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Full Nokton 17.5mm review at DSLRmagazine.


The Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 is one of the nicest Micro Four Thirds lenses and it just got reviewed by the Spanish DSLRmagazine (Click here for the google translation). The reviewer Valentin Sama is impressed by the lens quality. Already at full f/0.95 aperture the resolution is very good. You get the highest resolution at f/5.6. The lens has no weakness, it means center and border resolution are on high level at all apertures. A weakness may be the high vignetting at full aperture which is not surprising for such a fats lens. Vignetting almost disappears from f/2.0 upwards. Distortion is negligible if the subject is distant from the camera. Closer you get to the subject more distortion you will see. There is little CA (Chromatic Aberration) and little Astigmatism. In sumamry it’s a pretty soldi lens that is even better than the (alreayd good) Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95.

I think Voigtländer deserves a lot of praise for the two lenses they made for the m43 system! it’s really not easy to find lenses like this (with a high quality and decent price) in any other system (DSLR or Mirrorless)!

So, where to find the 17.5mm lens in Stock? First look at eBay (Click hee to see all acutions). You can find plenty of stores selling the lens. Also BHphoto (Click here) has it in Stock (from June 1st).

  • Miroslav

    Jewel of a lens.

    I wish I had a third kidney…

  • cybervand

    great lens…but it requires a great sum of gold…”would you like to trade 10,000 gold for this lens”…ah no…will five thousand do? ”I’m sorry, but lens that you seek is not available for that amount, would you like a cheaper lens?” NO I DO NOT!!!

  • Alberta

    Panasonic, Olympus, please add focus peaking!! Hopefully when Canon mirrorless enter the market, they will feel the pressure to retain the customers by adding this feature.

    • io

      Let’s hope so. That feature will be very useful for focusing in video.

    • Miroslav


      Maybe they won’t do it on purpose – new lens sales would go down if manual focusing was made easier.

  • Daniel

    Been using this lens for the past few weeks. (Bought mine in Hong Kong). I also have the PL 25mm f/1.4. Generally speaking, I get better pitures out of the PL on a more consistant basis, but my single best shot so far came from the Nokton 17.5mm

    • Vivek

      Links to the images please! If you have anything in public domain. Thanks!

      • Daniel

        I’m in Xiamen rignt now. I don’t have any in public domain, but I’ll upload some tomorrow, once I’m back.

  • Sorry folks, due to technicall reasons, we had to change the URL of the article about the Nokton 17,5 mm f/0,95:

    Original spanish:
    English (Google translated):

    Our apologies

    DSLR Magazine Team

  • Mr. Reeee

    So, they think it’s generally better than the Nokton 25mm! That’s impressive.

    I would love one of these (and even pre-ordered one) but really can’t justify the price. I was lucky enough to get my 25mm f0.95 for the original $899, but $1250 jumps to a whole ‘nother level.

    Maybe some other time….. it’s still DAMN tempting!

  • Camaman

    It is desirable and good, but for a modern lens and MF only at such price I would not exacly call it without flaw.
    Wording like: vignetting almost dissapears by f2.0 (what? that is 2 stops!)
    Maximum sharpness at f5.6 (bye bye dof)
    Distortion is negligible if the subject is small… (like with all other lenses)

    I mean it looks like they are Trying to justify its price and existance.

  • ssgreenley

    I just wish it would pass EXIF data; if not the aperture at least just the focul length and lens info for IBIS and Lightroom…

  • pdc

    Common folks, quit whining about the price – this lens is worth every penny, and in my view a better investment than legacy Leica glass (been there, done that).
    I just completed a wedding video commission at an upscale country club, all shot with the 17.5mm in ambient light (daylight and incandescent). The quality is superb. Wide open you can get purple fringing against backlight, but stop down to f2 or less aperture and it won’t occur. This was not a problem in my clips, even though much of the evening work was shot close to wide open. The clickless aperture ring is perfect for video and with a good solid tripod mounting, continuous aperture adjustments for exposure can be made without a hint of shake.

    • Mr. Reeee

      But for upscale clients, you just bury… I mean… ADD the cost of the lens as an expense, right? ;-)

      It’s absolutely worth it, I just shouldn’t be buying such things right now. :-(

  • dau

    Would buy it in a second if it had autofocus, i suspect the same could be said for the majority of fellow enthusiasts. But at this price and with the option of the supurb 25 1.4 i think this lens will remain a (very interesting) curiosity for most of us.

  • pdc

    Perhaps you’re kidding yourself about the “enthusiast” label. In my book an enthusiast knows as much as a professional but is not dependent on photography to help make a living. Fortunately for Cosina and Ringfoto there are plenty of photographers, both professional and enthusiast, who know how to use manual equipment to advantage over automated equipment. Put another way, automation is often a poor substitute for a skilled operator.

    • mooboy

      In fairness to dau, he didn’t say it applies to pros only.

      I like to call myself a hobbyist, which I guess is really same as enthusiast, and I never had too much interest in the Nokton’s because I heard:
      1) You need to stop it down to at least 1.4 to be sharp
      2) If stopping down to 1.4, may as well get the PL 25mm which has the advantage of auto-focus.

      So, I was patiently waiting for the the PL25 to come back into stock. But, now, I should be getting my nice new Nokton 25mm 0.95 next week :) ‘What changed?’ I hear myself ask. I tried out an OM-D at a local store with an adapted Nokton 50mm 1.1 on it. The focus ring was total lens porn.

      I haven’t done much in the way of manual focus since Canon A1 days, and playing with peaking on a friend’s NEX… so, this will be an interesting, but expensive, test for me.

  • dau

    Im not saying there arent advantages, id just like the option of both for that price!

    • pdc

      Most serious and professional videographers do not use automated lenses, and for good reason. The Nokton 17.5mm is a very significant lens for m43 video work, as is also the Nokton 25mm. Check out to get an idea of how this lens would be used in enthusiast and professional video production.

      • Anonymous

        interesting, and i see your point. and dont get me wrong i can see this is, to use mooboys words, lensporn.
        for me, im definitely more into stills and although i do spend up big on my gear i have to restrain myself sometimes! autofocus and price on the 25mm 1.4 is how i justify it!

      • dau

        This is indeed lensporn, especially for videographers (im more into stills), but i do restrain myself (occasionally), price and lack of autofocus was how i justify it in my head! Dont get me wrong, i still want it!

  • dau

    off topic, but a pretty cool clip from cnet australia

    check it out!

    • pdc

      Nice try CNET Australia!
      It does show how much potential there is in m43, but seriously detailed, saturated images, will always be better off a larger sensor.

      @dau – lensporn maybe, but I encourage you to use manual lenses for some of your stills work too. I do all my close up and macro with strictly manual lenses (Nikkor 55/2.8 Micro P, Schneider Componon on bellows, and of course the Noktons, whose close focussing abilities is often overlooked). For long telephoto I much prefer my honking great Nikkor 300/2.8 over my 100-300 Panny zoom. Having said that I do find the Panasonic 7-14 AF zoom excellent for large document copying.

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