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Some fun: This is the Panasonic GH5s as reported by Duke Ken


Duke Ken from our GH5 and Gh5s Facebook group shared this picture with the following text:

SPOILER ALERT!! Newly releases photos of GH5s from a test shoot. I recently was privileged to test out the NEW GH5s on a recent shoot. Here is a behind the scene shot.

A little info about the features of camera:
1. Ultra 70mm Imax.
2. 3GBps data.
3. 24bit color.
5. 8 XLR inputs.
6. Private DP to teach you for 2 weeks.
7. Retail price tag $2195.99. With mail in rebate, it’s $599.00.
8. One magic buttons to turn bad acting into good.
9. Red carpet Oscar invite comes with a new Super V-Log with 350 dynamic range.
10. Digital Film Spool with 60TB of storage.

LOL :)

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