Fuji X100 is the editor’s choice 2011. And in Stock at BHphoto!


Right now you can find the X100 in Stock at BHphoto (Click here) UPDATE: Sold out now!

After winning the TIPA Award the X100 now received Editors Choice Award 2011: “Fujifilm’s FinePix X100 is a compact digital camera featuring a new hybrid viewfinder, which combines a projected bright-frame optical viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder system with approx. 100% field of view and a 1,400,000 dot LCD panel. A magnesium alloy body with manually operated control dials, an APS-C CMOS sensor and new EXR processor deliver the highest image quality in the history of FinePix cameras, the quality of which is so high that is almost beyond the performance of DSLRs.

Let’s hope Olympus and Panasonic can learn from the success of the Fuji X100. They should not copy the idea but make it better!

P.S.: Links to the FUji X100 product search page at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay (Difficult to find in Stock now).

  • Anentropic

    “manually operated control dials”
    “image quality… almost beyond the performance of DSLRs”

    • yep “manual controls”
      uuuu haaaa woooow the future :0
      :) lol

      • wife

        i see that school’s out.

        • Neonart

          +1 LOL! Yup.

  • Juston

    A big part of what makes this camera’s IQ so alluring is a significantly weakend AA filter. Japanese camera makers in general make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to controlling for moire. It’s just not necessary and it seriously crimps IQ.

  • Neonart

    Actually the X100’s image quality IS outstanding. It’s only flaw is the softness at ƒ2, but considering that ISO6400 rivals the Nikon D700, you really don’t need ƒ2 that much.

    The manual controls are actually a big deal for those who love photography more than specs, gadgets, gizmos, GPSs, WiFis, and other random bullet points in camera brochures.

    I love my e5, but ergonomically I loved my L1 more. In fact, my everyday camera is a Voigtlander film rangefinder because of the manual controls and feel. When you slow down and actually think of composition and exposure you learn and enjoy photography more than when you compare and battle over specs on a forum.

    But there is no need to defend the X100. It’s popularity, sales, & awards speak for themselves.

    • MaxElmar

      I’m sure the x100 is outstanding, but you’re over-reaching a bit to compare it to a D700. D90 – sure. But the D700 more than doubles the x100’s low-light score on DxOMark. Even the D7000 beats it handily.

      • Neonart

        I prefer to look at photos, not numbers. The ISO 6400 shots I’ve seen have been outstanding. Yes if you take RAWs and then spend lots of time on them, you’ll probably get better results from a $3000+ Body & lens combo than a $1200 one. But the fact that you can take an X100 and shoot OOC JPGS at ISO 6400 looking like they do is amazing, and in my eyes almost as good as a D700.

        Heres a simple comparo:


        • MaxElmar

          Cool story, bro. I’m sure “www.x100forum.com” is a completely neutral review site with long history of objective and throughly researched methodology. But, hey you like the pix, be my guest and drop $1200 on a “kinda-beta-still-in-development” product that’s pretty limited. It’s beautiful, the results are great for a certain type of photography. I’m sure it’s a fun camera to use, and I’d love to have one.

          • Neonart

            Sure that may not be a neutral source, but it had head-to head shots. There are plenty of ISO6400 shots available for both cameras on the tubes, and the X100 simply looks fantastic for APS-C.

            If you’d love to have one, why the hatred towards it? There’s simply nothing like it for the price. If the UI & stability kinks get fixed in the upcoming firmware, it should be the bees knees!

        • Neonart,

          Right on. I get so sick of hearing about DxO. Who cares what number their algorithm spits out to say how good a sensor is? Just look at photos and decide for yourself. A score of 64 or 54 has no meaning to me. Is 10 points a big gap? Does that show up in real world shots? Who knows; who cares.

        • Stu5

          Having used a D700 you really have to question these samples because the camera is capable of better results than this. Also you really don’t have to spend hardly any time at all on D700 high iso Raw files as they are so flexible and fast to work with.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Already out of stock at B&H.

    Of the 50 listed on eBay almost half of those are in the US.

    People really need to stop buying the X100 on eBay and be patient and get them from actual retailers for the actual retail price. Then maybe the profiteers will stop snapping them up so fast?

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Over 70 Fuji X100 has been sold on US eBay in the last 2 weeks! Its kind of crazy.

    That’s a lot of opportunists buying a camera they will never use and a lot of people paying over $1500 for a $1200 camera…

  • Ben

    I agree. Photography is more than specs. Why else would anyone buy a M9? The X100 let’s us have something similar to a digital Leica M without the huge expense.

  • Ben

    Max, You should check out a comparison between the X100 and D7000 at dpreview.com:


    • MaxElmar

      Well, I don’t disagree – it compares very well – to a D7000 not a d700. And when it’s properly sorted it will be worth a second look. But the air around it is rife with hype. And that’s no proper environment to judge anything.

    • MaxElmar

      Don’t kid yourself. It’s not a Leica M.

      • Neonart

        I think he said “something similar to a digital Leica M”, not that is was. The only other option would be a Leica X1, but it has no viewfinder and still costs $2000.

  • Ben

    Well….. I guess it’s simple….. If you don’t want an X100 then don’t buy it.

    I like to brag about my captures…. the content of the shot. I never brag about my camera or talk about noise reduction and high iso.

    • MaxElmar

      I don’t brag about anything. I just like to get paid for the things I’m paid to shoot. And I like to enjoy the deep, personal satisfaction of shooting for fun. I strongly dislike hype and hyperbole. It gets in the way of both those first two things.

  • I had a dream last night that Leica made an M11 that was smaller than the M9. No joke.

  • Stu5

    You write…….”Let’s hope Olympus and Panasonic can learn from the success of the Fuji X100.” What success would this be? The good reviews, because that at the moment is all the success it has had. Selling out of a camera is easy if you don’t make many in the first place and is not a measure of it’s success. For that you need to know how many have been made. You need to know how much it has cost to develop the camera in the first place and you also need to know what it’s nett profit is per unit. How many units need to be sold before it can even go into a profit. If you don’t know this information you don’t have a clue if the camera is a success yet or not. It’s too early to talk of this camera being a success or not.

    • Vlad

      Generally, you would estimate the demand, see your costs and decide whether it is profitable for you to address it. Given that they are obviously selling all of their production, it is already over their estimations. That is already a success.

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