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(FT4) Panasonic ultracompact GM1 to be the first MFT camera with full electronic shutter!


The new GM1 MFT camera is said to be close in size with the Sony RX100MII (pictured on top)

A source just unveiled some intriguing info about the new Panasonic ultracompact camera that will be announced in early October:

1) It’s named Panasonic GM1. Now we have Panasonic G, GF, GH, GX and GM series….what a mess :)

2) The source wrote that “Its a lot smaller than i thought i would be“. It cannot be compared to other mirrorless interchangeable cameras. it’s more close to the Sony RX100 in terms of size (cool!).

3) The camera is very thin and that goal is possible because the camera is the first MFT camera with no mechanical shutter! it has an electronic shutter only! This is supposed to be better than the current e-shutters. And it can work with flash (with a certain shutterspeed)

4) The body is made of magnesium with a leather finnish. It comes in total black, silver/black, silver/brown.


The source writes that if you were hoping got a compact camera with FT sensor and fixed prime lens…forget it. The GM1 is better!

That sounds good! Stay tuned on 43rumors. Panasonic and Olympus rumors and announcements coming the next days and weeks!!!

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