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(FT5) The new lenses coming from Panasonic are two zooms!


Image on to shows the current [shoplink 23962]Panasonic 14-42mm[/shoplink] and [shoplink 14816]Olympus 14-42mm[/shoplink] kit lenses.

Over a month ago I posted the rumor about a new 14-42mm lens coming from Panasonic. Now I got the bulletproof confirmation that those rumors were correct! Not only the 45-175mm lens is going to be announced but there will be also a new 14-42mm kit lens. Both will have an extremely compact size. I was told the 14-42mm lens is actually MUCH(!) smaller than the Olympus collapsible [shoplink 14816]Olympus 14-42mm[/shoplink] lens. I would not believe that if the rumor wouldn’t come from known sources!!!

Reminder: Announcement expected by end of August! And you are not going to see the GF7 soon (coming probably in December/January)

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