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Full Panasonic G3 review at CameraLabs!


One of my favorite websites CameraLabs (Click here) posted a final review of the new Panasonic G3. You can find plenty of video you can download in full resolution and image samples and comparisons. And it’s good to hear that they quite enjoy the G3: “The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable cameras I’ve used.“…”I genuinely believe many people who are shopping for their first DSLR would be better-served by something like the Lumix G3. “…”And last but by no means least, the image and video quality is right up there with the best APS-C DSLRs.”

Oh yes, the G3 is really a nice camera!

Click on the following store names to preorder the G3 at Amazon, Adorama and B&H. In Europe at,,, and worldwide on eBay.

  • G3 is really a nice camera?!
    No way! We believe more deeply in leaked rumors from Olympus Marketing Departament than some amateur revievers like CameraLabs…


    • Digifan

      I think, now your being idiotic, and acting very childisch.
      From the beginning everyone emptied their loads of shit over Olympus, very undeserved.
      Maybe you should start your own camera brand.

      • Well you may be right, Olympus certainly not deserves hostility regarding the upcoming products.

        But my sarcasm does not really refer to Olympus – rather to people who already take for granted that the upcoming cameras are much better than GH2/G3. Moreover, they do it just based on some (marketing-flavoured) leaked rumors and on the preconception that “Olympus is driven by photographers, Panasonic by marketing people”.

        Not a really fair approach…

    • dimka

      Do Olympus marketing department (or rumors from there) tells us something bad about Panasonic G3 or GH2? These are excellent products everybody knows it and that’s the reason why Olympus is trying so hard now.
      Sorry, mate, but really, go buy some brain!

      • James

        I think what he’s saying is everyone has been dumping on Panny for the last month, most comments (and they have been) are of the “the new oly will sh*t all over this clearly entry level panny” etc etc (OK, some paraphrasing there….)

        but then again this is specifically a rumour site/forum, I’ve rather enjoyed it. I did get excited at the short lived idea that Oly would build a VF in to the EP3 (I still think this is a worthwhile endeavour, if for no other reason than to distinguish it further from the EPLn. But, whatever, they didn’t so boo for me.)

        I got my G3 last week and am not dissapointed thus far

  • Very impressive. Panasonic has done a nice job indeed.

  • maitani

    wow cool, the G3 is the king in 4/3 sensor image quality for 3 more days

    • Please… Lets behave like adults for once.

  • Brod1er

    Calm down friends. We don’t want tostart another week of I’ll informed Pablo-esque bragging. Panny and Oly are doing a good job and moving things on in mft nicely.

  • Robbie

    G3 is one nice camera!
    But now all my attention is for the 6/30 announcement!!!

  • Panny/Oly? I deal wt a DPR forum, where Oly is under constant attack by Panny henchmen, and I thought I had found a heaven of peace here.

    Not so, it must be either envy or insecurity. There are photographic reasons and ergonomic reasons why one chooses Oly. Or one could choose Fuji or even Leica.

    If you don’t like Oly do the civil thing, like Maitani: disappear from threads about Oly.

    • James

      but this is a thread about panny….

  • admin

    If possible keep the discussion on a rational level. I don’t like fanboy posts or nonsense comments.
    I really hate the idea to block comments!

    • I have to admit that my comment was everything but a really smart move.

      So excuse me, and let’s be happy together for m43 being on the best way to compensate the slightly smaller sensor’s handicap.

    • Elf

      This is a thread about Panasonic…… is it not?

      • Digifan

        True, we need to keep to the topic. No need to bash Olympus for a not yet (officially) existing camera.

  • Elf

    Well then….as a regular four thirds Olympus user if I had not already purchased my GH2. I might very well have bought this camera. It has a built in EVF and a hotshoe to take my FL36r flash. Thats a deal breaker for me I want and often need both. It also has a tilt swivel LCD having one since my first G1 I would find it difficult without it. To have all that with OLY I basically need two cameras and I still won’t have an built in EVF. So like everyone else I await the pro Olympus micro 4/3. In the meantime I really like my GH2 and yes their jpegs are getting better. G3 nice little camera……. sort of an improved GF1 with a built in view finder. Well done Panny.

  • The Master

    I wonder how the G3 feels with the shutter button no longer on the grip and if it is hard to push – hand crampingly so. I also wonder about the movie button put back on the back, like the GH1. I always seemed to hit it when I didn’t want to, with the GH1. The GH2 is much better on top, but I find I hit the other buttons where my thumb rests now. It seems like the GF3 has the most uncluttered body going, with making it a mostly touch screen. I think that may be the way to go for these smaller bodies.

  • Digifan

    I’m interrested in the shutter sound.
    My E-P1 has a dampened but still to loud sound, and my Panny G2 has a “kuh-clack” sound, and I find that that metallic sound is even louder than the E-P1.
    Up to now the E-1 is still the smoothest and most silent I think.

  • onlyme

    There is a lot of positive feeling around the G3.
    Admin, can you try to find out what lens budles there will be with the G3 please?

    • admin


      • onlyme

        Great, thank you :)

  • Olympius

    As a long time Olympus owner and user, I find myself more impressed by what Panasonic had done with micro 4/3 than the route Olympus has taken, in both their camera and lens selection.

    All these very positive reviews of the G3 are quite an accomplishment, as it seems as if it is the very first micro 4/3 camera that can be called a true DSLR replacement, if only at the enthusiast level.

    Glad to see Panasonic doing so well, especially considering they have very little legacy camera experience.

    I’m anxiously awaiting further developments from them, including the GF1 replacement that has been rumored.


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