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Full Kodak S-1 Micro Four Thirds camera specs released.


Kodak released the full specs for the KOdak PixPro S-1 Micro Four Thirds camera. Here they are:

Manufacturer Kodak
Image Sensor
CCD pixels 16Mp (Megapixels)
Pixels (W) 4640
Pixels (H) 3480
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size Micro / Four Thirds
Sensor Size (width) 17.3mm
Sensor Size (height) 13mm
Aspect Ratio
  • 4:3
  • 3:2
  • 16:9
LCD Monitor
LCD Monitor 3in
Screen resolution 920k dot
Touch Screen No Data
Focusing modes
  • Autofocus
  • Manual
  • Fixed
  • Face Detection
  • Multi
Exposure Control
Shutter speeds shortest 1/4000sec
Shutter speeds longest 30sec
Exp modes
  • Program
  • Aperture-Priority
  • Shutter-Priority
  • Manual
  • Scene modes
  • Program Variable
  • Centre-weighted – Average
  • Multi Pattern
  • Spot
ISO sensitivity 200 – 12800
White balance
  • Auto
  • Manual
  • Outdoors/Daylight
  • Cloudy
  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Shade
Exposure Comp +/-3
Viewfinder Resolution No Data
Shooting Options
Continuous shooting 5fps
Movie mode Yes
Video Resolution
  • 1920×1080
  • 1280×720 720p
  • 640×480 VGA
Video FPS 30p
Stereo Sound Yes
Optical Zoom with Video Yes
Other Features
Image Stabilisation Yes
Card Type
  • SD
  • SDHC
  • SDXC
File Type
  • RAW
  • JPG
  • RAW + JPG
Power Source
Battery Type Lithium-Ion LB-070 7.4V 1000mAh
CIPA Rating 410
Box Contents
Box Contents Kodak Pixpro SZ ED 12-45mm f/3.5-6.3 AF Lens unit, Battery, P10 flash unit, AC adapter, USB cable, Neck Strap, CD-Rom, Service card, Warranty card, Manual
Weight 290g
Width 115.6mm
Height 68.4mm
Depth 35.6mm

found via ePhotozine

  • Vincent

    Too bad the video is only 30P (no 24/25 fps) and only 2-axis sensor stabilization.

    • Arend

      Doesn’t PAL video mean 25/50 fps?? I’m confused….

      • pizza4D

        Maybe it will record 25 fps in PAL mode and 30 fps in NTSC mode.

      • PAL means it supports 25fps, as for 50fps that is like 60fps from NTSC cameras, is just a higher frame rate which it appears this one unfortunately doesn’t support (but maybe at 720p?).

        Still got a number of other questions about it… does S1 have 24p too? What manual controls does it have? Does it support live HDMI out during recording? Has it got a Mic jack?

        • Vincent

          I beg to disagree. The PAL-feature doesn’t mean it records at 25 fps, just that it can output to a PAL-TV (while dropping or interpolating frames). Olympus camera’s can do that but still have no 25 fps recording option.

          • No, PAL needs to mean more than that, it must mean that it can record flicker free in a PAL country.

      • Cerys

        To be fair to Admin he has not stated it has PAL Video, that information is from a Twitter feed which could be from any source.

        • That “twitter source” is from the official Kodak account, I’d count that as even more accurate than anything the admin says :-)

          • Cerys

            If you are to read one of the links from that Kodak Twitter feed it also states that it has a 14Mp sensor not a 16, which begs the question is any of this list correct. As regards the Twitter feed, anyone could create an account titled KodakPIXPRO, unless Twitter will automatically block it. Though I do appreciate your comment.

          • Cerys
          • Cerys

            Apologies David, just re read that link which is a general link to Kodak range, it does say 16Mp.

      • Ross

        I think it just means it either supports NTSC or PAL from the video out (multi/USB connector or dedicated video socket) as all Olympus cameras would.

  • mister_roboto

    It’s about what I thought it would be… how about price? That can be the deal breaker for this camera.

  • Judging by the video specs, this might be the same sensor as in the Olympus cameras?

    • Dec

      I’d say it is likely that they bought some tech from Oly/Pana to keep their own R&D cost lower.

    • Toe

      Olympus uses Sony sensors, and they’re not backside-illuminated (BSI) like this Kodak has.

      • Boooe

        Who has ever said this camera has BSI sensor?
        I am sure they’d stress it in ads it if were.

        • Toe

          Just about everything they’ve put out mentions it. See some previous posts on this camera.

  • BLT

    That is one Fugly camera.


    I wonder if that pricing is accurate? I hope not.

    Otherwise a Panasonic G6 or Olympus E-PM2 or E-PL5 will surely end up looking like a much more attractive option.

    • heh, the commenting system stripped out my quote from the article:
      “The Kodak PixPro S1 will be available, the firm says, in April. An entry-level kit is currently priced at $499, while the more advanced two-lens kit will cost $599.”

      Maybe that price might perhaps work if it is just the RRP, and the real street level prices quickly drops much lower.

  • agreed on the fugly-factor. Early pics of the camera looked pretty sexy and space-shuttle-like with a back and white lens mounted, but the final design turned out to be less appealing – especially with the hotshot flash. angles are too sharp and overall it looks clumsy.

    Still, it might be a decent alternative to some of the smaller Oly/Pana cameras if the quality of the performance and images turns out to be good enough.

  • Toe

    ePhotoZine just did a review of one of their bridge cameras. In a nutshell: “Image quality is poor.”

    Maybe the S-1 will be halfway decent, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I’d be really surprised if it’s even nearly as good as a Nikon 1.

    • pizza4D

      That one has a 1/2.3″ sensor, though.

      • C. C.

        No, the V1 has a 1″ sensor.

  • jim

    Nothing making me think about it over an EM5, UNLESS…the sensor is class leading giving at least 1/2 stop better DN or Noise – then we will all want one :)

    • Michael

      doesn’t look like an EM-5 competitor, right?

    • digifan

      What a BS, it’s an entry level camera, in what world does that compete with an E-M5.
      You have to compare it to an E-PM2 and a GF7

      • jim

        What Price is this one?

        £400 for EPL5 currenly.
        £700 for EM5

  • Michael

    Sound like… a camera?

  • Sounds like you see the tree but non the forest.

    Now m4/3 has FOUR camera makers, an unsinkable system and possibly an unexpensive one. I dearly hope it invades China and India.

    If so it would be the beginning of decline for C&N.

    At any rate money well spent for us.

    • ronin

      Here we go again. Badge engineering- existing components with a ‘Kodak’ label although no Kodak factory- 16mp (duh, it’s micro 4/3, what else?) and after four years of unsuccessfully, nay desperately, declaring Nikon and Canon dead, we declare it all over again and proclaim Kodak puts the final nail in their coffin.

      I’m sure Nikon and ACanon are shaking in their boots over Kodak.

      • Tom

        While I tend to agree that this is not scaring anyone, I have to wonder why you keep coming back to this site. You must have some secret crush on m43

      • jim

        No they probably don’t fear Kodak – But I bet they do fear m43 system…

    • Froggy

      It may be good for m43 only if quality and reliability are OK.
      In other terms, we need descent entry level cameras, I hope Kodak won’t fail.

      • Andrew

        True, though it does seem more promising than early prototypes. As long as it is on par with the GF line I think we’re OK.

        And it is a good sign that Kodak decided to go with a 4/3 sensor, when they could have just as easily gone APS-C, or 1″, or even something oddball like 2/3″ or 1.5″.

    • jim

      Your right – this is the closest to an open system and if China go with it then the rest become less strong… and hopfully then China will knock off every lens, circuit and accesory for m43 stuff BIG TIME :)

    • Yes, with four manufacturers now about to be making and selling m4/3 cameras (Panasonic, Olympus, Blackmagic Design, and now Kodak) it seems the future for Micro Four Thirds is absolutely glowing!

      As undoubtedly mirrorless is the way of the future, and out of all the mirrorless systems Micro Four Thirds has a huge lead in terms of range of cameras/lenses/etc for it, with only Sony coming close in a distant second place.

      Thus clearly m4/3 is the safe bet for future investments!

  • It’s an E-PM2 in a different shell, perhaps designed for the Chinese market. The kit lens is very similar to the Olympus 14-42IIR, maybe even based on an Olympus patent.

    • Pellevin

      Since it is equipped with a Olympus 14-42 lens on the pictures above it is not surprising that it looks like it…

      • oops…

      • digifan

        Those were the mockups, don’t be lazy and look up the final it has a 12-45mm F3.5-F6.3 lens, not an Oly lens at all.

  • dolbydunn

    ” I dearly hope it invades China and India.

    If so it would be the beginning of decline for C&N.”

    amalric, I can understand why someone may desire bargain-basement prices on Chinese, and Indian manufactured goods, but why hope for the decline Canon and Nikon?

    This is silly talk. Nikon & Canon haven’t harmed anyone and these great Companies aren’t going anywhere. ALL photographers owe Canon & Nikon a debt of gratitude for developing cameras to such a high state of refinement.

    Can’t you still take pictures if Canon & Nikon remain in business? Why does your desire to take pictures with the cheapest gear on Earth require Canon and Nikon to decline?

    • Svenlovesflo

      Well , I feel Nikon has harmed D600 owners by not owning up to the fact that they created a poorly designed camera…should have recalled all D600’s and given every owner of the d600 a free D610…well that would cost them out of pocket a bit but I think that would have showed me they cared about their customers…after this fiasco…I sold all my Nikon DSLR gear and switched sides…but I did keep my Nikon 1 V1 which is a nice little system…just don’t expect full frame results

      • dolbydunn

        I agree with your assessment that Nikon owes D600 owners an EVEN exchange or a minimal expense trade-up to the Nikon D610.

        Likewise, Olympus, with their squirrelly behavior concerning the defective 12-40mm f2.8 “bump” zoom lens.

        These companies need to be willing to admit mistakes and insure that their customers don’t suffer for Corporate mistakes.

      • Clubber lang

        You are kidding yourself if you honestly believe you are being looked out for by any large company.

    • yaa

      I’d think it is sbout breaking canikon’s strangle-hold onto the market, not so much about them going out of business.

      • dolbydunn

        Breaking “Canon and Nikon’s stranglehold”, . . . REALLY???, with the cheapest piece of junk in the entire m4/3 eco-ystem, you expect to challenge the dominance of Nikon & Canon?

        Purely delusional thinking. Watch the NFL games or perhaps the upcoming Super Bowl. When you see nothing but Canons and Nikons and huge lenses, somehow, you can imagine a scenario where a super-chintzy piece of Chinese crap will batter down the GREAT cameras of the world, so that Oly can rule and reign?

        Get a Life.

  • SaltyCDogg

    It’s good to see Kodak drawings on their decades of experience making disposable cameras to make this quality item.

  • Linux Tuxfriend

    Shortest shutter speed 1/4000 sec. …

    • SaltyCDogg

      Same as nearly every MFT camera

    • digifan

      Same even as the new Fuji X-T camera, so what gives?

  • Dius

    Anyone noticed the new kit lens?

    Kodak Pixpro SZ ED 12-45mm f/3.5-6.3 AF Lens unit

    Hopefully a small and inexpensive WA-alternative

    • Andrew

      If the quality is decent at the wide end, that would be a nice lens. Provided it is around $100-$150, since you can often find a used or refurb 12-50 for $200.

      Though I’m still waiting for the price on the Panny 12-32 to come down, since I’d love a pancake form.

  • chronocommando

    The pictures do not belong to the source article.
    The WiFi feature is not listed in the feature overview but in the details.

    It does not look bad for the first shot.

  • Svenlovesflo

    Nothing earth shattering here…but it is nice to have another micro four thirds manufacturer…should help to grow the system….I am looking forward to the 400mm 4.0

  • It says WiFi. What comes with that?

    • Ross

      Olympus OIShare?!? ;)

  • Matt

    This is great news! Another manufacturer of M43 camera and M43 lenses. This could be the most important breakthrough yet, if this brand means more sales to the poorer countries and hence a large market share for M43.

  • ricardo

    CCD or CMOS sensor?

    • Ross

      CMOS & it is probably the same as the E-M5 ones, since it comes from Sony

      • Ross

        That is, the E-M5 one comes from Sony.

        • digifan

          This one’s not from Sony it’s backlit CMOS

    • digifan

      CMOS back-lit

  • peevee

    This is E-PL5. Or E-PL6 if it has WiFi.

  • Eddy43 badged EPL-5’s for the US market.

  • I don’t hold a grudge with C&N for the simple reason that I never felt the urge of owning one!

    At the moment though they hold back technology with their stranglehold in at least two continenents, so one can but hope that at least in Asia, technology travel further and prices improve.

  • dolbydunn

    People, Do NOT deceive yourselves . . . . Watch carefully the photographers on the sidelines at the Super Bowl. You will see NOTHING except Canon & Nikon.

    That is the FACTS. The relative COST of such high-end equipment is, evidently, not a hindrance to Pro Photographer’s who MUST capture the highest possible image quality.

    Nikon and Canon are not blocking progress. Rather they have pushed the technology to a point where Oly bullyboys can only cry in their Cheap-Chinese “Like Beer”.

    • World has grown suddenly bigger than Superbowl, twice as big. Expect big growth of m4/3 to go with it…
      That’s what happened in SE Asia… Why are you here BTW? LOL

      • dolbydunn

        I visit this site regularly because I like and use m4/3 format and I am interested in the growth of the m4/3 system.

        However, I am not married to any format or system. I like ALL the different formats and cameras. I am currently fascinated with the Fuji x100s (but haven’t used one yet).

        Having once been very favorable toward Olympus cameras, I am concerned that excessive zeal on the part of Olympus fans, (and subsequent infighting), is damaging the over-all appeal of the m4/3 camera system. Excessive bullying of high-end manufacturers to make cheaper and cheaper and cheaper gear will NOT satisfy anyone’s lust for Olympus to be “the king”, or “the undisputed champion”, or “demi-god” of the camera moment. It will ONLY produce more junky, plastic, fall-apart lenses etc.

        I understand the pride that folks have in their carefully chosen “brand” and gear, what I have more difficulty understanding is the brand-bickering, and the desire to see more successful camera makers “decline”.

    • jim

      That is Merica….

      In the rest of the world the ethos of bigger is better is not so ingraied and access to m43 kit is better… not that you will see m43 at the Olympics but that superbowl is gonna be a N/C dominated setup.

      Also there is somthing about if your pro people want to see where their money is going… and m43 hardly delivers on the wow factor!
      But m43 is as good as any system avalible just 8yrs ago… but still if I took a time machine and went back with a full m43 setup people would dismiss it as “too small” to be a serious camera. – that is the problem, not the ability or technology.

    • Toe

      …none of which has anything to do with this camera. Go away, troll.

      • dolbydunn

        Most visitors to this site are, presumably, micro4/3 users. I own the GH3, GX7, & GM1. So I frequent this site a few times each day to stay abreast of m4/3 happenings.

        I am NOT a “Troll” as some shallow readers have accused me, although, this tripe deserves to be “trolled”. . . it’s just too silly to stand. I cannot believe the dismal level of discussion on MOST of the m4/3 blogs.

        When I check out the Fuji Rumors site, I don’t see all the ugliness against other camera makers. Fuji users are all excited about their new X-T1 etc, . . . I don’t see anything there against Panasonic, or Leica, or Canikon, nor even Olympus. Why are Oly users sooooo defensive and thin skinned and . . . hateful?

        I am ALL IN for any improvements in m4/3. Furthermore I would hope that all m4/3 users would rejoice in the multiplicity of our choices rather than berating Camera & Lens makers to lower their standards to “our” level or to accommodate “our” budget.

        AND, we simply MUST move beyond calling everyone who isn’t in the tank for Olympus – a “troll”.

        • Toe


          Maybe you somehow failed to notice, but this is an article about the Kodak S-1. Are you going to say anything at all about this camera, or just troll some more? ;)

          • dolbydunn

            I am not interested in bottom of the range cameras.

            • Toe

              But yet you still take the time to troll on articles about them. How nice of you.

              • dolbydunn

                You’ve asked me twice to go away. I am still here. Maybe YOU are the “troll”.

                Why don’t you learn to defend your position without resorting to sophomoric name-calling and other bullying tactics.

                I have tried to restrain some of the most noisome voices on the internet by appealing to reason, . . . not exactly the strong suit of Olympus fanatics.

                • Seriously…?

                  The irony of you statement, considering what you wrote in response to yaa’s comment above, telling him/her to “Get a Life.”

  • n3eg

    I’m not impressed. Cheap, yes – but compare it to an E-PL5 kit with an Eye-Fi card and you’re better off with Oly. Plus the battery is 1000 mAh vs. Oly’s verified 1600 – typical Chinese cells. I do like the way it looks though, and I’ve had good experiences with BSI CMOS – but with a one year plus wait, they’re already way behind.

    Now if they could just have Asia Optical make some cheap fast primes…

    • Yes, Chinese optics are coming and they are another interesting side of the matter. See SLRMagic, burgeoning from nothing, and improving quality all the time.They can still afford all metal and glass construction, and have fairly good engineering.

      Optics are a great equalizer across the Planet, but work prices are still v.different. M4/3 is v. well placed for penteration in China and India, but its prices must be accordingly low.

  • boingo

    What is “Program Variable”?

  • These are TERRIBLE product photos. The lighting is horrible and the fronts of the lenses are not even in focus. You really don’t want to buy a camera from a company which can’t take good photos of its own products. Scroll down and look at the photo of the GX7 with the Nocticron on it. Now, THAT is a product photo.

    • You seem to forget the first photos, usually sneaked ones, for the E-M5, E-M1 and GX-7 shots (and others back for years) taken by enthusiastic sales bods from HK highrise and other places world wide. They were all bl00dy awful.
      Its not until there are a range of photos on Flickr that one can see the real ability and output of the cameras. I exclude ALL the pixel peeper reviewes (excl the real shot reviewers) as one cannot and does not take photos as they do.

  • tOM

    Will it even get to be on sale before Nikon sue for using the same name as their camera? Cynical provocative & unnecessary marketing decisions like this really make me distrust everything about this camera, which is a shame because I would like to welcome another m43 manufacturer.


    Good news, the Kodak S1 has a mic jack input!

    Doesn’t do live HDMI out though:

    But hopefully the rest of this camera holds up as a decent choice for filmmaking.

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