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Fuji-Olympus: Some bits about the organic sensor….


If Fuji is ever going to acquire or “invest” in Olympus than it’s certainly because of the very profitable endoscope division and NOT because of the camera business. Reuters reports that when asked about a possible investment in Olympus Kouichi Tamai (head of Fujifilm’s medical systems unit) said that “Until we know what will happen to Olympus as a company, it would all be theoretical, so we don’t know“. The news here is that indeed Fuji is clearly interested in what’s happening around Olympus. The only thing I can add via my source channels is that indeed Fuji’s name is floating around the Olympus headquarters more than any other big names.

One more thing: You already know that in February Fuji will announce their new LX mirrorless system with the first camera having an organic sensor. Actually it’s an APS-C sensor that beats the image quality of ff sensors. There is a rumor saying that to cut the production costs Fuji is willing to sell sensors to third parties. As Olympus is having a good relationship with Fuji I guess there is a small chance Olympus could be one if not the only one using those sensors. It would suddenly let make a quantum leap forward. Couple that with the new Olympus viewfinder technology and …..keep dreaming ;)

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