a smaller Version with faster AF would definitly get me interested. Also primes a bit wider would definitly be interesting for me.
    So when releasing a ultra small m43 cam, I hope that at least panny is also bundling it with a lens as small as possible.

  • small

    A very small and compact camera is fine but please please just put two control dials on top of it (on for aperture and one fore exposure)! No mode dial is needed as once set through he menu to aperture priority for example, I can stay in this configuration for the whole shooting session.

    • Narretz

      Dream on. Panasonic has never done this, and they are not gonna start on this cam with it.

      • MdB


  • thomas

    that sounds like great news. with the 14 and 20mm it will be a camera I’ll always have with me. got the oly epl5 which I really love, but looking forward to even smaller bodies.

  • Henrik

    Looks promising. Even though i guess the monitor will not articulate, which is too bad.

  • aqasem

    This should be stands against the fuji x100 with 35mm equ. and fast prime. with IBIS and great video and weather seald and as cpmpact as possible, it will be killer baby FT.

  • tomas

    people now are pleased and admiring the very small body and once it is release the same “buyers” will complain it doensnt have enough fn buttons, now evf, no grip, bad ergonomics…bla bla bla …

    to me it is not any better unless they made a fix zoom or fix focal with 4/3 senzor …minimum f/2.8 …if lower then inbuilt ND filter & shutter 1/8000

    want small body ? buy epm2 ..it has same IQ as EM5, possibly EM1

    • Yes

      so true…we do not even know what the camera is and there are already complaint above about no articulating monitor…LOL!!!

    • Mr. Reeee

      If one is stupid enough to buy an ultra-compact, ultra-simple camera body and then bitch about a lack of external controls, it would seem there’d be more pressing problems than a dearth of camera controls. :-P

      • Phred

        I the camera was the size of a matchbox…someone would come here and complain about no manual controls and no articulating screen. No doubt!

      • Le Frog

        Right… so, I guess those who, back in the day, were buying Rollei 35, Minox 35, Olympus RD, Canon G-III, Yashika Electro,Konica S3, or the even smaller Olympus XA and Epic,or Canon ELPH were all idiots too, and incapable of using manual controls. A smart guy would never settle for anything less that a 25 mile march over hill, swamp and forest, with a full navy SEAL backpack load of photographic equipment, 3 medium format camera bodies, a tripod, and a couple of fast super-telephoto lenses…

        • Steve

          Sure you could have lots of manual controls but then you would need to use a much smaller LCD. Imagine the complaints then. I guess you could have enough room on the left side for a EVF but most consumers are so use to an LCD it would become a very niche product.

          I wonder which manufacturer would be brave enough to make a camera with only a EVF. I could be made very small with lots of large manual controls. I rarely use the LCD on my GH3.

          • Le Frog

            I am not even sure whether the size of the lcd has to suffer. Even on a small body, there is enough room for a couple of dials on top, a couple in front (same as in ther front of a Rollei 35) and a ring or two round the lens: you can haved dedicated rings and dials for aperture, speed, iso, focus,(set any of the above to a program position and you no longer need a pasm or autofocus mode dial), exposure compensation, zoom, so that you only need to dwelve into the menus for white balance, colour scheme and dynamic range! And even point-and-shoots have enough room for a 4-way ring (or joystick) with 2 reasonably sized buttons above (and two small below)on the back of the camera. An efv is much trickier of course, but not impossible; think of lumix lf1 (ok, that tiny evf is not the best counterexample!) or the sony nex models: it’s the lens and the thick grip that might make them non-pocketable, not the need to accomodate an evf! And anyway, old fogeys like me care less about the evf (hell, even the ovfs of the current crop of professional dslrs are worse than those of the old manual slrs) and more about good old fashioned dedicated controls. Yes, I know it is heresy to say such things, but…

        • AMVR

          I think you’re mistaking the camera segment this upcoming model belongs to, all those film cameras (which had little to no electronics, no LCD screen, no IBIS, no chunky rechargeable battery, etc) are more or less equal to the GF and PL lines, this new camera is a completely different animal, it’s meant to test how micro can micro 4/3 really go, this is a step beyond the PM2 and GF3. Expecting and even demanding EM-1 level of control of such a camera is just idiotic, sure, there might be a control dial, few buttons and that’s it, everything else will probably be via touch screen (no complains there).

          Yes, compact film cameras of the past featured decent controls but nowadays there’s a lot more segmentation within the mirrorless market, ¨compact¨ just isn’t enough to describe just one type of MFT camera (even the EM5 is compact to some degree), besides, I bet if companies back in the day had tried to cram as many controls as in those cameras into a body the size of today’s RX100 you would still find the same problem, so this camera is not an equivalent to those film cameras nor should you expect that level of control, if you need more, go for the PM2 or higher. This is as micro as m4/3 will get.

  • OMDowner

    Ultrasmall body + 14/2.5 + 20/1.7 + 45/1.8 = very good set with very good IQ and possiblity to carry it in pockets, without any bag.

    Second optio: body + 12-32 pancake-zoom + 45/1.8 for portreits.

    There is also very small 7,5/3.5 fisheye.
    Only normal UWA prime is necessary (e.g. 10mm).
    And small external pocketable flash (there is still FL-300R, very small and usefull).

  • Narretz

    Okay, that sounds interesting. A few thoughts:

    1. RX100 is not *that* much smaller than a GF2. It’s mostly shorter and narrower. Sans lens, the GF2 is actually thinner already. https://www.43rumors.com/gm1-with-full-electronic-shutter/

    2. Electronic shutter works with flash? If flash is included, it’s probably very weak. So far, I thought it would be a super compact camera with EVF, but it seems EVf is out and flash in. which brings me to …

    3. What is the target market for this camera? Small and portable is attractive for lots of people: P&S Upgraders, enthusiasts that want a backup or an “always on” camera. However, there’s already a small G camera – the GF6. the size difference must be considerable to compensate for losing tilt screen and more controls. For enthusiasts, evf is more valuable than flash. I’m really not sure where Panasonic is going with this. The price will decide. I think it must definitely be priced lower than the GF6, but can Pana pull it off? Miniturization is costly.

  • hard2xplain

    Can’t wait to slap an 100-300 in front of it!!

    Seriously, a camera I’ll never buy, still, good to see Panasonic innovating things.

    • JHCCAZ

      You mean, “I can’t wait to slap it onto the back of a 100-300”. It’s a revolution; a new paradigm; you need to change the way you think about photography!

  • Anonymous

    Why do you people hate primes? I’d much rather have it be something like a 17mm 1.8 lens than a slow zoom.

    • Le Frog

      Nobody hates primes. But, particularly for a pocketable, carry-everywhere travel camera, the time necessary for switching lenses (assuming you can actually carry them in your jacket or cargo pockets, along with sunglasses, small waterbottle, maps, etc, will make all the difference between getting and not getting the shot. Some of us need to travel light. Some – like me – also need a camera small enough to carry around, when I travel in a suit and tie, when I find myself in a black tie event, or a wedding, or a conference, or, or, or, ….[fill in the blanks as appropriate] as a participant, not as a professional photographer (which I am not). This may be a niche market, but it is still a separate market, that is not adequately served, not by digital behemoths (or semi-behemoths, or any non-pocketable camera), nor by point-and-shoots.

      I know I have said that so often that I have become boring: I want the camera to be part of my life, not the other way round. Sony got the point and gave us the RX100, which sells like hot cakes. Why is this so hard to get, for the rest of you?

    • Anonymous

      Beause some of us don’t need shallow DOF and don’t shoot black cats in cellars all the time.

      • lorenzaccio

        Well, then you just need an Iphone.
        As far as I am concerned, I want the best possible quality in a small package, and I want it flexible enough so that I can at least imagine using it in every possible situation.
        Sure, the resulting camera will not have the best IQ possible, nor the best DOF available, nor the fastest lens on the market. Nor it will be the smallest camera in the market.
        But still: excellent IQ à la 43, small and all-manual compact camera à la Sony RX100, nice zoom à la RX100 but better and adapted to the sensor format. I would be in for sure

  • Anonymous

    Oh wait, I see the post says it will take interchangeable lenses. Damn, that means it’ll be paired with that slow compact zoom. Damn. I really wish more manufacturers would offer kits with primes. Pair it with the 20mm.

  • Shenkie

    Good step for m43. Small cheap camera’s so they can compete At the lower end. Its the only way to survive for Oly and Pan with that small sensor.

    • Boogeyman

      Did you see the earlier post?! Can they compete against those prices?!

  • Laszlo

    Comment about the zoom: it can be thinner than the 14-42 PZ, by collapsing into the body, instead of just within the lens. I don’t know why this wasn’t already done, as surely the thin mechanical shutter wouldn’t have been an issue.

    I wonder how much thinner the body could be made without the mechanical shutter, which is in front of the sensor anyway. Perhaps the sensor mount itself would be thinner?

    And while everyone’s asking for all sorts of EM-1 features for this miniaturization wonder model, can I add 5 axis IBIS? ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know if that is possible. As a MFT lens, it needs to be compatible with other MFT bodies, so collapsing into the newly empty space that the mechanical shutter used to live will only work with the GM1.

    • Anonymousse

      m4/3 flange distance is 19.25mm, so the body can be just a little thicker than that.

  • Anonymous

    Since I only use LCD for “menu navigation” and “slideshow”, I would love to see a small camera with an EVF but no LCD… Without LCD, you can have a real small camera…

    And for people thinking I’m crazy, just think about wifi or NFC pairing with a smartphone for the rare moments you need menu navigation or slideshow…

    Am I alone in that case? :)

    • CaverDave

      The rumor is that it will be different than any MFT camera . Also that it will be the smallest MFT camera ever. Doing away with the rear LCD and having WiFi w/ a smart device would make it small. Adding an EVF would be nice. So you might be on to something.

      • Ash

        “doing away with the rear lcd”


        It will be touch-screen driven, relying heavily on the rear lcd.

    • Eric Brenner

      yes, you are.

    • Anonymous

      Would be interesting, but not very likely, I think. Modern consumers are conditioned to view an LCD as essential, and an EVF as a novelty.

  • Cyril

    E-PM2 is already smaller and lighter than RX100…without lense.

    GM1 + 12-32/F? is about same size of RX100 ?

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Nikon beat Pany to the AW1 idea. That is what I would really like to see, an submersible M4/3 body and 14 2.5 to match, that shot RAW, with great video features in a small package. I’m afraid the sensor is too small for my liking in the Nikon 1 version.

    • Anonymous

      Agree. Panasonic has a line of Tough product, so I was thinking they would release a tough M43… too bad. Waiting for the Olympus announcement, perhaps they will bring us a big weather-proof compact 43 (competing with Canon G1X and sized like the Sony RX1)

  • Scott

    Somebody help me with this. I used the electronic shutter on the GH3 and all the pictures are warped and distorted. Why is this happening?

    • Bacek

      Unfortunately it’s not global electronic shutter but electronic rolling shutter so pictures of moving objects are distorted. Google for it but it’s normal for those cameras.
      Basically each picture “line” is red sequentially and full process takes 0,1s. Heard that it’s little bit better on Nikon cameras because there it’s 4 times faster (shorter).
      Additionally you can have banding problems in artificial light.

      • Scott


  • Turin

    How I wish for a true GF1/GX1 successor – small, 300g and with sensible controls. There’s no camera in current m43 lineup which really shows the advantage of the smaller sensor, being both enthusiast oriented and truly pocketable with a pancake.

    • “[…] being both enthusiast oriented and truly pocketable with a pancake.”

      Such cam is impossible. Enthusiasts want to have decent manual controls (like for example two dials) and usable grip: small body simply does not have enough surface for all of that.

      • Turin

        Really? I would say GF1 and GX1 are exactly that. Big grip is not for enthusiasts, it’s for people using big lenses and shooting for long stretches of time. Definitely there’s a group in common, but they are not the same. Of course I lack ergonomy and controls of my K-5, but I wouldn’t dream of carrying it with me regularily.

  • One More Thought

    If this has interchangeable lenses, the interesting thing about this camera is that it really adds to the value of the m4/3 system. This would make a great second camera for someone with a GH3 or EM1, for instance.

    But there is no doubt, at least in the US, that no matter how great the m4/3 system is or becomes, Panny/Oly need a whole lot better marketing and retail distribution network.

    Right now if the average consumer wants to even try out m4/3, they almost have nowhere to go in most cities.

  • GC

    If this has a small viewfinder like the LF1, I’m sold. But I’m almost sure it won’t, it would cannibalize the GX7 (at least for cheap bastards like me)

    • Henke

      Unlike you I would pay a hefty price to have a very small camera with an inbuilt EVF. Dont really care about the cost as long as it is as small as possible with a good, inbuilt EVF (no need for it to tilt either).

      I do agree with you tho, it wont ever happen ;/.

  • Salty

    I hope Panasonic follow Olympus lead and put their best available sensor in all new cameras. If this has same sensor as GX7 or better without AA filter could be a nice option for situations where I would struggle to get a more serious looking camera into an event.

  • cts63

    With a slimier body, I’m wondering if it’s needed to mount a flange adapter for “normals” M43 lens !? new slim MMF ?!

  • BNN
  • eShutter-only cam is a bit risky gamble IMO. eShutter on GX7, the best released by Panny to date, comes at cost of at least one ISO stop of IQ. (IOW, ISO 3200 with e-shutter is similar to ISO 6400 with mechanical shutter.)

    IMO Panasonic needs a release with solid proven IQ. They haven’t yet washed away completely the stigma of sensors with mediocre IQ. Releasing smaller version of GF6 (with the same IQ) IMO is not good enough.

  • Anonymous

    “Now we have Panasonic G, GF, GH, GX and GM series….what a mess”

    not really – G is the name of the m43 family – with the G camera being the standard, and F, H, X and M being different form factors.
    Actually I can hardly think of any manufacturer having such a straight forward naming – nothing messy at all.
    If only they can get the numbers in line so all models from one generation are the same – that would be awesome. Then marketing this could be very rational.

  • maker

    STFU SONY NEX FF COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuji have now an M line too with the XM1, with exactly the same colors (black, silver/black, silver/brown).
    Let’s see if it the GM1 will have also tilt screen an wi-fi ;)

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys realize this is just a rumor?

    No one here can answer your questions with any actual knowledge. And those of you who think you know what you’re talking about, get your head out of your a$$. You don’t know smack!

    No one here knows if this will have the GF6 sensor, the GX7 sensor, or something else. No one knows if it will have IBIS. No one here knows if the 12-32 will have OIS. No one here knows if this is going to be a cheap, entry level camera, or a premium one (magnesium body and leather, if accurate, doesn’t sound like “cheap.” No one here knows how small the 12-32 will be. And those of you acting as if you do are just making fools of yourselves.

    Finally, a whole bunch of you need to learn to read, or at least bother to read more than the headline before you start posting smack.

  • lone.samurai

    With the new zoom, 14-42x zoom or any pancake prime like the 20f1.7 and 14f2.5 this may be an attractive proposition for people considering high end p&s cams like the sony rx100. Much better iso, DR, DOF control and the option to change lenses if they choose to.

  • Swejk

    Admin: !!!

    Die zweite Seite, also die mit den Kommentaren wird von Google nicht mehr von Englisch in Deutsch übersetzt.
    Was kann ich tun ? Ich habe ihre Seite bis jetzt gerne auf Deutsch übersetzt gelesen.

    Gruß Swejk

  • olly…

    point 3 is tecnically possible only with fixed lens.. the presence or absence of shutter not ave influences in case of the camera have m4/3 mount.

  • OM-4

    To make it compatible to RX100 I think the M stands for modular.
    GM-1 thus will have a new zoomlens to fit half the image circle of regular m43.

    In effect a 6-25mm/1.8 lens to cover smaller center circle of m43. The camera crops it to 43 ratio.

    When you attach regular m43 lens the full size of sensor will be used.
    M for modular when you want compact size and snapshot quality just fit the compactzoom or use 12-35x when you want the max quality. Sensor is cropped to half size in compactmode but still 2-3x bigger than 1 whatever ” compact sensor

    • Narretz

      M probably stands for Mini.
      Apart from that, I like you idea.

  • James

    The topic says MFT camera. I’m hoping it’s just a typo, and what he really means is a “4/3 sensor” camera.

    A thin MFT ILC would make no sense at all. The camera still has to be about a inch thick due to the flange distance, and even if they COULD make it thinner, the mft pancake lenses by itself are already thicker than most point and shoots.

    The only sensible reason they should do this is as a replacement and evolution to the existing GF line.

    4/3 sensor with a collapsible equivalent of the 20mm f1.7 is the camera I’m waiting for. If it has IS and decent handling, it would be perfect.

    There’s a huge difference between a lens that collapses into the body versus one that sticks out an inch from the body (that matches the diameter of the mount) and needs a lens cap.

    Another option would be a 4/3 sensor with fixed zoom. Realistically, this would be the optical equivalent to the number of 14-42 3.5-5.6 zooms currently out. To me, that doesn’t sound as exciting.

    • lorenzaccio

      A 12-35 f2.8-4 collapsible zoom in a fixed-lens 43 compact would excite me for sure

  • sexxy

    Seems like a good camera but why criple it with a interchangeable mount? Put a fast collapsible prime on it or a very short zoom.

  • lone.samurai

    @ Admin
    Any word on that Olympus 43 sensor point & shoot?….Thanks

    • admin

      I have soem info on the first camera with smaller sensor. The fixed lens camera with 43 sensor is coming later.

  • lone.samurai

    @ Admin
    Thanks for that, I’m looking forward that.

  • limlh

    Great justification to put an m4/3 sensor in a body as small as RX100. Besides, if it is an interchangeable lens system as rumored, you can fit a pancake lens and it becomes an always with you camera. High ISO is no problem if it is as good as the GX7.

  • simon

    now we need a really small lens otherwise why make such a small camera? to use with the oly lens cap lens? riiiight.

    I wan’t a fixed lens camera with mft sensor and a retractable 17/1.8. or a 1″ sensor and a 12/1.4 that would be even better.

    • lorenzaccio

      I want a house with a nice garden in Toscany…

  • .

    The Panasonic GM1 body sounds very interesting, but according to the previous rumour the new Panasonic 12-32mm pancake zoom is only a tiny bit smaller than the existing Panasonic 14-42mm X Vario (Power Zoom).

    So… I wonder if they (Panasonic) are planning on releasing an ‘even flatter’ pancake prime later? (One which is thicker than the Olympus Bodycap lens but flatter than all other primes?)

    Perhaps a Panasonic 17mm f2.8 ASPH ‘Crêpe’ Lens? (which only projects 13mm out from lens mount).


  • Nex-3N body is smaller than RX100. It’s not useful to make cameras any smaller and I doubt this camera would be that different in size to Nex-3N

  • utomo

    I hope panasonic also trying to create serious RX 100 mk2 competitor. current version is not good enough. and there is good market in this area

  • Miley

    I hope it is well sealed , the rx100 I got had dust get in within 1 day of regular photos in an urban park on a nice non windy day.

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