GF3 ve GF2 vs NEX-C3 vs E-PL2 size comparison


A popco forum user took my original E-PL2 vs NEX-C3 vs GF2 size comparison and added attached the GF3 on the GF2 image. The proportions are correct because he took the mount size as reference. As you can see the GF3 keeps the same height as the GF2 in the middle where you have the mount. It’s also a bit less wider. I think the size advantage of the GF3 over the GF2 is minimal and the question here is if you really will notice it in daily usage. So who will win the miniaturization war between Sony and Panasonic? I think the smaller lenses of the m43 system are playing a bigger role than the camera size. A Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 lens is almost half thick than the Sony 16mm f/2.8 lens. So m43 still has a considerable advantage!Anyway, I am also curious to see how the Olympus Pen mini will look like!

At that point a reminder for everyone: The Sony NEX-C3 will be announced on Wednesday (June 8th), the GF3 on Monday (June 13th) and the Olympus mini on June 30th. That’s why you should keep following us! P.S: Join us on Facebook and Twitter

The Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Panasonic GF2 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Sony 16mm f/2.8 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • AdriZ

    But we don’t buy this kind of camera just to attach one lens. If you fit a zoom, the result is really different and the E-PL2 is still the smaller with its collapsible zoom.
    I think it’s a good idea to reduce camera sizes but it is more important to try to reduce lens sizes (and perhaps more difficult).

    • oluv

      good point adriz!
      i also think that more effort should be put into design of collapsible lenses. maybe even lenses that extend automatically when the camera is turned on (similar like those of compact cameras).

      i think there is big potential in making lenses smaller due to foldable/collapsible design. beside olympus also samsung has such a lens in stock, only panasonic doesn’t seem to care. the 14-42 is even bigger than the older and better 14-45.

      i imagine a fast 12-50 that can collapse to “sensible” sizes for mFT. this would be great! i just wouldn’t want to attach a 100-300 sized lens to a GF3.

      either this, or just give us some more pancake lenses.

      14, 20, 25, 40, 70 as pancake lenses should be more than enough. we already have 14 and 20 (and 17mm from olympus) please give us the other ones as well!

    • Duarte Bruno

      There were some very strong rumors that Panasonic was already developing a collapsible kit lens.

  • I think it looks pretty nice honestly, much better than the gf2 and all of sonys nex cameras.

  • MK

    +1 AdriZ

    actually the gf2 design with the dark on the outside of the edges looks a bit better than the all white one from yesterday. still will not buy it because no ibis or collapsible lens. touch screens make me throw up in my mouth a little.

    • Traciatim

      “touch screens make me throw up in my mouth a little.”

      This and more. I have yet to find a touch screen that can perform even remotely close to how a button would perform. I would rather a slightly smaller/nicer screen and have programmable buttons around it.

      • Duarte Bruno

        Try using buttons to set focus points or defining the magnifying focus aid…
        Try using buttons to do focus pulls.
        It’s been a while since cameras were exclusively about photography even though people tend to forget that.

  • Mar

    Seems to me that new Nex could really be a nice camera for legacy lenses, if only they make an EVF.

    The difference between 1.5x and 2x is significant on legacy lenses.

    Still no mirrorless FF camera unfortunately – now that would be something. :)

    • Zdzichu

      Leica M9 perhaps?

      • Mar

        Well, that’s “slightly” more expensive and I’m not sure how M9 works with other lenses. But I guess if you can afford an M9, you can afford Leica glass too :))

      • The leica M10 would be more like it.
        I think it will also feature a AF?

    • Neonart

      The M9. :) Arrgh! Beat me to it!

  • safaridon

    Thank you for posting this size comparison for us, very informative. So the GF3 will have a body height equal to the lens flange height with a circular protrusion in the middle same height as the GF2. If Pany is deleting the hotshoe as shown why retain the hump other than to house a new small EVF inside? In fact on earlier 43rumors picture post one poster showed a GF3 view taken from the video which showed what looked very much like a small circular eyecup for EVF on the back of this enclosure. If Pany has deleted the hotshoe as shown then why any need for a raised portion other than to house the EVF, the only logical conclusion.

    I hope that Pany maybe planning a similar remake of the GF1 putting in a EVF in the same location. After all the GF1 body was slightly higher than the present GF3 bulge and they could go a little higher to leave a hotshoe on top. At any case we can conclude that the semi-pro GF model projected to come in fall with all the controls will have a built in EVF whether in rangefinder style or more like the old GF1?

    For those lens size comparions one should take note that the Pany zoom is not nearly as long projection as the Oly kit zoom when extended for use. Pany is reportedly working on several new collapsible designs which we will likely see maybe by this fall. To keep it small I am predicting a 2.5X 14-35mm/f2.8 lens for the compacts.

  • patrick

    The body has reasonably gone down in size, its time for more pancake and collapsible lens to make for a pocket size camera system.

  • shep

    Small lenses are the most important thing. Olympus did it right by putting IS in the body, so each lens can be smaller. Olympus’ newest designs (the 9-18, 14-42 II, and 40-150) are excellent collapsible designs of remarkably small size. The Sony lenses, and most of the Panasonics, don’t come close, and actually overburden the tiniest bodies.

  • Luke

    so in review…..all the small cameras are small….and none will fit easily in most pockets.

    • NativeFloridian


  • Low Budget Dave

    MFT is getting closer and closer to ASPC in quality. If you want the sharpness, though, you have to have just as good (or better) lens quality. If I have to carry around a huge lens, then I may as well carry around a Nikon D51900 to go with it.

  • Michael Meissner

    I tend to agree that it is the size of the whole package that matters, and not just the size of the body itself. This is one of several reasons, why I went for the E-P2 instead of the Panasonic options available at the time. I put the G-1 and G-H1 with the 14-45mm zoom next to an E-620 with 14-42mm zoom, and it was roughly the same size.

    Now, there are times when I want a small package, and I will put the E-P2 with 14-42mm or Panasonic 20mm lens on it. There are times when I don’t mind a somewhat bigger system, and put the 14-150mm lens on it and FL-36 flash as well. And there are times when I need zoom and am shooting in dark situations, and I put the 11-22mm or 14-54mm with classic 4/3rds adapter on the camera.

    Frankly, I find ultra thin bodies hard to hold, since my fingers are not that small. Fortunately for small bodies there

  • SSingh

    I have to admit I must be on the minority who is not thrilled by the size reduction trend. The GF1 and the EP1/EP2 are in my view good sizes. Not exactly compact.. but if size and weight of the instrument infact make a difference in the essence/experience of “photography”.. i’d say id rather have something that looks and feels like a camera and not a smartphone.

  • y2bd

    @safaridon The way I interpreted it was that the body would be less than the mount height, and that the hump was for the mount itself. I don’t see why this camera would have an EVF, especially if it is completely touchscreen-based.

    • safaridon

      The comparative pictures clearly show that the 14/2.5 lens does not protrude either below and above the main camera body while the lens mount is even slightly less diameter. On the other hand on the NEX models the Aps-c lens flange does extend above the camera body.

      What you are seeing is the ring outside the metal lens mount which enables them to thicken the body and provide greater ridigity to this important area and also in the GF2 they probably had the GF3 in mind.

      I did not expect or predict in any way a EVF on this GF3 but the pictures & design tell a different story. An EVF or optical viewfinder is essential to use when bright sunlight blackens out the rear LCD unless you have a swivel screen.

      Addition of an EVF however small will be a great advantage and has been what most have been clamouring for for some time only nobody expected Pany would be able to produce in the smallest of all interchangeable lens mirrorless camera.

  • Admin, only registered imageshack users can see that pic, I suggest using a different service such as

    • admin

      Didn’t know that!

      • Its a recent development from imageshack, i myself only found out a month ago

  • Simon

    Sony’s approach to put the lens mount to the very edge of the body makes the tiny body much more comfortable to hold than Oly’s and Pana’s cameras with nearly centered lens-mounts. (My experience).

    • safaridon

      The Sony design for their new NEX-C3 looks very much like the body size and design of the original TZ1 and I wish Pany had used that concept as well in the FG3. I agree that this allows for a larger and more comfortable grip than lens more centered as Pany and Oly have used. However DPR says the the GF2 grip is reasonably good considering its small size only requires holding the camera differently and I don’t see that on the GF3 being any different.

      Pany probably did not go that route because they already had the very successful GF1 with 20/1.7 to build on and they want to maximize the use of common inside parts such as shutter mechanism etc in designing the new GF2 and GF3.

  • Comparing the sizes of the e-pl2 and the gf-3 shows that Oly could quite easily embed an EVF in the e-pl2 (but probably at the cost of enlarging it a bit and moving the flash elsewhere)… interesting.

    • safaridon

      Yes but I think the Oly PEN model with inbody EVF would have to be a little higher and more body depth than the GF3 because of the IBIS mechanism, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If Pany can manage it in the GF3 certainly Oly could also in a small PEN.

      I think Pany has leaked this information on the GF3 to take away some of the attention from the debut of the NEX-C3 due in a couple days? Both similar size but Pany GF3 may have EVF and flash and goes without saying smaller lenses. I do hope that Oly is able to put a hi def EVF into the coming EP3?

  • c_man

    What are the chances of the GF3 having a flip out LCD?

    If zero chances, I will go for the G3.
    If the GF3 *may* have that flip out screen I think I’d wait. It’s the only reason I didn’t go for the GF2. I have no need for a EVF…

    Can anyone confirm either way?

  • kaine

    Nex wins. Cheaper, moveable display and bigger sensor. Back to the drawing board Panasonic. If you thought GF2 didnt sell well, cant wait until you find out about the GF3’s sales figures. Another overpriced yawn camera.

    • pdc

      But lousy lens line-up for the NEX. Panasonic way ahead on this, but Samsung breathing down their neck. m43 has the inherent advantage of smaller lens size than either NEX or NX. I LIKE the looks of this possible GF3, and do think that the “hump” contains something special. Flip or swivel screen is a given – the G10 bombed mostly because of the lack of it.

      • kaine

        I hope your right but my gut tells me other wise. Lens wise the NEX 16mm and 30mm macro (Out soon I think) is a nice pocket combo. But I dont even think M43 is taking advantage of the small lens size. 20mm is great but 14mm should have been a 12mm and I dont see any other small lenses on the horizon. 9-18mm Oly is nice and small though combined with 14-42mm Oly. But when we get to tele end theres nothing much different than an slr. Samsung seem to be bleh. Apparently there gonna own the market. Not going there current direction they aint, unless they mean there local pig market.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > But when we get to tele end theres nothing much different than an slr.
          Of course M43 tele lenses won’t differ in size from equivalent 43 lenses because their size was never increased by retrofocus design unlike that of wide angle lenses which needed heavy retrofocus design because of long flange back distance compared to sensor size.
          You could make them smaller by lowering optical quality (more uncorrected lens aberrations) and by making them very slow with small maximum aperture but those just aren’t reasonable things.

          • kaine

            Hence no advantage to M43 in terms of size over NEX. May as well get a quality Nikon product for tele work and be in the realm of the pros.

    • safaridon

      This is a m43rds rumor site, not the Sony NEX one. We don’t know the exact prices of GF3 yet but rumors predicts it will be similar to NEX5 and NEX-C3. Yes the Sony has a hinged display with some flexibity but it is not reversible. Yes the Sony APS-C sensor is larger but according to preliminary pictures by reviews the new sensor and processor that will be in the GF3 (same as G3) has far better high ISO performance and very good JPEGS and faster AF half that of NEX.

      As to sales the GF3 is still outselling any NEX in Japan by some margin. In the US there are less reliable figures but from indications GF3 not doing bad only Pany has not been pushing to sell cameras in the US because of the declining value of the dollar lowers their profit margin selling here.

      If Pany has been able to squeeze a small EVF and flash into the GF3 in a size similar to NEX-C3 then no reason to going back to the drawing board as others may be doing. Incidentally rumors has it the new NEX9 with EVF will cost in region of $1300 while rumors say the GF3 will be about $700 with kit lens.

      • Raúl

        Wow… keep dreaming about a EVF in the GF3. It’s not gonna happen.

  • 43RC

    Right, dream on, there’s no EVF. The hump is for pop-up flash. Built-in flash is an advantage over NEX, though.
    Will wait for swivel screen model, NEX tilt-only is useless to me.
    Panny lens mount on G3 and GF3 is creeping nearer to the edge like NEX. They would have to relocate the lens release button to make it any closer.

  • stickytape

    From what I can see, both Sony and Panasonic are designing ugly lower end models to persuade you to buy their more attractive higher end, more expensive cameras lol

  • samshootsall

    i personally really like the G3’s design!!! Not a bulky DSLR type…

  • Billy

    I’ve never owned anything but a compact camera because I want pocket or belt case portability, guess that makes me a casual snapper, but I’d love to have the step up in picture quality only these larger sensors bring.

    Which seems to me to be the point of creating the m43 class, to attract people such as myself to step-up a level, but the relatively large lenses still prohibit them from being casual/portable in the same way.

    So, maybe a daft question, but why can’t they make a m43 camera with a non-removable, collapsible lens (4 or 5x zoom), just like on a compact ?

    I appreciate it would be giving up a far amount of lens quality, and flexibility, but would it still not give much better results than a compact with far smaller sensor?

    That’s what I’m waiting for, a large sensor camera with compact convenience. Seems to be an unfulfilled gap in the market to me.

    • Martin

      > So, maybe a daft question, but why can’t they make a m43 camera with a non-removable, collapsible lens (4 or 5x zoom), just like on a compact ?
      Why should it be non-removable? If you want a collapsible zoom, look at Olympus.

      >I appreciate it would be giving up a far amount of lens quality, and flexibility, but would it still not give much better results than a compact with far smaller sensor?
      In short, no. The smaller the lens is, the nearer you are to a PS camera image quality.
      If you want a quality camera with a 4x zoom in small package, look no further than Olympus XZ-1. It is nearly comparable in IQ to a m43 camera with a kit lens. And it is also more flexible as a bonus.

      • LGO

        The image quality of the m4/3 camera is still by far better than what the Olympus XZ-1 is capable of.

        @ Billy

        The significantly larger sensor of the m4/3 and thus the need for a lens that can sufficiently cover an m4/3 sensor is the reason why the m4/3 camera cannot have a lens as small as a compact camera.

        But there is no reason why a camera cannot have an m4/3 sensor and a non-removable compact zoom lens. Enlarge the proportions of the XZ-1 to the m4/3 class and you have the camera you speak of. It will no longer be as compact and as light but would have all the performance, cost and weight advantages that currently eludes the m4/3 system.

        • Martin

          >The image quality of the m4/3 camera is still by far better than what the Olympus XZ-1 is capable of.

          ..Provided you attach a very good lens to it. But if we compare a comparable package (it means a m43 camera with a kit lens) to XZ-1 (which is equipped with a very good f/1.8-2.5 lens), than the results are, guess what, comparable.. Do not forget that the XZ-1 lens compesates nearly completely for the sensor handicap (which is a little bit more than 2EV stops)!
          So the lesson is: Do not compare camera bodies only. Look at the whole package!

          >But there is no reason why a camera cannot have an m4/3 sensor and a non-removable compact zoom lens.

          Right, but there is also no reason why it SHOULD have a non-removable zoom lens. ;-)

          • Billy

            OK, I now see the sensor size dictates the minimum size of lens, regardless of how small the body gets. Hence the Sony nex Little n Large look.

            I suggested non-removable thinking the mount system was in someway contributing to the overall bulkiness and would allow collapsing further into body.

            If m43 will never achieve the “Fat Compact, Higher Quality” package, maybe the answer lies in a sensor that’s sized somewhere in-between?

            Thanks for the Olympus XZ-1 suggestion, but its curious how they’ve gone back to a larger 1/1.63″ sensor that used to be common in (not so compact) compacts of about 8/9 years ago. A new trend I hope.

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