Full GH3 image and specs leak. And you can preorder the GH3 at Samys!


Full specs, price images can be see now at Samsy (Click here). You can already preorder the camera! And here are the specs:


The Panasonic DMC-GH3 Lumix Body (Black), is a new and highly evolved model from LUMIX, creator of the world’s first digital single lens mirrorless (DSLM) camera.

The body has been engineered to incorporate a 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor, a 4-CPU Venus Engine, and a newly designed low-pass filter. The creative expression made possible by these innovations, render even the finest textures in intricate detail, breaking new ground in photographic realism. The new model also features Contrast AF with a high level of response. And its magnesium alloy frame is tightly sealed to resist splashes and dust, making the DMC-GH3 rugged enough to withstand the rigors of professional use.


  • 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • Double OLED Display
  • Splash/Dustproof Design
  • Full-HD Progressive
  • Smartphone or Tablet Linking

In addition to supporting a wide range of recording formats, the DMC-GH3 features a special heat-dispersing design for extended high-quality recording. Its specifications match those of many professional cameras, ensuring that it meets the demands of video field work. The LUMIX GH3 was designed from the ground up to provide seamless multi-media performance for both stills and videos. It may well be the world’s first camera to please professional photographers by offering them the best of both.

The DMC-GH3 features a 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor with a level of sensitivity that produces flowing gradation from shadows to highlights. High resolution and a wide dynamic range create truly stunning images that look like you could reach out and touch them. High-sensitivity ISO 12800 (extended: ISO 25600) and extensive noise reduction give you remarkable images even in dim lighting.

In the DMC-GH3’s Contrast AF system, the image sensor doubles as the AF sensor to resist any mechanical margin of error. Compared with Phase Difference AF, the focusing is precise even at small F-numbers. A faster sensor and engine also achieve a higher focus detection speed than most traditional DSLR models.

The DMC-GH3 gives you 1920 x 1080 60p [NTSC] / 50p [PAL] Full-HD recording. Progressive scanning records every frame, so the amount of data contained is twice that of interlace scanning, and the images have extremely high definition.

The Wi-Fi(R) function lets you use a smartphone* to make settings and press the shutter button remotely, a short distance from the camera. The auto transfer function is handy for automatically backing up photos onto a tablet. This lets you monitor them on the tablet without having to upload them to a PC. You can also start timer interval video recordings from a smartphone. And you can use GPS data to simultaneously record the shooting location onto your images.

Effective Megapixels 16.05 Megapixels
Megapixels 17.20 Megapixels
Image Sensor Live MOS/17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect ratio)
Sensitivity 200 – 12800
Storage Media SD Secure Digital
Compatible Memory Card SD, SDHC, SDXC
Lens Mount Micro Four Thirds mount
Lcd Monitor Type OLED Monitor with static touch control
Lcd Screen Size 3.0 in.
Computer Interface USB 2.0 High Speed
Lens Focal Length Multiplier Micro Four Thirds (2x Crop Factor)
Maximum Shutter Speed 1/4000
Exposure Modes Program AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual
Shutter Speeds 60 – 1/4000th
Builtin Flash Yes: Auto, Auto/Red-eye Reduction (when iA, iA+), Forced On, Forced On/Red-eye Reduction, Slow Sync., Slow Sync./Red-eye Reduction
Battery Li-ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1860mAh)
Dimensions 132.9 x 93.4 x 82.0mm / 5.23 x 3.68 x 3.23 in
Weight Approx. 470g / 16.58 oz (Body only)
Auto Focus Contrast AF system
Flash Type TTL Built-in-Flash
Red Eye Reduction yes
Continuous Shooting Speed 6 fps
Weather Proof no
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Incandescent, Flash, White Set 1, 2, Color temperature setting
Video Resolution 1080 Full HD
  • Farrukh

    Have to say I rather like it, both design and feature set. If the next Olympus pro camera doesn’t come soon, this one will be my next upgrade.

    • mpgxsvcd

      Pre-order link does not work. Anyone else tried to pre-order it yet?

  • On the list!

  • ,

    No more multiaspect!

    • agachart

      wait to see resolution (4:3/16:9/3:2) !!!

    • ha

      Multi aspect isn’t mentioned on their GH2 pages too

      • I understand, but the the GH2 sensor is 18mp and this is not so even if it is multi it doesn’t sound the same.

        • ha

          If 1:1 mode is gone 16:9 and 3:2 may still be available.

    • tom

      16.05 megapixels in 4×3 and true multiaspect requires at least 17.5 megapixels, not 17.2. Possible they have partial multiaspect, maybe 2.03 or 2.04 crop in 16 x 9.

  • Anna Sassin

    If this had a 14-140 kit I’d of preordered it 10 seconds ago!

  • GS1

    no weather proof ?

    • ha


      Splash/Dustproof Design

      • GS1

        seems to be wrong in the specification:
        Weather Proof no

        • hybridcamrev

          Not wrong. Samy’s sets the bar high for weatherproofing. Magnesium alloy Canon 5D MkIII, Nikon D800 and Sony A99 are also listed as “Weatherproof: no” by Samy’s. Only the completely weatherproof Pentax K30 is listed as “Weatherproof: yes”. A “Dust and Splash proof” Magnesium alloy body may not cut it for Samy’s – but it’s good enough for me to take the GH3 out in drizzle – which used to petrify me with the GH2 :)

          • Doug

            Samy’s doesn’t mention weatherproofness for the OMD…. wonder why not…. it sure is!

  • agachart

    4 venus cpu that suck battery

    • ha

      Battery is up to 1860 mAh (from 1200 on GH2)

      • really hope the Gh2 battery can still be used!

        • spam

          It’s against Panasonic company policy to allow use of older batteries in new models (I know, sometimes they forget it).

        • No brainer answer : no.

  • ha

    Sensor seems to be similar to GH2: Oversized, so could still be multi aspect but with 1:1 mode.

    OM-D sensor is listed as 16.1 mega effective and overall, so no Sony inside…

  • Andrei

    Not a lot heavier. According to the Panasonic website, the GH2 body is 444 grams.

    • Fabian

      GH2 body only is 392g, so the GH3 is quite a bit heavier. The GH3 is also longer, taller and wider.

  • Cufios

    Disappointed! Sounds like a load of marketing Bullocks! HDR Sensor but the low iso starts from 200? If the HDR Part is true, it sounds like a lot of software manipulation. Also disappointed with the max shutter speed of 1/4000. Specs wise (except the video), I Don’t see this any different from EM5. Too bad, I was hoping for more than this. Also, the price is 1300$ body only? No thanks, I’ll stick with EM5 and see what the Pro-OMD has to offer. Hopefully more revolution than what we see above.

    • spam

      Of course it’s a load of marketing Bullocks. That’s what press releases are. Still looks like an excellent upgrade to me.

    • Also very disappointed with max shutter 1/4000 and Low ISO 200 (extended to 100 I assume – but still disappointing).

      • Bronica

        Shutters with 1/8000 are simply to big for this body.

        That’s the reason that the Leica R8 was much bigger than the Leica R7.

        • TheGabb3r

          Why is there no ISO 100, (low-ISO 50 would’ve been cool too)? I love both these for slow photography, pro bodies should at the very least be 100 ISO.

  • V4Vendetta

    Some expensive, not?

    • Sqweezy

      Yes, the price is disturbing.

      GH3 body = $1,300
      NEX-6 body = $850

      The NEX-6 is more compact but still has a larger sensor!
      What is Panasonic offering to justify the $450 premium?

      • cork

        What? I think that the price is surprisingly good; some predictions had been up to $2,000 body-only. $1300 for a camera with this level of video is unheard of – this, along with the OM-D, will really promote the m4/3 format! No downsides.

        • I agree the price is acceptable.

        • Voldenuit

          $1300 is expensive when the D600 is FF for $2100 and has 4:2:2 HDMI output. 60% more expensive and 65% heavier but 300% larger sensor.

          I won’t be buying a D600, but the G5 and E-M5 (which I thought was overpriced) are looking more attractive to me now. Don’t get me wrong, the GH3 sounds like a fantastic video-centric camera, but it’s not ground-breaking value.

      • leov74


        Canon T4i (APS-C)= $773.33

      • Mike1

        Can’t compare with nex6 which is a toy for casual use. By the way I own a nex5n so I know. It seems that GH3 is designed as a pro tool like the Oly E5. If it’s really as what is described, then $1200 is not too bad. Of course I would hold on a bit to wait for the price to come down perhaps under $1000.

        • leov74

          That’s what I expect, under $1000

      • wayne wong

        hey there, let’s do a math, GH3=EM5-IBIS+wifi features+awesome video functions=Nex 6 picture quality(pretty close indeed)+Ergonomics+awesome video functions=1299.99, I’d say it’s a reasonable price

        if you are a pure photographer, just skip this camera and look for something else, if you are a videographer or both, this is the right thing for you

        • leov74

          Maybe you’re right Wayne, but according to my math:




          Get it?

    • IHUR

      What a Mid Level DSLR look and Price, but take a look at that tiny sensor in the middle

      You spend energy carrying this camera, yet you’re actually carrying that tiny little sensor inside, with IQ that will never touch current dslr models.

      And pay $1300 for that

      • wayne wong

        ok, just don’t buy it

  • wayne wong

    still have to wait for the offical website to see the whole specs

    • hybridcamrev

      If Canon can still charge $1500 for the 3 year old magnesium alloy 7D still/video camera with its moire, fixed LCD and 12 minute clip length limit, I would expect to pay more for a magnesium alloy camera with 1080/60p, a headphone jack, no moire and essentially unlimited continuous video recording.

      Instead Panasonic is asking for $200 *less*? I will, of course, wait to see whether its still and video image quality are as good as they seems to be – and I will look for the best deal I can find before I buy one – but this is certainly a reasonable price for a camera in this class.

  • Napilopez

    Yea, I’d say wait for official specs. I mean, they list it as not being weather proof. Granted, we don’t know how extensively it’s really sealed, but it’s at the very least dust and splash proof, as noted by Panny themselves. They also list minimum sensitivity as 200, which goes against previous leaks(plus, all other panny cams have had 160 as the lowest right?). Nor do they mention the extended iso 25600 mentioned in the press release.

  • GH3

    yeap fuck it too expensive for me especially when you add the 17.5mm voigtlander, am gonna just build a new workstation!!.

  • Joey G

    Much better video, wifi tethered operation, better jpegs (I hope), light and small body, price kept low–what’s to complain about? I hope it has headphone monitoring. As for lenses, where’s the super telephoto? A 200-400 3.5 with OS (kept small, of course) would be nice.

  • looks damn huge, and its also heavy (470g w/o batt/sd)

    • OMG! – it’s 2.5 ounces heavier than a GH2.

  • The DMC-GH3 offers 1920 x 1080 60p
    They are so quiet now, I melt, I was hoping on this!
    I think i buy one for videomaking! :)

  • people are never satisfied…

    • For over $1,000 I expect IS0 100 and 1/8,000 shutter speed, and a 1/250 shortest sync speed.

      There’s no mention of an electronic shutter, which the G5 has as an option (no flash).

      Global shutter remains elusive.

      • Andre

        Not even the new Nikon D600 has a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 sec…

        • Even the Nikon F801 in 1988 and F/N90 in 1991 had 1/8000 sec. The F801 was an amateur camera, and the N90 was a semi-pro model.

          Progress isn’t what it used to be! ;-)

    • This is a nice camera, but its not leaps and bounds over the GH2 in photography so it has to stand on its Video Merits – which are nice, okay, good, etc but not great.

      Nikons – Yes more expensive D600 & D800 but you CAN get uncompressed out of them.
      BMCC – For just a little more than twice the price you can play toe-2-toe with the big boys with Raw recording and they just announced a m43 mount which will likely ship around the same time as this camera.

      So if you don’t have $3000 in your pocket and just want to do a 1:1 swap in your video work with the GH2, sure this is a good upgrade. However its not a stellar jump (60p is nice though) when you consider the Hacked GH2 can go higher than 72Mbps…

      Just Saying…

  • I hope the GH3 has some tricks up it sleeves these features sound very canikonesque ie very boring :-[ think it will be the E-M5 or the O-MD pro for me….

    • Nawaf

      I would love to know what the O-MD Pro is like.. but would it use the same battery? The current one isn’t great at all.

      The only feature that’s missing on the E-M5 is the phone remote shutter release thing and tablet transfer. Eye-fi is great but would be much simpler if integrated.

  • infi8

    Price is a bit on the high side, I shall wait and reconsider for the option of canon rumored entry level full frame…

    • Andre

      Personally, I don’t expect Canon to release a FF camera, which is lower priced than the D600… What I’m trying to say is, I understand your point, but I expect that the price of a new entry level FF will be a bit on the high side, too. Just look at the price of the 5D Mark III… Maybe I am wrong, but I feel that camera body prices increased over the past years.

  • lel

    GH3 is a video camera people, accept it already if you’re buying it for photos you’re doing it wrong.

    • Sarek


      • At least from the point ov view of ergonomy, the “best still camera” E–M5 is not even in the same ballpark with GH3. So cannot understand what’s wrong with using this as a still camera.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Copying design limits of World War II era tech isn’t ergonomics.

          Without Panasonic’s G/GH serie m4/3 wouldn’t have been much any system.

          Least bad ergonomics out of m4/3 bodies was one major reason why I got GH2 and if Olympus can’t move forward from era when The Flintstones was popular show IBIS alone isn’t going to get them any money from me.

    • Nick

      Dunno, I’ve been using the GH2 solely for stills for 18 months and its been fantastic… I don’t imagine the GH3 will be any less of a performer…

      • Mr. Reeee

        The GH2 is a fantastic stills camera, so I’d expect the GH3 to be even better.

      • Same here!

      • V4Vendetta

        I dont get satisfaction with my GH2 in photo still, in video is another history, a great machine. Do you have some flickr album?

    • MikeH

      It does both fine, lel, you just have to press the bigger button rather than the red button. I know it is a lot to ask of someone.

  • George T

    lol at price
    sony will kill entire m4/3 business
    and it will happen very quickly most of you guys won’t have time to sell your gear

    • homer

      well georgie boy, we’ve been waiting on that for years now. When is this gonna happen? because I only see more and more companies making lenses fro micro 4/3s and more and more companies interested in the mount. Even blackmagic decided the canon mount on their cinema cam was silly and decided to do a passive m4/3s mount.
      But just for the heck of it..whos gonna be the m4/3s killer? yet another nex body with no lenses to go with it? even the 9 months old fuji mount has more lenses on the roadmap for this year! delusional sony fanboys…
      And to everyone else, I get paid for stills using the GH2, and I will get the GH3 for the stills side of things, once you pull your nose out from 3 inches from the screen and stop viewing photos at 300%, they are massively capable.

    • Rutrem

      :) ah yeah, yeah, if where referring to Canikon then the statement could be a little true, at least of my point of view.In the last year,electronics and photo stores around me, have cut at least at 50% their Canikon gear and replaced with Oly/Pana/Sony… so from my point of view the future is compact and mirrorless sys camera.
      Sony Pana and Oly are here on the same track…and i think m4/3 has an advantage becouse of the same system and compatibile lenses. Sony can not deliver that amount of lenses Oly/Pana can.

  • SteB

    The biggest news is that the sensor has built in PDAF as I’ve not seen it mentioned elsewhere.

    • Sqweezy

      Really?… Where did you read that?
      Under “Auto Focus” it says “Contrast AF System”.

      • SteB

        My bad, I skim read it. On reading it again I see that it says on sensor AF, and talks about phase detection, but only in comparison to. Given that PDAF sensors are starting to appear on sensors I misread it. Although there’s no doubt there’s a bit of clever copywriting going on to give the impression that there’s something on the sensor doing the focusing, like the new cameras with PDAF built into the sensor.

    • Rutrem

      ??? really , that would be great!

  • Matt

    I enjoy everyone here complaining about a camera offering 1080p in a 72mb/s All-I codec for under 2k. It’s absolutely amazing and everything I would’ve wanted out of this. If you don’t need video, of course, this camera is not for you, so quit yer whining.

    • Sarek

      I agree completely! The video specs are amazing.

  • Nick

    My god, its 26g heavier than the GH2 – Micro Four Thirds is obviously going to die…

  • Nick

    Interested to see that the sensor has more spare pixels than the GX1/G3 but less than the GH2… Still no definite word on the multi-aspect sensor (biggest GH selling point over the EM5 for me…)

    • homer

      it is multi aspect

      • Nick

        Got a link to confirm this?

        • homer

          Oh gosh Im so sorry, I really meant to write its NOT multi aspect. its not.

          • Ragnarok

            Got a link to confirm this?

          • Nick

            What Ragnarok said…

  • AndersM

    Any news on the XLR accessory?
    Was this ever 100% confirmed? I haven’t seen it mentioned in a long time…

  • BCK

    Hopefully the identical-sized sensor means its still multi-aspect! even though the gross pixel count is a megapixel smaller??

  • Rutrem

    Damn! Its ugly as Hell, looks like some cheap Sony Alpha dSLR!
    I dont know if anyone can complain now as was before about the look of G and GH series… GH3 looks really messed up and designed quickly and without ergonomics in mind. All those buttons are all slammed around randomly.
    GH1-2 and G1-3 have much better space usage.

    • Andre

      As far as I know Panasonic talked to pro photographers about the design of the GH3. So, I don’t expect the ergonomics to be worse.

    • Nick

      Looks a very solid interface to me…

    • Sqweezy

      The grip looks much bigger than the GH2 so if anything, I’d expect better ergonomics. Also, I think the majority of people who plan on buying the GH3 will appreciate the extra buttons they added.

    • Rutrem

      …what i dont like is a lot of empty spaces, the stereo mic seams a little to small, and to hidden. The old levers around the mod dials are a much better solution… the only lever that i dont liked on the GH2 and feels flimsy is the on/off..and that one remained on the new camera.
      I dont care if the new camera is little bigger,becouse u get a splash/dustproof camera and better build body. But the buttons disposition are
      not that well ordered… 3 buttons-ISO,Exp. comp,Wb, near a wheal and shutter release , well u will be really busy with one finger while the other 4 will just grabbing the camera :)

    • Agreee, much uglier than E–M5 or even G3/G5, but the ergonomy seems to be simply stunning. And ultimately that’s why a pro camera is built for.

      • Rutrem

        yeah but GH3 have lost one lever with 4 direct controls, and very important auto focus controls

        • Negative: just watch around The AE-L/AF–L button.

      • (deleted by user)

    • Well, the GH line of cameras has always been ugly :) And that comes from a GH2 owner.

      On the other hand, for what I can see, the ergonomics will be a million years better than the GH2. Most buttons are recessed, the “empty space” is actually good, so you can hold the camera without pushing buttons and changing settings without noticing.

      What can I say. The camera is not sexy, it is a functional design, sort of like a scaled down 7D or something. But it really seems to be a better design for people that actually use their cameras in the field as opposed to armchair photographers…

      My biggest question is: what’s with the “high dynamic range” sensor? I see people complaining about design, this, that, but, hey, the sensor of the camera is the heart of the imaging chain. I want to know more about it. And please, I hope panny has improved white balance and the color output of the camera, as the GH2 colors are plain fugly ooc.

      • +1

      • SLOtographer

        Scaled down 7D is a good description. It’s a workhorse. People who want to look good with their camera can use the same darn lenses and pick up a PEN or go with a Fuji.

        This is clearly a “horses for courses” scenario. The GH3 is aimed at people who want pro features. The DSLR designs have evolved to where they are today based on research on ergonomics millions of users. The results, given the purpose of this camera, shouldn’t be a surprise.

    • Florin

      I do not agree with you, Rutrem. Actually, I think it has the best ergonomics around. Just look for those many F-buttons and for the buttons from the top and you will agree. Uglyness it is a matter of taste, but ergonomics it is another aspect. It has more serious grip and this is a good thing also.

  • Alex

    Looks good. Love the thumb-wheels. But the spec and images don’t show the external connections… Audio input is 3.5mm the rumors say – but what about a headphone jack? And what about the 50Mbps / 72Mbps bitrates? Is it 4:2:2 or 4:2:0?

    • RAS

      No way in hell it’s 4:2:2. You don’t think that would be plastered over all of the press releases and leaks if it were?

  • Sqweezy

    I ‘m looking forward to the pricing for the GH3 + 12-35 f/2.8 X kit.

    If both the camera and lens retails for $1,300. Then the sum of the parts would be $2,600. Obviously, there will be a discount for buying both items together, but I think it’s a stretch to hope for a combo at 2,000.

    Maybe $2,249 for the X kit?

    • leov74

      I’d rather pay $ 2,700 for the FF D600

      • Mr. Reeee

        A hand truck and chiropractor for the D600 are extra. ;-)

        • leov74


      • Sqweezy

        Gotta admit, I’m a huge fan of micro four thirds’ smaller size and lighter weight. But based on price alone, it’s awful compelling to pay $2,700 for a camera with a full frame sensor versus ~$2,249 for a sensor that’s only a quarter of the size!
        Maybe if we all wait awhile, Panasonic’s sales numbers will pale in comparison to it’s higher spec’ed competitors and we’ll be able to buy the GH3 kit for less than $2k. Perhaps only after a few months…

        • IHUR

          Selling number and popularity isn’t everything

          Just because some cameras sell well, doesn’t mean they’re good

          With $1300 you’ll get this semi-pro DSLR-look camera, yet forget not,

          that tiny sensor that you will carry shooting some subjects/even that may only be once in a lifetime.

          Photos that have IQ never on par with semi-pro DSLR

          • Andre

            Please go to http://blog.mingthein.com/, search for Olympus OM-D and take a look at the IQ of the photos (you have to scroll to see some shots taken with an Olympus OM-D). I would be surprised if you still feel that you cannot shoot great photos with a M43 camera.

  • Andy


  • Mar

    This is not a professional camera, but it’s priced almost as one.

    It lacks faster sync speeds, lower ISO and 1/8000s (or faster).
    Actually, it’s pretty similar to OMD with 3 things being worse (size, sensor, lack of IS) and one thing being better (video).

    • Narretz

      How do you know the sensor (and its performance) is worse than the OM-D? Have you seen detailed images yet?

      • Mar

        It’s an educated guess seeing Panasonic’s progression in sensor tech and seeing GH1->GH2 improvements.

        Also, they don’t mention it being NEW sensor, so if it’s same tech as current sensors (G5 etc) it’s going to be quite a bit worse than OMD.

        • Sqweezy

          I’ll take an educated guess that the GH3’s sensor is better. It’s newer tech than the OM-D, which is good, but should be bested by Panasonic’s flagship.

        • My forum education dictates me that there will be incredible amount of bad faith over image quality.

          “My brand if bigger than yours” wrapped in pretty authoritative words.

    • Andre

      Even the new Nikon D600 has a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 sec and to be honest I don’t know of any DLSR with a maximum shutter speed of more than 1/8000 sec.
      Where did you read about the sync. speeds?

  • GH3 looks fantastic, for me it confirms that GH2 is still a killer camera, especially when you use the hack. I will keep using GH2. The only real advantage of GH3 over GH2 is full HD at 60p.

    I must say that I already own a weather proof camera, the Nikon D800E. With GH2 and D800E I won’t see myself buying a new camera within the next 4-5 years. Better use that money for lenses and travelling for photo- and film projects. (And enjoy life)

  • ISO 200?
    This is a disappointment!

    • leov74

      The PRICE is a big disappointment!

    • $price seems disappointing but fair. Considering a FF is not too far away. My opinion is Panasonic should borrow some Fuji colors with picture taking. With this combination i wouldn’t care about a FF since their video is satisfying. I think i might still get this cam though. But seriously considering getting the gh2 instead. Then the d600 for photo shooting. I wish this price can get better with kit lens or without…………….

  • Lukav

    Look. As it is, this is a fantastic camera STOCK. The GH2 was ho-hum at stock, but give it a VK patch and watch the sparks fly. GH2 was given Intra via a patch/hack (whatever you like calling it).

    With the GH3 offering Intra at stock, the only other thing that will happen is a likely patch to up the bitrate, with spanning and stability.

    The GH3 specs are miles ahead of ‘ho-hum’ level. I’m sold.

    I’m just glad that the body is beefed up (magnesium frame, yes?). if there’ll be an XLR adapter for this, then you pretty much have for yourself an af-102 for under 2k.

  • leov74

    Too expensive! IMHO

    • Its only a notch more expensive than previous GH2 at release.
      When you think about it, magnesium alloy, weather sealed body is never a free lunch. Even if ot doesn’t add to ISO, DR, resolution, ibis or iOS fart app.

      • leov74

        You’re right, but still too expensive

  • leov74

    I was expecting around $ 900 to 1.000 for body only.

    • Voldenuit

      Me too.

      The GH2 was great value because there was nothing like it for videographers when it came out, and the hack community carried the day for Panasonic when competitors came out with products.

      At a time when the D600 is rewriting the rules for FF DSLR pricing (it’s $1300 cheaper than the 5DMk3!), Panasonic is raising the bar of entry for videographers, and that is sad. It’s still a compelling option for professional videomaking, in a world of $3000 Black magic bodies (which need external batteries, external recorder boxes, etc) and $8,000 FS700s, but for the amateur and enthusiast video shooter, it’s a lot less attractive than the GH2 was relative to the competition in the consumer market.

      It’s clear that Panasonic is targeting the GH3 at a professional user base; their comments that the G5 was the “GH2.5” are now starting to make sense in this new light. Let’s hope the custom firmware community can give the G5 some of the killer features of the GH3 (1080p60, all-I video) for people on a budget. Because there are still a lot of killer video-shooting cameras in the $600 price bracket that Panasonic may lose out on.

  • Mike1

    ISO from 200!? Probably they have map the ISO higher than it should be to satisfy any marketing claim of good “high ISO performance”. Let’s wait and see the DxO report.

  • Bronica

    Hi friends, your help is needed.

    A Canikon fanboy wrote the article MFT on wikipedia.


    Here one of the theses:

    The sensor is 40% smaller in area (2.0x crop factor) than APS-C (1.6x crop factor) sized sensors and 75% smaller (i.e. a quarter of the area) than a Full Frame sensor (1.0x crop factor) (35mm equivalent), which can lead to lower image quality than an APS-C and much lower quality than Full Frame based DSLR cameras with a similar pixel count; typically this is seen as increased levels of ISO noise in darker situations.[citation needed].

    I think there a plenty of tests, that for example the OMD matches the A77 from Sony.

    There is also a statement from DXOMARK – that a GHII (Or even a pen) is comparable with a EOS 7d when using the Oly 1,8 45mm

    I’m very busy. Has anybody time to fix it on Wikepedia?

    • Matt

      I’m a m4/3rds fanboy, but that is generally true so I see no reason to edit it. Just because one or two cameras are comparable does not mean something is ‘generally true’. Generally larger sensors mean better image quality. Does that mean all cameras with a larger sensor are better? Nope. If you re-read what you copied, they say it CAN lead to lower image quality, etc. If you think just one person wrote that, you’d be sorely mistaken as well.

    • Ab

      All in all, it seems fine, but I tweaked that paragraph as I felt the “much” worst image quality is a stretch and a bit too generic.

  • Sot

    First of all i think that this site is mistaken on ISO 200 and weather proof!

    The only think i dont like is Smaller sensor 2.0X crop factor! noooooo!

  • hardbonemac

    When it is in my shop
    it will be around 1000$!!!
    Bat-grip and one Voigtländer-you get
    around 2000 $ what you need.


  • chris

    Ouch, $300 more than the Em5 or the same as the EM5 with the 12-50 lens or grip. I’ll wait to see full rez images, but its going to be a tall order to top the EM5 photo-wise. Despite the high bitrate codec, the limiting factor of the GH2 is the narrow DR. Blooms video lacked a lot of highlight and shadow detail, but again I’ll wait for full size samples.

    If Olympus would just boost the OMD video capabilities, I could whittle my camera collection to just one…

    • i’m buying.

  • At least it looks better than the GH2 but otherwise the specs are super boring!

  • lel

    LOL WHY IS EVERYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT ISO 200? DO ANY OF YOU REALISE THAT NIKONS BASE ISO IS ALSO 200!?!?!?!/?!?1??!/1?!/!/1//1!//!/??!?!1//1/1/!??1/?

    • leov74

      Excuse me..?

      • lel

        Excuse me what? Babbys first rebel? You must be new to this whole “photography” thing……. You do realise every Nikon before this lolgeneration has had a base iso of 200 right? INCLUDING the FF Nikon D700 and Nikon D3….. Well obviously you didn’t which only points out your own ignorance. lolprofessional photographer’s have been using Nikons with a base iso of 200 for YEARS and i’v never ever in my life heard of people complaining about it till now.. A bunch of crybabies who think they NEED iso 100 when they have ZERO knowledge on how Panasonic base their iso ratings.

        For all you idiots know 200 iso is 100 iso equivalent. JUST LIKE Sonys 100 iso isn’t actually 100 iso sto counteract the light loss from the transluscent mirror.


        • lel

          Not to mention even if the base iso is 200 couldn’t you pick something better to complain about?

          I guess if you’re main problem with the camera is no iso’s lower than 200 panasonic have made an amazing camera lol.

          • leov74

            Excuse me this: !?!?!?!/?!?1??!/1?!/!/1//1!//!/??!?!1//1/1/!??1/?


        • Fish

          Whoa. Too much coffee this morning Derp?

        • Ragnarok

          And just because some Nikon had it before makes it a desirable thing? Hard to see the logic.

          • lel

            Protip: There’s a difference between something being desirable and something being the end of the world.

            • leov74

              Osanna Almighty Pro Saint Derp. Thank you for your generous advice…

  • Arkersaint

    Lots of nice things regarding the designe :
    – size : a bit larger
    – dials : all the “pro” ones
    – buttons : fully customizable
    – old prism : sloooowly disappearing
    – weather proof : new !
    – word “professional” present in the advertising

    That means obviously that Panasonic is getting newly committed with professional business and that’s very good news !

    The backside could be some disappointment to be expected on the Jpeg side… Funny if true since this company’s stength laid more in the processing side than on the optical where it appears to excell : 20, 7-14, 25, 35-100 !!!

  • Miroslav

    133 x 93.4 x 82 mm vs GH2’s 124 x 90 x 76 mm – screams pro, the first tests will show if it indeed is. Nice specs, but too big for me. Also, leaves a huge gap between itself and G5, both in size and in price. I expect a higher spec’d GX2 now with body only price of around 1000 USD.

    • Yeah, I think that too. Maybe it’s finally time for a Panasonic LC1 replacement. A GX2 with EVF and competing with the NEX-6, it makes sense, picture quality as good as the GH3 but the video just normal, without all the ramped codecs.

  • If someone get some pics and use PS we’ll be able to compare the sensor’s size. I can’t do it now, maybe later.

    • Looking by eye, it seems that there really is a difference in size.

    • http://www.abload.de/img/gh2gh3sizecomp33sepn.jpg

      The GH3 does seem to look quite a bit larger in direct comparison. I’m not sure, but the sensor does seem a little smaller.

      • MikeH

        Those graphical comparisons don’t seem to be right. The GH3 is only 3.4mm taller and 8.9 mm wider and that doesn’t appear to be the case in the images you post.

        • AndersM

          Looks about right to me. See the top of the flash. It’s not very much taller. But the mass of the GH3 is much greater because it is much taller on each side.

        • I put the comparison together by scaling a stock GH2 picture to make its lens mount the same size as the mount appears in the GH3 stock picture shown at Samy’s Camera. Then I aligned the two pictures so that the mounts are exactly on top of each other.
          The mount has to be the same size, right? I don’t know how else to approach this.

      • dau

        wow, thats definitely much bigger!
        the omd is looking much more attractive now..

  • Sot

    Does it have touch screen?o

    • Andre

      OLED Monitor with static touch control.

  • unsatisfied

    Looks like I was $300 off or I thought the grip would be included at that price, they definitely don’t want to shake up the industry at that price.
    $999 would have totally changed the camera industry as we know it, but Panasonic would have basically broke even initially.
    Mirror-less m43 could have been king at $999.
    Even so $1299 without grip is only about 25% higher.
    Olympus is not threaten so n o price cuts, Sony and others are not threaten so no price cut.
    Disappointed Panasonic played it safe with pricing, as they would have made a killing on lens, with people buying the body only at $999.
    At that price I will wait till CHristmas when it gets closer to $999 and the OLY gets closer to $799.
    WHere is Herbert Cain when you need him?

    • Sqweezy

      Haha… Will it even be available (in reasonable quantities) by Christmas?

  • xyltha

    Reach in your pocket and pull out 4 quarters, a penny, and a 1 yen piece (if you don’t know, 1 yen is really light at a paltry 1gm)…

    That’s how much extra the GH3 weighs over the GH2. Those of you that are balking at the extra weight, are you serious? 10% heavier than an already light camera and… (throws hands up in the air in disgust)

    I wonder how many of you whining about it being too expensive are going to buy the iPhone5. :/

    And another thing. If you can’t take a great photo with this camera, don’t blame the camera!

    • sickasaids

      Seriously. Panasonic announced the GH3 as a “pro camera” so itll be priced accordingly with the features you get. Don’t even know why people who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money are looking at and posting about the GH3 in the 1st place. There are plenty of cheaper options in m43.

      • The Master

        There is only one M4/3 body with a Multi Aspect Ratio sensor, for people that prefer 3/2 ratio and what not. If they leave that off the GH3, then your point might be valid.

  • The Master

    I guess we will have to wait till tomorrow to see if it has a true multi aspect ratio sensor, silent shutter mode and better image quality than the GH2. I’m curious to see the wide DR in action. Hopefully it’s not just a selling gimmick to justify using an old sensor again.

    The body looks more comfy, but I bet the video button gets moved back to the top deck on the GH5, which seems to be the M.O. for these camera makers – put a button in the way, then move it out of the way, next time, so it looks like they did something new. I can’t think of any reason I would need 5 custom buttons and how I would remember what was on what, but maybe there are some people that would.

    At 3 ounces heavier, it’s not a big deal and it gained a quarter to a half inch here and there, but if it keeps me from hitting the AEL button with my thumb and wearing the print off it, than that’s a good deal.

    The price is probably higher than I thought it would be, by a couple hundred, but I might still bite, if they didn’t leave off things I liked on the GH1/2.

  • I think Panasonic is pricing it a little higher than makes sense given the previous models.

    The GH1 and GH2 launched at the same price as each other in 14-140mm lens configuration.

    The GH2 was under $900 in a body only configuration and the GH3 is over 40% higher in exact price.

    If they did not give anything up and only added moderate improvements that would be a “managable” sell, but if they have reduced functionality or quality in any notable areas, that price may be too much to justify the improvements mentioned so far.

  • toytoy

    This is too expensive for a body only. I expected to be around $999. I would rather get the NEX 7 or A77 instead.

  • kai

    no mention of focus peaking…?

  • xyltha

    Not TOO expensive. It’s more expensive than you WANT to pay. This camera is _intended_ to be of a higher level than the previous offerings from Panasonic and naturally you have to pay for that “pro-ness”. As mentioned by Sickasaids above, “Don’t even know why people who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money are looking at and posting about the GH3 in the 1st place. There are plenty of cheaper options in m43.”

    If the GH3 was plastic and cheap feeling, like some think of the GH2 now, and merely had improved IQ and similar generic improvements it would be reasonable to be a bit over the GH2’s original release price in 2010, but that’s not what Panasonic is selling. IMO, if you have less than 1000 to spend on a camera, this isn’t the camera for you and there are plenty of fine cameras for your consumer level needs.

    If you are making money from your work, then the $1300+ for this camera is more than reasonable. If you are gainfully employed, then $1300+ is reasonable for what you are getting, IMO. If you can’t afford to spend $1300, you still have a lot of options. If you MUST have multi-aspect ratio then you still have the GH2 and there’s nothing for you here no matter the price of it.

    There’s a decent chance by the time the camera ships you will be able to get it for less than the $1300 Samy’s is selling it for also.

    Still early, reserve judgment at _least_ until it’s officially announced and folks are previewing it. (ex. P. Bloom on Monday)

  • John

    Will it has ETC (Telecoverter) like GH2 has 2.6x?

  • People complaining about the price can’t be serious. The closest thing to competing in VIDEO costs $2000 MORE with the Canon full frames.

    This is a video camera first. And the price point is low for what it does vs. the rest of the market. The Nex and t4i can’t do video anywhere close to what the GH3 does.

  • safaridon

    Good to see Pany is offering the GH3 body only right from the start. Failure to do this while linking to more expensive 14-140 lens only hurt their sales with the GH1. The $1300 body price is basically same as that for EM5 with equivalent grip and certainly lower than many on this forum predicted instead was at the lower end of expectations,so Pany is going after competitive sales not low volume high priced flagship.

    If Pany left out the multiaspec sensor it was to save manufacturing cost so expect the GX2 and other models to soon use same sensor whether or not it is a Sony or Pany design. The GH3 sensor size spec is closer to that of the EM5 than the G5 hence the speculation of possibly of Sony origin? Note the descriptions given to date seem to emphasize the new processing and low pass filter rather than new sensor? Note previously Oly held the edge in processing in what they could get out of the same Pany sensors so maybe Pany now doing same.

  • Garypen

    It looks like Samy’s pulled the GH3 from pre-order. The Samy’s page in the above link now has pics, specs, and model # for the GH2, even though the $1,299 GH3 price remains.

    I would think that Panasonic put the screws to them to hold off until after Monday’s announcement.

  • The above link now goes to the GH2.

  • Dugo

    GH3 price at US$1,300 is plain crazy. I was expecting around $900, $1,000 max.

    Regarding “great video features,” we need to see the specs later on today. We now know that the Nikon D800, D600, Sony SLT Alpha 99 all give out pristine uncompressed video in 4:2:2 chroma subsampling via HDMI port.

    So, unless the GH3 specs specifically state that the GH3 will also give out clean, uncompressed, 4:2:2 video via its HDMI port while recording internally, it will not be a match for the above mentioned models. Let’s hope that it does.

    Still, $1,300 is an awful lot of money today for s smallish sensor 16MP camera, considering that Nikon sells the 24MP D600 for $2,100.

  • Mine is comment #176 or so. Couldn’t read everything.

    Those who claim about price and just think about stills or just dream about FF, go away, your are replying in the wrong place.

    FF is fetichism, mpx are marketing but not real arguments…

    GH3 is slightly smaller than the smallest of Canons APS-C reflex and a bit bigger than the smallest of Nikons APS-C reflex, so MFT is still a small camera choice.

    IQ should be the same as usual… cheapest Nikon dslr, most expensive canon apsc dslr do more or less the same… the same if its a 2010 camera or a 2012…

    If you are a pro and you know your job, you know what you need and where to find it. GH3 has ist own specs poiting at some kind of photographer / videographer.

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