Fuji X100 Hands-on at Dpreview!


Dpreview posted a new Fuji X100 hands-on! And they were very impressed by the camera. They body quality of the working prototype is “absolutely superb“. But the most impressive thing about the X100 is “the way Fujifilm has managed to build a high quality EVF into a relatively compact body“. The hybrid EVF/OVF viewfinder gives “the best of both worlds“.
The X100 should be available in march for $1.200. Sadly both both Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here) do not accept preorders anymore! You can still sign up at Amazon (Click here) to be notified when it becomes available for preorder.

: There is one more hands-on at Akam.no!

There are three reasons why we talk about that camera on 43rumors:
1) Fuji is part of the Four Thirds product
2) We were told by an anonymous source that Fuji is getting help from one of the current Micro Four Thirds members (which is making some part of the cameras).
3) Because many 43rumors readers do like innovative concepts and well made cameras and I hope Panasonic/Olympus will take notice of our interest to make a DMC-LC1 or Olympus 35RC version fo the X100 (of course with interchangeable lenses!) :)

  • vromopodarix

    Damn I was convinced not to get it (I hate the 35mm focal length) but now I think I will.
    Depends though on the EP3, if the upcoming Olympus has an EVF on body without the horrid GH2 styling I will get that.

  • Greg

    Well this is exactly what I was telling myself!

  • CML

    Admin, any more news re the upcoming Oly pro m43/EP3? ;-)

  • Boris
    • Thanks for the link! ISO performance is simply outstanding. It matches the Nikon D7000 which uses the best APS-C sensor up to today. Bravo Fuji -Panasonic, take note-!

      Is it me or images at f/2 are not as sharp as those with the Panny 20mm? Don’t know if it’s due to the lens, the AA filter or the fact that it’s a preproduction unit. Maybe a little soon to say. Anyway f/2 is completely usable. Also based on those few images, bokeh looks really nice to me.

      • The high ISO performance on X100 simply compensates for the lack of optical IS.

        P.S. I’m actually more happy to head that they have ND filter built-in. I wonder how useful it would be (iow how deep in menu system its (de)activation is buried).

        • Vlad

          I doubt it will take more time than to actually screw/unscrew one.

    • Eric

      Wow, that is some incredible ISO performance. If Panasonic can’t step it up and produce a 4/3’s sensor that is close to being on par with current APS-C sensors then I really hope Olympus finds a new vendor.

      I really don’t get it, the pixel density is almost the same between 12mp 4/3’s and 16mp APS-C, and cameras like the Pentax K-5 blow away anything in 4/3’s land. This 12mp Fuji might have just made the gap even larger.

  • Built-in neutral density filter (3 stops)

    looks really useful hopefully this will be in the Panasonic GH3

    • Luis

      Built-in ND filters are inside the lens, not inside the camera…

  • YeahYeah

    1200$ for a non-interchangeable 35mm lens?
    Eerrrrrk… I’d rather get an EP2+25/0.95…

    • Vlad

      Add to that an EVF and you’ll start to get closer to the 1200.

      • YeahYeah

        EP2 : I can get it for 719€ + Voigt : 724€ => total : approx. 1450€, only 250€ more expensive than the fuji with a lot more of versatility….

        • Vlad

          The only versatility you get would be the interchangeable lenses. But with the X100 you’ll get bigger and better sensor, more manual controls, integrated EVF/OVF, etc.
          It depends on what you want/need. I really don’t think that the X100 is meant as a replacement to a complete system. My point was to show that the price isn’t that crazy.

          • YeahYeah

            I know, but 1200$ for a second camera… hughhh that’s expensive!

          • Vlad

            @yeahyeah Well, when you think about it it’s true. But I love analog controls!

  • YeahYeah

    Oh and please Admin, tell us a little bit about the EP3, even if it’s not FT5 :-)

    • I’m no admin, but let me try:

      (FT0) EP3 is going to have TruPicV+ processor and built-in EVF; kit with Pannay 20mm pancake is expected.

      Happy now? ;)

      • YeahYeah

        I was talking about the sensor…

  • 43photo

    I totally agree with the others above that I would like to know more the the new pro-level pen (EP3), even if it is FT2 or FT3 only.

  • This admin only do FT3-5, FT1-2 are ingore :D

  • Nikon mirrorless

    Fuji X100 look with interchangeable lenses.. coming next April. Waiting will be rewarded at last.

  • 7-14mm is $775.86 @ Amazon!

  • DonTom

    Of course it’s easy to forget that Fujinon were making this kind of compact camera themselves in the film era: http://photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00Pw4o

    But it does look lovely, and different enough not to be a straight copy of something else. If I wasn’t already in the m43 format I’d be sorely tempted, but there is not enough in it to convince me to give up the Panny 20mm an E-PL1 with VF2. Not much price difference in the combo come to think of it!

    Wonder if I can persuade my wife that it’s a perfect complement to her LV handbags?

  • I once had an Oly mju:II with a fixed 35mm f:2,8 that was a little stunning film camera. It was below €200 retail. That said…

    …at €899 I will get one. Over that, and specially over €1000… it would be too much for a single fixed lens. Let’s hope Fujifilm starts a new Era in which prices in Euros and Dollars are not the same… figure.

  • Mr. Reeee

    I don’t get the fixation on “retro” cameras. Why so conservative?

    While the X100 reminds me (fondly) of the Konica my father brought back from Japan in 1952 (and I inherited years later), one would think with current digital cameras being nearly 100% electronic (sans optics, of course), that someone would find a way to rethink the form factor!?!?! This especially with the removal of the SLR mirrors.

    Why not a waist-level Rollei/Hasselblad style viewfinder?
    Why not a pivoting body like the old Nikon CoolPix? Which was wonderful, BTW.
    Why are DSLR bodies so huge and weight 3 lbs. and above?
    Why not something revolutionary?

    • +10

    • Eric

      While i agree with some of the things you said, especially the why must DSLR’s be so large part, I happen to love classic style cameras. I think it depends on your mindset. I think most of the demand comes from the “art” crowd. Those of us that take 200 photos and only let people see 1. I miss the tactile feel of old film cameras. Something about a metal/leather camera just feels right to me when I’m doing street photography.

      I have to disagree with the pivoting body by the way. I despised those cameras more than words can say. Rotating LCD’s are fine, but I hate camera bodies that don’t feel solid.

    • > one would think with current digital cameras being nearly 100% electronic

      But human is not. Lion share of the camera surface is there for human to interface with it.

      > Why not something revolutionary?

      Look in the mirror: check where your eyes and hands are.

      How much can you revolutionize the design of a camera, so that: (1) it remains small and light and (2) you can still put VF to your eye and at the same time hands can reach the controls.

      Or you want to bring back the TLRs?

    • I think this camera is quite beautiful. I’m no camera expert but it seems to me that cameras that this design seems to be aping are so good looking because of the materials and the form following the function of a film based system. It’s almost as if the one still perceives the hand of the maker (or machinist). The Coolpix swivel bodies to me were the closest thing to form following function in the digital camera age. I had a coolpix 995 and 4500, which I’m selling on ebay right now :( and found them to be a really ergonomically intelligent camera. You could point the lens anywhere and at any angle and the screen and controls were always easily viewed and within reach. They weren’t particularly good looking though (although the 4500 was getting there.) I’m a form follows function kind of guy (to a certain degree) and I guess I may be contradicting myself but I still find this retro styling on a digital camera to be very appealing!

  • Duarte Bruno

    Second this.
    The amount of retained detail and DR at ISO 6400 is nothing short of unbelievable.

  • GreyOwl

    Pre-ordered mine on 13th January.

  • I couldn’t be much less excited about this, especially at the price. I have a Minolta Hi-Matic rangefinder, which is a beautiful camera and fun to use, but it was also inexpensive, and when I really cared about the photos I was taking I used my X-700 because it was so much more capable. While I’m sure this Fuji is nice and fun to use, at that price I want a whole lot more that what this has to offer. That’s just me, if this is right up someone else’s alley, then good for them, and I do credit Fuji for introducing something different as the digital camera world needs more of that. As for me, no thanks.

  • Pre-ordered mine on 13th January. Roll on March!

  • Stig

    There has been some criticism of the price of the Olympus E5. This thing makes it seem like wonderful value.

  • At first look x100 does well ineed. Don’t forget that those images were taken in good light. Expect some pronounced banding in the dark.

    Comparsion with leica would be nice:)

  • Mr. Reeee for me I just like the looks of older cameras. Newer DSLR cameras all look the same and are bulky. Kinda ugly to me. I’m interested in the GH2 but I don’t really care for it’s looks. So nothing wrong with liking the way your camera looks.

  • Ðere is not a Four Þirds product Fuji can be part of, but ſeveral Four Þirds products made by companies in (and out of) ðe Four Þirds conſortium.

  • Eric

    This has to be my favorite part of the preview:

    “But it gives the lie, once and for all, to the idea that cameras with built-in EVFs need to look like miniature SLRs, complete with faux pentaprism ‘hump’. It would be nice to see the manufacturers of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras following this direction, ‘folding’ an EVF’s optical path within a slimline body design.”


    • There is no “faux” pentaprism hump at bodies like the G or GH models. The “hump” contains the optics of the large (!) EVF, a stereo microphone and a flash, which is stronger than that of the rangefinder faction. To me enough reasons to opt for a “hump” instead of making compromises on EVF or flash.

      The VF of the X100 is only made for a fixed lens, not interchangeable. So far it has not been proven that the same technology is feasable and usefull at interchangeable zoom lenses. To me the “hump” design is more ergonomic than this retro stuff.

      • Eric

        “stereo microphone and a flash”

        Both of those can be trashed for all I care.

        The fixed lens on the X100 allows for the optical view finder, but their design for the EVF functionality using a 90 degree prism to bend the light is perfectly applicable to interchangeable lens cameras…Panasonic just thought it would be better to make it look like a Canon Rebel knock off. So they went with the mini-SLR route….a decision that was quite bemoaned when the G1 was first shown if I recall. Why they’ve stuck with that boring design for 2 years now is a mystery to me.

        • At the same token, I can’t understand Fuji boaring us with the same design, which we have seen during the 60s and 70s. No need to repeat that. As far as I recall the EVF and shape of the G1 was the very reason for the initial success of m4/3, as it showed that a small mirrorless camera system can replace DSLR systems. Panasonic has to be applauded for its design consistency in comparison to the competition.

          • Loko

            Can replace a dslr? Sure, let me know when they get a smooth bokeh with that little sensor then I’ll probably sell all my dslr stuff.

          • cL

            What was old is new again. If that isn’t true, why are we still wearing clothes that are 100 years old in design? It’s small changes that updates the look. There is nothing wrong with that.

            And there is no faux hump in G and GH series? Faux means fake…. G and GH series cameras’s hump don’t have penta prisms nor penta mirrors inside that hump, so that make them fake humps.

            I don’t care whether it has hump or not, as long as it works. Hump is strictly a design decision.

    • Medved

      3 hours ago | Reply

      This has to be my favorite part of the preview:

      “But it gives the lie, once and for all, to the idea that cameras with built-in EVFs need to look like miniature SLRs, complete with faux pentaprism ‘hump’. It would be nice to see the manufacturers of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras following this direction, ‘folding’ an EVF’s optical path within a slimline body design.”

      ==> +1 Amen

  • Really like the X100. Hope to see something similar soon but with exchangeable lenses. Who will make the ultimate poor mans Leica, Panasonic or Olympus?

  • funny how the Fuji X100 ‘looks’ more like a Leica than the Leica X1 :)

  • … and the design, now we’ve seen it from all angle: it looks even nicer than before, two wheels! Funky. Want.

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