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G5 review roundup: A cheaper E-M5?


Image courtesy: ePhotozine.

UPDATE: Now preorders at Amazon too:

Black G5 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
Silver G5 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)

Let’s focus on the new Panasonic G5 which already got previewed on many websites. The G5 looks like a well thought step forward from the G3 although it doesn’t come with any kind of “revolutionary” features to make you “WOW” when you read the press release. But the many small improvements are very nice and welcome!

The G5 has a new (or tweaked?) sensor according to Panasonic website presentation. Techradar was among the first websites to post a resolution and noise test. The image below (courtesy of Techradar) shows the Signal to Noise ration of the RAW images. I would say there is very little difference with the “older” G3.

But it’s the RAW dynamic range that shows that at leats at Low ISO the new G5 is doing a better job:

Visit Techradar to see all graphs! Their conclusion is: “Overall we have been extremely impressed with the output from the G5 and we can see it being very appealing to lots of people, especially with innovative new features such as the TouchPad AF operation. It also has a good number of automatic controls, digital filters and scene guides to appeal to novices or those looking simply to point and shoot.

Also ePhotozine published a full G5 review and is particularly excited about the test: “The G5 is more expensive than the model it replaces, however we feel that the improvements make it worth the investment. The Panasonic Lumix G5 has an abundance of features, excellent image quality, and is good value for money, making it well worth investing in. Highly Recommended.

They also compared the new G5 image quality with that of the more expensive Olympus E-M5 (Click here to read that comparison): “The Olympus OM-D E-M5 has an extended ISO range compared to the G5, however the G5 has a slightly lower first ISO setting of ISO160. Noise is very low on both cameras, with the E-M5 showing higher levels of detail and sharpness.

In short: From an Image Quality point of view the difference between the two cameras is negligible. So you have to focus on your real needs and real budget. But overall it looks like the G5 is a great and cheaper E-M5 alternative!

Black G5 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
Silver G5 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
45-150mm lens in Black at BHphoto (Click here) and in Silver at BHphoto (Click here).
LX7 in Black at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here) in White at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
Other compacts, the FZ200 at BHphoto (Click here), the FZ60 at BHphoto (Click here).

  • Matt

    If you are reading the other thread – it couldn’t possibly be any good!

  • will

    … i disagree.. if you look carefully at the higher iso examples here you can see, that the Olympus EM5 (perhaps with its Sony Sensor) has not so much noise.. unfortunately you can see it only at 1600 Iso plus, because the crops are to small on the monitor.. for me the G5 is very disappointing, because it is another more or less cosmetical evolution of the older G3….

    for me it looks as if Oly and Pan have agreed, that Oly is allowed to make the better (jpg)photo-machine and Pana shall convince with a better movie performance.. at the end you should opt for one of the alternatives, depending whether you are a photog or a filmer.. or you should buy both;-)

    • Matt

      Considering the G5 doesn’t compete in the same market space (at least in terms of price) I fail to see that as a valid argument (the they have agreed on anything like that). The new GH will be more of a direct competitor to the E-M5 in terms of price and if history shows that the Gx series and GHx series never share the same sensor.

      • E-1

        The old problem – as with cars – classification on target audience or on price.

        We’ll see when/if Olympus adds a pro model above the M5 as they’ve said, and if Panasonic puts a model above the GH series.

    • Bob B.

      Hmmmmm… why did tech radar compre the g5 to the EP-3…. And not the OM-D? HUH?

      • io
        • JF

          Techradar measurments are too noisy to be trusted, they have some problems in there algoritms…I doubt that E-M5 has better DR than Nex-7 but I’d like to (I’m a E-M5 owner…) anyway, Techradar measurements seem too show that E-M5 IQ is good ! Come on dxo give us your measurements !

          • hdyud

            @JF well said Techradar results are so variable compared to other more reliable sites that their conclusions are all but worthless. If you actually take the time to read up on their so called methodology you will see so many potential problems that it simply cannot be taken seriously

          • Esa Tuunanen

            TechRadar uses DxO Analyzer and while their light sources for test images might not be fully comparable to DxO Lab’s more importantly conditions are similar for camera tests of that site.
            And Imatest numbers of Imaging-Resource give quite similar DR increase for E-M5’s sensor over old 12MP and G3/GX1 sensors.

            E-M5’s sensor has almost same pixel size as NEX-7’s 24MP sensor so with some tweaks in design those pixels might well give same or slightly higher quality signal.

        • Gabriel

 I’ve overlapped the results, it doesn’t look too promising, but it’s a bit suspicious that some values would be lower than the GX1

      • MikeH

        Maybe because they aren’t at the same price point.

        • Bob B.

          That could be it.

    • Luis

      Same trick as always. EXIF from oly file:

      1/200 sec | f/9.0 | 43.0 mm | ISO 12800

      EXIF from pana file:

      1/400 sec | f/9.0 | 42.0 mm | ISO 12800

      So actually G5-ISO 12800 should be compared to Oly-ISO 25600.

      Regarding noise, the OM-D performs a bit better than Pana G3 and virtually the same as the GH2. If the G5 sensor redesign is effective, it should perform at least as well as the OM-D (if not better). Next time Oly can call ISO 204800 to their real ISO 400 so than people can say “whoa!”.

      • JF

        The good point is that E-M5 iso 200 must be in fact closer to iso 100…We are still waiting for dxoMark results to confirm that but…What the fu.. ? What are they doing ?? Whe want E-M5 measurements !! We don’t care about D800 vs D800E comparison !

    • Cork

      “…or you should buy both.”

      That’s my solution. I have a GH2, and two OM-Ds. Most certainly I will upgrade the GH2 unless its’ successor is a major disappointment. Since the cameras and lenses are small, I can easily carry two of them and it means less changing of lenses. Lately, if I only want to carry one camera and perhaps just a lens or two, I take one of the OM-Ds.

  • will

    ps. and WHY did they NOT compare the G5!!! with the EM 5 !!!? …;-)

    • Jens

      The biggest difference between Panasonic and Olympus is still the IBIS. Especially with the 20er and 45er lens, IMHO Oly wins… That’s the reason I only consider Oly.

      • Miroslav


        Hopefully Panasonic managers realize one day they’re loosing many customers because of that.

        • That IBIS vs OIS debate is getting boring, beaten to death.

          Yes there are a few occasions where I could use IS and the lens currently on does not have it. Quite frankly, not that often. But I am not judging how anyone else values it.
          I simply don’t believe that this forum is representative of global trends and sales figure: Panasonic’s customer loss over lack of IBIS is probably marginal.

          • babbit

            While for other systems, IBIS is not a need because you can always find glass with OIS, that’s not the case for Micro four thirds. All of the best lens for M43 (i.e. 12mm f2, 14mm f2.5, 20mm f1.7, 25mm f1.4, 45mm f1.8, 75mm f1.8, 7-14mm, Voigtlander 17.5mm and 25mm, etc…) do not have OIS. There aren’t any OIS alternatives to these lens. That’s why IBIS is so critical for M43 cameras. Both OIS and IBIS can get you shots with really low shutter speeds. For me, I can easily shoot 1/10s one handed for my 25mm lens without blur because of IS. As good as OIS is, it’s not much use if only a handful of lens actually have it.

            • All of the best lens for M43? Thats a bold statement!
              I’d certainly rate the 12-35 at the very least among the best.
              the 2.8/45 is actually better than some of the lenses you listed.
              The 14-140 is also well regarded.
              the announced 35-100 has OIS too.
              100-300 has OIS. If you rank the 2.5/14 among the best, there is room for the 100-300!

              I mostly use the PL25, yes, sometimes stopped down, without a tripod, shooting still life. There are cases where IBIS would make my life easier. To say its critical, lets just say I don’t share your opinion.

      • IBIS — and weather sealing. And in this case, the ability to manually control the camera (an interface that on the G3 is nearly non-existent).

      • That is exactly the reason why i am sticking with oly. If only panasonic made a camera with ibis. I hope oly will make a lower version of the em5 in the price ramge of the g5.

    • Neil Evans

      Because the GH3 is going to be the one they compare to the OM-D, right?

  • Uuhhh, that’s quite a bit of DR improvement for ISO below 400 (where it counts, at least for me)… didn’t expect that to happen.

  • Henrik

    Thanks for those graphs. Now i know i need a Sony. Byebye M43.

    • Monodrift

      Enjoy the lens selection.

    • bli

      Yes: bye, bye.

    • Mathias

      FWIW, those graphs are missing the OM-D, which according to what I’ve read behaves pretty similar to the Sony NEX 5N.

  • Mathias

    > From an Image Quality point of view the difference
    > between the two cameras is negligible.

    I very much disagree. The OM-D appears to be noticeably better at dynamic range and high ISO noise.

    • hdyud

      “I very much disagree. The OM-D appears to be noticeably better at dynamic range and high ISO noise”

      The E-M5 even with fake ISO settings, built in NR even in RAW is barely better than the GH2 or GX1/G3 so any improvements in the G5 should narrow the gap to near zero. The E-M5 has some amazing tech notably the smart IS system and better build quality. But the image quality is not a major gain, there are idiots on DPreview demonstrating how good the E-M5 is by comparing it to Panasonic cameras with the shadows pushed by 5 stops and viewed at 100% . if you need to go to this totally unrealistic length to demonstrate the difference for real life use it is irrelevant , those who have done serious RAW file examinations seem to come in with a high ISO difference of under one stop. That is reality BS claims by mad Oly fans that it is two or three stops better are total bull

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Now you’re the spambot with nothing intelligent to say.

        Pulling details out from shadows of underexposed and highlights of overexposed image is exactly what gives non synthetic benchmark results for differences in dynamic range.

        While for every day basic shots higher DR doesn’t matter (except allowing bigger misexposure latitude for RAW) and would be plain harmfull for midtone contrast if retained completely in JPEG in harder conditions its needed to give details to shadows which don’t go so fast to completely black/noisy blur and better highlights with less clipping of colour information/total blowout.

        Even if luminance histogram doesn’t show anything nearing saturation single colour channel can clip easily, which is one reason for making it hard to maintain all colour details in colourful sunsets with very strong red channel signal compared to blue and green channels.
        Just check RGB histogram in image playback next time for such image. Display button cycles playback views in GH2 and probably in other Panasonics.

        For noise comparison Dpreview’s RAW comparison is excellent allowing fast and easy full size comparison of studio scene with different detail areas.
        Anyway in noise performance GH2 and G3/GX1 sensors aren’t so lowly performing as that old 12MP crap Olympus was stuck with so naturally jump compared to them isn’t as huge.

        And Imaging Resource uses same manual exposure settings with same resulting image brightness at least between GX-1 and E-M5 reviews.
        Unless exposure is fixed manually different cameras can well use slightly different exposure settings depending on all JPEG processing settings and preferences of camera maker. Those settings affect to brightness of final image just like different processes affected to prints coming from film negatives.
        If you are so concerned about sensor’s actual sensitivity setting being hard to define solidly why aren’t you giving same attention to advertised high quality m4/3 lenses being full of optical deficiencies corrected in software?

  • It looks like we have got “The new mirrorless king” (as Pocket Lint in the G5 preview questioned)? ;-)
    Panasonic appear to have developed totally quiet electronic shutters that are also capable of 1080p video recording, which is good news indeed. The first images shows a decent imaging qualities of G5, while ergonomically it is currently the best MFT camera, providing the best balance between the compact size and the extensive features. For me, G5 is a great upgrade to any previously released MFT cameras.

    • Matt

      It does look like a decent package – still wish they hadn’t reduced the control points from the G2 though.

    • Stravinsky

      Quiet electronic shutter ? I like the sound of that ! I can’t stand the sound of my GH2 shutter . Bring in the gh3

    • marc

      i’m agree with you..i have made a comparison with imaging resources comparometer and the difference is huge..Omd is much much better.

      • safaridon

        Really? I compared the EM5 and G5 on image resources comparometer even at hightest ISO 12,800 I could see little difference between the two.

    • will

      ??? could you pls post a better quote of your “meaning”… where exactly did the “idiots”, as you call them, do such things?

      and: another test some weeks ago posted here did exactly show that the Oly has much better detail etc. in shadows (and darkness)..and if the noise filtering does not find your estimation: you are free to set it to zero..

      i personally think you are a bit troll-ing here.. not necessary.. and as i said in this forum: perhaps you need both: the Oly for pics, the Pana for films—

  • Miroslav

    It should be called GH2 lite, not G5.

    • Mike

      +1: MultiAspect & HighEnd Video was always an GH thing. Not easy to understand the product naming here …

      • Godot

        Is it true multi-aspect? Looking at the specs as posted on DPReview, it looks to me like 16:9 and 3:2 are just crops from 4:3, as on other cameras without a multi-aspect sensor. Or am I misreading or missing something?

        • Mike

          Looks like you’re right. Damn – were did I read the thing with the Multi-Aspect Sensor…

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Panasonic themselves looks to be messing things.

            G5’s specification page now has inconsistently cropped different aspect ratio resolutions but sensor’s total/effective pixels counts match GH2’s sensor precisely.
            Though I guess it would be entirely possible to use same GH multiaspect sensor but limit output resolution to 4:3 aspect ratio in firmware…

          • Miroslav

            I’ve also seen it on some website. I guess they’ve just copied and pasted GH2 specs and changed that text later.

  • Alan

    Looks like Panasonic have fixed the poor base iso dynamic range issue that plagued the GX1 and G3, in raw mode.

    Very useful.

  • Kees

    I just lost track of what I’m actually waiting for. If the gh3 would look like this, it might be too ugly (everything counts). Omd is quite expensive for what you get, as you need the grip for good ergonomics, which would easily make it double the price of G5. Maybe a weathersealed GX2 with grip, that could look good and compete with oly. Well, at least the waiting has been made a bit easier…

  • jlw518

    If you look at the specs for the GH2 Sensor and the G5 sensor, it looks like Panasonic is using an updated GH2 sensor in the G5!…/avc/lumix/systemcamera/gms/gh2/specifications.html


  • Anonymous

    Wait, so the tests show that the OM-D E-M5 likely still has a little better high ISO noise, still has a slight edge in dynamic range is just a little sharper/higher resolution under similar conditions, has IBIS which can sometimes be good for upwards of 4 stops on ALL lenses, weather sealing an much better EVF and a higher burst rate…and the difference between it and the G5 are…negligible? It looks like image quality wise, yes, the difference is not VAST, but the E-M5 still seems to deliver slightly better IQ…but for “other features” The E-M5 is pretty significantly better. Its a question if that stuff is worth spending the money for a user or not…but it is not a slight difference overall.

    • admin

      I was talking about the image quality. The features are a different story. And I wrote that it all depends from your needs. You need it weathersealed? You need IS? If yes go for E-M5. If no, you may consider the cheaper G5 instead.

      • uiti

        My m4/3 are G1 and Gh1. So G5 is quite nice update!
        Recently I,m taking pictures of sky, Improved dynamicrange at low iso
        is nice to sky with Sun.

    • safaridon

      While you note the difference in IQ between the two cameras is slight you say the other features are very significant? Well the G5 video HD 1080/20P capability will run circles around the OM5 and lacks in body flash, must add expensive and bulky addons to get a decent grip, and as users of both attest on DPR the AF on the GX1 and presumedly on the G5 is better and more accurate than that on the OMD. Yes the IBIS on OMD is reportedly very good but it does create a hum which one responder said would help to drive the mosquitoes and bugs away!

  • The improved DR on the G5 indicates a heritage from the GH2 sensor. This is very useful in practical photography compared to the G3.
    It will be really interesting with the GH3….. Must have a sensor at least on EM-5 level.
    One reflection: Olympistas are more numerous and have a louder voice here compared to the Panasonias :-)
    Still, Pana cameras has a more straight forward interface and does not rely on additional, expensive grips for a good ergonmy. And the G5 is lighter than EM-5 even sans extra grips.
    Pana is doing a great job!

    • Mathias

      > And the G5 is lighter than EM-5 even sans
      > extra grips. Pana is doing a great job!

      “Lighter” does not automatically equal “better”. The EM-5 is heavier because it’s an all metal body. The G5 is mostly plastic. Only the G5 front is metal, according to dpreview.

  • Panasonic seems to have designed the G5 to occupy a slot between the G3 and the G5. It has some of the GH2’s DNA, including the more pronounced, elastomer coated grip and more extensive suite of controls. It looks decidedly more “DSLR” than its predecessor, again more like the GH2.

    All this suggests that Panasonic will move the GH line up a notch as well – as they have stated they would. So we can expect the GH3 to be a more high end camera than the GH2 was. What I’m wondering is if the GH3 will also have DSLR styling, or if the G5 will be the only camera that Panasonic will use to compete directly with smaller DSLRs.

    • Godot

      Good observation.

      Give the weather sealing on the 12-35, I think Panasonic is definitely going to seal the GH3 — this cannot be a lens targeted at OM-D users. Once Oly implemented that feature on the OM-D, I don’t think there was any option.

      But I see no reason why the GH3 wouldn’t have SLR styling. In the end, I don’t think rangefinder styling offers any significant functional benefits in an EVF-based camera. It is obviously very aesthetically appealing to some people, but beyond that what are the real benefits?

      And if the form factor is neither “SLR” nor “rangefinder”, what would it be?

      • You are correct that here is no reason why the GH3 shouldn’t be styled like a DSLR. In the past year, the GH2 was the only Lumix body that had an overt DSLR styling. The G3 is decidedly more ambiguous, straddling the fence between DSLR and compact styling. Perhaps Panasonic uses DSLR styling to entice consumers who might otherwise buy a compact DSLR. If that theory is correct, Panasonic, with the G5, now have a strong competitor in the DSLR arena. So, with that category filled, they may be looking to take the GH3 in a different direction.

        What that could be is more difficult to answer. It could be styled either like a rangefinder or a DSLR as long as it works ergonomically. But really I’d rather the manufacturers abandon any antiquated notions of what a camera should look like and design one from the ground up.

        • Godot

          “I’d rather the manufacturers abandon any antiquated notions of what a camera should look like and design one from the ground up.”

          That may happen sooner or later, but I’d be really surprised if it’s Panasonic that does it, especially this year. I’d say it’s very very likely the GH3 will look very similar to the G5, just as the G1/G10/G2 all shared the same basic look as the GH1 and GH2, with the G3 being the only major exception to the pattern.

          I also suspect that many have already tried to reinvent the basic shape of a camera in their R&D labs and failed to come up with anything that represents a real improvement.

          In a way, it’s already happening through the back door with the rise of the smartphone as the primary (or only) camera in the great majority of people’s pocket.

          There’s also the Lytro, but I think the odds are against that technology surviving and maturing to become truly viable and commercially successful. I don’t see any particular benefit to the form factor, and suspect it will prove to be a dead end.

          • I second that!

            Sony has geared away from traditional shape and lets say that the first few NEXs were not exactly praised for top notch ergonomics. But no one can deny the commercial success.
            The NEX-7 is a seriously cool camera (yes, I know, the lenses…) but not because at the base its form factor is superior. In fact, I don’t think its left-handed friendly. Its a cool camera because of its great small package of EVF, great sensor, manual controls and decent interface.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          They don’t need to do new design but only to tweak from existing designs.
          Fixed lens prosumers from time before cheap DSLRs became common had it right, especially Minolta Dimage A1/A2 which also included high end DSLR level controls.

          1: Human hand size didn’t shrink any since film era hence high end camera needs good ergonomical grip.
          2: Put lens/EVF close enough to body’s edge so that you can simply rise viewfinder to your eye without nose hitting to body/display.
          In addition limit display size below 2.5″ and it won’t even be any wider than GH2…

          Rangefinder boxes and cloning of compacts fails in point 1. Again DSLRs fail in 2 because average people can’t think enough to realize improvement Olympus tried to introduce to DSLR design in E-1 and criticising designs of Canikon would have been heresy.

          While they have their place in markets smartphones and obsessively small mirrorless bodies are just ergonomical downgrades.

  • Why are people asking for a OMD comparison? It’s priced at virtually double with tonnes more features, of course its better!

    The EP3 comparison is more valid. To me it’s as expected, and as the specs describe, just a slight upgrade from a G3. If you have a G3 don’t bother upgrading. If you’re looking for a new mid-range dSLR shape mirror less, then the G5 is a fine choice.

    • Mathias

      G5 is new generation. The EP3 is last generation. The new Pens are coming next month. We don’t know yet whether the new Pens will get the same image quality as the OM-D, but it’s possible. Olympus has a history of giving lower end models the same image quality as the top of the line.

      For many of us, the OM-D image quality has opened the door to make MFT a valid choice. It’s hard to accept any lesser image quality now. That’s why many people are interested to see how the G5 compares to the OM-D.

  • scooby70

    “For many of us, the OM-D image quality has opened the door to make MFT a valid choice. It’s hard to accept any lesser image quality now.”

    That’s it exactly. I’m not interested in whetever occupies the bargain shelf. I want good IQ and DR in a small for body and Panasonic seem to be lagging far behind the competition now.

    I’ll wait for the G5 and GH3 reviews but the game has moved on now and when upgrading I want an upgrade not a bargain buy.

    • Neil Evans

      Well some of us would like the opportunity to enjoy a nice camera and pay rent at the same time.

      • scooby70

        Panny has you in mind and is producing and endless line of cheap lenses and cameras. Good luck choosing, you’ll need it as you’ve plenty to choose from.

  • Ashwaniman

    Why are some websites claiming its a “new” sensor. I assume that’s the marketing machine of Panasonic since there’s a better one out now, against they will have to compete.

    Make a comparison with Imaging Resources comparometer on high ISO and there is almost no difference between G3 and the G5, but a real difference between G5 and E-M5.

  • Esa Tuunanen

    Now we know DxOLabs is going to have miraculously long delay also for G5’s review just like for review of E-M5…
    I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to delay E-M5’s review beyond release of Canikon cameras in late summer/fall.

    Good thing we now have TechRadar.

  • safaridon

    Kudos to Panasonic for producing the G5, FZ200, and LX7 but why the silence up to now on their new G5 sensor, remarkable capabilities, or just trying to keep the surprise for the Olympics? Oly in contrast gained a huge amount of publicity with their choreographed leaking of the EM5 while with Pany with lack of information most assumed little or no changes turning away potential customers.

    In fact the G5 with its 1080/60P video with manual control, and improved GH2 sensor, higher resolution swivel screen, probably provided most of what people were hoping for with the new GH3 outside of metal weatherproofed
    body and mic attachment in a smaller and less expensive package. In reality it is a viable EM5 alternative with its better video capability & swivel screen.

    The FZ200 with its fast f2.8 25-600 lens is incredible for its small size and as DPR said in preview on paper far and away the best in its class for low light photography. I also expecially liked the fact they added a very good small high resolution EVF and I expect we may well see that EVF again in a coming GX2 rangefinder model? What surprises me is why all the need for all the other superzoom models provided. I for one would take the faster f2.8 lens and higher rez EVF on FZ200 anyday over a FZ70 with slower lens and lower resolution EVF but slightly bigger sensor.

    While the improvements to the LX7 might seem more incremental to some wanted larger sensor the addition of of front mounted control ring, faster lens, better video, opt high rez EVF are significant improvements. I think Pany did not opt for larger sensor to keep size same as required for the FZ70 and also so as not to compete more directly with their very successful GF3 and GF5 lines.

    Given what we see in the G5 I think the GH3 will more likely be patterned after the GX1 all metal body only with higher resolution EVF in the middle looking similar configuration to the EM5 since rumored to still be DSLR configuration and of course weatherproofed. Alternatively it could be the G5 body in magnesium metal body with added controls & weatherproofed with new higher resolution EVF and the fast f2.8 12-35mm as kit lens.

  • Nick

    I’m confused. When I first read the specs on DPR, the 3:2 and 16:9 ratios were wider (in pixels) than 4:3, indicating a native, multi-aspect sensor.

    Now DPR says they’re all 4608px wide, indication that 3:2 and 16:9 are in fact just crops, but they’re still saying that overall resolution is 18.3mp, once again indicating a multi-aspect sensor (2.2mp is much more excess pixs than usual…)

    Does this have a multi-aspect sensor or not?

    • E-1

      Does Panasonic say in it’s press release it has a multi aspect sensor?

  • ktr

    Well, I think there is no reason to be disappointed by Panasonic regarding of this release. As somebody already mentioned: this is not revolutionary – but it is indeed evolutionary! IMHO it doesn’t care about how the new gear looks like – it is the handling and the way how we can use it what matters to get the images we like to have.

    So just give it a try, wait until the gear appears in the stores, take some time and explore it. Then it would be time to decide if you like it – and not today.

  • Camaman

    That silver ring around the lens mount is REALLY tacky…
    Looks just as bad as Black body and silver lens combination IMO…

    • will

      +1… pseudo design.. like some chrome on old cadillacs..

  • gadge

    Pick up the new G5 or get a used silver GH2? Any recommendations from the forum…

  • divide

    I’m surprised nobody talk about the removal of mecanichal shutter: it was required to avoid rolling shutter effect.
    So does it mean they found a solution to thr rolling shutter problem ? This would be z breaktrough in video !

  • Timbo Tas

    Remember that the EM5 is the best model Olympus make (currently). The G5 is going to be Panasonics average model. The GH3 and GX2 are (allegedly) just around the corner.

  • Jennifer

    Available for pre-order in Canada now too! Also in body only & 14-42 PZ lens.

  • SteveB

    The G5 has a remarkably better AFC than the GH2 and probably any other MFT camera. This is especially true with the Oly 75-300. That combination is excellent for BIF and sports. That is not a small change or just GH2 Lite. It’s major.

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