GH2 slowly getting out of Stock? GF3 super deal (now camera almost for free!).


Before to talk about the GH2. There is a new GF3 + double lens deal at Adorama (Click here). Yesterday they sold the kit for $537, today they sell it for $499! The 14-42mm and 14mm pancake alone do cost $462 only when bought separately. The GF3 is almost for free now :)

GH2 and GH3
I still don’t have any confirmation that the GH3 is coming within the next 2-3 months. All I can say is that there will be a Panasonic announcement in January. Meanwhile the GH2 is slowly running out of Stock. And EosHD got an email from a reader saying that the GH2 is “end of line“. But as I told you months ago I suspect that in January we will see new GH2X kits with the new 14-42mm, 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses. And indeed there is no more GH2+14-42mm lens kit at Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here) and there are “only” 18 GH2-14-140mm kits left at Amazon (Click here). The price drops in USA have been massive but in Europe there was only a small price drop, but as long as I know Europe has never seen big price drop before a new camera announcement (they usually come AFTER).

One more thing: Here is the long list of today’s Amazon Deals (Click here to check it out).

  • l1

    And the Panasonic January announcement is…?

    • Jeaper

      As admin said, the new x lenses

  • twoomy

    Well I welcome the price drops but if inventory is depleted in early December, that equals a horrible business move on Panasonic’s part! Nothing like making your flagship camera unavailable for the Christmas rush.

  • Bob B.

    LOL….so I guess nobody wants the GF3. I am not surprised…why didn’t Panasonic listen to us????? :-) Hello…Panasonic….Hello!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Mr. Reeee

      +100 No kidding!
      Besides, it has one of those crappy 4-way-clicking-how-did-my-settings-change-dials.
      And even worse, it lacks a TiltyScreen™! ;-)

      • Brod1er

        -100. The GH3 is a good (not brilliant) camera for sensible money. It does everything you need and is surprisingly solid. It is small and has a flash but is fine to hold with small lenses. The sensor is very good for low iso. It’s actually easy to use providing you set the Fn button for AF lock and tailor the touch screen menu. It works really well with the smaller lenses as a second camera and is very fast to operate. The lack of buttons is fine if you know what you are doing. SUMMARY it’s great as a compact camera upgrade, or as a second body ,or for anyone looking for a pocketable MFT camera.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Joking aside, The GF3 is a nice little camera and the recent “giveaway” prices for camera and 2 lenses make it pretty compelling. Too bad Panasonic’s marketing sucks.

          Panasonic’s substituting the excellent Control Wheel for that nasty P&S dial was a bad move in that not only is it a poor substitution, but it moves away from using the SAME control scheme throughout the entire Panasonic M4/3 line.

          A nice thing about using cameras from the same system and manufacturer is using similar control setup between bodies. I’ve traveled with cameras from different companies and it’s always a little irksome to re-remember the interfaces from different companies when switching cameras.

          And yes, a TiltyScreen would have been a great addition to the GF3, especially since there’s no option to add an EVF.

        • The Master

          Yup, if the GF3 had a control wheel, I would have got one when they first came out, but after having a Samsung NX100 and experiencing the 4-way-clicking-how-did-my-settings-change-dial ( Great description, Mr. Reeee) I just couldn’t deal with that sort of frustration again. Makes you wonder if anyone ever tries these cameras out, before hand.

  • flash

    I saw one of the GF3 with that lens at Target for that amount today.

  • The Master

    The (End of Line) comment for the GH2, sort of made me think of a thought I had a while back, when the Pro video camera was announced.

    I think I had the GH1 at the time, but anyway, it seemed to me that Panasonic was shooting themselves in the foot, by selling a video camera as capable as the GH series, for under a grand, while trying to sell Pro model, for a few thousand.

    I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if the GH line disappeared altogether and video was dummied down, for the G and GX series, to force serious video buffs, to pony up for the AG 100/200, or whatever it’s called. I’m probably wrong, but you never know. :)

    • MikeS

      Wouldn’t be that surprised at all, given how they tried to hack-proof the later GH1/GF1 models.

      • Vivek

        They tried this hack proofing their over priced batteries for G1 and has left me never to trust them as long as batteries go. If they shoot themselves in the foot, it is by driving people away. If you kill the enthusiasm there is no going back.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Shooting only their foot?
          Seems more like that Panasonic is shooting their all appendages and what ever happens to be in between those.
          Just look at their policies:
          – This product isn’t important and we don’t make many of them.
          – Battery game with new proprietary battery in nearly every model.
          – Neither is that another product important and neither is it made in sufficient quanties.
          – Someone improved product making it lot more interesting for people who’ll buy it for that price without further thought? Try to prevent those improvements.
          – No reason to sell stuff in North America.

          Makes you wonder how they’ve survived this long in camera business.

    • Frederic Hew

      I think many pro video shooters will disagree. This is a Philip Bloom interview where he addresses this question:

      • Mr. Reeee

        Interesting interview. I shoot very little video, but came came to the same conclusion about buying lenses. Buy manual Nikons, or lenses that can adapted to any camera body, because who knows where any of these companies’ products are headed. Although, I doubt M4/3 will end up a dead-end like 4/3, given the M4/3 size advantage.

        If Panasonic dumbs down the GH series, as they did with the GF, my GH2 should last a few years and give me time to find something else. I doubt they’ll do that, since the GH2 hits real sweet spot between size, features, IQ, controls and ergonomics.

  • Berneck

    I don’t think it’s that people don’t want the GF3, it’s that the target audience doesn’t know it even exists!!!! There’s a reason the Nikon 1 is selling, there are ads for it everywhere!

    • mclarenf3

      And I’m sure some are buying it just because of Ashton Kutcher. ;)

      • Berneck

        Oh, no doubt about it! My point exactly….

    • ref

      Exactly! My father asked me last week if I’d seen this NEW type of camera that just came out. They are smaller than SLR and have interchangeable lens. He was referring to Nikon 1.

      • narutogrey

        I totally agree. Today at Target there were a whole bunch of people lined up to see the “new” type of camera (Nikon 1), and there even a bunch of people buying it right there. People were saying how they can’t believe a SLR could be this small. Meanwhile, the much smaller GF3 was sitting right there with no one paying any attention to it even though that was the camera that’s on sale.

        • Mr. Reeee

          The Nikon name on a camera makes people notice. The Nikon marketing machine helps open a lot of eyes, too!

          It’s ridiculous that after 3 years of M4/3 cameras being on the market, people give you a blank stare when you mention a mirrorless camera, unless they’re photographers. Actually, interested photographers.

          The J1 and V1 are sleek and very attractive cameras, with some really nice design touches. The build quality is excellent. I especially like the look of the lenses with the little round dots on the zoom ring. It’s just such a nice detail!

          Another good feature is the ability to use pretty much ANY Nikon Lens! That will sell a whole bunch of J1 and V1s!

          Somebody at Nikon took more than a few hints from Jonathan Ive and Apple. In comparison, Panasonic and Olympus both look clunky and kind of old fashioned. Although the EPL3, EPM1 and GF3 made good attempts at improving the overall visual design. The GH2 is a tool, while the EP3 is a hipsteresque fashion statement. (note: lack of smiley face… ;-) )

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