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GH3 shipping at BH and Adorama. RAW support from Apple.


Mme Sokhna Fall from Bas de Meijer on Vimeo.

We have been told that after Amazon, Wexphotographic UK and Wex Germany also stores like Adorama, BHphoto and Samys are shipping the camera. The official Panasonic store is also set to ship the camera today.
Apple also released the Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.02 that now brings support for the GH3 and for the new PEN cameras.

Kimletkeman used the new Focus Numeriqe RAW files to post an interesting High ISO Shootout between the GH3, E-M5 and G5. A very well written articele!

Readers keep sending me links ot their work done on the GH3:
Arnoud sent me the video you can watch on top of this post: “Very well made video of Story on madame Sokhna Fall, worker in the informal economy in Dakar, Senegal. She runs a shop, but is also president of a ‘groupement mutuelle’, a kind of micro credit. The group is supported by the national trade union UDTS (Union Démocratique des Travailleurs de Sénégal).  via
Dario Battaglia shot this GH3 movie in Sicily (on vimeo).
Nick Driftwood posted the second part of his ongoing GH3 review (on vimeo).
Bass:Not really a rumour but first pictures from my new GH3 that people may be interested in. I will update this gallery over the next few days.
John:Not a rumour: apologies if I come through on wrong channel! (Please put me right) Taking up Steve’s point about overpriced GH3 in Scotland, you might like to ask Panasonic UK why prices there are so much higher than elsewhere.  UK price GH3 £1199.  I can buy in Europe at €1199 (£972). My brother in Canada can buy at $1299+13% tax = $1468 (£924), and USA price similar. Why are UK photographers always penalised?

Check price and delivery dates at Amazon , Adorama, BhphotoPanasonic USSamys and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK, Wex Germany, Technikdirekt and soon on eBay (via Slidoo).

  • Simon

    @John – I think Steve’s point was that the GH3 he found was a bargain – it was a price for the GH3 AND the 12-35mm X lens!!

  • florian

    i dont think b&h is shipping soon… just talked to b&h and they told me they dont have it yet.

    • Anonymous

      > i dont think b&h is shipping soon… just talked to b&h and they told me they dont have it yet.

      hard to believe… my GH3 from adoram is on UPS track to be delivered today before EOB… and BH can’t be worse than Adorama

  • Admin — minor nit on the post title. The new RAW support is from Apple, not from Adobe.

    • admin

      ops! Thanks!

  • Is there a link to the comparison between the Gh3, G5 and OM-D?

    • GH1_NewGuy

      I would also love to see the link to the comparison you mentioned by Kimletkeman.

      • admin

        Ah sorry! It got lost. Today I have feaver and I am making more errors than usual :(

  • Christian G

    Oh, God 12-35 vs 14-140 vs 12-50.


    • Anonymous

      We are all eager to see your test.

      • The point is the 12-35 blows the other two out of water, making the results quite useless. Tests like these HAVE to be shot with the same lens. Too much for you to comprehend, I know..

    • The whole test is a load of cobblers.
      Changing the output changes the comparison. If it needs changing, its then a comparison of the adjustments.
      What is being compared here anyway? They all have different sensors, they all have different lenses. Comparing top bottom and corners is rubbish, unless the intent is to show the cameras as a kit, in which case don’t play with the output.
      A sample from each, taken of the same shot, in the same light with the same lens, may show a difference in some sensitivity and firmware handling of the sensor output. Then it is possible to make a sensor comparison. If left as original.
      If it a test across brands and formats then playing with the output is fraudulent ands only sympathetic to the test or tester. Fiddling with the output is a bent accountancy trick to give the answer that one wants to see.
      Balancing is for ‘wanabe’ photo experts who seem to fill the world with rubbish.

    • +1

      why would you measure corner sharpness for a sensor test?!

  • Canon nFD 24 mm, 2.8 (S.S.C.) circa 1980
    Vivitar 24 mm, 2.8 (MC) circa 1990, Oly OM mount
    Cosina Cosinon-W 24 mm, 2.8

    Hi guys, planning of buying a Oly M4/3 in 2013.
    I want a normal lens to go wit the zoom kit.

    What should i choose? I`m leaning to Canon 24 mm, as I also have the 50 mm, 1.4 and would need only one adapter, and its image I think is the best. It`s also the more expensive, but not much.

    Greetings from BR

    • I have the m43-OM adapter, and find that I don’t really use the wide angle lenses to achieve a “normal” focal length. The images don’t have enough character to warrant using them artistically since they are actually quite nice lenses! Using them simply means you are reduced to MF and f/2.8!

      The appeal with m43 is the short flange distance which allows people to use rangefinder lenses. Just as importantly, the sensor size is suitable for using C-mount lenses and there are a few websites out there that recommend C-mount lenses for use with m43.

      My favorite OM lens for m43 photography is the OM 50mm f/1.4 which is great as a short telephoto. At f/2 it is fast and sharp. But usually I’d just stick with the m43 lenses which are generally very good.

    • Gustavo, it is something only you can decide. Just take a note of the combinations that do not work so well and any pitfalls any one can suggest. Many fine lenses work well with the multitude of adapters available. You may wish to take several different lenses or a single type to save on adapters. Many legacy lenses can be disappointing on 4/3 or m43, they are sometimes not as good as the memory was, or maybe the memory gets enhanced over time.
      One thing I have found is that many legacy lenses are a lot bigger than you might think when they have an adapter. Go to Flickr and search for both the lens you want and the camera you are going to use. You will see the size relationship and the images from others using the same combination, you can judge quality here, does it give aberrations, colour shift, lose contrast and so on. Besides my pet Pen FT 38/1.8mm lens I use mainly Leica M or L39 lenses because of their size (for manual use and a range of Oly zooms). Do the search. Open multi tabs in several browser windows and see real shots and compare them. Go for it there’s a whole world to play with.

      • Jim. Don’t forget to add that images you see in the test above that stand out and say “look at me” and you will see a lot of them, are not all expensive or ultra sharp lenses. Exposure and composition are far more important.

  • pete

    today i found the gh3 in Hamburg at photohaus. nice shop!

  • deejjjaaaa
  • Esrhan

    Ugh, the GH3 short by Dario Battaglia suffers from user-induced frame blending. Might want to fix that…

  • Chet Callahan

    Talked to panasonic about the pre-orders directly from them that were emailed a response stating Nov 30th. They say that they get new shipments every Sunday so to check again on monday if you haven’t received your shipping confirmation yet

  • Steve

    Henry’s in Canada has stock at some store and for Internet orders. Just phoned my local store to hold it and will go now to pick it up.

  • You can’t compare 3 different cameras with 3 different lenses and attribute all differences to the camera sensors. To do a true comparison, you absolutely must compare your target objects with ALL other things being equal. Otherwise, all you can say is something like ‘The GH3 is better at X with the 14-140 lens than the OM-D is with the 12-50 lens’, which isn’t a very useful comparison to most people because it leaves the question ‘Is the difference attributable to the camera body, the lens, or both, and how much of each?’.

    And the statement “This crop is just about dead center in this image, so there are no “it’s the lens” excuses here.” is ridiculous. Are you trying to say that all lenses are exactly the same at the dead center? They aren’t. They are usually sharpest at the center, but how sharp can vary greatly.

    • I made a similar comment on the web site and got the following reply. “Jim, I think you don’t understand how to compare cameras for practical purposes. Really.”
      It seems that common sense does not apply in the world of camera analyses and wanabe gurus. Really!

      • Anonymous

        He is right. You do not understand it. The test is not for you.

        • Just as well I like to work things out but that is a load of total rubbish. The reference points are all stuffed up and “adjusted”. Like me, others said the same. Like me they got abused.

          • Jim, you and others were not abused. You were *disabused* of your confusion over what I was trying to accomplish. Repeatedly. Unfortunately, it did not take.

            • “Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim …. why didn’t you tell me that my article was introduced this way: “Kimletkeman used the new Focus Numeriqe RAW files to post an interesting High ISO Shootout between the GH3, E-M5 and G5. A very well written articele!”

              :-) … so your sour grapes must be nearly choking you LOL!”

              Your words.
              You had several others make similar statements to me and you abused each and every one of them. You did not miss any.

              • *sigh* … now that’s just puerile. You are trying to perform for an audience. You are trying to blend two communities, this one and the one on my blog so that you can carry on your rants on two fronts. Good grief Jim, get a life.

        • Anonytrackball

          Another poor soul. Just an incorrect concept in print and pictures.

    • Spencer, you can make pronouncements about ALL other things being equal all you like, but the fact is that they are as equal as they needed to be to have a look at image tone and noise, which was what I was mainly looking for.

      What does “To do a true comparison” mean anyway? Sounds like a platitude to me, pabulum for those who want to pick nits and not just look at the images. I gave the OM-D a pass on the top left corner because of the crappy lens. But if I have to give it a pass across the board because of its most common kit lens sucking when it is stopped down to 5.6, exactly what does that say about that kit?

      In fact, a lot of people like that lens. And it is not perfect. So what. Neither is the lens on the GH3, it being a 10x walk about. Stopped down, they are all similar enough, especially in the center (and no, it is not ridiculous to assume that the lenses will be nearly identical in the center at 5.6)

      So where is your perfect test? Got a link?

      • You are getting very careless, you forgot to have a go at Christian G he should be on your abuse list because of his post. Or is it because he suspects you are the anonymous post above his comment. But there again, you are to egotistical to be anonymous. Or are you. Its the sort of comment you write when you plead and beg for praise.

  • Chet

    Samy’s camera is backordered 46 cameras in southern california region

  • Werner

    sorry for everyone who preordered and not received yet… gh3 widely available in local stores here in vienna… bought mine today ^^

  • Kev2

    I just cancelled my GH3 order with Adorama. I went to my local camera store mid-day for “Panasonic Day” to see the GH3 but the sales rep didn’t have it because he had “just shipped to Texas by FedEx so people could see it.” Could you be more self-satisfied? Not what I wanted to hear after leaving work, driving in shitty traffic and rain to see a camera mid-day after announcing you’d have it there all day. Epic. Fail. I can’t justify an Epic camera but between my hacked GH2 and the Blackmagic M43 mount, I can definitely wait until I can look at a Blackmagic.

  • Anonymous

    This time Panasonic seems to be shipping to Europe and US first. In Asia, no news of the GH3 at all. Not in HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia.. And HK/TW ususally gets the newest stuff from Panny first. Weird.

  • Tom

    I pre-ordered mine on Amazon in September 18, hours after the announcement – and just got an email stating “estimated shipping is now December 19″… Bummer.

    Anyone know if they’re doing a combo with that new kit lens (12-35 f2.8)? Maybe I’ll wait at this point… Or even the 14-140?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Seems to be available in three kits at least in Europe: Body only, body&12-35 and body&14-140 kits.

  • chris

    I’m currently going through the hassles of replacing my first Sony A99 because the video is so bad. The exchange camera is coming, but I’m already shopping alternatives if it doesn’t work out. Not sure if the GH3 measures up. The Driftwood video – ugh – terrible posterization and the same poor tonal gradation that the GH2 has, seems like Panasonic hasn’t improved the DR by much. I’m considering the GH3, but I shoot in bright sunlight often and the DR of the Panny’s leaves a lot to be desired. I hate shooting with fixed LCD’s and I’ll wait for more comprehensive tests, but Driftwood knows what he’s doing and if the A99 is another fail, I’m reluctantly going back to Canon.

  • Chet

    My preorder directly from panasonic just got pushed back to Dec 24th.. :/

  • Bas

    The video above is part of a Dutch review:

    • admin


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