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GH3 info: No Multiaspect sensor, uncompressed HDMI out with 4:2:0?


There were some errors on press releases here and there and this caused some discussions on 43rumors. As you can see from the nice comparison on top (Click on it to see a bigger version) the GH3 has NO(!) multiaspect sensor. The GH3 also has uncompressed HDMI output with 4:2:0 (and not 4:2:2) Chroma subsampling according to the German website Slashcam. But I would expect an official Panasonic statement before to be sure of that!
Those of you concerned about the pure photographic qualities of the camera should check out these nice samples at And RWA files are available at Personal View. A Panasonic stand report is available at Dpreview.

And now there is the tricky question for you. Is the Gh3 using the same Olympus E-M5 Sony sensor? ;)

Panaosnic and Olympus Preorder Links with specs and price:
Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here) and a full Olympus presentation page at Amazon (Click here).
GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here) and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK.
35-100mm X lens at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
E-PL5 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
E-PM2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
XZ-2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
60mm macro at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
12mm Black prime lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
15mm cap-lens at Adorama (Click here).


  • tomm

    too big, too expensive… evtly something for a semi-pro videographer?

    dont understand why only Sony is able to minimalize gadgets…

    (for example also their RX 1 in comparison with a Leica m (e/9)…

    pen.. enlargement factor could be a reason;-)

    • It’s not a big camera. I love my OM-D but my hands are bit cramped on it often hitting the wrong buttons by mistake.

      • Nawaf

        Any news on the Pro OM-D then? ;)

        BTW your video on the FL-600R helped me alot but the darned thing just stopped working for some reason lol..
        Paint coming off the cam and now a dead flash, QC must be a last priority with Olympus.

        • Pansonic L10 dimensions ( I have two plus grips) 134.5 x 95.5 x 77.5mm (55/16″ x 3 13/16″ x 3 1/16″)
          Pansonic GH3 dimensions 133 x 93 x 82 mm (5.24 x 3.66 x 3.23″) the weight on them is almost identical too


        • @Nawaf – No news on a pro OM-D. Might not ever see one either. I think it depends on how well the GH3 does. If it does not sell much then there’s really not much of a market for pro-spec M43 cameras. I think the GH3 will sell like madness though.

          My paint is coming off of my OM-D but only because I’m hard on my kit and use it all the time.

          Not sure what’s going on with your FL600R but I would send it in ASAP.

          • @Giulio Sciorio
            I’m pretty sure we’ll see an O-MD pro and almost certainly within 12 months, I could even speculate on the features :)

          • Nawaf

            Well I really hope they get a Pro out. Currently using the E-M5 with the vertical grip which makes the Fn2 button hard to get at. Still the best m4/3 I’ve used to date including the GH2.

            Paint is only an issue come the day you decide to sell it.

            I’m taking the flash to the service center in my country. No idea if they accept warranty claims for items bought from the USA.

      • Not too big

        Definitely agree! The m4/3 is about compact lenses and total kit size. But the camera has to have the ergonomics to make it workable – OM-D and GH-2 are just too small. I’ve long said m4/3 needs an E-1 sized body, best form factor of all.

        • Anonymous

          The OMD is not too small, the ergonomics are poor. My GF1 is small and much easier to use than my OMD. It’s about design.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          GH3 is easily big enough for good ergonomics.
          Problem in today is wasting too much real estate for gimmicks like oversize movie theater screen.
          The most comfortable camera I’ve yet seen, Minolta Dimage A2, has actually smaller width than GH2 because those oversized space wasters weren’t available then.

          • the screen is never big enough if you shoot video, and this is designed to be a video-centric camera.

        • Shanti

          Totally agree the E1 is the best designed camera ever..just wish I could upgrade the sensor;)

      • The Real Stig

        Looks big compared to an E-M5 – IMO:,289


        • JF

          Yes, too big IMO !

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Not realistic comparison.

          E-M5 needs at least horizontal grip to have anykind ergonomics.
          That would make size quite similar but still with worser controls and ergonomics.

          • Bart

            No it doesn’t, your preferences and technique just happen to be incompatible with such cameras. Not to mention, you actually get a choice, if you want it bigger and with a more substantial grip, you can have that. If your preferences and technique are different, you can leave out the grip.

            What is your problem with having such a choice?

            Oh, and just for the record, I think it is great that Panasonic introduced a bigger camera for people with requirements similar to yours, eventho I wouldn’t buy such a camera, exactly because of its size. Choice is good, dismissing choices you wouldn’t make as being inferior by definition (as opposed to being inferior for your intended use) is often short-sighted.

        • Richard

          I´m an Olympus fan, but I think this talk about that the GH-3 is to big is silly. It´s around the same size as an Olympus E-620, and that isn´t a big camera. I have an E-3,an E-500 and an EM-5 a,d they are all really small compared to my friends D700 and D3.

        • The size from bottom to the top of hotshoe is the same. And in my opinion, that is, what finally matters – the camera can only fit a bag if all bits fit in.. The total system is going to be small anyway, thanks to lenses.

    • HMR

      This is getting ridiculous! It’s not too big!!!! It’s perfect for what it is, because it “is what it is”
      Too expensive? That is always debatable..

    • > too big, too expensive… evtly something for a semi-pro videographer?

      It started dawning on some people finally. You know, the price, the feature set, the people whose input Panny used for the cam.

      > dont understand why only Sony is able to minimalize gadgets… for example also their RX 1 in comparison with a Leica m (e/9)…

      Never seen GF3 or GF5 or GX1 camera I gather? RX1 is *larger* than GF5 or GX1 with 20mm or 17mm mounted.

      Also, the largest part of the GH3 are: the grip and the battery. That kind of increase I’d welcome any day.

    • labalbi

      Repeat that one thousand times “its too big “…maybe you ll eventually believe that…but it wont make the camera bigger …he he its not big not matter what kind of comparison you are doing…

    • djmdgk

      It’s not too big! But the sensor is too small for the size of the camera. That’s the problem here! I will buy the next Oly with the E-M5 sensor!

  • JF

    That confirms the resolution specification that clearly show it is not multi-aspect…
    Maybe this is a fiancial choice ? multi-aspect = larger sensor = more expensive or it is same sensor as E-M5 and they had no choice about size ?

    • Jedalus

      My opinion that’s the only disappointment, and its a big one. The multiaspect sensor meant the sensor could capture wider shots on the lenses by using 16:9. I moved from a GH1 to and OM-D E5 and I miss the multi aspect. There is no reason to shoot in 3×2 and 16:9.

      • ozymandias

        Gonna seriously miss the multi-aspect sensor, except I’m not selling my GH2 or anything so I suppose I’ll still have it.

      • JF

        I shifted from GH1 to E-M5 and while I love E-M5 I also missed multi-aspect which was a very good feature. As you said it was allowing to take wider shots.
        Without multi-aspect choosing 3:2 or 16:9 just helps to frame the pictures. But otherwise it is useless and you can stay at 4:3 and crop in post process…

  • rudi


    In 6 Months the market will find to his normal calm.
    Then a GH-3 costs 900 euro and it is fine.
    See us in 6 months… Rudi

    • It’s multi-aspect but not enabled in the firmware. That came to me from Panasonic. There’s other things it can do but does not yet and I’m hoping to discuss it a bit on todays broadcast.

      • Duarte Bruno

        Not time enough to implement it in software??? Come on… how long would it take to do something they have done already two models before this?
        And how do you explain the simulation photo?
        Don’t take offence but I believe someone less informed is probably playing you around (even if they don’t know).

      • TempTag

        Hope you are correct but the sensor pictures do not look promising

      • James

        I watched the whole video waiting for someone to ask about Multi aspect ratio sensor, unfortunately Will Crockett couldn’t shut up for 5 minutes. Yes Will the question on everyone’s lips regarding the GH3 is comparability with Manfrotto LED lighting :)
        I’m glad that during your 1 minute of air time at least you got to ask about clean HDMI out.

  • @Admin,

    it’s the high time to find some rumors about the sensor manufacturer.

    If the sensor was newly developed and manufactured by Panasonic it definitely would be multi aspect. Hard to contradict, isn’t it?

    • HTHTH

      What makes you think that Panasonic a major sensor maker would not make the sensor in their top end product suggesting anything else is border line idiotic.

      From Panasonic’s own page

      The 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor boasts wide dynamic range and high sensitivity image recording. “Panasonic focused on the following three areas:” (1) minimizing noise in the sensor, (2) preventing sensor noise from entering the output signal, and (3) preventing noise from entering the signal processing circuit, power supply line and grounding line.

  • Sensor is made by Panasonic. It is multi-aspec in hardware but was not enough time to do it for version 1.0 firmware.

    I’m going to be a live Google Hangout today with Panasonic and Manfrotto. I’m happy to ask them about a few things if time permit. Question to 43 Rumors readers – What questions should I ask?

    The video should feed to at 1pm EST.

    • Sensor manufacturer, multi aspect, focus peaking


      price level for 43/1.2 and whether this lens is weather sealed or not (I hope the latter)

      • Giulio,

        my few questions to Panasonic.

        1. Focus peaking. For me (and I am sure many others) it is one of the most desired functions. There are several new nice focusing modes on GH3 but they do not substitute peaking, especially for the moving objects. Owing to my stile of photography, I might think about moving to Sony, if Panasonic/Olympus did not urgently provide this functionality.

        2. Is it possible to have clean HDMI output and at the same time display technical data on EVF/screen ?

        3. Color space for HDMI ?

        Thanks in advance,

    • BTW, how you can be so sure the sensor is really multi aspect in hardware and made by Panasonic? It would be a huge marketing fiasko not to mention that…

      • “BTW, how you can be so sure the sensor is really multi aspect in hardware and made by Panasonic? It would be a huge marketing fiasko not to mention that…”

        @kesztio because they told me. If the GH3 does well, and I think it will, it’s going to change the industry. Panasonic has the money and the resources but dealing with Japan can be challenging, there’s the language, cultural differences not to mention its ran by numbers people wanting to move more TVs.

        They do care about what their customers want and they do read the blogs so the community needs only to focus what they want and get that message over to them. It’s not easy but possible.

    • Bastardbacka

      Any change we are going to see 100/120 fps high speed modes in their new flagship camera, the GH3? I am curious, because they have included these framerates in their cheaper models recently.

    • matt

      are they fu** kidding me? uncrompressed 4:2:0?
      I want 4:2:2 like sony/nikon cameras!

      could you ask them if the hdmi out will be 4:2:2 on final firmware? also multiaspect and peaking ?

    • Gbanfalvi

      Ask them about the next GX camera. Last one came out soon after the G3 and now the G5 has been out for a bit.

      • Hard2Xplain

        I want to know that as well since the gh3 is to large for my kind of shooting.

        Any hope for the new GX to get VF and the GH3’s sensor?

    • Beg the them to introduce focus peaking and zebra-function. I am not a tech-guy but believe it can’t be too hard to implement that in the firmware – maybe later in an update.

    • Parci

      it is NOT multi-aspect, period. just check the correct specs and the shape of the actual sensor.

  • Robin

    Is GH3 equipped with the much talked about focus peaking feature? Truth or Myth?

  • RAS

    Oh, come on. 4:2:0 for HDMI out? WHY?

    They could have sold twice the number of units if they had put in 4:2:2.

    • amband

      they won’t threaten their camcorders and it keeps the price down

      • Don J

        4:2:0 its 2012, almost 2013. We have affordable RAW video cameras and next years top end “prosumer” cameras will be 4k. 4:2:0 means can’t be used for effects work or keying and is a deal breaker for me.

  • Pei

    Multiaspect sensor is only useful for still photography. GH3 is a video camera first and still camera second so it makes sense to cut the sensor down. Easier heatsink design and readout in addition to standard size for fabricating.

    • Chez Wimpy

      >Multiaspect sensor is only useful for still photography

      Says the person stubbornly shooting 720×480 @ 60i

      • Frye

        Eh, I’d rather shoot video with a multi-aspect 16×9 than cropped 16×9.

        edit: sorry meant as a response to Pei

        • Pei

          The difference in FOV is tiny between cropped 16:9 or non-cropped.

          • P4INKiller

            1.86 vs 2.0, it’s considerable.

  • alexv

    I think also that the sensor come from Panasonic, firstly they don’t admit that Sony could produce better sensor which could be challenge PRO video line against them, secondly ISO range is lower than Olympus given a hint that it could be not the same sensor and their top ISO is lower than the Sony usually have in other camera. My biggest question is does the image quality in RAW will be at the same level than the OM-5 and does the JPEG engine is also at the same level than them? Aldo, does the continuous auto-focus will really challenge DSLR since they focus only on the contrast (rather adopting hybrid solution with phase detection on the sensor mixed)?

  • labalbi

    Pals…can you illuminate my obscure mind and tell me the difference between 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 ? I wish to learn more about this …thanks for any input or link for a good reading about this …

    ***Edited : I’ve found my answer…

    Well, in my DSLR camera, the color information is subsampled to 4:2:0 color space in the camera. In other words, the camera is throwing away the color information. It’s the weakest link in the chain! Converting from 4:2:0 to 4:4:4 at this stage doesn’t “magically” bring back the thrown-away data – the data was lost prior to hitting the memory card. It’s just taking the data that’s already there, and “upsampling” the missing color values by averaging between the adjoining values.

    • Frye

      Higher color sampling helps when grading footage in post production – especially if you have underexposed footage that you want to correct. The lower the sampling, the more likely you’ll get nasty compression artifacts.

  • JeremyT

    As an owner of the GH2, I find the GH3 very disappointing. The loss of the multi-aspect-ratio sensor is a sad development and part of why I will not be buying one.

    The other big reason is simply size. The GH2 is about the biggest camera I ever want to own, and I would have needed to see something *very* compelling in the GH3 to justify the massive jump in size. The GH3’s feature list is nice, but there is nothing which seems to warrant the bulk when the EM5 ticks most of the same boxes which I am interest in.

    So, for me, the GH3 is a pass. I hope that Panasonic understands their market and the GH3 is a success, but this GH2 owner is apparently not the person it is aimed for.

    • HoiHoi

      Most cameras don’t have a multi-aspect-ratio sensor.
      it’s not a big problem.

      And the Panasonic G5 is the Panasonic GH2.5 ;)

      • Frye

        Actually it is a big problem if you’ve had it and are used to using it – and like it.

        • JeremyT

          Yes, I would not be missing the multi-aspect-ratio sensor had I never used it – but I have enjoyed the extra coverage of my lenses on the GH2 compared to my Pen when shooting video or stills with a wide aspect ratio.

          I can certainly live without this, but this was a standout feature in the GH2 and one reason I was waiting to see what the GH3 would bring.

          Assuming the GH3 has the G5 sensor (seems likely at this point) and is bigger (definite), the G5 looks to be more suitable for my own needs. However, I will likely just get the EM5 instead of either.

      • XLens

        The multiaspect sensor was a differentiating factor for me in the GH1, GH2, and LX-series. I’m holding on to my GH2 for now.

    • HTHHT

      “Massive jump in size” lol , are you disabled in some way or perhaps 100yrs old. If you consider this massive and it causes you a problem get to the doctor pronto.

      • JeremyT

        Because… reduced lifting capacity is the only reason one would ever want a smaller camera? I’m afraid your logic is faulty.

        Perhaps you do not travel much, but many of us like to move about and keep a camera with us at all times in handbags or small briefcases which we are already carrying. The GH2 worked well enough for me in this respect, albeit already on the clunky side, but the GH3’s size increase will make it unsuitable.

        I am curious, for one who does not seem to appreciate the value of a small camera and denigrates those of us who prefer one, why you would ever use a M4/3 camera at all? You realize you may purchase superior full frame cameras if you are not concerned with size, do you not?

        • Garypen

          It sounds like a GX1 will be better suited for your purse.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Your logic is even more faulty if you think unergonomical P&S can be the camera of the future replacing film era DSLR.

          Lacking ergonomics and controls in GH2 were biggest problems when I hauled it last year up to “halved atmosphere” level so don’t give me that bullshit needing another compact camera when m4/3 already has x+dozen of those models.
          It’s bulk and weight of 35mm system optics which isn’t necessary with todays digital tech in such use.

          GH3 has controls and ergonomical grip of enthusiast DSLR in size of entry level DSLR. Also weight is lower than what similar construction DSLR (entry level ones don’t have magnesium chassis) would be thanks to lack of mirror chamber’s bulk and EVF being simpler than prism viewfinder.

          • JeremyT

            Esa, I only speak for myself, which should be obvious if you read my post. *For me* the GH3 is too big while the GH2 is not (barely).

            If you prefer the larger size of the GH3, I will not mock your choice. There is a market for many size cameras, including the GH2 size I enjoy (which the EM5 and G5 are similar to).

        • Rep96st

          You’re taking size to the extremes… If you were comfortable with the size of the GH3, you should have NO problem with the GH3.

      • Frye

        Now i’m reading in some other comments that m aspect is there, just not supported in firmware yet. I would hope that’s the case, since it’s a little ridiculous for someone to buy a camera as an upgrade only to lose features.

    • P4INKiller

      Massive jump in size? I think not.

      The only size gained is in the handle, which is very welcome.
      I would’ve reconsidered if I had feminine hands.

      • JeremyT

        Please look at the photo in the main post to see the difference in size. It is not only the handle which is larger.

  • CuriousBenjamin

    The image samples are nothing to write home about. Atleast not $1300 great. I think except ergonomics and video, EM5 beats this convincingly (looking just at the samples). I’m waiting to see how the reviews pan out.

  • Wow, I knew it was bigger, but seeing them side by side is quite surprising (especially considering the GH2 has a larger sensor physically). I would have thought a lot more tech (IBIS anyone?) could be put in that larger space. At that size it’s not going to pull away the dSLR crowd I would have thought who will focus on the smaller sensor as usual.

    It’s a great shame the multiaspect sensor is gone too. It’s one of those things not shouted about by anyone (including Panasonic) but GH2 owners who discover it find it difficult to go away from it.

    I might keep my eye out of a well priced and preferably new GH2 now purely for video purposes.

  • HoiHoi

    No Sigma or Tamron m43 rumors/news?

    • admin

      coming soon I hope…

  • xoom

    Dear admin,

    It is quit alarming when i observed that you have been focusing on a few minuses of the gh3 since it was launched yesterday.. Why not looking at many other plus points? The camera has just been launched fo ONE day and because of your posts title, people have made unconscious conclusion that the camera is not for still photographers.. Let us wait for proper reviews shall we?

    And does it matter who makes the sensor?? If it was from Sony, who cares? Or are you kind of bias to Sony nowadays..?? I just wonder..

    • admin

      Alarming? I gave you some news highly requested bu 43rumors users. And I linked to some great GH3 shots! My last GH3 post before that (Philip Bloom and company) contained good words only. I was actually thinking I am too good towards Panasonic because I put the Olympus PEN in shadow.
      Quite interesting how people sometimes gets the exact opposite message…

      • Nawaf

        Some people just take things way to personally. Nothing wrong with showing what it doesn’t have.

        On another note, it’s priced right and not expensive at all for what it is.

  • Bronica
    • admin

      weird stupid camera…

      • Bronica

        Yes, admin. But a money-maker! Rich people must be silly…

      • Frye

        It’s weather sealed in case you spill champagne over it.

        • Bronica

          haha! :-)

      • Bobafett

        I will only buy the camera if the wood they’re using is FSC certified =)

      • P4INKiller

        If there’s one thing Swedes know for sure, it’s how to manufacture weird, overpriced junk.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Now where are all those people complaining 4/3 cameras being expensive for sensor size?
      That sure beats everything else by astronomical unit in being the most overpriced camera for sensor size!
      Probably doesn’t even have any kind weatherproofing.

      And remember NEX-7 problems in corner performance because of short flange back distance caused oblique angle light and 24MP sensor needing image sharpness equal to 4/3.
      Wonder how Sony got Hassy to overlook that…

  • Paul Alexander

    4:2:0 out of HDMI is not great news for anyone that seeks to use the GH3 for accurate Chroma Key (aka Green Screen). It’s a reasonable codec choice given the output formats for ‘straight’ captures, but for fuss free post Color Grading and Chroma Key – No. So I’ll guess the HDMI is largely for an external monitor hookup, TV etc. It will therefore be interesting to see some real-world motion comparisons of internal vs external recording with respect to color sampling. Again, the GH3 is not positioned as a Pro Camera, but as a pro-sumer product, and drawing the line at 4:2:0 is the difference.

  • unsatisfied

    Gh2 or G5 with a hack and $600 for lenses, bag, extra battery.
    Em5 if photos are your thing and $300 for accessories.

    • Purpleone

      @Paul Alexander. I can’t really understand what your talking about. The GH3 is obviously positioned as a pro camera!! They have gone to considerable lengths to be attractive to pros re the video. 4:2:0 isn’t the holy grail of pro hood!!. If that were the case then Pacific Pictures are not pro, Still Motion are not pro, all video and film shot on 5D, 7D, Gh2, EX1 etc over the past 5 years are not pro works and and the cameras they bought were not aimed at pros. It may not be aimed at the broadcast pros but there are a lot of other types of pros out there and they are gonna be interested in this cam because its offering a lot!!

  • Mathias

    *** HDMI DOES NOT SUPPORT 4:2:0 ***

    It is technically not possible to output 4:2:0 via HDMI.

    • swester

      I’d love to see a source on that. Good luck, since reality suggests that HDMI has fully supported 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 since spec 1.3.

      • Tom

        Sony A99 and NEX-VG900 both support 4:2:2 clean uncompressed HDMI, and many (possibly me too) will go that route for that feature alone. Also they are both full frame sensors, but at a higher price bracket… but not outrageous for the feature set.

        • Mathias

          One key question would be whether Sony 4:2:2 output is actually true 4:2:2 or whether it’s just upconverted 4:2:0. If all of these cams with uncompressed HDMI output internally capture videos in 4:2:0 then there’s a chance that the 4:2:2 output is just upconverted 4:2:0. In that case true 4:2:0 output would actually be preferable. Unfortunately HDMI technically can’t do 4:2:0, so the all the cams *have* to output 4:2:2 (or 4:4:4 or RGB). No way around it.

      • Mathias

        Why don’t you check the HDMI spec yourself? 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 have always been supported, even in HDMI v1.0. But 4:2:0 has never been supported. The same applies to DVI. DVI also supports YCbCr 4:2:2, YCbCr 4:4:4 and RGB, but not 4:2:0. You can also look at the EDID spec, it’s the same there. You don’t have access to those specs? Well, you can try wikipedia then, I guess. Or maybe you could just trust me. I do know what I’m talking about… ;-)

  • Didier

    On the panasonic site, the specs for the GH2 and GH3 show almost exactly the same maximum resolution figures in the different aspect ratios: (GH3 as first figure, GH2 only mentioned when there is a difference)
    [4:3] 4,608 x 3,456
    [3:2] 4,608 x 3,072 (GH2: 4608 x 3168)
    [16:9] 4,608 x 2,592 (GH2: 4608 x 2800)
    [1:1] 3,456 x 3,456
    Does that mean that they are both similarly multi-aspect after all?


    • James

      Read it again. The GH2 resolution is:
      [3:2] 4752 x 3168
      [16:9] 4976 x 2800

      • Didier

        Indeed, my bad !

        Accurate figures would be: (GH3 listed first)
        [4:3] 4,608 x 3,456 (GH2: identical)
        [3:2] 4,608 x 3,072 (GH2: 4752 x 3168)
        [16:9] 4,608 x 2,592 (GH2: 4976 x 2800)
        [1:1] 3,456 x 3,456 (GH2: identical)

  • Doug

    Admin: your Adorama 15mm lens link does not work!

  • Fact: Panasonic is using Panasonic sensor. I confirmed with my guy in Panasonic US =)

  • Matt

    As an owner of a GH1 and GH2, I am excited that they are finally building a camera that is the right size. Something a lot more usable.

  • DJS

    Although the effective pixels are the same the total pixels are not so it’s unlikely to be the Sony sensor.

  • roger48

    This is the sensor planned for the GH5 (no GH4) “The Dark Energy Survey’s 570-million-pixel camera”! Mind you, it will be quite large, so those moaning about the size of the GH3 beware.

  • Maniac

    It has multi aspect capability sensor. You can see the sensor here :
    It is software’s theme from now on. We are waiting next firmware.

    • roger48

      Is that the 570 million pixel camera or the GH3?

  • Nick

    No multi-aspect – no buy…

    That was the only feature stopping me switching from the GH line to an OMD…

  • safaridon

    I too first thought the GH3 was too big until I compared its size relative to the new fast lenses like the 12-35/f2.8, 35-100/f2.8, 14-140 or 100-300mm lenses which seem a good fit. That is why the GH3 is being offered body only or with 12-35 or 14-140mm lenses as kit lenses.

    The G5 which is better sized for most in contrast is a very good match for the smaller Xlenses or primes and smaller lenses. You also can see the std EM5 has virtually no grip and if you add one makes it GH3 size for use with larger lenses.

    To compare these cameras and lenses just go to


    “”Because… reduced lifting capacity is the only reason one would ever want a smaller camera? I’m afraid your logic is faulty.””

    No, I think anyone claiming that the jump in size is “massive “is the one with dubious logic I cannot imagine a normal strength adult { or child for that matter} being undone by an extra 6oz on ones camera kit. If size is your absolute criteria then perhaps a Sony RX100 is worth looking into small and light with a comprehensive feature set and fine quality.

    “”Perhaps you do not travel much, but many of us like to move about and keep a camera with us at all times in handbags or small briefcases which we are already carrying. The GH2 worked well enough for me in this respect, albeit already on the clunky side, but the GH3′s size increase will make it unsuitable.””

    I travel very extensively {unfortunately} with the GX1 typically mounted with either the 14mm or the 20mm Pancakes being with me at all times. The GH2 hopefully soon the GH3 is in a small bag with a couple of lenses and is no problem to carry. The bottom line is that no mFT camera with lens mounted is truly pocketable. Unless you count a Pen with the ridiculous 15mm F8. So a bag or some other means of carrying the camera is needed anyway. Again if this was too much for me I would be looking for a smaller lighter option, dare I suggest the Sony again.

    “”I am curious, for one who does not seem to appreciate the value of a small camera and denigrates those of us who prefer one, why you would ever use a M4/3 camera at all? You realize you may purchase superior full frame cameras if you are not concerned with size, do you not?””

    I fully appreciate the reduced size and weight of my mFT gear and this is why I have invested in the system as soon as it was available. I also happen to be a FF user { Nikon D800} which I use when absolute quality is more important than convenience . Our disagreement seems to stem from the use of “massive” to describe what to me is at best an insignificant gain in size and weight. A gain that was inevitable with the increased bulk of the construction materials etc. So it seems odd that some posters seem to be shocked at this

  • simon

    so no multi aspect sensor, no global shutter, probably the same sensor as the e-m5, no phase detection af, so what is the hardware advantage over the e-m5? I wonder weather olympus could bring the e-m5 on to the same level (or better because of the is) with a firmwareupdate? very unlikely of course, but I wonder weather that would be possible.

    I wonder weather pansonic is working on a multi aspect sensor with global shutter, I think for video a 3:4 sensor doesn’t make that much sense, I think the oversized 3:2 sensor is a very good compromise between stills and video. maybe they just saw the om-d and thought “let’s do something like that but make it a bit different, and let’s try to sell that until we have our global shutter sensor”.

    I really hope mulit aspect is coming back.

  • Sorry if this has been said already, but I can’t be bothered reading all the comments…
    I’m pretty sure it is actually a multi-aspect sensor; it was specifically mentioned in the DPReview preview. They dedicated a whole section to explaining how it works.

  • The Master

    Just took a look at the image samples and all I can say is WTF? Blown highlights, like my camera phone. No better than the GH2 and probably worse. No full size 3:2 ratio, huge body, no focus peaking. I forgot, what am i supposed to like about this? Oh yeah, silent shutter and the price. Wait…… I don’t like the price either. It looks like G5 or hit the road, huh.

  • dau

    Ive been waiting for the gh3 release to decide on replacing my g3. Im not convinced this is the camera for me. Like most of us here, im more interested in stills than video. The gh3 appears to be a much more video oriented machine. The omd is an option but my main concerns with this are ergonomics, the convoluted menu , lack of built in flash and articulated lcd. I guess illl wait on gh3 reviews ( and g5 reviews for that matter, where the hell are they?!) before making my decision. Image quality os always the major factor…

  • DIY Cinema Camera

    HDMI pretend 4:2:0 does not matter, this is a consumer camera after all, despite what they say. No, 4:4:4, or 10 bit+, 4k, or HDMI Raw (each 4k pixel outputs only the Bayer pixel below it, on top of regular HDMI mode).

    However, you will notice that there is no all intranet frame compression mode for fullhd p50 and p60. That would require 100-144mb/s at least. The compression rate is a bit low on the fullhd p50 and 60.

    Now, what do they mean 4:2:0 sub sampling, it’s not that dreadful, color pixel skipping thing is it? If you go back before the GH2 camera, Panasonic was talking about a pixel grouping thing for low light, I think.

    So, how about a firmware update to 4k, 4:2:2 and fullhd p50 4:4:4 at least Panasonic?

  • Anonymous

    Panasonic already said it is a NO multiaspect sensor.

    And take a look a dpreview,the pixel count is totally the same with EPL5/EPM2.

    And Panasonic stuff said it is a Sony sensor before GH3 launch.

    There is no doubt that GH3 is using Sony sensor.

    • TUTU

      Maybe ,its the other way around and the E-M5 has a Panasonic sensor lol.A one off hand “joke/quote” that has never been confirmed by any other source does not necessarily mean it is the truth Olympus management have quite a record of deceit

    • Smelly Cat

      You’re obviously a Sony-fanboy, so you’re at the wrong website! Other Sony-fanboys will feed on trolls like you.

      • Anonymous

        Are you a Sony fanboy?

        A panasonic stuff mention they will going to use Sony made live mos sensor in
        omuser forum before GH3 launch.I was hardly believe at that time.

        But when I saw Panasonic confirm that it is not a Multiaspect sensor.

        And the same pixel count as EPL5/EPM2.Now I believe it is a Sony made Live mos sensor.

  • DIY Cinema Camera

    This is a cmos sensor isn’t it? LiveMos makes it sound lie it isn’t

    Still, an upgrade to fullhdp50/60 4:4:4 at least, maybe a hack? It looks like that maybe there will be no hack to 4k, which would have been a good buy signal (why pay for more of the same old crap rather than something that is going to stay current for a long time). Still, very dated, no USB 3 either. By the time they get USB, we will probably be on cheap thunderbolt port interface chips.

    I remember the sensor on the gh2 was supposed to be designed to do 60fps post fullhd apparently, and the gh2 had some hardware issue with doing it. If it doesn’t this tine, and they are good enough to dig deep and wide enough, we may see super HD 4k on it. I definitely don’t want to wait for a GH-4k, the third or fourth time around, a disastrous marketing decision, they need something consumer to sell to consumers for those future 4k TV’s, and to sell TV’s to GH owners. Plus those sub $500 4k cameras will probably beat a GH-4 to market.

  • DIY Cinema Camera

    I forgot to mention, fullhd p60 at close to $500 has been around for around from around 2008 (with Sony Sensor I believe) in Japan, on the Sanyo HD2000. So, there is little reason for them not to be able to do even 4kp60, even small mobile phone sensors are now doing it (omni vision for one). The price of fullhdp60 cameras has been a couple of hundred dollers now. That is why I say fullhdp60 is old. Panasonic, now is the time, tomorrow is 5k, 6k (folks see why Red uses 5k and 6k for 4k output) and 8k.

    Soon, the 4k Apertus pro camera will also be complete.

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