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GF5 gets a $70 discount. LX5 and XZ-1 deal reminders.


The last two months Panasonic was impressively active with deals on the US market. Here is the next one. The GF5 with 14-42mm kit lens now sells for $449 at Amazon (Click here). That’s about $70 less than you pay at BHphoto.

And if you are going to grab the deal than don’t forget that you can save even more when you buy it along another MFT lens:


UPDATE: The LX5 is available discounted at $249 at BHphoto (Click here). The XZ-1 sells for $199 at Amazon.

  • Carl

    I would like to see a comparison between Sony-RX100’s and GF5’s sensors… Could anyone post a link? Cheers!

  • Mom2B

    Dear 43 rumors folks,
    Sorry this is off-topic: I have a GF-1. Love it except for Ka-CLICK sound it makes when I shoot a photo… any of the newer GF or Oly PEN series make so much noise?
    I’m expecting a baby soon and would like a quieter M4/3 option – please no suggestions other than Panny or Oly and I am not interested in other manufacturers.
    Thank you!

    • JLW518

      The G5 has a silent electronic shutter option…..If you prefer a camera with the shape of the GF1, you might want to wait and see what the GX2 has when it is released. If it also has the silent shutter electronic shutter option, then that might be just the camera for you :)

      Admin…any new rumors about the GX2 yet?


      • Mom2B

        Thanks, JLW518!
        I do like the shape of the GF1 (which reminds me of my old-school Pentax K1000). I do not care for the gun-grip cameras, but thanks for mentioning.
        Can any Olympus folks weigh-in on shutter noise?…
        I’m considering the LX5 as well and just go the consumer route, but I have a few M4/3 lenses I want to keep around and I like the manual overrides of the M4/3s. ;-)

        • Anonymous

          If you like the shape of the K1000 you should check out Olympus EM-5 OMD. Also, here is a video of shutter sounds

        • fl00d

          I don’t know about the PEN range, but I finally pulled the trigger on an EM-5 last week – the shutter is quite subdued, and has a lovely ‘shnuck-a’ sound.
          Highly recommended! lol

  • Mom2B

    Thanks to fl00d and anonymous!
    That video is great. Wow. The G2 sounds exactly like my GF1. Coincidentally, they also sound like my cutting shear scissors haha, and the EPM2 sounds like my sewing machine! The EM5 on burst sounds like when a movie camera runs out of film :-).
    I appreciate the replies ~ Thank you

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that Panasonic is going to be in trouble here shortly. First and foremost, from the cell phone camera sector, which I think all camera makers are going to suffer from. Lets face it, for web based stuff, you just don’t need much more and they will improve, for low light stuff, before long.

    The second thing Panasonic has to worry about, is they are now alone with their own sensor and alone with their own R@D costs as well. So with Olympus buying a better sensor, from Sony, this is double trouble. All the info is out there, for anyone who wants to look, so who is going to buy a Panasonic, with an inferior sensor? Probably only uninformed people or those looking for bargains and I bet there will be bargains, as sales drop off. I think we are already seeing these effects in the recent price drops of their new cameras.

    So, the way I see it, Panasonic has a few choices. Either bite the bullet and get the Sony sensors – if they can. Pull a rabbit out of their hat and develop a better sensor, quickly. Or, make stuff that is too cool to pass up, with a mediocre sensor and all. Ugly GF series are not going to do it, specially without a viewfinder and silent shutter mode.

    I think the only thing that can save them, is for them to make something like the Fuji XE-1, with the silent shutter, as a stop gap, then work like hell to get a better sensor. If they miss this opportunity, with the GX2, then, I think the end is near for them, as far as a contender, in the mirrorless market.

    • Rob

      I’m not sure if you can say Panasonic is now alone. Yes, Sony has invested in Olympus, but we don’t know the details of this partnership. It is not necessarily focused on the camera business, and they do not have a majority stake in Olympus. Meanwhile, there is a long partnership between Panasonic and Olympus, and that’s unlikely to go away as long as Olympus are doing four thirds based systems.

      Rather than Sony disrupting m43 with this partnership, I’d argue that it may be better for Sony to get INTO m43, since the NEX series still lose out on optics even though most other aspects of the system are excellent. Sony could bring some of those innovations to m43.

      Secondly, the GH sensors are not that far off the EM5 sensor quality, but because the GH series has changed direction a bit, I think Panasonic need to fill the niche they left – essentially, the Olympus EM5 has become the unofficial successor of the Panasonic GH2 for still photography.

      Panasonic has a lot of weight behind it, and I agree it would be a good move for them to invest in sensor R&D to better compete with Sony, or to license Sony sensors just as many other Sony competitors do.

      Reading various forums, I do see a huge demand for a rangefinder-style m43 camera (NEX-7 inspired) among enthusiasts, as well as interviews with Panasonic and Olympus who said they’ll look into it. I figure the R&D cycle is at least a couple of years so we’re looking at late 2013/2014, but it will be interesting to see who gets there first.

      Panasonic had the sensor lead over Olympus for nearly 3 years, and the GF series was by far the most successful in the beginning according to Flickr’s camera finder. It’s natural that sometimes Olympus will be in the lead of m43 too.

    • Rob

      price drops are quite a common thing. Show me some evidence that Panasonic’s recent drops are any different.

  • Anonymous

    Without a Fuji XE-1 type body, Panasonic hasn’t got a prayer, with their old sensor. These price drops are proof of that. Without a sensor as good or better as the OM5, their only hope is a dandy rangefinder type body. If the GX2 doesn’t have it, get ready for a fire sale.

    • FatDrunkAndStupid

      All evidence suggests Panasonic has the same Sony sensor in their GH3 as Oly does in their OMD. I can’t imagine they’d put a different one in the GX2.

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