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GH2 super deal at Adorama POLL: Your Panasonic GH3 features choice.


Image on top: The Panasonic GH2

That huge GH2 deals ongoing in US and EU stores may be a sign that a GH3 is coming soon (February-March?). The deal just started and will last until they run out of cameras:
GH2 with 14-42mm lens for $699.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S1442144”.
GH2 with 14-140mm lens for $999.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S2141401”.
You have to to sign in to see price. Coupon codes are entered on the checkout page!
But there are discounts in almost any store. Check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

I know that in January-February there will be a new GH2x kit option with the yet available 14-42mm X and the upcoming 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses. But I don’t know if that alone is the reason of the $300-500 price drop in US stores. But if there is really a GH3 coming soon I ask you:

What you expect from the GH3? Select a maximum of three must have features!

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Steve made a short film with the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm, Canon FD 50mm 1.4 and the Panasonic 14-140mm. Video on Vimeo.
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  • Jan de Wit

    Peaking and a better oled viewfinder for me! Lcd on the back should get a minor upgrade to for example the same display used in the e-p3.

    Ibis would be nice, but I guess its not a pany thing. Better IQ always welcome, but not needed for me personally.

  • steve

    too bad you cant just say all of the above

    • Steve

      Hello me.

      I’m the opposite – I want what’s not on the list:
      more accurate colours
      greater dynamic range
      lower noise
      a “fancy” feature – HDR

  • Bob B.

    Why does anyone include Panasonic and “built-in-IS” in the same sentence?
    Pany will not ever make that body…they chose a different platform on the outset of this endeavor.
    I do not see anyone asking for this on the Nikon or Canon blogs….?

    • dvdyeo

      Why not?

      I believe most understand that panasonic prefers OIS to IBIS, but wouldn’t having both be great?

      After all, I favored olympus over panasonic for 2 reasons:
      1. IBIS
      2. better colors

      Having IBIS would panasonic a much stronger suit. (But of course they would look like idiots for turning against themselves.)

      • Mr. Reeee

        I’ll take an EVF over IBIS or OIS any time.

        As far as electronic stabilization goes, In-Lens Stabilization is more effective, since it’s optimized for the specific lens. IBIS is a consumer-level feature that was designed to compensate for point and shoot extended arm shooting. Sure, it’s okay in limited situations, but also far from the magic bullet or panacea some believe it to be. Olympus and others have done a masterful job of marketing, since so many see it as an essential, “I couldn’t possibly shoot a picture without it” sort of feature.

        “Better” colors? That’s subjective and if you shoot JPEGs only, you’re better off using a grey card and setting your white balance manually. I prefer Panasonic’s more natural color palette.

        • Bob B.


          • leu


    • matt

      i don´t understand that too.. OIS is more effective than IBIS.. and besides that, it draws more power and it´s not that good for video (i read it somewhere but i don´t know where hehe)so stop crying for IBIS.. it will never be in panasonic bodies

      • Miroslav

        Effectiveness of image stabilization system depends on how well it is developed and implemented. If you shoot video with a prime or 7-14mm lens, you don’t have IS either. Anything that gives you a few stops more is never a feature to throw away.

        • Bob B.

          Olympus went with I.B.I.S. They will never make a lens with O.I.S.
          Panasonic (like Canon & Nikon) decided to go to O.I.S. because it is more effective. Panasonic will never utilize I.B.I.S. Just a fact jack.
          We can hope for a range-finder type VF in either Pany or Oly offerings……(doubtful though)…but I.B.I.S. just ain’t gonna happen in a Panasonic camera body.. :-)

      • > OIS is more effective than IBIS

        Show me a 20mm or 25mm m43 lens which has OIS and then we’ll talk.

        Good bye, see ya!

        • matt

          yes, you´re right. there are only zoom lenses stabilized also with panny 45mm, but if you would shoot with panny 100-300 IBIS would probably not save you. i would prefer some hybrid stabilization as Chris K has mentioned.. that would satisfy all of us

          • mclarenf3

            I routinely shot with my 50-200mm with IBIS on my Olympus DSRL’s and never had a problem with IBIS.

            OIS is not more effective than IBIS and IBIS is not more effective than OIS. The only difference is IBIS gives you image stabalization on ALL lenses and OIS gives you IBIS only on the lenses which have it available.

            • Martin

              Except that “IBIS on my Olympus DSRL’s” is much more robust and effective than that on the PENs. Try to read some discussions on DPR.. People constantly have some issues with Pen IBIS (whereas there were very few problems with IBIS in the E-line).
              So OIS DOES seem to be both more effective and reliable for m43 (no matter the buggy OIS in the new ‘X’ lenses)

              • mclarenf3

                Did not know that, it’s good to know. I had a E-P1 and E-PL1 before getting my G2, and never had any issues with the IBIS from either.

        • slave

          but samsung has both ibis and ois!

      • Chris K

        Even if it’s less effective (and in many cases I’d agree), having it in body means you get it with every lens, from your 7-14 to a forty-year-old fast 50. I can’t count the number of times I got a blurry image on my 5D due to hand shake when shooting with my OM 50/1.8.

        I like to use OIS better, but I want IS on every lens. What I REALLY want is a body that can handle all situations. If I mount my 100-300 it deactivates IBIS. If I mount my 20/1.7, IBIS is automatically enabled. It’s the best of all worlds.

      • isaacali

        dvdyeo, that’s EXACTLY why I chose Oly as well. It’s the reason I sold my G3 and kept my E-P1.

      • Kali

        I’m not sure if it is more effective have you seen some of the newer motion compensation technologies like those developed by Adobe?

        Take those algorithms which could easily be done in camera nowadays, couple it with a accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors it would be fabulous

        Have a look at the Iphone 4S for a preview on how good even early implementations can be

    • Miroslav

      “Why does anyone include Panasonic and “built-in-IS” in the same sentence?”

      If we repeat it many times, we just may get it one day. If we don’t, we won’t. It’s a very useful feature…

      • dvdyeo


    • tomas

      +1. Also in the ‘not gonna happen’ category is vertical grip; the GH is a small camera, not a full frame beast.

      • matus

        yup, but optional battery grip would do the trick for those who want something bigger than gh2 and lighter than dslr

    • WT21

      I love my Oly’s, but I’m beginning to be thankful for Panny’s approach. One reason is that they are therefore making OIS lenses, which are very useful in certain situations, even on an Oly body.

    • Mike

      +1 It is a silly thing to add to the list as it absolutely will not happen on Panny bodies as their system approach is to have OIS lenses and non IBIS bodies. I’d like the GH3 to turn lead into gold and cost $1 but neither of those is going to happen so I wouldn’t add it to a requested feature list.

  • Just two more feature is lacking in poll:
    – headphone output
    – manual sound (fool`s dream…)

    • Yes, it’s very unfortunate that “headphone jack” (for live audio monitoring while recording) is not included in the poll!

      As a videographer, for me this is the single most important feature missing from all “HD video capable” DSLR cameras. The sound recording quality of a GH2 is actually good enough for many (but not all) professional applications. But there’s no way to monitor the sound while you’re recording, other than watching the GH2’s meters & crossing ones fingers.

      Especially considering that a headphone output (connector + circuitry) is essentially as close to being a no-cost item for a manufacturer, there is no excuse for these cams not allowing live audio monitoring while recording. The excuse “there’s no room” on a DSLR for such a feature is ridiculous. If, for example, ultra-tiny devices such as MP3 players include a headphone jack, then a DSLR or m43 camera should have one, too.


  • Jesper

    Improved DR is missing, otherwice that would be my to choice!

    • Jorginho

      By far my number 1 choice too. In DxO terms: I would appreciate a 13 eV score or better very much.

  • JeremyT

    That is a smoking SMOKING hot price on the GH2.

    I do not need this camera but wow…

    • mpgxsvcd

      What everyone should realize is that these GH2s are in short supply. While the price will remain low from now on the inventory will dry up quickly.

      At this price I almost want to buy another GH2. However, I am saving my money for the 35-100mm. That is the missing lens we should all be waiting for.

      • JeremyT

        At this price, you can make a profit by splitting the kit. The 14-140mm goes used for $550 easily, so does the GH2. I have absolutely no reason to own this camera but the price here is making me seriously consider it.

        You can count on the GH2 body price dropping when the GH3 shows up, but even the GH1 body only is still going for $400, so it won’t be *that* much cheaper. The lens is probably not going to depreciate much at all.

  • matt

    well 3 choices are too less i would say this:
    i´m a video guy so i start from video side: should give gh2 avchd 2.0 to compete with sony till gh3 comes out
    2.we need focus peaking..or something simmilar or better! shutter would be a little “revolution” because no dslr has it so it´s a must!
    4.iso performance must catch somehow with upcoming 5D so panasonic make it better than gh2!
    5.clean hdmi + hdmi recording + wifi recording would be nice
    6. a hacked gh2 witl all intra video is almost perfect.. panny if you are reading.. 5D mIII will have 4:2:2 50mbit codec.. don´t mess the GH3 with that silly avchd 2.0 which is only 4:2:0 and 28mbit! make it avc-intra 50 (which is not the best like avc-ultra but avc-ultra could be for AF301..see for more info in ND-filter and open UI would be very nice

    and now stills:
    1.better IQ and DR is a must, lenses are very good but the bodies can be better
    2.OLED viewfinder is another MUST
    3.better ISO performance is also like i mentioned in video side
    4.hdr processing 2-3 stills in 1photo no photoshop merging and panorama mode! sealed body and optional battery grip
    6.built in intervalometer!

    7.thank you panny!

    • Miroslav

      “well 3 choices are too less”

      I had to scrap some features, too. How about “all of these enhancements” option?

      • matt

        that´s right , admin you should make another pool only about wanted enhancements.. i saw something simmilar at sony alpha rumors when they were voting for sony´s upcomning full frame .. maybe somebody from panasonic will see it .. i can´t believe that i must pray in 21century for something that should be clear for all camera manufacturers what they must do to compete and sell well..
        avchd 3.0 should have at least all intra 1080 50/60p @ 50mbit with 4:2:2 10bit color sampling and 720p@120fps .GH2 is your flaghship panny, which sells better than your old motherf***** AF100 so stop crippling it and bring it on! :D

  • Better dynamic range

  • nobody

    I know that AVCHD 2.0 was released this year, but I must have missed the introduction of AVCHD 3.0 :)

  • A total remake of camera ergonomy including controls, state-of-the-art EVF, exposure accuracy like Nikon and improved DR would make me consider to upgrade from G3.
    I just took a look at Leica M9 and would also add: Remove all silly th functions you have just because they are technically feasible.
    I also handeled the Nikon V1: Same build quality and handling as that one. The V1 is like the Leica a “brick-like” simple design (but smaller), yet works perfectly when you make photography.
    m4/3 has its lenses, otherweise the Nikon 1 is better. I went for m4/3 three years ago. Had I waited til noe the V1 would have been my choice.

  • Admin,
    perhaps “improved dynamic range” would the the most desirable feature

    • +1
      Improved dynamical range, color depth, and better signal-to-noise of a new sensor are three of most important characteristics for me to improve for GH3.

      • Mike


        Why isn’t ‘improved DR’ and ‘lower noise sensor’ on here instead of ‘forevon – like sensor’? I care nothing about technically how they improve DR or reduce sensor noise, I just would like both to happen. :)

    • infinity jr.

      Yes, Dynamic Range is the biggest deficiency of m4/3 sensors. Who cares if they can’t match APS-C sensor noise @ ISO 6400.

      For me, my wish list:
      #1:global shutter
      #2: +2 stops wider DR
      #3: rangefinder-style body

      If so, I’d buy two or three GH3s!

  • I dont need this gh2 with a 14-140, but for 1000U$S… OMG i want it!

  • Duarte Bruno

    Bob B has a point.
    Like some other options there are some here that don’t make any sense at all.

    a) 12-14 megapixel sensor
    b) Foveon-like sensor
    c) DNG support.

    Never going to happen.

    d) Built-in image stabilization

    Never going to happen (even if they buy Olympus)

    e) Faster AF.
    f) Improved button layout and controls.

    Nigh on impossible to improve over the GH2.

    g) Pixel binning for better high ISO performance.

    Do you mean for video? The GH2 already does it to a great extent (even though not fully like the Olympus E-P3).
    Do you mean for photo? Sure, you could reduce readout noise at lower rez (but more electronics would mean more noise at full rez modes). Fuji’s take on this doesn’t look like any serious improvement on shooting full rez and downsampling afterwards.

    Having said all this, I’ve voted and I’m appalled at the lack of request for a programmable API. I think people don’t understand the extent of this option (it would easily allow Peaking Mode which has more votes), and make Vitaly’s hacks trivial.
    I really have no doubt that the best partner there could be for m43 is Google, and I don’t understand why this isn’t happening.

    • > Having said all this, I’ve voted and I’m appalled at the lack of request for a programmable API.

      Current hacks are all about video. I as software developer am all for the open programmable APIs, bu I simply can’t relate to something that wasn’t shown to have any advantage to me personally, a stills shooter.

      • Duarte Bruno

        How about a programmable intervalometer (just for starters)?
        How about a program that takes one very underexposed photo, another very over exposed, calculates the DR of the scene and sets up bracketing in order to capture the full DR?

        The limit is just your imagination. ;)

        • I do not need those things.

          What I need is supposedly already provided by the ‘A’uto mode. Yet. And I do not expect that somebody can make it better by much.

          Actually I did sat down once and tried to figure out what software customization I could use for stills. Conclusion was: none. Most my problems spur from the amount of camera/shooting options (and my forgetfulness to change/reset them) and layout of controls – things software can’t change.

          P.S. Also. In this case, my imagination unfortunately is also limited by my experience in area of software development.

          Thing is, camera’s software is highly tightly integrated package. Providing capability to change something in there is really really non-trivial.

          For an example you check how the browsers FireFox and Chrome are doing it with “extensions”. Check the complexity of integrating an extension with the rest of the browser. Still, if your browser craps out, you can just reinstall it. If you camera bricks – you have to sent it to service. Now, extension developers crash their browsers quite a lot – how do you think the camera software developers are going to develop anything serious?

          Switching cameras to use e.g. Android or similar would be a half-step in the right direction. (Android in particular because it can prevent misbehaving app from bricking the whole device.) Until cameras start using the off-the-shelf operating systems, something easily accessible to developers, widespread development for them isn’t going to happen and you would be still limited to whatever some hacker decided to cook up today. Doesn’t change things by much, does it?

          • Duarte Bruno

            That’s why you should have an API and that’s why the hardware control is still within the camera firmware control (to avoid crashes and burns). But the flexibility would be tremendous, I can come up with a new idea each hour that passes.

            a) Fully automated focus stacking! The programmable camera focus at precise preset intervals behind and infront of the subject.

            b) Zoom effect. The programmable camera can make a much more precise zoom effect than any human (even though it would need an X lens with power zoom)

            c) Motion detection photography. The programmable camera takes photos when certain subject/feature characteristics are met!

            And notice I’m not getting into video yet…

      • Leave it to the imagination of developpers to come up with that extra plug-in / custom firmware you never knew you needed.

      • Ant

        What about API for the image processing first ?
        An expandable in camera image processing. Maybe custom art filters, or overriding the camera’s colour palette.

    • mooboy

      > f) Improved button layout and controls.
      > Nigh on impossible to improve over the GH2.

      Seriously? I’ve got 4 cameras at the moment: D700, E-PM1, GH-2 & LX5. Without a doubt, for me personally, the GH2 has the worst controls. Even the thumb wheel feels so cheap compared to the LX5.

      It’s the new addition to my line-up, but the controls of the GH2 have so far been my biggest disappointment with it. Maybe I just need to spend mroe time with it.

      My vote is for focus peaking and better controls.

    • RW

      Duarte Bruno says “Like some other options there are some here that don’t make any sense at all.

      c) DNG support.”

      Huh? Supporting the only non-proprietary RAW format (with excellent support by Adobe) makes no sense? You will have to explain that one to me…

      • Duarte Bruno
        Read the first sentence, it pretty much sums it all.

        • RW

          I assume that means you have an issue with Adobe. Whether you use their products are not, they are the undisputed kings of photo processing software, used by professionals worldwide. The DNG format may be used royalty free by any camera manufacturer and is being used by Leica, Ricoh, Pentax, Samsung, Casio, etc. while it is simultaneously supported by Adobe, Sounds like win-win to me. The metadata used by the format also allows for lossless and non-destructive photo editing.

          I don’t understand why this is worse in any way than some proprietary format developed and supported by a single camera maker…but maybe I am missing something in your argument. Having seen proprietary RAW formats come and go, I am not committing to that route anymore.

          The only counter argument that I can see is if you don’t shoot RAW.

  • Miroslav

    I’ve selected Global shutter, Peaking and Built-in IS, but would also like API for third party application support, phase detection on sensor, foveon-like sensor and more fancy stuff (like panorama mode).

  • Brod1er

    Not sure global shutter is realistic, but I do think an electronic shutter is possible and this will allow silent and high speed photography and possibly different exposure values in the same frame. AF is fast enough already but it cannot track subjects well, so I think PDAF of some kind is required to achieve this. I really don’t care too much about higher ISOs or pixels- neither make better pictures.

    • Steve

      The people choosing global shutter (many years away) and built-in image stabilization (never going to happen) for the GH3 are just dreaming. I would be very happy with the option of an electronic shutter when needed and this should be easy to implement. This is one of the greatest benefits of the Nikon 1 system that seems to get missed. All Mirrorless shutters are just too loud for quiet environments.

  • Better controls, IBIS and better EVF.

    Cramped controls is what turned me off the GH2.

    Lack of IBIS what might turn me off when I would be looking for a next camera. (Unless it can deliver believable ISO 3200.)

    As for the third, I couldn’t decide between Foveon-like sensor and EVF. GH2’s EVF is “good enough” for me. Foveon-like sensor – I can keep dreaming. So I went with EVF.

    P.S. Option for “improved AF for moving objects” is missing

    • Brod1er

      “improved AF for moving objects” option- I think this is covered by the on sensor PDAF option.

      • Brod1er

        Admin- I think it would be helpful on future polls to express the options in terms of what they achieve , rather than confusing the issue with the technological approach used. In this case you could say “improved focus tracking of moving objects – eg through on sensor PDAF”. For instance, I think the LCD and EVF both need to be improved but I don’t care whether it is achieved using OLEDs, sticky tape or alien technology! Nonetheless I think this is an interesting poll and can’t wait for some proper GH3 rumourmongering!!! ;-)

      • Inclusion of PDAF doesn’t mean improved tracking, unless those are cross type AF sensors.

  • Vivek

    “Pixel binning”

    Totally lost on that. A whopping 20% who said yes to that (whatever it is) do seem to know it.

    • Brod1er

      Vivek, I think it is some black magic that our videography friends understand! Means nothing to me either. We are like skiers and snowboarders – we both enjoy a similar activity yet don’t really understand each other well. It feels like the trend towards stills and video convergence has reached its limit – some people enjoy both but most stick to one or the other.

    • Duarte Bruno

      I believe the reason behind these votes is because while you just read “Pixel binning”, a lot of people just read “for better high ISO performance” and play along without knowing how marginal the benefits really are… :(

      I bet that if people knew how small an improvement it would be for video over the GH2 (and even more marginal for photo) that option wouldn’t get 1/5th the votes it got.

  • Steve


    These price drops have nothing to do with the GH3 which is not due until Fall of next year. This is more about clearing out inventory for the new firmware and the new 12-35mm fast kit lens. The combination of new kit lens and firmware will help keep the GH2 sales going until next fall.

    • matt

      omg fall is really far away..can i ask you if is there any chance that gh2 will get another firmware upgrade during next year until gh3 comes out?

      • Steve

        This will be the last firmware update.

        • matt

          thank you for reply.. i hoped that gh2 will get at leasst avchd 2.0 .. for us videoguys year 2012 will be about 4k and 10bit 4:2:2 video.. at the end of the year avchd 2.0 will be outdated codec for video work .. i hope that gh3 gets some desirable avc intra 50 codec .. ah shame :( new 5D is knocking on the door and i will have to reconsider staying in m4/3 video camp

    • Brod1er

      Steve, I own a GH1 but a firmware update will not persuade me to buy the GH2. If I want the lens I won’t buy a camera I don’t want to get it. Seems almost certain that Panasonic will sell the lens separately. The only people who will buy this are newcomers to MFT attracted by the high quality fast zoom.

  • MP Burke

    I too, find it highly unlikely that Panasonic will go for IBIS, or PD-AF for that matter. I also think that any new sensor will have at least as many pixels as the old one.
    I would guess that Panasonic’s priorities with the next GH model will be speed: e.g. improving the AF tracking performance, increasing the frames per second, reducing processing times, reducing high ISO noise; enhancements making the camera more capable for sports and wildlife photography. It will be interesting to see if they also try to optimise the low ISO DR- I wouldn’t put money on it.

    • Steve

      Yes, Panasonic already told us in August that they are focusing on the EVF for the GH3.

      “Though they have some advantages over optical viewfinders, Kitao said he recognises that electronic viewfinders (EVFs) are still not widely popular and improving them is a key target – especially for the Panasonic GH3.

      Improving EVF resolution and refresh rate is a priority and Panasonic intends to liaise with its supplier, Epson, to achieve this.”

      • Brod1er

        ie CoughSonyCough already have a much better EVF and Panasonic are lagging behind. Shame Panny couldn’t have made the GX1 viewfinder better- it would have been a good excuse to upgrade and would have ensured they sold lots of the accessory EVFs. I doubt it would have held back future GH3 sales. Hey-ho

        • Mr. Reeee

          No need to cough.
          I did an A-B between a NEX-7 an my GH2. It was a little depressing to say the least.

          The NEX-7’s EVF is stunning. Sharp, with bright, rich colors, using focus peaking or just zoom-focus is just plain fantastic!

          Hopefully Panasonic at least matches it!

  • mahler

    The most important thing is: keep the form factor: hump design with a good grip.

    • i’m there about the grip, but please list a single good thing about a hump design?

      • mahler

        No problem:

        * centered view finder (neutral to left or right eye viewers)
        * viewer in line with lens
        * more symmetric holding position releative to your body
        * hump is housing for a stronger flash and mic. so that more controls can be placed on the left and right side of the upper plate (because flash is above the finder)
        * higher position of flash
        * better look
        * lower “shoulders” so that controls are better to reach
        * larger finder easier to implement

        Could you please add one single advantage of a RF like viewfinder position (or a non-hump design)?

        • Mr. Reeee

          Good list mahler. I’ll add…

          The “hump” houses not only the EVF and flash, but microphone and hotshoe. How many off-center hotshoes have you ever seen, even on classic rangefinder cameras? Not many.

          So, EVFV/Flash/Hotshoe/Mic housing equals…
          Better balance.
          Better balance with long lenses.

          Even the Precious Oly’s have the accessory port/hotshoe centered vertically above the lens. If Oly does it, there must be SOME validity to vertical viewfinder/lens alignment.

          Rangefinders were designed for 40mm or 50mm fixed pancake lenses, not 300mm (or longer) monsters.

          I tried the NEX-7 and while it’s nice with a short lens, the flautist’s grip is not very comfortable when manually zooming or focusing. Your lens hand crosses your face and is aligned with your right ear, not your right eye. Bad. Bad. Bad ergonomics.

        • Chez Wimpy

          > centered view finder (neutral to left or right eye viewers)

          What does that even mean? Left eye on that viewfinder will press your nose up against the rear buttons / grip hand. If anything a left oriented viewfinder makes more sense for left-eyed viewers since their nose will “only” impact the LCD and not their grip on the camera. BTW, unless I were missing an eye, I could shoot with either if it mattered ergonomically… are lefties so upset that the controls are right-hand-only that they are holding the camera upside down now?

          • mahler

            The nose problems exist only if your nose is very large and if your view finder does not protrude. Since the GH2 fortunately protrudes there is no problem. The nose problem is exaggerated anyway, because the LCD will receive smear anyway.

            Many people can only use a vf with one of their eyes comfortably. So the position of the vf is important. The left side position is claimed to be an adavantage for some right eye viewers, because they can simultaneously view the scenery with their left eye. This is not possible for left eye viewers.

            Important is that devices are as neutral as possible. Thus the VF belongs in the center, period. With respect to shutter and other controls, the flexibility in positioning is not that great, so the left handers need to do a compromise.

            • You cannot use the other eye when using hump design, it is highly uncomfortable,

              The RF design is the only design that feels unobstrusive, fast-to-raise, sleek, smaller,
              has great design and control (like leica, or nex-7)

              the only thing i’ll agree its not for 300mm f2.8 or big zoom lens – it may work but i havent tried that, and its true the flash is lower – but then again i prefer to have better design and worse flash then the ohter way around.

              *viewer in line with lens
              the difference is small, i cant see how that matters

              anything else you wrote is simply worng, like implement larger EVF (clearly wrong, nex-7 evf blows eveyrthing out of the water)

            • Esa Tuunanen

              > Since the GH2 fortunately protrudes there is no problem.
              Far from it. It would have to protrude like in better videocameras. (which have it in ergonomic place to start with)
              Unlike many of you I started photograph without any analog stone age baggage with Minolta Dimage 7i and A2 I could just lift those cameras in between eye and what I was looking at and viewfinder was comfortably and completely viewable without any fiddling.
              With GH2 and any DSLR nose tip hits to edge of LCD or body requiring turning head downwards (or left) to get viewfinder close to eye.
              Protruding would have to be 1cm bigger to be comfortable, and that would make camera look butt ugly. So better to just saw off that one useless centimeter left of lens mount (remember left hand supports from lens) like Olympus did in E-1.
              Moving that 1cm to grip side of mount would also allow improving this entry level lack of ergonomy because of undersize grip.

              > Important is that devices are as neutral as possible. Thus the VF belongs in the center, period.
              Member of the “Mandatory Swedish International” I see.

              Funny thing but neither are cars or almost any single device designed on terms of the left handed but to give best ergonomy for the absolute biggest user group!

  • Rey

    Thanks a lot. $1000 for a GH2 with the 14-140 is a smashing deal. Thanks!

  • WT21

    Where’s “better high ISO” and “more DR?” Each generation has to improve in this area, to keep pace with Sony.

    If any body should be weather sealed, it’s this one. It’s already the “largest” m43 body (relatively speaking), so weather sealing should be the next step.

    Peaking function would be great, too, because if it starts with the GH cameras, then it can work its way down to the other cameras.

    • hmm..perhaps admin omitted that option on purpose because the majority will select it – and that feature was always going to get worked-on regardless

  • The GH2 already has “wireless capability with software” if you use an Eye-Fi card. What could be added is tethered-shooting capability, including remote control.

    I’d also like to see wireless TTL flash, although I suppose that won’t happen because Olympus controls the patents.

  • P4INKiller

    The majority of votes make no sense.
    I thought it was obvious that the GH series is leaning towards video.

    18+ megapixels? Pff.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The GH2 has an 18 megapixel sensor now. Let’s hope they improve the dynamic range.

      Yes, improve high-ISO performance, but NOT at the expense of “low” ISO.
      200 or even 160 I do NOT consider to be low. I used to shoot 100 ASA and 64 ASA film. Lot’s of Tri-X, too.

  • indanz

    i’m the video guy, i do like still photo too, i have gh2
    gh 2 is almost perfect to me for video and photo to, but if the a room for improvement for gh3, there’s a lot to be done, higher bit rate for video, how about 4;2;2 processing 10 bit, global shutter, much more DR (big MUCH), better viewfinder and lcd screen, 3.5 mic plug, Foveon-like sensor…just like the panasonic patent, faster frame per second for still photo (7fps will be good) with much better movement tracking and bigger buffer, better high iso photo, sound control, keep same size with gh2, 12-150 f2.8 lens (LOL..DAY DREAMING), unlimited bulb, pro flash unit with ttl, …that enough LOl

  • coupon does not work… Bogus.. $999

    • Acol

      Yea, I can’t get it to work either. Anyone have success?

      • Joey

        Did you guys try both coupons? Last night they had the coupons mixed up

    • Eric H

      It works – just tried it…

    • U read my mind :)

  • Renato S.

    18+ MP sensor? Seriously? This makes me question how reasonable are the people voting in this poll or how much they understand about this whole thing.

    • spam

      GH2 already have a 18MP sensor. You can only use 16MP at once, but a new 18MP (effective in 4:3) wouldn’t be a large step. More pixels (within reason) don’t have any negative effect on IQ, but will increase resolution in ideal conditions.

  • First choice: LOWER RESOLUTION

    With all the benefits that it implies: better dynamic range, pixel-level noise and image quality, smaller files, faster operation, lower power consumption, cheaper electronics!

    Less nonsense, in a sense.

    • Martin

      Exactly! Also, stop wasting pixels for the VF – we are no pixel peepers! Further.. slow down the autofocus, please – it’s way too quick! And finally: no video! It wastes so much hard disc space and takes too much time to edit… ;-)

  • Michael Meissner

    One thing was missing from the survey, and that is availability of the G-H3. It doesn’t matter if the G-H3 has all of the advanced features that one could wish for if you can’t buy it or there is limited availability.

    Of course personally, I probably have about 2 years before I can consider buying another camera, so it really doesn’t matter what features it has or the Olympus E-P53.

  • Bandido

    Are there any discounts (coupons) for the GH2 Body Only?

  • myself

    What do I expect, or what woud I like to have? I expect the exact contrary of what I would like to see :-(

    I expect: 18+Mpix, weather sealing, grip
    I would like: smaller pixel count phoneon-like sensor (implemented better), IBIS, serious Pixel binning for better high ISO performance.

  • Nic Walmsley

    Voice recognition would be fantastic, for changing settings.

  • sacundim

    Instead of a higher resolution EVF, I’d very much rather just have a larger one, even with the same technology. The other thing that would be useful is if the EVF had an auto-dimming feature based on ambient light—in low-light conditions, when I take my eye away from the bright EVF I’m blinded in that eye for a second or so…

  • Just picked up a GH2 from the Adorama deal. $699 was too good of a price to pass up.

  • joey

    ordered last night, got shipment update already. pretty fast

  • Improved dynamic range would have been my nr 1 choice had it been available. Around 13.5-15 steps of DR in would suffice.

  • metalaryeh

    The first m43 camera with a flash sync of 1/250 would be nice. Also a bulb of
    more than four minutes. The ep-3 can do 30 minutes. I probably would never use 30 but I have done 6-7 minute exposures…

  • Paul

    I love my GH2 but am a frustrated strobist. Add a vote for flash sync of at least 1/250. While we’re at it let’s go for built in wireless TTL.

    • metalaryeh

      Thanks Paul!
      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!

  • Jason

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want an OLED viewfinder? Higher resolution is always good, but while OLED gives you a vibrant view, they aren’t very color accurate. So if you like the look of OLED, you’re gonna be disappointed when you look at the photo and it doesn’t turn out how you saw it in the viewfinder. Same goes for an OLED display.

    • Nelson

      And the battery drain…

    • Nick Clark

      Lol so it’ll be like the EVF in the GH2 then? Colour accuracy isn’t exactly it’s strong point :/

  • shane

    I also vote for higher flash speed sync….come on 160th!, 250 would be nice! Also I agree longer bulb as well. I have a GH2, and will likely buy a GH3 when available, if it seems decent.

  • RW

    I must say that I am surprised to see so few votes for DNG support. The Leica M9 uses DNG and it is brilliant. No waiting for new cameras to be supported in LightRoom, PhotoShop, etc. and no issues when using an older camera (like my old Konica Minolta A2). No worries about your format going away with the company (again like my A2).

    Aren’t people sick of proprietary RAW formats yet? Apparently not.

  • gl

    Panny had planned the Global shutter for the GH2, but they then decided to divert the needed R&D effort to the 3D lens, in the hope it would help sell their 3D TVs (it didn’t). Their engineers actually said this. Of course since they also had the Japanese disaster so who knows, but we could still see it on the GH3. It’s not just for video either, also ideal for timelapses for example (no danger of burning out a mechanical shutter).

    And of course an API could work if it were done right (speaking as a programmer) – look at the iPhone and it’s camera apps. DNG would be very helpful too for sure.

  • Nick Clark

    Looking through the list I just realised how satisfied I am with the GH2 – of course there’s things I’d like added or improved, but generally it ticks all *my* boxes :)

    Anyway, I listed:

    – Improved Build with Sealing: assuming of course that the upcoming 12-35 and 35-100 are sealed too.

    – Peaking: I almost solely use manual lenses so this would be great.

    – EVF: this doesn’t bother me so much, but I’d like the viewfinder to have better colour-accuracy, and more accurate dynamic range (GH2 EVF shows less DR than the sensor records…)

    I’d also like to see a 1/8000 or even 1/16000 shutter – would be fantastic for daylight use of my 25/f0.95 and 50/f1.2 :)

  • An open API would be wonderful, not to mention it would make camera function customization a bit crazy (take the example of CHDK and lightning photography)

    I guess by 12-14MP sensor the author of the pool means better ISO, DR, Color accuracy of the sensor as that is missing from the list.

    Some monitoring output for video recording would be nice (for both audio and video streams).

    Global shutter would be a killer… some of the other features listed would be nice as well (and wouldn’t require expensive research) …

    A better camera without strange quirks would do it… also … a better distribution and manufacturing process would help, I want to see a body only option at 400€/540$/345£/42000¥ – make those currency ratios more correct >.<

  • V4Vendetta

    Wold be possible anamorphic aspect for video?

  • Oitszek

    Lol, wishful thinking but i want better hi iso and dr, global shutter on spot 1 too funny.. Learn , plastic cameras with tv-viewfinder always degrade in value within 1 year as they are always just castratet enough consumer toys. real cameras keep their value

  • tubek

    i checked the mirrorless market lately, and for me the gxr m mount fits the bill for me

    really small and pocketable
    aps-c sensor (by sony)
    good build
    very good sensor with a sweet spot in resolution and great pixel pitch
    takes the best lenses in the world
    great dynamic range
    dng format
    focus peaking

    enough said, i toyed with gh-2, wanted to get the nex7 but the ricoh is love a second sight

  • tubek

    i’ll need to add

    magnesium alloy body
    some good lens-modules (28 + 50) an aps-c zoom module around the corner
    with adapters the gxr-M can bring back to life just about every manual lens
    ever made with a not too penalizing crop factor too.
    true mechanical curtain shutter and additional electonic shutter
    tons of customization settings
    lens correction tools
    2 dials (!) and tons of buttons, yes one in top/front and one on the back, i still miss this on the GH-2 to be honest

    it’s not intended as ricoh ad, just as real life specsheet

  • The competition is really putting pressure on Panasonic to deliver a capable enthusiast body. I have a Panasonic GH2 as well as a Sony NEX-5N. I was surprised when my Zeiss Biogon 35/2.0 delivered better edge performance on Sony than on the Panasonic. With the smaller sensor, the GH2 should have the edge (pun intended). Panasonic needs to optimize its sensor’s micro lens array or do something to improve performance with legacy lenses. I don’t know how many enthusiast use the likes of M-mount lenses on their mirrorless cameras, but Ricoh at least sees a potential market in this area.

    Right now I’m using the NEX-5N for my everyday shooting and am holding onto the GH2 only for wide angle work with the superb 7-14/4.0 lens. I also use the GH2 for the odd assignment shooting events due to the lack of faster AF lenses for the NEX system. I really could use the pre-announced, fast Lumix X 35-100 zoom for these assignments as well. So at the moment it makes sense for me to stay with Micro Four Thirds.

    But the GH3 needs to be very capable and at least catch up to the competition in features (higher resolution EVF and LCD, peaking function, auto ISO in manual mode, etc.) as well as offering sensor related improvements. Otherwise it’s too easy to choose a competitors system.

  • GH2 ex

    Problem is Panasonic do very minor incremental updates between models,hardly really listen to its consumers needs (Gx1 is a dissapointment no matter how you look at it) and are scared of losing money from their other camera range.
    I expect the GH3 to be the same but perhaps with 1080 50/60p avchd 2.0(ONLY because Sony got there first otherwise panny would of kept it for their camcorder range…need to shift these tm900s!) maybe a different form (like that transforming patent a while back)but same old internals with a “new” processor to allow even more pointless high isos….maybe a pink version too.
    Were in deep economic times.

    • mahler

      Nonsense and not true. The update between GH1 and a GH2 is by no means a minor and incremental one. The speed of the internal components, was doubled to allow significantly faster AF and a much better view finder. High ISO noise was improved. The control layout significantly enhanced, and here were a lot of the consumer wishes implemented. The sensor was a new development with higher pixel count. The body cover was changed from the less appreciated rubber to a more substantial feeling plastic. Video quality (cinema mode) was enhanced as well. The view finder black out was minimized. If you call all that minor and incremental, you have to readjust your expectations.

      In summary, Panasonic listens very well to its customers, and many wishes will be addressed by the firmware update too. Even the GX1 is mostly based on customer wishes, who wanted a successor of the GF1 and a better external VF. I would call that 100% customer orientation.

      This has nothing to do, with the demand for a rangefinder with build-in view finder. That body is not there yet. No reason to panic. It is just normal development that not everything can be done at the same time. The rangefinder with view finder body was and is the least demanded, so naturally it is the last one. The demanders just have to show some patience.

      • GH2 ex

        Having had both GH1 and GH2
        VF is only slightly better…were not talking major improvement.
        High iso’s no vertical banding/fpn but more noise…and a new horizontal band…yippee.
        GH2 Jpeg is worse than GH1…unless you like soft photos
        Rubber to plastic a upgrade??….C’mon!
        Video quality…yeah an improvement if were looking pre hacking…both are very close with a hack.
        Weaker batteries…a step back.
        Shutter lag is still poor.
        Lots of gimmicks added but nothing that improves performance dramatically.

        GH2 firmware update isnt that all great..nice to have 25p finally and not much else except the USUAL lens updates… we now have cameras delivering 50p on the market (even compacts)with peaking for manual focus. People have been wanting a peaking function for ages with GH…nothing as yet.

        People wanted a GF1 upgrade…they got a GF1 with a grip and better iso.
        GX1 is like a G3 with parts taken away….they dont want to lose G3 sales.
        The gx1 evf is old tech which panasonic use in the GH2…nothing new there. It also looks absurd when attached to the GX.
        Patience grows thin when competitors are delivering better.
        I wish I had more faith as you do.
        Fact is Panasonic need to go one better or be one step behind.

  • GH2 ex

    Im the same I have GH2 & 5N…with voigtlander lenses.
    5n is just used more especially for photography…and GH2 for lengthy video work as the 5N can overheat shooting video over long periods. If the 5n didnt overheat the GH2 would be long gone.
    Panasonic need to to deliver a competent all rounder but I never can see that happening as they have too many of their own mirrorless models to compete with.

  • Miroslav

    “may be a sign that a GH3 is coming soon (February-March?)”

    March if Panasonic sticks to 18 month model replacement cycle: GH1 March 2009, GH2 September 2010, GH3 March 2012. GF3 has fallen out of sync a bit…

    • GH2 ex; I don’t do video work, and with the NEX-5N having become my most used camera, that only leaves the GH2 for specific work where I don’t have equivalent lenses for the Sony. I agree that Panasonic needs a competent, all round camera. But I do see that happening, mainly because the competition from other manufacturers is so strong – and soon to get even stronger when Fuji enters the market with their APS-C system.

  • nick

    Thanks for the heads up on the coupon, couldn’t resist that deal. 699 is 200 less than what the body alone cost last month. As for the GH3, I think it’s basically going to add global shutter in a metal body like the G3. The single piece aluminum front shell + plastic rear will be a lot easier to seal (fewer seams). Higher selectable framerates for slowmo would be a great addition (even at lower res, if the CPU doesn’t get upgraded). Strictly limiting recordings to AVCHD specs doesn’t make sense when this is clearly an enthusiast’s camera, and footage will almost always be processed/edited through a computer. Well, I guess that’s why we have Vitaliy.

  • Fender

    1080 ………….50/60 P! Please!…
    24p is horrible…

  • ypocaramel

    Weather proofing really, I like shooting pictures in the rain, it’s a very interesting perspective. I’d prefer rangefinder style personally, so technically I’d be more into a weatherproofed GX1 as I only need basic video functionality.

  • Tethered support.

    Faster processing and burst rate.

    A more solid-feeling body and controls.

  • Tethered support. Faster processing and burst rate. A more solid-feeling body and controls.

  • pdc

    What about this rumor?
    I’ve been contacted by a reader who claims to have seen the Panasonic GH3 and is stating that the new model has done away with the “SLR Hump”, adopting a “boxy body similar to the new GX1 but a touch larger with EVF and articulated LCD”.
    (mu-43, Nov 18)
    Hmm … GX body style much easier to weatherproof … would be a NEX-7 killer … please keep articulating LCD, microphone/remote jack ….

  • zarek wala

    i want a bigger body for gh3 ! please please please

    cause i feel no comfort with the body of gh2

    ,,maybe anybody here could help to create a good design for the gh3 body as a gift for panasonic :)

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