USA: GH3 in Stock at KenmoreCamera.


I just got notified via Slidoo that the GH2 is now in Stock via eBay US at 39mm (Click here) and Kenmorecamera (Click here).

P.S.: Damn, I am so happy my Slidoo beta website works! Login and save the search you want to get notified like it happened on the GH3 :)

  • Incessant Troll

    well… i just bought a k5 and 16-50

    k5 + 16-50 for $1200 > gh3 + 12-35 for $2300

    enjoy your competitively priced format :)


      What’s the video like on the K5?

    • homer

      thanks! I am!
      I came from pentax, youre gonna enjoy the insane front focus, barrel distortion and softness with your combination too!
      You hate m4/3s, but you cant stay away from here, hahahaha! youre like an ex girlfriend! LMAO

    • jw48335

      Cancel or return the 16-50mm Pentax. It’s HORRIBLE for the price. Get the Sigma 17-50mm HSM instead. The Sigma is on par with the Nikon and Canon at the same price point, and isn’t prone to Pentax SDM death. Other than that, yeah, m43s is a mystery to me. I watch all camera tech, and can’t understand why you wouldn’t just get a D600 or 6D at those price points. Or at least get a Fuji or Sony if you really want mirrorless.

  • valia kalda

    Yey! Propapby the wrong place to ask, but the place is warm and cozy so i’ll go ahead anyway: Any Dudes and Dudettes with a OM-D + Panny 12-35mm experience? How do you deal with the chromatic abberations? are they easily fixable in Lightroom? Anything else of note?

    • PercyTho

      I have the E-M5 and the 12-35 the CA is literally a one click fix it is bonkers that OLympus does not correct this in JPEG , unless they are trying to make Panny lenses look poor

  • Cliff

    Awesome, just ordered a GH3 from Kenmore. Now I need to cancel my Amazon back-order, and order a m4/3 to nikon G adapter. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Swested

    Is National Camera Exchange an official Panasonic dealer?

    • Yes, National Camera is an authorized Panasonic dealer. I got my GH3 from them in November!

      • Jason

        I sold him his gh3. We were one of the few dealers to host Panasonic’s official launch tour with Ira Block, National Geographic photographer.

        • Garypen

          Is this National Camera Exchange in MN? I don’t even see Panasonic listed under DSLR’s or Compact SLR’s. It’s listed under P&S, but with zero results.

          • Jason

            Yeah… I wouldn’t say our website is the greatest. :( But our phone numbers are there and they are in stock right now.

            • Garypen

              Great news. Thanks.

  • Jfdana

    FWIW, GH3 arrived today and I got a gig, two hours later, to film a four day music festival in May. Whatever one thinks about the camera, it really works well, and I appreciate the opportunities that are coming my way as a result.


    • Did the gig transpire because of the GH3? So far, I haven’t seen any requests for GH3 shooters in my area. There are 5d and 7d opps, as usual, and Red, in fact almost everything except m43.

  • Anonymous

    thx admin. just when i was about to buy an omd. kenmore saves the day.

  • Jfdana

    I received my GH3 today, and, wondering how I would work in the video (I’m primarily a stills photog), got a call to video a 3 day classical music festival in a couple of months. How cool is that.

    Already synced to my iPad which is a great tool. So far, so good, and it’s wicked fun to take portraits of someone looking at their image on an iPad through the lens as I take their portrait. Oh wait, you heard it here first; a new genre of portraits: people looking at themselves while their portrait is shot. it really works!

    Best to all, and, remember, you heard it here first.


    • Steve

      I’ve been doing the same thing with my 6D, people can’t knock it until they try it.

      • Konan

        the lard-core sony fanboys here will knock it whether they try it or not. |The poor suckers never heard of what hapended to Minolta. They say history will repeate itself if one doesnt listen. Well, get ready Sony users. LOL

        • hihosillver

          @ Konan
          Considering how significant a part Sony sensors play in current digital gear , they have little to feel bad about. I can’t say about Sony but if I was Olympus imaging I would be very very worried at letting Sony have a seat at the table , that is what started the end for minolta

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