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Full Panasonic GH3 review at CameraLabs.


Gordon Laing just publsihed his Panasonic GH3 review on CameraLabs (Click here). The camera got an overall score of 88% and Gordon writes: ” While many manufacturers are still looking to miniaturise their compact system camera offerings, with the GH3 Panasonic appears to be pursuing a different goal which is to produce a mirrorless camera every bit as functional, capable and robust as a professional DSLR. The Lumix GH3 is evidence that they are succeeding and is more than deserving of Cameralabs Highly Recommended award. Micro Four Thirds goes from strength to strength.

US readers stills truggle finding the camera in Stock somewhere. Today a very limited number of cameras is in Stock at Adorama (Click here) and via third party resellers at Amazon (Click here).

Reminder: more than ten refurbished E-M5 cameras with 12-50mm kit lens are for sale for 1,029$ on eBay US (Click here).

  • kavat

    Wow, what a crappy review. Camera labs compare the gh3 with the 12-35 f2.8 to the OMD and 12-50.. really ?!

  • :) The GH3 is a solid camera. What can you say.

  • Alexander

    To Big in size, if i would like that size i would Buy a dslr!

    • Mr. Reeee

      I felt the same way…
      until I actually handled a GH3, side by side with my GH2.

      Sure, the GH3 is marginally bigger than the GH2, but the size difference isn’t as bad as it appears. The control layout and ergonomics are excellent as are the new external display and EVF and greatly improved battery capacity.

    • QBNY,381

      Still much smaller than the 6D, one of the smallest full frame cameras out. Plus it’s like half the price.

      • jake

        half the sensor, half the price;)

        • alan b’stard M P

          and GH3 a better video camera

    • jack sprat

      Why does everyone think this camera is some hulking behemoth? It’s smaller and lighter than a Rebel, even toy-like if you’re used to mid-range DSLR bodies. The 12-35mm, as well-built as it is, feels like my old Pentax 18-55 WR in size/weight.

      Good luck with that DSLR, just remember to buy a model with AF micro-adjust that allows different settings for the wide and telephoto ends of a zoom. You’re going to have loads of fun!

      • Comparing it to GH1 and GH2, it sure looks huge to me, luckily the weight is not as high at it looks.

        Being bigger than the older models doesn’t make it worse, but it misses a bit of that portability the previous models had.

        Compare it to a Nikon D5100 and they have similar sizes (but when comes to lens things change quickly). D5100 is not that big when compared with the other DSLRs, but it is probably preferable for photography over the GH3 due to its much lower price tag.

        E-M5 is also a lot smaller, and when comes to price and features it is probably a better deal (unless you really need the video)

        GH3 shines in video, that’s for sure.

        In any case, G5 successor will probably cover the needs of those who want a GH2 sized camera with some updated features without breaking the bank.

        • jack sprat

          For my use, I have to disagree. I hate a tiny body paired with a heavy lens, the GH3 with grip handles anything in MFT with comfort. Paired with the 12-35 (without battery grip), it fits sideways in a Domke F-5XB with room for the 7-14 in the other pocket. That’s a small bag!

          • alan b’stard M P

            get a tripod

            • alan b’stard M P

              and shot bags. No problem

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      There’s plenty of room in the m4/3 stable for all sizes. Let us rejoice that there is an option for a full-sized dSLR-like camera in m4/3. Amen.

    • alan b’stard M P

      why. A DSLR doesn’t have as good a workflow as gh3. For movies, full frame is NOT an advantage shooting DSLR

      The camera is smaller due to mirrorless technology. No mirror, folks, a Godsend

      G Laing

      “The Panasonic Lumix GH3 is proving itself, time and time again, to be one of the best cameras on the market today. It delivers as a top caliber stills photo, and it’s video capabilities outclass virtually every other camera with which it competes, making the GH3 (in my opinion) the best Hybrid Camera available today. Couple the GH3 with any number of the high quality micro 4/3 lenses in existence and you’ll have the tools to produce stills and videos that will rival the quality of anything else. While the GH3 is not a perfect camera and there’s always room for improvement, it does come closer than any other mirrorless system to date, and any manufacturer that dismisses the Panasonic Lumix GH3 as “just another mirrorless camera” does so at their own peril. “

  • The GH3 is my “go to” for every commercial assignment I get. So easy and fast to use, switching between motion and stills is smooth as butter. On my last job I finished each shoot in less then 30 minutes, sent the photos from the camera to the client via WiFi and my Galaxy S3.

    No clients care what gear I use they just want results. What I got from the OMD last year I get far more this year with the GH3.

    • QBNY

      If I didn’t pick up the 6D, I would have a GH3 right now. But I love my 6D/GX1 combo, waiting for the GX2.

      • Seems like everybody is waiting for the GX2. Then will be waiting for the GX3, if things continue the way they are.

    • kavat

      “What I got from the OMD last year I get far more this year with the GH3.”

      WHAT A RIDICULOUS COMMENT lol. So childist and you’re a pro? LOL.
      The gh3 is too big (bigger than the pentax k5iis!!) too expensive with NOTHING special( 5 axis stabilisation or PDAF on sensor for great tracking or focus peaking) Nothing.

      • Jákup

        I know, what comment looks ridicolous and childish, and it’s not Giulio’s comment!

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Come here and I’ll cure your psychosis and widen your narrow mind with splitting axe…

      • jack sprat

        How do you make it through this life without any social skills, that you can’t even have a friendly discussion about something so unimportant as a camera? How do you hold a job? Get a date? Holy s***.

      • true homer

        Olympus fanboys get hurt so easy! If the man finds the gh3 easier to use (it simply is) and with more festures (time code, time lapse , raw stacking, wifi, 7 FN BUTTONS) then he has every right to say its a better camera. If as a professional he says it makes his job easier and gives him more creative power then theres no need to slam him in a fanboy menstrual rage.

        • digifan

          Yep, you put more oil to the fire. Turn it into flamebait once more.
          When I read comments here or dpreview fanbouy is the word that is thrown around a lot. Be it in relation to Olympus or Panasonic it doesn’t matter.
          Why don’t you silly kids shut up and use your M43 gear.
          Come on, choice of gear is a personal thing so don’t dis someone with a different brand of camera then yours.
          Yeah I like the Olympus OMD more than the GH3 for reasons that is important to ME, and I use quite a number of Panasonic lenses that are usefull to ME.
          I’m happy because two great companies have the same philosophy as I have about photography.

          • true homer

            What would you call someone who gets angry if a pro says one camera serves him better than the other? thats a fanboy to me, if you k ow of another term let me know

            • Its actually rather funny, considering how Giulio has often been called an ‘Olympus fanboy’.

              Yes, he has pointed out advantages of Olympus cameras he has used in the past… but that is clearly not the same as being a ‘fanboy’.

              Sadly, quite a few people come to a conclusion similar to what kavat posted as soon as they see something negative about their brand of choice, and ‘fanboy’ is usually one of the first things they’ll be screaming about.

              You know, brand loyalty only really serves the manufacturer of that brand, it never ever serves you as a customer, rather the opposite.

    • jack sprat

      Thanks for sharing your good experience. So much better than the endless crying from those who can’t afford to buy one.

      I have yet to use mine for anything critical, but my wife and I have a big vacation soon, so I’m happy for now to just shoot around town and learn everything I can about it. I just installed Lumix Link last night and tried the remote control, it works great.

      • jake

        a bit on the elitist side, aren’t we…

        • jack sprat

          Yes, Trump and I have lunch twice a week in my cubicle!

          For every nice new gadget, there people who want it and can’t afford it, and they react by trashing it and those who bought it. In fact, one of things they do is called them snobs or elites. But when the price comes down and they can afford it, they buy it, then start praising it through the roof.

          Classic example: RicheHigh, the Pentax guy. Read the comments on his blog from when the Q came out to the point he bought it, and watch how his tone gradually changed as the price lowered. It’s pathetic, as he likes to say.

          There is nothing wrong with the GH3’s price – it’s set at what Panasonic thinks they can get, just like any other product. If it’s too much for your budget or you don’t think it’s worth that much, wait. It will start coming down soon. It’s a great camera. These infantile temper tantrums and rude comments are ALL psychosis over of the current high price, nothing more.

          • jake

            Honestly, I don’t know who RicheHigh is. Nor do I care.

            Anyway, the point is, I’m not fond of people looking down on others based on what they can/cannot afford. Hence my comment.

            GH3? I think it’s a pretty decent camera. Slightly overpriced for what it offers. Owning a Gh1 and Gh2 I got D600 and am very happy with it.

            • jack sprat

              Well, I’m not fond of being judged. I was commenting on the idea of hating something for no other reason than it’s unobtainable, which has nothing to do with social class. I can’t afford a luxury car, but I don’t spend time on automotive forums trashing them and making snide comments at their owners. This is what’s going on with the GH3, here and elsewhere.

              And if you’re going to say “peace”, really mean it, don’t precede it with a veiled insult.

              • Welcome

                Welcome to Olympus MFT rumors (with some Panasonic stuff).com

                Were Panasonic fans can’t have no time in the sun. Where if it’s not shiny, made by OlySony or doesn’t have IBIS, it gets ripped apart and hated on.

                I wonder why the name of this site hasn’t been updated to reflect this yet…

                • Oh poor victim Panasonic users! Luckily when Olympus announces a new lens there aren’t any people complaining about lack of OIS or wrong colors… no no it is all an anti Panasonic conspiracy!

                  • true homer

                    it kinda is. You cant say ONE bad thing about anything olympus around here without being shot 32 times in the chest. When the admin post something positive about panasonic the comment page doesnt reach 15 posts

                    • Heh, there are a few more then 15 posts in this thread…

                      Anyway… there are people who have this silly need to validate their own choices by trash-talking any alternative choices, has nothing whatsoever to do with Panasonic or Olympus or any other brand for that matter.

    • I very nearly bought one, but my next camera has to AF my HG lenses properly. So my OMD continues to be my go to camera, I was so surprised how light the GH3 was.

  • kavat

    …and in Image quality the OMD is clearly better :

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      Comparing JPEGs is pointless. All that matters is RAW, all that ever matters.

      • kavat
        • SPIN

          “When shooting raw however, differences become slight, and the image quality between the two is virtually identical. The Panasonic’s JPEG jaggies do not appear when shooting raw (the same happened with the GF5) and the resulting noise quality is much more organic, similar to the E-M5’s. It seems that the GH3’s sensor, the first in Panasonic’s next-generation G series camera after the E-M5, has stepped up to match the best of what Olympus has to offer.

          Of course, this is only a simple JPEG versus raw performance test between the two cameras. In totality, they are very different tools with unique pros and cons. The Olympus E-M5 has an advanced built-in 5-axis image stabilization for example, but cramped controls. The GH3 has no built-in image stabilization, but has more advanced video shooting features and more luxurious controls in a bigger body.”

          kavat, you’re a TOOL.

        • bert

          all I can see in these raw photos is that I would like the GH3 more. In all photos above 400 up to 6400 you see more details with the GH3, the edges and the pattern are clearer. Or am I wrong..?

          • kavat

            “Again, we see that the Olympus E-M5 seems to capture slightly more detail using the same lens, but the difference is not as apparent as with the JPEGs. Also, the E-M5’s noise patterns are less destructive in raw[…] ”

            Yes you’re wrong!

        • starX

          On your source GH3 firmware 0.05
          Cameralabs GH3 firmware 1.0

      • Photo journalists, professional events and sports photographers and other professionals for whom time really matters care about jpegs a lot. That you only care about raws is fine but doesn’t exactly dictate ‘what matters’.

        • digifan


      • If that were so then cameras would only output RAW, no manufacturer is going to include a cost item that nobody wants, they would leave it out. We all know that is not going to happen and we all know it is not true that even the majority shoot RAW.

  • ckmaui

    I find it funny how people cant accept other things ?
    why is it always one thing and the other options is not good with so many folks ?

    for me its part of a kit ? I have other gear and use it when its best
    FF has its place Med Format backs have their place M4/3 now has its place
    primes and zooms and T/S each has pros cons
    speedlights and studio lights each has there place
    umbrellas and softboxes and reflectors grids etc..

    • street


    • ISO 1638400

      It’s because m4/3 is the best format ever made. It makes all other formats redundant. m4/3 is way better than 135 FF. Once you have m4/3, you don’t need any other system. It’s the best. Don’t question it.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    Yes, please compare the GH3 with its high-level zoom against OM-D & NEX-6 with their kit zooms. That sounds like a totally reasonable thing to do. The GH3 RAws just look worlds better, surely it has nothing to do with being put up against crappy kit lenses.

    • You do realise that the vast majority of people who purchase the cameras you mention, never purchase a second lens, and it is even rarer to purchase a third or fourth lens. This vast majority also only output jpeg. Some, may do jpeg and RAW, as they have heard RAW is better. But most of those do not actually use the RAW file, its to difficult, or of no real interest.
      This is why testers usually use the standard kit zoom that comes with the camera and compare ooc jpegs in their reviews. The biggest audience understands them and they compare them as sold.
      Later more advanced reviews may appear. But these are the ones that seem to be be the butt of praise or derision depending on the writers known position and the readers ‘cast in concrete’ beliefs.

    • My initial response was similar to yours, “this is comparing apples and oranges!”, and from a purely technical point of view, it is.

      But looking at it from another point of view makes this quite a reasonable test, as it compares what you get when buying the ‘single lens kit’ for those cameras. That Panasonic actually includes a much better lens in that kit is true, but you also pay quite a price for that kit, so its all still ‘fair. Which kit gets you the best quality and for what price.

  • miamidallas

    Personally I like smaller cameras if the gh3 was smaller I would per chase. I’m still looking for the right camera for myself small camera with amazing photos and video. When I travel I like to travel light defeats the purpose if you have to purchase two cameras to fit the bill or the camera is to large.I know everyone has their own personal preferences but I believe there are many like myself out there and when one of these companies get the balls to bring everything to the table they will sell like hotcakes. Right now companies are not giving you everything just little minor updates or leaving out features to keep the customer satisfied in little .

    • digifan

      Why not buy E-PL5 then. Very small exchangable grip, same sensor as OMD.
      If Panasonic brings out the GF6/7 with lesser sensor than GH3 one, the PL5 will be my backup/vacation camera, else the GF series is my most desired for those occasions I don’t want to carry a bag with me.

  • Agrivar

    This is more exciting :

    I’ve been following this thread on dpr forums for the past 24 hrs. Exciting stuff. Someone decided to buy a EPM2 and tear it down to look at the Sensor
    What he discovered was a SONY like sensor with similar pattern of markings to the other IMX Sensors that Sony has been supplying the market with..

    He couldnt reach the final confirmation so sent his info to and they replied that it seemed to be a SONY variant. WOW.. Great stuff..

    • WSG123

      Didn’t we kinda know that? Or at least, assume…

    • Martin

      Did you notice that within that thread, somebody referred to another thread ( were somebody opened an EM-5 and found a Matsushita marking on the die. And Matsushita is who? Panasonic…

      • admin

        Yep, and I have seen the E-Pm2 rop off too where it says it’s not a Panasonic:

        I will better wait for official article from Chipworks :)

        • OK. I own up. I have the mother in law making sensors in the garage. She just finished a batch for Oly and is working on a batch for Pany. There are others but that must remain secret at the moment.
          I have news for you, she uses all sorts of logos and brand marks on the sensors. Seems you have only found 2 there are 3 more to find.
          Let the hunt begin.

  • true homer

    How bout this?

    “And like the OM-D E-M5, the NEX-6 keeps pace with the GH3 right the way up to 25600 ISO – but does its larger APS-C sensor deliver lower noise? I’d say not. So a good result here for both Micro Four Thirds cameras which are delivering similar noise levels to the NEX rival.”

  • Philip Broom


    • true homer

      i bet you peed your pants when the nex 6 was announced…

  • m43user

    f2.8 is f2.8, stop doubling it for m43…

  • starX

    GH3 tested @ Cameralabs whit firmware ver 1.0

  • Short Stay

    Man, you guys are a bunch of losers.

  • Diana

    Just bought my lumix from Amazon and got an awesome deal. Anyone can use my promo code here:

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