GH3 remote APP videos.


If you are curious to see how the GH3 remote control works just watch these two vidoes. The first has been embedded here on top. The second can be found here:

Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here) and a full Olympus presentation page at Amazon (Click here).
GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here) and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK (horrible price in UK!).

  • App looks pretty useful, better and easier than anything else out at the moment :-]

  • Drazick

    I don’t see Intervalometer and Bracketing.
    I’d like to have a total control on the sequence.

    It is easy to do, really.

    • That might be in the “pro” app :p

    • Bob

      1. It’s clearly not finished; the presenter points out that the video record feature isn’t there yet. Probably other things aren’t complete yet, either.

      2. You don’t really think he showed every option in the app in that video, do you?

  • MikeH

    They have an english language version of it also:

    • Dugo

      Whether in German or in English, this helter-skelter “presentation” is pretty much useless. But by next spring — I’m predicting from February to May of 2013 — things will have worked themselves out with the Lumix DMC-GH3, hopefully. Including its wireless control and wireless image transfer capabilities.

      Camera is not yet ready for prime time, like I said I think maybe as early as February, but hopefully no later than May of next year we shall be able to hold one and use one.

  • Gotta love the creepy robo-bird they set up for the demo!

  • Bob

    Looks pretty slick, though. First legitimate reason for power zoom I’ve seen so far.

  • Doug

    But will the app be on the iPhone?

  • Tron

    GH3 is becoming a baby Scarlet at 1/10th the price. These features are slick as sh*t!

  • Hard2Xplain

    To make this thing more practical, it’s gotta be capable of doing follow focus during video (with distance scale and peaking or that sort of thing)

    Then we got a $200 remote follow focus unit! This reason alone will make GH3 an absolute choice for video.

  • MDavid

    This functionality is going to fully compliment on-board controls one day. (maybe not early, but eventually) Maybe even bring about a new way to operate the settings in-camera(which isn’t as intuitive or user-friendly as it will one day be).

    Think about it: what you may have developing is a new way to program the camera functionality. App style.
    Even if it’s not in-camera now, the ease of phone-app-style operation is superior to old-style hierarchical menus. Why not “app-ify” their controls to make them easier? Perhaps this will influence the guys that think about how information and settings are displayed and accessed for users.

    I can easily envision programming pre-set settings and scripts (macros) to, for example, select from a list of white balance settings perfected at home or on other shoots- or any other useful pre-set. Or download other fans/users settings online to play with their styles/settings. Awesome possibilities of crowdsourcing creative functionality.
    Just select them in your app, and all the settings pop in. No clumsy buttons or menus required on-camera.
    Of course a smartphone isn’t the replacement itself- I’m talking about the app aproach- they might allow users to “skin” the Graphical User Interface to better reflect their style of thinking to streamline usability.

    I like the prospect, and I’m happier than ever about the potential of this camera :)

    • +1 for scripting.

      You can do lots of creative stuff with that!
      For example, you could script Time lapse while slowly zooming in for each frame.

  • Fish

    That is just cool. It looks like a wired connection in the video. Is that right, or was that just a security tether?

    • _gl

      The wire is almost certainly just AC to stop the device running out of juice while on display.

      Looks good overall, but I hope the protocols get hacked and we see 3rd party apps. I shoot in 3D with two bodies, and I’d want an app that can preview the live feed from two cameras in various 3D displays, as well as being able synchronise capture settings (exposure, WB etc) between them automatically.

      It looks like Panny’s app can (understandably) only interface with one cam at a time. They should have released an SDK though to make apps easier to write for devs. Thing like shareable presets, sophisticated time lapse controls etc would all benefit from advanced third-party apps.

      It’s also a shame they didn’t implement genlock though as that is the holy grail of 3D shooting (very tight capture sync between two cameras is required for artifact-free shooting, especially for longer takes and/or high motion). In the recent interview linked here, their engineers mentioned they got the requests for it, but I guess not enough. Genlock is useful for other things too so maybe in a GH5 …

      • Dugo

        Panasonic makes plenty of professional video camcorders right now with GENLCOK and SMPTE TIMECODE IN/OUT capabilities. No need to wait for DMC-GH5, or anything like that. If the GH3 comes out in early 2013, GH5 will likely not happen until 2015. And of course there is no guarantee GH5 will have separate genlock and TC interfaces via BNC jacks, either.

  • Yun

    I don’t care about all these facilities , what I mind is Pana’s commitment to close up the gap with Sony’s Exmor sensor . Please redouble the efforts on this .
    By the way , what is Pana’s next camera after GH3 ?

    • thethirdcoast


      Sony is currently doing a great job with sensors, but I would really like to see them have at least one credible competitor in that market to keep them on their toes.

  • Christine


    Ok, n00b question.. if the app/remote can do the zoom in/zoom out thing, what lens was on the cam I wonder? and you can control it this way (I have a GH2 with only the kit 14-140 lens), if it’s in focus and you zoom in and zoom out, does it stay in focus?

    I’m guessing there’s one of them power zoom X panasonic lenses on there?

    • His Royal Highness Me

      It’s probably the 14-42 x lens judging by how close the camera seems to be to the nest.

      • Christine

        Oh-makes sense-thanks! I haven’t had a chance to try the X lenses yet.. do they hold focus when you zoom in and zoom out? thx!

  • This is very cool!

  • chronocommando

    Great feature! Makes the camera look more interesting to me.
    Let the price drop and I may get weak :-)

  • Marcus Wolschon

    Still no clue how this works if you operate more then one GH3 body for video recording.

  • kgerster

    Any idea about the resolution being transmitted to the smart phone or tablet?

  • Dugo

    I’m loving it. “It will record video” this way — except for the fact that “the video button is missing right now.” Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

  • JonNYC

    What I am really excited about is the possibility of practical and truly portable tethered shooting out in the field. The new retina display iPad would make an incredible external monitor for the price and is thinner and more portable than other HD external monitors that size. Also with touch screen iPad controls you don’t need to schlep a heavy fragile laptop out in the field.

    Especially great for doing macro work on a hike. A lighter camera than a full frame DSLR plus an iPad makes a very easy to carry kit.

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