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(FT5) More sources do confirm -> The Panasonic G2 and Panasonic G10 are going to be unveiled in March!

I just received confirmation from other trusted sources that Panasonic is going to unveil two MicroFourThirds cameras.
The rumors has a FT5 value (90% the rumor can become truth) becuase five(!) of my best sources confirmed it!

One source told me the G10 will be the lower grade camera and the G2 the higher grade camera. One of the two cameras has one important function that no other Micro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four ThirdsMicro Four Thirds System camera has.

I hope someone can tell me more about it soon!

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  • Duarte Bruno

    No comments on which sensor it will be using?
    Is it still the 18 months old G1 sensor?

  • Excitement … excitement …

  • Ste

    The G2 will proberly use the GH1 sensor but only with 720p/1080i video instead of 1080p

    The G10 will use the older G1, GF1 sensor & do 720p video only

    The GH2 will be the m4/3 camera to use a fully new sensor

  • CR102

    What could be that “important function” be? In-body HDR a-la-Pentax? proper continuous AF? built-in ND filter?

  • kesztio

    I think the old G1 sensor is excluded.
    Best case we’ll have a totally new sensor, worst case the (also rather old) GH1 sensor will be used.

  • It makes sense that Panasonic will make a lower grade camera. I guessed that “G10” would be a cheaper camera when I first saw the name.

    The G1 was the least expensive camera Panasonic produce for the system, and it is a rather highly specced camera, except for the missing video.

    However, what lens can they supply with a lower grade camera? The 14-45 Mega O.I.S. is a rather good lens, and not very inexpensive.
    Will they launch a lower grade non-stabilized lens to go with the G10?

  • spx808

    Global Shutter!

    • admin

      I really don’t know the NEW feature :(

  • as far as I can see, Panasonic has a TV named “G10”.. Why would they offer 2 different products with the same name?
    .. Just a thought….

  • Duarte Bruno

    It doesn’t cease to amaze me how Panasonic is renewing their upper line (AGAIN) G1->GH1->G2 and Olympus is still looking at the sailing ships with no upper model in sight…

  • Agent00soul

    Well, until Olypus has a much improved AF system ready, there isn’t much point in releasing a higher end camera.

  • JCS

    Maybe a built-in GPS for the G2

  • Duarte Bruno

    Agent00soul says:
    “Well, until Olypus has a much improved AF system ready, there isn’t much point in releasing a higher end camera.”

    WHAT? Who told you it was ready?
    Upper m43 not needed?
    Then tell me where is the integrated EVF and Tilt/Swivel LCD? Don’t tell me the present EVF does that already because it’s just not the same, not for low level, not for street shooting and clearly not for video.

  • Carlos

    Same sensor as G1 or even GH1 doesnt appeal me. It doesnt matter what new feature has. I want better DR than my G1 and usable iso 1600…converting my G1 raw files with my favorite converter(RT) shows how much noise the sensor is. I cant pull any details in the shadows….

  • BornBad

    my guess is GPS for the new feature, like JCS said. i really hope the cheaper model keeps the articulated screen.

  • Eric

    This is good news because PMA has been a huge let down for me so far. I do hope they have a new sensor though. I know it is physically impossible to match APS-C, but as good as the GH1 sensor is it’s its still not as good as the sensor in the Pentax K-x. Hopefully the next generation 4/3’s sensor could come closer to that excellent sony-made 12mp sensor the K-x uses.

  • Godot

    My guess for a kit lens at the lower end is the already announced 14/2.8, but only if the entry-level model is a compact form factor. For SLR-style bodies, I don’t see why they wouldn’t continue with 14-45 at the low end and 14-140 at the high end.

    My wishlist for the low-end model: compact form factor, 14/2.8, GH1 sensor.

    Wish for the special new feature: silent electronic shutter.

  • een

    I like thesound of that 14mm f2.8 lens. A little faster would be nice though not likely.

    Global shutter? Is that even remotely technologically likely at this juncture? Not that I wouldn’t LOVE IT!

  • marcram

    Global shutter would be awesome, but it will more likely be SDXC support. I’m also all for wifi support.

  • Tomska

    I wonder if this means theyw ill definitely not be announcing an LX3 replacement next month? My understanding was that they had just 2 new cameras to announce…

  • Don

    Given that there will be two m4/3 models one is sure to be in small rangefinder format probably similar to the E-PL1 only sans IBIS with new 28/2.8 lens. The second model G2 would be the G1 or GH1 inside of a new body shaped like a classic small SLR but retaining same G1 size EVF and rear swivel screen. My take on what the special new feature would be I think an inbody small EVF in rangefinder form or alternatively new sensor and HD capabilities in the G2.

    Question do we know for sure the G10 isn’t the new LX4 or has that just dissapeared from the scene?

  • Stavros

    I think the most probable new function is the lack of mechanical shutter

  • jt

    I would love it if the cheaper camera had the 14mm 2.8 as the kit lens. That would be awesome.

  • Don

    Pany’s announcement on the above may be linked to Oly for their new E5? Note Oly’s US DSLR product manager just said they planned to be mirrorless in two years for all DSLRs and adoption of electronic shutter capable of 20 fps speeds. Why would he release such sensitive information unless they were already in process of implimenting? The current E3 series has a lifespan of 3 years so why would they not adopt this revolutionary technology now if possible? Note the E5 rumored to have the new Pany GH2 sensor now in production and that capability is also linked to the high speeds that an electronic shutter enables?

    So just maybe Pany will also announce their similar plans and moving up implimentation of these features I hope?

  • mpgxsvcd

    If the youtube video can be used as proof for the new cameras name then this must be proof as well.

    Just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it is true.

    Fotodiox Leica M Lens to Micro 4/3 Four Thirds System Camera Mount Adapter, Olympus PEN E-P1, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, GH1, G2

  • baoluo

    When in March? Regardless, until an MFT has a built-in viewfinder, I will not buy one

  • marcram

    Don’t the G1 and GH1 have built-in viewfinders?

  • sheal

    what tthey need to make is a digital canonet with manual controls, and a digital zeiss ikon!! or a body based off of it

  • pdc

    The speculation at seems to be
    based on a solid source. Newer sensor with better DR is likely and definitely needed. Higher resolution EVF also, plus
    better control over AF zones and control over MF magnication factor are defintiely needed. Touch screen – bah, humbug unless you are building an entry level consumer version of MFT to replace LX_. A few days more and we should know.

  • E

    I expect the G10 to be the first fixed lens MFT and also the LX3 replacement..

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