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(FT5) The Panasonic G3 is coming soon!


There was a reason why the Panasonic G10 has been discontinued at BHphoto! According to our trusted sources Panasonic will soon announce the new Panasonic G3! The camera will bring some major improvements like a completely new sensor (not the same Panasonic GH2 sensor). And de facto the Panasonic G2 will take the place of the G10.

A new source also sent us the following informations:
DMC-G3EG-K(body only and black only)
DMC-G3KEG-K (kit lens, black, red and brown)
DMC-G3WEG-K (some double zoom kit, don’t know about the lenses, black only).

Those are the shop item codes and this means the camera is very likely going to be announced soon! We hope to be able to post more details soon!

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  • Alberto

    completely new sensor?

    that sound like a new camera from Olympus also,
    two months from now?

  • tobi

    If the G2 takes the place of the g10 price-wise as well, it will be a very good offering.


  • Tomas

    Pana spewing out of the body as a treadmill. BSI CMOS sensor would be good news.

    • at

      There are Pros and Cons for BSI CMOS for its low noise performance at high ISO while there will be loss of details even at low ISO. Hope G3 can provide reasonably smooth video and sharp still pictures at different ISO settings. Again, use same type of finish material as GH2 would be a bonus for users.

  • Duarte Bruno

    I’m really frustrated… :(

    Panasonic is running circles around Olympus when it comes to body production and Olympus is standing still watching the 5th Tilt & Swivel (& Touch too) body coming out of the oven without a feeble attempt at something that could be called a response.


    • napalm

      it feels to me that both are doing their own thing, while trying to observe what the other is doing. they are the biggest partners in m4/3 so I guess they want to develop the system in their own way rather than directly competing.

      • Nostradamus

        @Duarte Bruno
        Interesting way of evaluating things…by body production. Please tell me where I can buy a GF2 yet?

        I would also rather see Panasonic and Olympus creating products that in total create a solid m4/3 system rather than starting an arms race over body introduction.

        • Duarte Bruno

          Sorry but you need two opponents to call it a race.
          And I made a mistake: the G3 will be the fifth but the sixth T&S body from Panasonic already.
          Unfortunately Olympus seems too busy sending out entry level bodies which I couldn’t care for… :(

          • Nostradamus

            So what you are saying is that Olympus is too busy making products for a huge part of the market to which you do not belong?

            Seems silly indeed to create products for the masses. Who know Panasonic and Olympus might actually make money there… Money that could pay for the R&D of all the cool stuff we all want ;).

        • ggweci

          Yeah, the GF2 availability is pretty displeasing. It was anounced late last year and isn’t yet available. We don’t even know what the price will be either (Admin, any info on that?).

          The E-PL2 however, was anounced last week and will be available by the end of this month, if not early Feb. And we know the price is $599.

          • JRK

            In the preview on dpreview, prices was mentioned around £600 for the 14-42 kit or £630 for the 14 pancake kit.

            But I’d expect these prices to drop somewhat.

    • bilgy_no1

      The new sensor explains why Olympus haven’t yet introduced the higher end m4/3. They’re apparently waiting for that sensor to arrive so that they can distinguish the E-P3 and/or E-P30 from the E-PL2.

      Admin has already stated they will be coming soon, with ‘Pro-level’ pancakes.

      • spam

        They wont make a better sensor than the one in GH2 for G3. I see two options here, keeeping it at 12MP, but with new production process, or more likely – a 16MP version of the GH2 sensor, but not multiformat.

        Full HD support seem inevitable since GF2 has it and many entry level competitors too, so they can’t criple a G3 with 720p (like they did with G2 and G10).

        • bilgy_no1

          They will make a sensor that can compete in the general market place, whithout being too expensive compared to the current 12MP. My guess is a 14MP sensor, but it could also be a 16MP sensor (since the GH2 is actually 18MP oversized) like you say. I would actually like to see what new production technology could do with 12Mp this time around…

          Agree on the 1080p: a must have feature when looking at the market.

    • Eric

      I don’t particularly care how many bodies a company makes, all I care about them making one right one. Sadly neither has made what I want yet (a rangefinder-esque body). However it appears Olympus is closer with the E-PL2 then Panasonic has come so far (the crappy EVF made the GF2 a non-starter for me). As soon as Olympus releases the weather sealed PEN my only concern will be glass, not bodies.

    • Boss

      Exactly, Olympus has one DSLR body now, pathetic…. Where is the so-called pro grade MFT body that has been rumored. Olympus just needs new management and they’ll be fine. If someone would just replace the majority of top management with true marketers, I think they will do far better…

      • Ross

        Maybe you should present yourself as their new management. :)

    • David

      So buy a panasonic!?

      • Boss

        I prefer Olympus colors, lenses, jpegs, and built-in image stability. I do, however, really like my Panasonic LX5….

  • KG

    There are a couple of hands-on reviews of both E-PL2 and XZ-1 by David Chua of Malaysia here:

  • David

    If it has in-body image stabilization, I’m buying it. If not, then I’ll wait until the next generation. The E-PL2 isn’t significantly better than my GF1. I’d rather spend my money on glass.

    • pdc

      In-lens stabilization is superior to in-body.

      • it is 1-2 EV stops better – but not the extent to pay for it with every lens.

        Also, IBIS is useful for old lenses and lenses from other systems.

      • Ganec

        only for telephoto lens…

        And according to someone who own E-P2 & Panasonic 100-300, the stabilization performance in body and in the senzor are similar

  • inorog

    the question is where will that new sensor/new camera put their own current top model E5? history?

  • Did anyone actually bought a G10? :)
    Hope for more info about sensorz

  • I have a GH2 on backorder (told they will have it on the 17th) and I wonder if this is going to give me any reason to cancel?

    I suspect that the camera will not come out for a little while though. G1 was Jan. ’09 and the G2 was July ’10 so anytime real soon seems like a bit early. Then again we may be surprised!

    They won’t want to cut into the GH2 sales (or piss off any of the buyers) so I suspect there is some sort of big difference to be expected, I wonder if maybe the viewfinder or LCD will be downgraded? It will be interesting to see the price point too.

    • Miroslav

      Mono audio, lower-res sensor, fixed aspect ratio, maybe a button or two less, no 14-140 kit. Enough of a downgrade?

      • Good points, and yes the G2 is newer than the GH1 but we all know the GH1 is superior in pretty much every aspect. I guess I am just a bit nervous as this is my jump into m4/3 (already have a FZ28 & LX3) and the GH2 is quite an investment for a already poor college student. It will all be worth it though!

        Maybe the G3 will be a worthy second body that my girlfriend was use when we go out hiking and camping.

        • help me! i am in the conjuction dont know which way to go… what can expect for $1200 budget? shall wait for T3i/nex7/gh2 price drop….

          I needs few things
          (i)video autofucs like gh2
          (ii) photo qualify like 60D
          (iii) body size like gh2
          (iv) 1080p60 & 1080p24

          • Duarte Bruno

            Can’t help you, that camera doesn’t exist yet. However if you are willing to compromise then the G2 should be your target (provided there is going to be a hack soon).

          • George

            with kit lenses 60d raw image quality is almost identical to gh1 and of course also g2 which is also same as 550d :)

      • not 60fps live view, lesser VF(maybe GH1’s), g2 body style (less rugged), no 40fps, (extra teleconvetor probably included)

        video: 1080p30 althou 17mbs max

  • Could that finally be a low-res sensor with good high-iso performance?
    That would be a great news for anyone interested in video!

    And they can’t cripple it to 720p because even the new sony compact pocket camera has 1080/60p. Only good news!

    • Sad to seeing this again, just cannot believe still got company to release a product with spec behind others :D Am not fanboys, i like GH2 indeed. but expects sony will stand last! bought over new sensor facotry will fulfill the hungry of sensor > more sensor > more powerfull APS-C FF > flood the market > pawn pancanikonpus lol

      2011, will be interesting year for see more new camare. GH2 poison to me is getting lesser :) the wind is shifting… pretty bad

      • napalm

        electronic companies like sony, panasonic and samsung can always put in the most advanced specs on their cameras. but what matters most is execution. so far, panasonic has the most usable specs, followed by sony, and samsung dead last. if relying on specs alone, samsung always have something advanced on their cameras… except it lacks on what matters most… IMAGE QUALITY

        • I expect went the first FF Nex (similar m43 body size) released, there will created chaos, thunder storm and follow by consumer follow the wind shifting… the day will come, hopefully!

          i mean a cheap FF mirrorless :)

  • Miroslav

    Now, that’s a surprise, we were all expecting a GF3 …

    The sensor is likely to be 14Mpx fixed aspect ratio, as some earlier rumor said.
    I suppose Olympus had to wait with the announcement of more advanced cameras for that sensor.

    Interesting remark, I was thinking the same: you’ll be able to see E-PL2 in shops earlier than GF2. They have completely different announcement strategies.

    • Zonkie

      I hope that the sensor has actually a new design and not just the same one with a bit more megapixels. The one they use now with 12mp has the same performance as the older one with 10mp, so I do hope this time it’s a really new one.

      Then again, if they can’t make it better than the GH2 because the G3 is cheaper, I guess we shouldn’t expect a lot from it…

      I’ve seen the samples from the XZ.1 today on and that sensor from the LX5 is not very far behind the current 4/3 one. But then it’s a CCD sensor. It seems Pana still didn’t learn how to make CMOS sensors well (their new compacts with CMOS sensors are so bad that it hurts to look at their pictures). Maybe this time around they decided to “copy” some Sony design and they will get a real improvement. We’ll see soon.

      • lol panasonic will be very sad to see this. GF2 released for few months and ppl start seek for GF3.

        Panasonic should themselve, why why why its going in such a way? (=.=)”

    • pdc

      Am betting it will be a 14mp sensor that it optimized for stills (higher ISO and lower noise than GH2) – let’s go back to what Panasonic engineers were hinting when the GH2 was announced – a tussle between themselves and marketing, and that 14mp was a good resolution “for photos” – also betting that the body build will be higher quality, like the E-5 – all good stuff in my book, as I find that the GH2 sensor at lower ISOs is no better than the G1/GH1/G2/GF1, and I find that the body lens mount is a little “tender” when mounting heavy old SLR glass. So, with the GH2 for very good video at a low cost point, and a G3 for “prosumer” grade stills photography, together with some faster 3x zooms, Panasonic will be serving the enthusiast photographer/videophotographer very well. Now what does Nikon have in the wings?

  • Olf

    The GF2 is not even released and already obsolete ? If true, it is a bad move from Panasonic.

    • The G3 would be the successor to the G2. Totally different body style & shooting style from the GF2.

      Even when the high-end GF3 is announced (from what everyone is expecting/wishing/praying) the GF2 still won’t be obsolete. It’s an entry level model – different pricepoint and audience.

    • safaridon

      Its a mistake to assume that just because of new number ie GF2 or GF3 that it is replacing or necessarily making lower numbered models obsolete only Panys way of numbering which is newer. A G design model is not competiton for the GF2. But if it has a much better sensor you can bet it will make it into all these other models in a short time.

      While some may look at GF2 as an entry model, in Japan this certainly is not the case as is selling for higher price than the NEX5 and still doing very well a few steps below the NEX5 and as some reviews point out has several better features than the GF1 aside from smaller size. Interesting while Pany has announced the GF2 is replacing the GF1 both models are still selling very well in high volume in Japan so production must still be continuing on GF1 while the EP1/2 have disappeared from sight being replaced by the EPL1 and EPL2? Maybe one reason why Pany is in no rush to get out their anticipated GF3 model more like G1 controls and maybe EVF?

  • Reverse Stream Swimmer

    An image sensor has to perform at least three tasks:
    * Digital Still Photo capture
    * Digital Video capture
    * Autofocus

    Optimizing the sensor for photo, would require a low noise readout performance, while for video fast readout and high bandwidth throughput. The better the video performance, the worse the still photo performance.

    With Contrast AF the sensor needs areas on the sensor dedicated for that task, which will deteriorate the still image quality. The better and faster the AF, the worse the image quality.

    Therefore these sensors will become more and more sophisticated, during an evolutionary progress. The performance of the cameras will become more depending on the sensor itself. We might see cameras with different positioning, depending on the sensor personalities. Panasoninc already differentiates their porfolio, with a GH1/GH2 dedicated for video.

    • Olf

      Contrast AF do not need dedicated sensor areas. The contrast of an area of the scene is analysed and the lens is moved to maximize it.

      • Reverse Stream Swimmer

        I’m sorry, You’re correct regarding Contrast AF.

        I was thinking of future sensors with phase detection AF, such as the one from Fujifilm:

        • kesztió

          As The GH2 sensor is already faster than the Fuji X100 one there is no reason to make such hybrid sensors. The GH2 sensor has the huge advantage of simplicity and flexibility (no fixed focus points, etc.)

  • Hey guys, the specs in the post say it only has 720p, so that looks like that’s whats going to separate it from the GH2. And that makes sense, the GH series has always had it’s focus on video and had a multiformat sensor, that’s pretty much it.

    I hope the “new” sensor peforms!

    • Those specs are for the G10, not G3

    • 1080p is even in compact cameras. Going 720p in G3 would be very silly.

  • I think most people getting into the GF series are looking for a more compact camera, so its more about choice of body style.

  • safaridon

    I only wish this rumor was of the GF3 or GF1 upgrade even if only a new sensor!

    Seems very strange unless Pany really believes this new sensor is very good to issue new camera so soon. Earlier rumors speculated there would be a 14MP version chip of the one in the GH2? My hope is G3 will be in a new more attractive body like a digital OM rather in same old but practical body? Maybe a new body that would eventually replace that of the older models but still retain the G designation? The G2 while not nearly as popular as GF2 or GF1 is selling quite well in Japan when compared against the A55 and many low end DSLRs with few exceptions for the Kiss4/3 or 3100.

    The GH2 has not sold well even when sold at lower price with 14-42 kit lens so why would this new model do any better unless in a new body shape? Also GH2 sales have been slow partly due to non-availability so what about a model with still another new sensor?

    • agree non-availability will slow the sales. but weird, my place you will not see anyone use GH series in 1000 population, goes up 10k may be see 1. but GF is popular among panny camera at here.

  • Eric

    Could G3 be a rangefinder style body with OVF/EVF? Then Panny would have GF2 for causal users, G2/G3 for enthusiastics, GH2 for serious and rich photograghers, while GH1 for serious but not as rich customers. That makes sense to me.

    • admin

      no rangefinder style…I believe.

      • spam

        Hey, I agree with admin, at least the conclusion! The current mFT lenses aren’t designed to work with a rangefinder camera.

      • safaridon

        Any rumor hints of possible new body style?

  • Tom Blue

    I think the reason why these products are being released in quick succession:

    G3 so soon after GF2
    E-PL2 so soon after E-PL1s

    is because the Fuji x100 and a possible Nikon mirrorless camera are on the way SOON!

    After they hit the stage, who in their right minds would pay for an ACCESSORY view finder when that is EXTRA money that could be put towards GLASS or a 2nd body!

    • Olf

      may be, but it is a mistake to release the gf2 with a 30 months old sensor while a new sensor will come only 2 or three month after. I guess the GF line is the best selling line of product among interchangeable lenses panasonic cameras, so their most important device will have an old sensor for its entire career…

    • cL

      I think you might be onto something. Though I have to say such reaction to Fuji x100 is not going to work. G3 and x100 are just too different. Maybe it’s good to curb the influence of other companies’ mirrorless cameras, but Fuji x100 has its own niche, and so far we haven’t seen any camera from Panny or Oly with aperture ring, shutter speed dial and a prime-quality lens all fixed in one package and Fuji’s sensor is APS-C. I need to shoot landscape photos, so bigger sensor and 35mm equivalent wide angle would be suitable for the job.

      Though hopefully G3 has enough improvement to compete, but it would just take market away from Fuji x100-curious people, not from people who actually prefer x100’s ergonomics like direct controls (an under-served market).

  • oops :)

  • BBernhardt

    The new G3 has to have something different. Like the G2 had a touch screen. My guess would be a new 14mp sensor. The camera will be announced as the GF2 is readily available.
    Possible new features include GPS tagging and inbuilt bluetooth. One can hope for electronic shutter?
    In regards to Panas marketing strategy, they seem to announce a new camera just as the previously announced camera hits the market, ie Gf2 was announced once GH2 was available.

  • safaridon

    Admin – The rumor says some major advancements and new sensor is only one?
    Any hint that a new fast zoom lens might be in the offering? I guess faster AF but that is already good & better JPEG processing? If not it would seem that this new camera would compete too closely to the GH2?

    • admin

      There are a few other improvements. But I am doublechecking the info I received with other sources. All I can say is that the G3 is a major step forward…

      • BBernhardt

        major step forward, as in electronic shutter admin?

        • safaridon

          Maybe you are on to something here. I do recall Pany spokesman last year when asked about the global or electronic shutter he said Pany was hoping to have that ready for the the G3 but most assumed that meant 2012? And this is supposed to be the G3 right?

          Perhaps Pany found they could not get a reasonable size EVF into a small rangefinder but a new more compact digital SLR body quite possible as shutter is gone. Wouldn’t the implimentation of a global shutter necessiate a new type of shutter only not sure such a camera would improve still IQ still problematic so G2 better for stills while G3 for action modes?

          So this may be Panys new inb ody EVF model and the GF3 more likely to be rangefinder style with maybe swivel screen and optional high rez EVF for hot shoe?

          • safaridon

            Typo – sorry I meants to say a global shutter camera would require a new type of sensor?

          • Reverse Stream Swimmer

            Which cameras use global or electronic shutter today?
            Not the CCD ones such as the XZ-1, LX5 or S95.

            Rather it implies CMOS technology I presume. If so, we’re going to loose substantial real estate silicon, since for each gated light recpetor diode, we’ll also need acharge capacitor as the intermediate storage. This will further weaken the competition against the larger APS-C sensor, so I doubt the Markting Dept. will position these equipped cameras for digital still photo. Perhaps a new camera type will arise?

        • +1

      • Amin> Most important, does it share the sensor of GF3?

        • safaridon

          I would assume that would naturally be the case to lower the manufacturing cost and also likely the same sensor to be used in the coming EP3?

  • Erik

    Will the G3 be better than the GH2 (IQ wise) or will it sit between the G2 and GH2?

    • greyhat

      It does not make sense: GH2 is high end and some how to compete with Canon 5D markii; G3 is a D7000/550D competitor.

      Panasonic is not like canon that places one sensor on three market segments (from 7D to 550D). You tell the market that besides camera controls, if you have lightroom and some camera profiles you may achieve the same image with post processing (in theory).

  • I really don’t understand Panasonic numbering:
    G1 > G2
    GH1 > GH2
    G10 stop
    GF1 … um GF2

    G3 is between G2/GH2?
    GF2 is a downgrade of the GF1

    At least Oly did:
    EP1 > EP2 …
    EPL1 > EPL2 …

    As for the Pan vs Oly thing. It all depends on your chosen form factor. Olympus are on their 4th PEN (thank you very much) … well okay EPL2 is out very soon (and before GF2)

    Pan only has GF1 (and a GF2 coming soon outside of Japan)

    Pan has the G1/G2/G10/GH1/GH2 … but Oly doesn’t seem to be playing in this shape of camera.

    Seem to complement each other quite well I think

    • > is meant to me G1 to G2 (like: upgrade/update) …. not better than!

      • G1>G2



    • Olf

      the GF2 is an upgrade from the GF1. The basic operations (needed each time you take a picture), such as compose the image, chose the focus point and expose for that point, will be much easier and quicker on the GF2. Only few parameters, which are not changed so often, will be less practical to change…

      Concerning Olympus,
      EP1 > EP2
      EPL1 > EPL2
      But EPL1 (low entry pen) have a flach and better quality than EP2. And the EPL2 have an EPx look…

    • tgutgu

      What’s so difficult to understand?

      You have three Panasonic lines:

      Gx (lower than GH series, not optimized for video)
      GHx (video-optimzed, multiaspect sensor)
      GFx (rangefinder style)

      Each line is developed in its own row. So as technology advances, you may find a G3 that has advantages over the GH2, i.e. higher resolution screen, faster AF and burst rate). Other vendors do exactly the same. You can never expect that the most expensive model always has the latest features.

      The Olympus product line is more confusing. Only the cheapest model is the one which is base feature complete as it includes a flash. And it has the best image quality.

      Currently, with Panasonic it was that the GH series always had the most advanced sensor and image processor.

  • safaridon

    I only hope there will 2 new m4/3 cameras from Pany this February and not just one, ie the G3 and a GF3.

    • at

      Not exactly, Panasonic M4/3 product lines are designed for people looking for interchangeable lens system targeted for different group of people:

      * G-series is designed for general use for photo and video as an upgrade for its prosumer DC products.
      * GF-series is a natural upgrade for compact DC with interchangeable lenses.
      * GH-series is the top-end product line with the most advanced technologies for video and photo from Panasonic.

      Rangefinder-style product line is not released yet.

  • CDMc

    I think we have to tie back into the 12-50 zoom announcement rumour the other day – was it to be released with a new cam as a kit? which may suggest a higher end body.

  • greyhat

    It is a love/hate relationship:
    – Olympus saw that main m43 users were P&S upgraders or cost cautious enthusiasts/prosumers/pros and launched its biggest success
    – Panasonic announced GF2 as a marketing down GF1 because of huge E-PL1 (IMHO they should have used GS1 to distinguish from its success
    – Olympus announced E-PL1s as Japan only (where mirrorless has more success) to fight GF2 and said it will be the smallest big sensor to date
    – Panasonic announced GH2, marketing up from GH1 to fight (drum roll please) Canon FF 5D Mark2 – target pros
    – Olympus, because of huge E-PL1 success listed _all_ E-PL1 customer and forum complaints and launched E-PL2 (sensor don’t count because it seems that they could not control sensor (I also would prefer a Foveon sensor with 10MP wit no AA filter)… and it was a huge _launch_ success, more: it will be available immediately

    My opinion about its placement on a lengthy post (you’ve been warned)


    The wins:
    – Panasonic:
    HW: G1 (first), partially GH1 (too expensive kit), GF1 (HUGE) and GH2 (poor availability); Touch focus (?), LCD
    SW: Video
    – Olympus:
    HW: IBIS (is it that hard to understand that 1-2 stops are more than enough and you can use every lenses); E-P1 (first and new type of camera), EVF and accessories, E-PL1 (HUGE) and E-PL2;
    SW: JPEG OOC, Image Quality, very customizable for pros, live guides for beginners, art filters (no one believed but now everyone has)

    The loses:
    – Panasonic:
    HW: G10 (who would want a bad _camera_ similar to a good one??? even cheap??? I understand that people buy a fake Rolex to show to others but a camera is to be used); accessories (EVF??)
    – Olympus:
    HW: E-P2, initial LCD
    SW: too much customization but truth to be said is disabled by default; video; video compression; video without IS (yes for video IS is important); did I mention video

    I think both brands complement each other and should not fight against each other.
    Example to simplify: you do too much video go for Panasonic; you do litle video go for Olympus

    Panasonic is the brand that tries to surprise customers with new stuff and take risks; it’s a camera for new customer base

    Olympus seems to listem more to customers (including this forum), E-PL2 has almost E-PL1 flaws covered (screen, AF, video with AF, remote control, got rid of low DR iso100, etc… well sensor is the same); it’s a camera brand that have (to listen to) old customer base.

    The funny part is that Olympus is capitalizing on new customers with E-PL line. Where money from m43 comes. Better cameras can not compete against prosumer DSLRs: for the same price you get much more (better IQ, DR, etc) because of high competitive market (D7000, 550D, …). If a prosumer read foruns and allows himself to carry some weight….

    It’s true that mirrorless is already 40% in Japan. But it is still a niche because is a very specific target besides Japan: low weight/size, much better IQ than P&S.

    It seems that Olympus strategy is better. Why? It seems that in near future sensor quality will improve hugely, i.e. with m43 sensor they can get comparable quality with today’s APS-C. So what to do? post pone as much as they can PRO equipment (because competition has today much more IQ) . Sell low end as soon as they can (because everyone will be mirrorless), even to PROs due to its small size.
    Olympus already made a camera too soon: E-5; everything is perfect… but the sensor. They know that articulated EVF is a must, integrated viewfinder, weather seal… It seems that they read forums and listened to customers. THey now have a simple way to extract and resize pics to post to web almost immediately.

    _I_ think that there are more people waiting for a PRO PEN than a better Panasonic. Why? Because of Olympus legacy and brand. And every pro commented on best OOC JPEG of Olympus. A carry everywhere camera should have the best OOC JPEG

    Panasonic? well, it seems they have a bunch of high qualified engineers that take risks.
    And G3? well G10 was a flaw. Still it seems to close to G2 – this proves that G2 was not a success and they are afraid of PEN competition or next NEXes.
    THey are a good video cameras brand.

    Well NEX missed the point: small camera with big size low quality lenses? does not make sense, but in Japan because you announce that you have a NEX and everything is automatic it was HUGE. It seems that they learned and up coming NEX will fix it. Not for the lenses’ size.

    NX Samsung? Samsung wants all and it suffers from that. Pentax selected Sony sensors (because were better) and Samsung suffered from that. And because they can they went alone. But it is not by top management decision that you start making better cameras. They are not bad, but they could be better.

    Nikon? well they kno they are loosing a lot of money they have more pros so it seems that they will offer from start PRO equipment. It will make sense? Do not know, wait and see. But they make more money with enthusiasts so they are probably are targeting prosumer: have the best mirrorless IQ/camera by review. It seems that they listened that lenses are important: both native size and compatibility. They already signaled that they will play the game.

    Canon? Non one knows, what they know is that they are the loosers: they are the enthusiasts market leaders and they make money with lenses. If they launch they loose money: internal competition and they started last (they have to offer a lot to gain customers, i.e. lower margins); If they don’t launch they loose money to others. It seems that they are more losers than Nikon. There are rumors of a Columbus Egg the 9×9 pixel binning: both high resolution on smaller sensor and High ISO (with lower resolution.


    PS: these are _my_ opinions, feel free to comment and challenge them and try not to be rude I like to learn with everyone; I don’ value much video;

    • pdc

      Definitely lengthy Greyhat!!

      I like the Panasonic G series – have you ever heard of one breaking down? I have owned many Lumix cameras and they are very reliable. My frustration is IQ in telephoto and high DR work. I’m rooting for this G3, as Panasonic have done most things right (G10 was a mistake, result of a new CEO of that division). For video, I’m satisfied with the 16mp GH2, but for stills want better quality, so am really hoping that engineering expertise will prevail over marketing and the new sensor will be no more than 14mp and will me maximizing pixel efficiency through minimized circuitry surface area and highly efficient microlenses. Panasonic are way ahead with the 3-CPU processing.

      Nikon are sure to be a very worthy competitor in this EVIL business, and I’m hoping that their focus will be professional rather than prosumer – 2011 is shaping up to be a watershed year (as was 2008 when the Panasonic G1 changed the name of the game).

  • mmmm, the more you look at it the more it looks like Oly/Pan might be ‘complementing’ each other:

    G1 + GH1 + G2 + G10 + GH2 + G3
    odd that Oly are absent from this form factor
    (but they kind of still have original Four Thirds system)

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