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GF3 ve GF2 vs NEX-C3 vs E-PL2 size comparison


A popco forum user took my original E-PL2 vs NEX-C3 vs GF2 size comparison and added attached the GF3 on the GF2 image. The proportions are correct because he took the mount size as reference. As you can see the GF3 keeps the same height as the GF2 in the middle where you have the mount. It’s also a bit less wider. I think the size advantage of the GF3 over the GF2 is minimal and the question here is if you really will notice it in daily usage. So who will win the miniaturization war between Sony and Panasonic? I think the smaller lenses of the m43 system are playing a bigger role than the camera size. A [shoplink 16258]Panasonic 14mm f/2.5[/shoplink] lens is almost half thick than the [shoplink 16258]Sony 16mm f/2.8[/shoplink] lens. So m43 still has a considerable advantage!Anyway, I am also curious to see how the Olympus Pen mini will look like!

At that point a reminder for everyone: The Sony NEX-C3 will be announced on Wednesday (June 8th), the GF3 on Monday (June 13th) and the Olympus mini on June 30th. That’s why you should keep following us! P.S: Join us on Facebook and Twitter

The Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 at [shopcountry 16258].
Panasonic GF2 at [shopcountry 17361].
Sony 16mm f/2.8 at [shopcountry 22793].

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