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FZ pictures, LX7 with f/1.4 lens. Le Monde de la Photo leaks G5 announcement time (6am Paris time on July 18th)


After Telegraph UK (Article has been removed!), Photoprice and Nphoto also Le Monde de la Photo showed some bits of the Panasonic presentation. The website now has been removed and you see an error page only. A very small portion of the leak has been cached by another website

The title of the article is: “Panasonic Lumix G5: A replacement of DSLR cameras?“. It includes the Embargo date which is 18 July at 6am in the morning Paris time. I posted the full FZ60 and FZ200 pics on (CLick here). These cameras actually have something the G5 has not…a dedicated M mode for video!

I still haven’t found pictures of the new LX7 but Le Mounde de La Photo leaked the lens specs which (if true) is 24-110mm f/1.4-2.3. Still no info about the sensor size. Telegraph UK wrote: “The former is a top of the line compact camera with a fast f1.4 Leica lens, 10.1 megapixel Mos sensor and 3-inch screen.” But is it a real Sony RX100 competitor or not? That’s the question!

Stay tuned on 43rumors!!!

P.S.: Don’t forget that there is a Canon announcement on July 23th  and a Samsung announcement next week you can follow on MirrorlessRumors!

  • Anonymous

    24-1100? lx-7

  • harbatkin

    A 1100mm f/2.3? I will buy five! ;)

    • admin

      Typo from the french magazine :) I corrected it now!

  • n457

    So, FZ cameras are better than G* cameras?

  • Panasonic need to stop pushing the marketing message of being a DSLR replacement, that’s a limited market that is expensive to capture, they need to be better than DSLRs in form and function ie apps and connectivity can you imagine having eyeem, instagram, fuzel dipitic etc on your mft camera with connectivity in camera, that was also beautifully designed in form and colour etc…

  • Jake

    A lens so fast at both ends suggests similar sized sensor to before I am thinking. Unless this camera is more sized and configured like the G1X, which I doubt. Just seems unlikely when the Sony is pretty fast, but not that fast OR Wide and is not all that fast at all once you start to zoom in. Also this goes from wider to longer than the Sony. It’s either a lot smaller sensor or a good bit larger cam I’m afraid. With the MF camera’s I am betting it’s just a smaller sensor.

    • Godot

      It would be an unusual move (completely off-trend and counter to expectations) to increase the LX body size *and* give it an f1.4-2.3 lens, but maybe it isn’t completely unthinkable.

      As it is, the LX models have mostly handled quite well for small cameras but have a “tweener” size that’s too big to be pocketable (except for large coat pockets or cargo pants) but small enough to be kind of tricky to handle for many people. A bigger LX would be easier to handle and not significantly less portable or discreet.

      In the meantime, a couple of larger Fujis have come along and generated tons of excitement and acceptance. And of course there’s the new Sony, but that’s too new for the LX7 to be a direct response.

      Given all that, I don’t think it would really hurt to increase the size enough to make room for both a larger sensor and the faster lens (which implies a bigger lens even without a bigger sensor).

      Whether Panasonic would actually do such a thing is another matter… in the end I too expect a marginal size increase due to the faster lens, but same size sensor.

  • If it’s a 1-inch sensor this will be HUGE for Panasonic!

    Constant f/2.8 is pretty nice, huh?

    I really liked the G5 grip, Panasonic finally let the miniaturization nonsense just for the GF series, because it didn’t make any sense. And it’s a shame that the G5 doesn’t have manual mode for Video. It would be nice if the GH3 came out of the box as a hack-friendly camera.

    • John

      You are implying the FZ200 might get a 1″ sensor????

      • Sho-Bud

        looks like on the lens in the picture it says 2.8-5.2 aperture. Or did I see it wrong?

        • Godot

          That’s the FZ60. The FZ200 is the one with the constant f2.8.

      • No, I was talking about the LX7 against the RX100 and then I changed the subject and talked about the FZ200’s constant f/2.8 and then I talked about the G5. Each paragraph is a different subject.

    • Something tells me its not going to be a 1 inch sensor. And if that’s the case, even if its a fast lens, it won’t be a a match for the RX100.

  • Tulio

    It is “Le Monde” ( without the u )

  • With a 24-110(eq.) f/1.4-2.3 it would easily compete with the RX100 at the long end (which arguably matters most) even if it retains the 1/1.7 sensor. Will the lens help LX7 sales? That is another story. People want large sensors. Fast lenses are for wimps.

    • Jake

      This isn’t really AT ALL the case unless you need the camera for MOSTLY telephoto work. Even then you aren’t getting much more reach. And chances are you light sensitivity difference with the sensors would still put the LX7 behind even with the way faster lens.

  • Peter

    Very interested in the LX7. With a lens this fast it’ll be at most a 2/3″ sensor I think.

  • Catalin

    Let’s not forget that even if the LX7 sensor is 1/1.7″ (I am hoping for larger), it only has 10 Megapixels, as opposed to the Sony 20 Megapixel sensor. The 1″ sensor is 2.6x larger in surface than the 1/1.7″ sensor, but since it has half the megapixels, the pixel density is not much different between Panasonic LX-7 and Sony RX-100. If the Panasonic comes up with a slightly larger sensor, it will kill Sony. Otherwise it can still compete with Sony in low-light due to the faster lens. And the faster lens will really help with night-time video, which I need !

    In my experience, my former Panasonic LX-3 was a better all-around camera than my current Sony NEX-5n. Panasonic just does everything better than Sony, except the sensor.

    • safaridon

      I think what is really happening is that Pany has not only created two superzooms of same focal length 25-600mm but smaller one with constant f2.8 for the FZ200 and a f2.8-5.6 with 1/1.7 sensor for the FZ70 but two LX models.

      The same thing may be happening with the LX7 the first one very fast with 1/1.7 sensor while a second model with similar 24-110 focal length but lens 2 stops slower and that one will have a new 1″ size sensor!

  • API75

    Beside the lower iso and/or faster shutter speed, in small semsor cameras I appreciate the fast lens at the tele-end for portraits (that’s why my favourite pocket camera is the XZ-1).
    Is somebody able to calculate the DOF of the LX7 (assuming 1/1.7 sensor) vs the DOF of the RX100 at the tele-end?

    • API75

      Answering myself (Source:

      Sony DSC-RX100 28-100mm F1.8-4.9 -> DOF equiv. (35mm): F4.9-13.4
      Olympus XZ-1 28-112mm F1.8-2.5 -> DOF equiv. (35mm): F8.5-11.8

      Thus, the LX5@110mm/2.3 will have thinner DOF.
      In m43 DOF terms it will be someting like 55mm/5, i.e., something better than the DOF you can achieve with a kit zoom at the tele-end, with the lower sensor size compensated by the faster lens.
      Enough for me in a pocket camera!!

  • Gommell

    Panasonic is going to get hurt big time if the LX7 doesnt have a larger sensor, which with the released specs looks like it wont. Got to give it too Sony for turning the compact market on its ear with the RX100. With the reviews its getting Panasonic really dropped the ball here because no matter what aperature your lens has when the average person researches a camera they will cut to the end and see what image quality is like. The same goes for when someone asks a sales person in a store. I love my LX3 and GX1 put after using the RX100 you cant beat the pocketability ;-) of it with the excellent quality.

  • API75

    Look at this graph:

    Based on the LX7 specs, you may have an idea of the equivalent aperture (for DOF) by joining the beginning of the Samsun EX2F line with the end of the Olympus XZ-1 line: it would be always below the RX100 line!

    Ok, the DR will not be the same, but I hope for decent high ISO noise and smaller price…

    • Jake

      Yes, but only marginally and that’s one parameter of performance and it’s inferior overall in that one from the Samsung you refer to, other than it’s longer at the long end. It’s still going to be at a big disadvantage in the non-tele range from a light and IQ relationship perspective. As you get to the tele end it will narrow the gap, but even at the tele end if this sensor isn’t a huge improvement over the LX5 the Sony will probably still trump it many respects. You could possibly even crop zoom the Sony to match range with it’s MP advantage if the sensor is as much better as some of the latest sony sensors seem to be. Now I do not believe this 1″ sensor is probably that wonderful, but it could still win out Panasonic haven’t made big changes to the LX5 sensor this LX7’s is probably derived from.

      • Talkabout

        ..a lot of horse S speculation. I can’t wait to see the rest of the specs for the next flagship LX Panny :) I never owned one, but wanted too, I hope this is the one that clinches it for me. (It has to have certain specs, and use the new viewfinder, no compromises from me)
        BTW, it is so funny and absurd to me, all the four third fans here peeing their pants with glee over what a “massively larger” sensor the sony has over all the rest … just hilarious how much people are guided by emotion and their freudian subconciousness. Just wait, the new Oly whenever it comes out, and this Panny will make the 650$ bandwagon crowd cry themselves into their chamomile when they see how little they are REALLY gaining in IQ. (and in some cases not gaining!)
        See, this new generation of serious compacts is still unfolding, and we will see what’s what when the dust settles.

      • Anonymous

        … there is also the hopefully “smaller price” advantage …

  • Doug

    The RX100 is DOA with a 28mm starting focal length!

    • Itseemsnicebutjustisntforme

      That isn’t the worst part though … not having an optional EVF is. Dealbreaker! Never again will I buy ANY camera without a viewfinder

      (RX100 isnt for me, that is … but I think this new LX7 might be..)

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