(FT5) The new camera name is “Olympus OM-D”


And this is going ot be the name of the future”Oh My Goodness” camera :) Olympus registered the name “Olympus OM-D” on January 3 (Source: trademark.markify). The”D” is for “digital”. And that camera will be the follow up of the last of all OM cameras, the OM-2000 (film camera). The camera will be announced arounf February 8th.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Gunt

    OM-G :D

    • OM-D (Oh, My Dog!)

      • Ben Y

        Oh, your dog!

      • SLO

        Oh, My Dawg!!

      • BLI

        It was supposed to be OM-G: oh, my god. But the guy who registered the name was dyslectic :-).

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Official Museum Directory
        Off My Desk
        Other Medical Disease
        Other Mental Disturbances
        Overlapping Market Disorder

        Well, Olympus sure can’t get in into their head to differentiate bodies of different classe but just pushs out same brick to everyone.

        • I believe Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark are going to sue

        • BLI

          You mean lie Nikon, or Canon, or Pentax, or…

    • MJr

      Olympus OMG actually exists, from before the acronym even existed ^^

      • joey

        Don’t think so as the first person to use OMG as in oh my god, was
        admiral Nelson in a telegram, long before Oly even existed.

    • fgl42

      What are we talking about as far as price? It’ll be weather sealed and have the new weather sealed lens right? Maybe $1,500? That’s way too much money for me on a micro four thirds sensor- especially if it has something like the G3 sensor (and I can’t imagine it having some sort of revolutionary sensor). But I think a lot of people will consider that a reasonable price.

  • OM-FG ?

    • Katzen


  • matt

    I would like to see a FF senzor with OM mount and that revolutionary viewfinder.. + micro 4/3 lenses working in crop mode.. then oly may call it a pro camera!

    • That would have to be one ridiculously dense FF sensor, something north of 30mp’s. Which incidentally is what the Nikon D800 is supposed to have…

      That said, while a full frame camera that works with m4/3’s and 4/3’s lenses sounds cool on paper, I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to use it in crop mode. I’d rather just crop an image in post processing. However, a square oversized multi aspect sensor could be very cool. Kind of an improved version of the GH2 sensor concept.

      • Mike

        Why not? 6MP are enough for FT – if you can switch to 24MP FF ;-)

    • BLI

      Although Kirk Tuck puts it bluntly regarding the wish for FF, I agree :-); an FF is a total turn-off for me. I want a light, small camera, solid with good direct control buttons (less dependant on menus), with long battery life and faster operation/tracking, weather sealing, and with as good a sensor as possible. Preferably not a hump. A control dial around the mount might be ok (OM style, but not tied to shutter speed – a la the XZ-1). But I’m open to see what they come up with. I’m pretty sure it will be a 43 sensor size — if not the new 12-50 lens doesn’t make sense — unless there is also a PEN PRO in the pipeline. And I’m pretty sure it has improved video capabilities, or else the zoom buttons on the 12-50 doesn’t make sense. Is it true that from Jan 1 2012 of, they are not contractually obliged to use the old, 12 Mpx Panasonic sensor?

      • tmrgrs

        Yes all this FF talk is just foolish nonsense. There are plenty of FF DSLR’s already saturating that niche market segment and also this new Olympus is going to use the recently introduced 12-50 Zuiko which automatically means that it’ll have a 4/3 sensor.

      • Steve

        I’m just hoping it’s a much better sensor and doesn’t look like the hideous OM-88 !

    • P


    • Guest

      Oh that is disgusting!

      There is no reason to have Full Frame except to fully take advantage of legacy lenses. If you’re from Nikon, using your old F-mount lenses on your D700, or similar, then there’s no reason to make a new full frame digital camera just because everyone else is making sensors of that size.

      For a newly designed digital system, the sensor size can be completely arbitrary. Full Frame has no logical grounding.

      • Sensor size was not chosen arbitrarily for the m43 format. Sensor size, flange distance and mount were optimized for the digital format.

        Also I think using legacy glass isn’t so great on DSLRs because metering is an issue. I don’t know about the D700 but on a D80 I had to use full manual mode and work out what the exposure was meant to be. On mirrorless cameras you can use Aperture priority mode because it meters the scene in live mode. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Steve

          The other good reason not to use old lenses is the coatings on digital lenses – they stop the light that reflects off the sensor/aa filter back into the lens causing a ghost.

        • Fullframe

          D700 can shoot every manual nikkor ever made in all modes, you can even save the lens profiles for quick access and full exif even without chip in the lens. A manual shooters dream, so are the files dr and iso

          • Guest

            Oh opps. I meant to say “Unless you’re from Nikon or in a similar situation”. Nikon’s d700 is fantastic for using legacy lenses. But if you’re making a new mount, with no native legacy lenses to support, then there’s no need to use a 35mm film sized sensor.

  • c.d.embrey

    OM-D = OM-Duh ;) Sure hope it ain’t another Retro design. Time to live modern.

    • Daemonius

      OM-2000 looks as modern as GX-1 (actually they look quite a lot similar). Not much of retro if its designed like that. Well, its year 97 .. so not really old.

    • I don’t mind if the camera has a modern flair to it, but there’s still no beating old school build quality. Clicking knobs, threaded shutter releases, Etc. I think a digital version of the OM-2000 is a good compromise.

      • If Olympus are to evoke any nostalgia, it would be through a retrospective of the OM-1 and to a lesser extent OM-2, OM-3 and OM-4. Definitely not the OM-2000. The key features being the shutter speed ring around the lens mount, perfect size and HUGE viewfinder. The OM-1 was a game-changer in these regards.

        Also, how are they going to continue the naming? OM-D1 etc? I thought the EM-x was a better idea. Surely it won’t be an OM mount? People will be asking if it’s possible to put OM lenses on the new OM and the answer will be…?

        • flash

          OM-2000 is not even a real Olympus camera.

          • The OM-2000 is a Cosina with an OM mount. It’s in fact the same camera as the Nikon FM10.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Would a digital Bessa shut people up? ;-)

              • c.d.embrey

                The Epson R-D1 was built by Cosina a long time ago. http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/cameras/epson-rd1.shtml “Seiko Epson and Cosina Voigtlander jointly developed the Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera…”

                It didn’t sell well and was discontinued. Before its time I’d guess.

              • Fullframe

                Yep, i say it again first company to bring an m9 competitor with ttl finder for half the price of leica will print money

        • Ben Y

          Everything bean5y said +1

        • lnqe-M

          The is simply, use MF-2, if the not come a new MF-3 by electrical auto-stop of OM Zuiko lens.

    • Fff

      Fullframe doesnt mean the cam has to be big check stylus epic or minolta tc1

    • The Other Chris

      My bet: E-P3 crammed into an OM body with a built-in EVF. Nothing special. Olympus really needs to get on the ball, drop Panny as a sensor provider and seriously think about making a revolutionary camera.

      With the new Canon G1X and the Fuji X-Pro, I’ve lost all interest in Olympus. I was really excited when the E-P1 came out, but they really dropped the ball on everything from camera design to optics (although the E-PL3, 12mm and 45mm were a step in the right direction).

  • MikeS


  • Daemonius


    Hope it wont be “OMG” .. OM with 4/3 sensor? No thanks.

    But full-frame.. well that would seriously shake our small photographic world.

    • Martin

      why don’t you just buy a fullframe camera if you so desperately want one?

      Canon, Nikon, Sony and Leica are offering such cameras, Pentax and Leica offer cameras with even bigger sensors.

      An Olympus fullframe camera has to be an entire new system. What would be the benefit of such a news system vs. the established camera systems?

      • MikeS

        I believe the keyword you missed was “small”. The FF offerings from Canon, Nikon, and Sony are quite large compared to the OM (and other smaller 35mm systems), while digital Leicas and medium format cameras are impractically expensive.

        I don’t personally believe that Olympus will (or should) introduce a FF system, but the main benefit of this system would ideally be its smaller size. As it stands, there is no compact, lightweight, digital FF system with autofocus.

        • sigala1

          Sony appears to have abandoned full frame in favor of the new 24MP APS-C sensor.

          • Reinhard

            Sony has a FF nex9 up it s sleeves, hold your breath

      • Daemonius

        No need to. OM could be digitalized (that mount is big enough). And OM lens are more than usable even today. Yes they have sometimes lower contrast or bit of CA, but doesnt regular crappy kit lens too? :D

        Point isnt that we can buy Canikon or Sony FF. Sure we can, but maybe we would like perhaps Olympus FF or Pentax FF? Its not just brandname, both companies are bit different than Canikon or Sony. I like especially Pentax cameras (ergonomic wise, its really for photographers). Similar goes to Olympus.

        Well and mirrorless FF.. they would be first and they would win whole mirrorless race (if they wont make any serious mistake). I think that first mirrorless FF manufacturer (whoever it will be) will lead market for long time. Probably Sony.

        • c.d.embrey

          Full Frame sensors require large lenses. Comparing the FF Sony/Zeiss 24mm f2.0 A-mount (lens weight 19.6 oz. (555g) )and the Sony/Zeiss 24mm f1.8 E-mount (lens weight 7.9 oz (225g) ) should give you some idea of the difference.

          Me. I ain’t interested in a FF Mirrorless.

  • I know you want verification for every rumor, admin.
    But I guess you may have heard quite a lot. Let’s leave aside whether all that is true or not.

    How do you feel about the OM-D, admin. According to the things you have heard. Do you believe we should really get excited now? Or do you expect it to be a lame ‘me-too’ release?!

  • Justin

    What will the sensor size and density be?

  • 43pr0n

    OM-D –> Olympus Manoeuvres in the Dark? The shoe fits …

    • Miroslav


      Yeah, they’re going to have problems with the rock group. Unless they call them to the camera presentation – in which case OMD better skip Enola Gay ;).

      I expected OM-D or OM-5D or OM-1D or OM-D1. I guess the first model will be called OM-D1.

      • Agrivar

        OM-5D Mk I & OM-5D Mk II

      • BLI

        “Oh, my dear, I’ll wait for you” — Tenth Avenue North … (I’ve never hear the song.)

  • Farrukh

    OM-G would have been so much better :p

    • Neonart

      I have an OMg. Broke the shutter release a year or so ago. :( love the viewfinder.

      • flash

        The G was a well built camera, came from the OM-4 series. Considering it replaced the OM-10 which build was OK for a general consumer camera, but not up to the standards of the single digit OMs.

  • Keith

    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark?

  • Bimbo

    I’m confused. Will it definitely be a MFT camera?

    • nobody

      IMO, everything else is wild speculation far from reality!

  • yeah. if it’s full frame, count me in! 4/3 sensor is getting their ass kicked. i bet they can make the 4/3 lenses work in crop

    • Pixnat

      “i bet they can make the 4/3 lenses work in crop”

      Yeah! FF with 43 and m4/3 working in crop!!!!! Much too good!

      • Miroslav


        FF for legacy lenses and primes. 4/3 for fast AF and zooms.

        • Marcel

          My wildest dream!

      • Martin

        “FF with 43 and m4/3 working in crop!”

        Certainly not. It is supposed to be Pen-compatible, i.e. must share the mount. FF sensor would be too big for the m43 mount.
        I also believe that the sensor could be of a different size, but not THAT different. I guess APS-C at maximum.

        • Fff

          Who cares about the pens anyway? Seriously now…

    • Fullframe


  • disco

    OMD! srsly? who remembers the 80’s new wave band?

  • CRB

    lets really hope its not just about marketing…

  • Classic eighties -OMD

    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

    • TheEye

      OMD, when The Human League won’t do. Don’t you want me, baby?

      • Miroslav

        Bad marketing decision again. If they’ve called new camera Alphaville, it would be big in Japan :) .

  • Fullframe

    I m almost certain tje sensor will be bigger than any 43 sensor yet. Why should they use an all new name otherwise? They could call it Ep-OM or simular i hope is the modular thing which can use 43 and m43 lenses and a fullframe mount for the old OM mount diameter.. Which takes all old om lenses and festures a couple of new ones optimized and with AF!

  • OK, let me understand.

    Does anybody from here really believe that Olympus is going to launch a FF mirrorless system FROM SCRATCH?! Guys, you are usually much more serious to believe in such nonsenses…

    • TheEye

      We are getting Rick-rolled!

    • Ben Y

      Wishful thinking.

    • GeorgeH

      Not really although it would be nice if they did. One can dream. ;-) Shutter speed dial around the lens mount would be nice. I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed which happens a lot with Olympus. Ah well.

    • BLI

      To paraphrase Kirk Tuck: he referred to seeing some *insane* person wishing for a (PEN) FF sensor. Logic says that it will be a 43 sensor; anything else is totally unrealistic. In principle, it could be the Canon 43 sensor in the G1X, but they would still use a crop factor 2.

      • Ernhard

        Who is kirk tuck?

        • Chez Wimpy

          Guy makes the L-brackets and tripod heads?

          • Ernhard

            I have heard of the kirk L plate before, thanks for pointing out

        • BLI

          Why don’t you google him? (Photographer/author blogging about cameras, photography, etc. Often interesting points of view, but with a tendency to love the latest and greatest like most bloggers — but he is aware of that :-).) It is possible he didn’t write “insane”, but “idiot” :-).

    • I’m with you there… some people here have been on pretty hard drugs here it seems…

      …and leave me puzzled about why they embarked in the system at first place.

      No shit dudes?

  • Boot

    Admin, any news on the sensor?


  • Vivek

    I hope it won’t be a God spelled backwards! ;)

  • jacek

    After reading these all crappy comments about full frame sensor I am sure you will be really disappointed in February. Just like after E-5.

    • lnqe-M

      I hope on GH1 and GH2 sensor.

  • Mar

    Looking forward to this.

    How it could work/look:

    Large 4:3 aspect sensor which works in “4/3rds” mode with 43rds and m43 lenses in 1:1 ratio (using 18x18mm surface).

    Larger area when mounting FF lenses.

    I’m very intrigued by this “OM” designation – and I don’t think it’s going to have regular sized 4/3rds sensor because of this.

    • Raist3d

      Not happening.

  • groubas

    150 comments on no news at all coming up right here!

  • Boot

    @ Admin, what about the sensor being used…


    • admin


      • CRB

        panasonic 12mp or 16mp?

        • Definitely 12 MP, as Olympus promised us not to increase the megapixel count. :D

          • @kesztio

            Olympus never promised they just said 12mp was “enough”.
            They might follow Panasonic reasoning as with the GH2 and got to 16mp for “marketing reasons” in the camera…

            But I see the E-P4 staying at 12mp

        • Boot

          The four years old sensor again?!?

          Great :(

        • HMR

          I bet on G3 / GX1 sensor since Panasonic will announce a GH upgraded model soon.

          • Reinhard

            Sure, here it is the big announcenent!!! Pay 1400 dollars for body only, you get an om designed g3, we charge you double for the weathersealing, yes the videofunction is still crap but who cares? We have that great olympus colour instead….

            Jokes aside if this om is no fullframe camera, or a completely new sensor it s the end of oly cameras,,, nobody will comit the same error for the 5th time bobidy want another slow 14 to something kitlens either

      • Sandy

        Hi Admin,

        When you say “m43”, does that mean 12 MP?


      • Miroslav

        Thanks. There goes the FF dream :(.

        • BLI

          So you (and others) have been dreaming of an FF sensor? And the camera would come with an adapter for m43 so they could actually use the new m43 12-50 kit lens with it? And another adapter for the 43 lenses? And Oly should come with a new line of FF lenses with some 10+ top quality lenses so they would stand a chance against FF systems from Nikon and Canon? Even in science fiction, there has to be a believable plot.
          They will come with an m43 camera. This makes it possible with a good balance between size and quality usable in 90% of cases (according to photo bloggers which make a living out of photography). The size advantage causes people to actually use the camera and not leave their heavy FF equipment at home/in their hotel. To sell the new camera, it must be sufficiently good compared to the competition (Panasonic, Nikon 1 mainly). To me, APS-C cameras are not an alternative due to the size.

      • NativeFloridian

        Hopefully your brief comment will put the full frame crowd to rest…

  • Miroslav

    Now that we know release date and the name, can we have a hint at the specs?

    Thank you dear sources ;) .

    • Camaman

      I guess we’ve got more than we bargained for…

  • VicB

    Wasn’t the 2000 a badged Cosina? Probably an EP made to look like an OM.

    • KI

      yes, the OM-2000 was an olympus branded cosina.
      … and to all of you that thinks that “OMG” would be a nice name…; the OM-20 was named OMG in the states. … so it’s already used….

  • Boot

    Sorry for the double posts :(

    • Anonymous

      By reading this rumor blog I really see what “Dream the impossible” mean to some people. Wishing for a FF(36x24mm)from Olympus is like asking for auto-focus OM system 30 years ago…

      • P


        • Will

          I’m not saying it will happen but to say “unless there is some revolution”…erm… that’s what technology is, I mean how much of the world do you think you will recognise in say 20 years, obviously there will be revolutionary things come out, or do you think the world wide market for PC’s is about 20…

      • lnqe-M

        Sensor on FF size is only alternativ photography in 30 years in future. :-D

        • Mike

          Only if its parabolic to produce sharpness in the edges :-)

      • babbit

        There were Autofocus OM cameras 30 years ago. In fact, there were auto focus OM systems cameras almost 40 years ago.

        • Pei

          ^ LOL, full frame smartphone here I come. (babbit, I meant this as a joke in response to what Elliot said)

    • I agree with Berneck ;-)

      • lone.samurai

        Impossible it most defininetly not. Highly unlikely it is.
        FF 135 is just another format and Olympus is too far
        invested in the hole 4/3’s thing that even if it where to
        release a MF or FF135 camera it would most likely be
        a niche for pro’s and enthusiasts while pens would continue
        to reach out to the mainstream.

    • Mikey

      A full frame sensor P&S will not happen without some revolutionary type of lens.

      The physics of optics has not changed and unless there is some revolution there, the size of the optics needed to cover a full frame sensor will be prohibitive for a P&S.

  • Shanti

    FF sensor and MF OM Zuiko lens…worked in the past why not now..an answer to Fuji pro XS1

  • Mumbly

    I fear the worst. Hopefully, this won’t be another retro design camera trying to catch up on the success of the OM camera line…

  • camerafan

    i dont think it will be a full frame.

  • napalm

    would this be the same size as the E-420? or even smaller? i hope it’s not as thin as the NEX-7!

    • Was my first impression when i saw the OM-2000 camera. OM-D will probably be an E-410 shape camera

  • leu

    wait, i think i’ve seen this before.

  • GreyOwl

    Any bets on APS-C? :-)

    • Raist3d

      Yours? It’s not APS-C :-)

  • flash

    I almost bought a OM-2000 glad I did not. It was not a real OM camera.

    I am afraid that the OM-D the D stands for dumb; maybe it stands for Dynamic, letting me use m43, 43 and OM (IN NATIVE CROP) lens along with a host of non OM lens. I realize it is a MFT sensor camera, FF frame would not be a good idea as it is to expensive. There are no FF frames under 2000 dollars US now; so it is out of the question besides there are some FF being sold now, though not many people buy them. However, it needs to have better ISO DR then the Pen. The resolution is fine, but little more is better.

    If it is as I fear just a reworked P-3 with a viewfinder it better sell for less the 1,250 dollars US for me to be interested in, it would only be a GH-2 (the best m43) alternative, which is not bad. I would wait for the GH-3 to come out then and compare the two new m43 cameras.

    I take it the Pen Pro is a different camera then this one. That square concept camera always looks so interesting. There is no need not to have different body types one body does not satisfy all. We all have different size hands, optic nerves, and needs. The Pen is really to small for me.

    What I would like is a large viewfinder that allows one to manual focus easily. Menus user defined by what lens is attached. Tethering, can’t understand why no mFT does not have it. Non reflective sensor to allow different lens to work better. What I do not like would be a tillable or movable LCD a fixed Oled is preferred; but I want remote viewing through tethering. Multiple spot metering like the OM-4, it is even now pretty impressive once you use it for a little while. With that in mind some in camera DR and other adjustment that effect the different spots. One needs to make cameras that can take great pictures with out speeding boring time on Photoshop types of editors, get more utility in the camera.

  • Posted at the wrong place, sorry.

  • SLO

    I’m betting it will be 43rds size sensor. OM-D will be for design and shape. Larger, better controls, weather sealed, built in EVF. Maybe PDAF on sensor for AF with 43rds lenses. Hopefully the sensor is not based on the old 12mp one.

    • If there’s PDAF on the sensor, it will have to be a new one.

  • I absolutely don’t understand all this FF enthusiasm. Apart from the shallower DOF area (that often rather represents a disadvantage, from my point of view), the advantages are virtually zero – assumed the sensor technology used is the same – but the disadvantages are enormous.
    Don’t want that as I can’t afford a sherpa for carrying my FF AF lenses. And other than many adapting enthusiasts I won’t go back to lenses that force me to focus manually all the time. Thank you very much.

    Manual focusing can be a pleasure if I choose to do so occasionally, but all the time and everywhere…? No way!

    • Francois Rimasson

      Smoother transition between focus and out of focus areas
      Better dynamic and lower hi iso noise.

      • Fff

        Yep imo there only benefits in a bigger sensor. Except if your a super tele guy 400 mm + m43 is just too small otherwise

    • SF

      Let me guess, you never used a FF camera, right?
      I used to think the same way as you until I actually tried it.
      Full-Frame and µFT are a perfect team!

      • nobody

        “Full-Frame and µFT are a perfect team!”

        Exactly :)

      • “Let me guess, you never used a FF camera, right?
        I used to think the same way as you until I actually tried it.
        Full-Frame and µFT are a perfect team!”


        I had the ‘pleasure’ of using a friend’s 5D MKII for four weeks during a holiday. Having to close the aperture down for a usable DOF area all the time and limited corner-to-corner sharpness made me switch from the E-30 to the E-5 instead of going the FF route I had drooled over for quite a while. No thank you, this really doesn’t represent an alternative, for me.

        And, @ François: Bigger dynamic range and high-ISO performance are – first of all – a question of technology. An FT sensor provided by Sony with their current technolgy could produce rather clean ISO 6400 pics with a DR improved by one step. And the next generation will up the ante once again. So, no need to go the FF route for DR and high-ISO performance.

        • Fff

          Comparing an 5d to the e30 is pathetic, there are lightyears of quality in between

          • Fff

            I ve been through this oly is the one and only thing, it just bad compared to competition, being non brainwashed helps

          • “Comparing an 5d to the e30 is pathetic, there are lightyears of quality in between.”

            Please enlighten me – I couldn’t find the advantages of FF and the 5D in particular.

            When it comes to the system, however, it’s easy: zoom lenses delivering on the same level for FF as the HG or SHG Zuikos do for FT (such as orner-to-corner sharpness wide open) cost a fortune and you need a sherpa to schlep them around. What is only partly caused by the outstanding quality of the Zuiko lenses as the fact that it’s just easier to design great lenses for a smaller sensor also represents a key factor.

            • Just found this at DP Review:

              Seems I’m not the only one to have comee to the conclusion that the advantages of FF compared to Ft are extremely limited. Still waiting for your arguments.

              • Fff

                Finding fanboy link on dpr is not the same. i owned E5 , 5d and D3, all i kept is the nikon FF system. It s so good it might be good enough for the next 20 years if you are no early adopter. Not castrated in every possible way just a superb camera made to last.

                I suggest to try prime lenses on FF. 2 or 3 is all you need. Where you can reach 4-5 stops over the E5, all with creamy files kickass Dr great colour latitude and low noise. Fantastic af.

                Funny how everybody says the ff lenses are big and expensive… When the oly SHG are about the biggest and most expensive lenses on the market incl FF. Even if those lenses are good. The catastrophic af system kills it for me.

                Oly stopped the e system bacause its pointless compared to the competition so did panasonic. Even a guy working for oly told me this once. Also the dof penalty kills it for most pros.

                M43 is the right way to make good use of smaller sensor. But its not done right yet. I ll keep my breath for feb 8.

        • Raist3d

          It’s not just technology but a bigger sensor will have given equal tech, richer DR/tone/ISO.

      • Anonymous

        A $10 disposable film camera will give one FF experience. What so special about FF?

        • Berghard

          You said it even a disposable kodak box beats your 43censored cam

  • Fff

    Best case: fullframe and om lenses with af, dxlike mode for 43 lenses

    Worst case an ep3 with the vf2 built in a cental pyramid finder. Weathersealed

    Truth is probably somewhere in between, which means i m not interested

  • John

    OMG. Want one as an addition to my OM-4 & E-P3

  • Medium format or GTFO! Just kidding but everyone saying if it’s not full frame or it’s a bust is kind of dumb. It’s going to be Micro Four Thirds, why would they abandon the only format that makes them money?

  • Duarte Bruno

    OM-D = Olympus MUST Deliver!…

    …or else!

  • I don’t mind if it’s not FourThirds mount/sensor, I’m wishing it would be something larger.

    Also, I think It would be really great if they continue using OM mount lenses and and apply all the things they learned in FourThirds like light hitting the sensor perpendicularly, SSWF, etc…

  • jacek

    I wonder if anyone of these “yayayayaa full frame full frame” people willing to spend money for full frame camera from Olympus. Or are they so dumb that they will expect full frame digital camera inside OM body with the price of E-P1. Of course all lenses will work in manual focus mode only. I am aware of fact that these people won’t read this comment, they will continue to spread their “full frame full frame” crap here as usual.

  • acahaya

    should have called it DOM (~master, dominator) plus leaves an option to turn into doom as far as forum opinions go

  • Bob B.

    YAWN…more hype….stop with the big intro and show me the beef. The kit lens is something I would never buy…so I am prepared to be underwhelmed… hate to be negative …but I just don;t see this camera rockin my world.

  • All you “nostalgia frame” enthusiasts — i.e., people who believe that the measurements 36mm x 24mm have some mystical virtue — need to get over it.

    Remember, Olympus is the company at which a senior executive, asked if they planned to make “full frame” cameras, sensibly replied: “Full of what?”

    They have said over and over that they are committed to a balanced approach to sensor size and pixel density. Their DSLR designs are based on the Four Thirds sensor, so they have no hardware platform on which to base a change. And even if they changed their philosophy, their current financial troubles mean they wouldn’t have the ability to develop a completely new chassis and lens line.

    No, I predict the OM-D is going to be a Micro Four Thirds camera with a centrally-located EVF, a sensor with a modestly higher pixel count, and a mix of knobs and menus for controls. In other words, it’ll be almost exactly like a Lumix GH2, except with prettier styling, rain resistance, and less video capability.

    It will be a really nice camera for Pen enthusiasts who would like to have a built-in EVF instead of an add-on… and a disappointment to traditionalists who were hoping that Olympus could bring the OM-4ti back from the dead and somehow turn it into a DSLR by snapping a magical digital Lego brick into the back of it.

    • We all know what Oly senior executives have been doing……
      Ranger p’s prediction seeems realistic to me, I hope for more though.

      • Ranger 9 is spot on imho.

    • Mr. Reeee

      That’s the most realistic assessment I’ve heard about the possible OM-D. Simple, logical and sensible.

      It needs to be a camera that appeals to a broader range of potential users than just a few thousand enthusiasts.

  • Do

    It’s rather strange and will be potentially confusing to newbies that the Four Thirds cameras as well as the PENs have an model name beginning with “E-“, but not this camera.

    • Milt

      At least there is no “X” anywhere to be seen.

  • Scott

    From what I have heard and read from past interviews with Olym. They have been working on a camera which uses both m43 and 43 lenses. I hope this really works out.

  • Reinhard

    Calm down guys I have 100% info that it will be fullframe

    • flash

      There once was a Digital camera that used Olympus OM lens and was full frame. It was incredibly expensive, and was about 4 megpixals or less. It was priced way out of my price range, an most if not OM uses. I wish I could remember its name. It probally had the Kodak sensor, their was another version that used Nikon glass at the time.

  • Once and for all.
    m43 is a system which is beginning to have a name to it. A couple of very good cameras by two camera manufacturers. Probably close to 50 lenses by at least five lens manufacturers.

    And now we get a bunch of airheads wishing for Olympus next camera to be a full-frame?

    What the hell is wrong with you guys? Do you always have to go for absolute novelty. Do you change you car after one year because you feels it’s old. Change girlfriend every few month ’cause you’re somehow always getting tired of the current one?
    Some of you guys are really being delusional…

    • …and worryingly in need of always newer sources of stimulation…


      :)) some people around are ,,camera geek”. but compare to the computer ones, they don’t know how to use that cameras. they need to have the best camera just for sake of having. not for results.
      if you look at 1x.com or 500pix.com, will see very old cameras, but the images are stunning. conclusion : brain does 90% of the work.

      • jacek

        I fully agree but I disagree with last sentence. Brain does 100% of work.

      • Mr. Reeee

        95% of the work on 500pix is done by technicians, not artists.

        One who uses his hands is a worker.
        One who uses his hands and head is a craftsman.
        One who uses his hands, head and heart is an artist.

    • flash

      It could be worst, they could be wishing for a full frame DSLR size range finder type camera. Been there done that come to think of it my first Olympus OM-2 was in response of rangefinders not framing like an SLR could, and their limitations in Telephoto and Macro lens. And from using large SLRs; believe it not the F1 Nikon was the smallest of the lot (those German SLRs were heavy). I always felt that I lost a bit in the optics from other peoples German cameras, not from the Nikon though (while sharper then the OM mostly did not have the contrast I liked at the time).

      I can’t believe anyone would buy a Full Frame Olympus, or from anybody, but a Canon, Leica, or a Nikon now. I know Pentax keeps rummouring it, and Sony even has one; but what about a full lens system, service support? It is just to much of expenditure in money and time not to go with a proven system. Maybe if someone made a body that used either Canon or Nikon lens; or a small market manual focus camera system.

    • Miroslav


      No, we’re just after that one ISO stop current 4/3 sensors lack and wish we could use old lenses at focal lengths written on them.

      Whatever, now that admin’s confirmed sensor is 4/3, it’s either old 12 Mpx that drags from 2008 to this day in various models or 16 Mpx that first appeared in the G3. Has a Panasonic sensor ever had its debut in Olympus camera?

    • scm

      Thank you for typing, nearly word-for-word, what I was going to have to type myself.

      The number of people clamoring for an FF sensor on a 4/3rds forum is kind of confusing. How about this:

      I really hope this camera does *not* have an FF sensor. I like my lenses, I like the flange back distance, I find the m4/3 noise performance absolutely acceptable, and I like the current price points. Thank you very much.

  • Furb

    What if OM-D is going to stand for “Organic Mirrorless- Digital”?


  • Raúl

    Of course it will be full frame!! (17,3mm x 13mm)

    I don’t think Olympus will make a camera with a sensor smaller than 4/3. ;)

    • nobody


  • Dannecus

    My Prediction – M43 sensor a certainty. Comparability with 43 and M43 lenses a strong probability. They have always hinted that 43 would not be abandoned, but they cannot afford to keep it running as a separate platform. This new camera will make all the 43 E series cameras old generation, and able to be quietly dropped. Overall I think this would be a good move by Olympus, they have to get rid of 43, but in a way that keeps faith with the customer base. A body that pulls together the 43 and M43 ranges is what is needed to help them reduce costs and range breadth while keeping their word to support owners of existing kit. All talk of FF is pointless, they don’t need another sensor size, they need to cut down the range of cameras they are supporting so the limited R&D funds they have can make the very best of the platform they are banking on – that is M43 (or Mirrorless four thirds).

    Ranger9 – spot on!

    • This new camera will make all the 43 E series cameras old generation, and able to be quietly dropped. Overall I think this would be a good move by Olympus, they have to get rid of 43, but in a way that keeps faith with the customer base. A body that pulls together the 43 and M43 ranges is what is needed to help them reduce costs and range breadth while keeping their word to support owners of existing kit.

      I think you are over optimistic – and I’m an optimist, too.
      This camera had to be able to C-AF the FT lenses – at least – at E-5 speed and in addition, an EVF producing live pics at high FPS rates also would be a must. And I don’t expect them to already have achieved these goals, at this point in time.

  • what if?

    What if we get 2 cameras, a pen with viewfinder soon, and a fullframe OM for photokina later this year? the name is just a copyright brand reservation, it doesn’t need to be released now, My personal opinion is that it’s not a good move from olympus to use the OM name for a M43 camera, unless it’s a new system (as 43 is completely dead there’s room for a new one now…)

  • Fan

    I just want an E-P4 with better sensor and no EVF …

    Oh and with PDAF on the sensor …

  • jeanpi

    El canto del cisne de Olympus… muy tarde ya para levantar cabeza. Perdieron el tren ya desde hace un tiempo. Muy probablemente una camara retro nada mas.

    • Hasta que no la veas no sabras nada. Si perdieron el tren, ¿porque existen tantas marcas mirrorless a dia de hoy?

      Creo que cada usuario necesita un tipo de cámara. A lo mejor la tuya no era una mirrorless, pero hay muchísima gente que las esta disfrutando, como yo. Otra cosa es que se pueda luchar contra empresas que tienen más dinero que la tuya.

      Dejemos que hagan su trabajo, porque cada vez que olympus presenta algo nuevo, enseguida sale alguien y lo COPIA.

  • I actually don’t want a FF camera, for what its worth. What made OM lenses small and compact was that they weren’t autofocus. With all the motors, and that large of an image circle, a FF OM-D would be yet another DSLR. Maitani himself said once that a camera maker that simply copies others’ idea has no right to call itself an original maker in the first place. And that’s what they’d be doing, 10 years late to the market, again. :)

  • Almond

    It’s not a m43 camera.
    It’s a large sensor fixed lens camera. Ya’ll find out in few weeks.

    • “It’s not a m43 camera.
      It’s a large sensor fixed lens camera. Ya’ll find out in few weeks.”


      Yeah right, that’s what they designed the sealed 12-50 for. Say no more…

    • Raist3d


  • P

    I don’t know if this is significant or not, but in the trademark webpage, under “List of goods and services”, it mentions “focusing screens, mount adapters” among others. Does that have to mean something?

    • Bang on sister

    • lnqe-M

      No i think the is only a list for goods and service from Olympus.

  • Only one person here has come close. 2 cameras, 2 mounts, 2 sensors. Don’t get excited about OM for a few months. But pro pen/mft e5…

    …8 february ;-)

    • Vivek

      “But pro pen/mft e5…

      …8 february ;-) ”

      Isn’t that the GH-2? I am getting mildly interested.

      The 2nd mount could be the square sensor from Samsung? Photokina, then! :)

  • omolympus

    Please tell me the design is not based on the OM2000! It wasn’t even made
    by Olympus and was a butt ugly mass market product pushed out during the death knells of OM.

    It had none of the elegance of the OM4ti or OM3ti.

    • Terminator

      We will all just have to wait and see. I am mildly excited though

      • omolympus

        Yes, 2 cameras and hopefully 135 FF for the OM.

        I like 4/3s for macro/product work, but it has too much DOF at the wide
        end for reportage, even with fast lenses for my taste.

  • mclarenf3

    Wow, a lot of people are going to be disappointed when Olympus releases their OM-D camera and it’s not a FF sensor. I really don’t see why so many think it IS going to be a FF sensor, especially just from hearing the name of the camera.

    I’m pretty sure the “OM” designation is due to the styling of the camera (retro look, centered EVF, etc) and nothing to do with the sensor.

    The sensor is likely going to be a tweaked EP-3 sensor (or the same damned one).

    • nobody

      “The sensor is likely going to be a tweaked EP-3 sensor (or the same damned one).”

      In that case, it would be the Olympus DOA.

  • kk

    The idea that this might be full frame seems pretty ridiculous to me. AFAIC, the only reason they’re reviving the OM name is because the aesthetics of this new camera will be reminiscent of classic designs.

  • First try…

  • Raúl

    Why the sudden interest in a 36mm x 24mm size sensor? Olympus has never produced a camera like that.
    If all you want is that sensor, what attracted you to buy 4/3 products? Why didn’t you buy a Canon or Nikon?

  • mooboy

    Even if it was FF… with Olympus’s current financial state… would you want to buy into a new (expensive) system?

    If you buy into an Olympus m43, at least you know Panasonic will be around producing lenses if Olympus goes down.

    (Sorry if someone above pointed this out)

    I agree with others above, FF DSLR and m43s make a good team.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Regardless, what about lenses?

      People laugh at the NEX system for it’s dearth of lenses… even more that the few lenses there are mostly crap.

      You can’t use 4/3 or M4/3 lenses on a full-frame sensor without vignetting. So, what lenses will you use on a full-frame Olympus? Maybe they’ll sell it with an adaptor kit… Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Leica. That sounds VERY appealing. Sign me up for TWO. ;-P

      • mooboy

        Not everyone loves manual focus or has a big bag of old manual glass. For me, if I am using the larger full frame lenses, they are big and heavy enough I may as well bring the FF DSLR along as it will balance out better anyway and I’ve yet to see a m43 camera that can match DSLR in ergonomics (forgetting size and weight).

        I’m just not sure why people lusting after FF – not saying you Mr. Reese – even bother on a site for 43 rumours… the rumoured NEX/Alpha hybrid at Sony is probably your best bet.

        • Mr. Reeee

          I was being a bit facetious, but I’d love a full frame camera… ONLY if it were a reasonable size, not one of the ludicrous, hulking monsters. When I saw some shots of the new Nikon D4, especially the back, I could barely stop laughing.

          I chose a GH2 instead of a FF, because I wanted a camera I would carry and use. But I mostly use Nikon, Pentax and Voigtländer lenses with it. Balance really isn’t a problem.

          • Forbes

            There’s always Leica… ;)

            I’m very schizophrenic when it comes to camera size and weight. Not taking into account convenience, I prefer to have a big, heavy DSLR such as my 7D. However, I’m starting to feel I use it less often than I should because it is impractical for an amateur like me. So I have been eyeing the GH2 a bit, but I’m hoping for a similar, metal built body.

          • mooboy

            Hmm, I was dubious at first, moving from a D80 to a D700 with battery grip (which would be roughly same size of D4). And, I gota say, even with my dainty lady sized hands, the D700 + Battery Grip is much more comfortable to shoot with (for me)

            The GH2 is much nicer in my bag when I am just walking around the streets though ;)

            But even with the LX5, E-PM1, GH2 and D700.. I can’t stop myself eyeing off the NEX-5N with the idea to pair it with some Leica or CV glass. I’m just a camera consumer whore :(

  • Berneck

    Seriously, how many of you screaming for full frame have ever even used full frame? Is your photography “suffering” in some way that you need that extra razor-thin depth of field? Or maybe you just got to have that extra dynamic range? Or is it that you’re printing a billboard?

    I agree, Olympus needs a new sensor here, but full frame is NOT the answer. They need to do something innovative like Fuji. While the jury is still out on the Fuji sensor, it seems that there is proof that 43 is one breakthrough away from besting full frame, in the sense that you will have the perfect balance in size, speed and image quality.

  • Dana

    “Full Frame sensors require large lenses”

    “Full frame sensors require huge bodies”

    Ummm… Right. Sure they do.

    Good gods.

    • mooboy

      Yeah… that’s why Pentax Q lenses and bodies are the same size as a Nikon D4 with a 70-200 f/2.8 attached. Wait, what?

      I’m sure you will come back with Leica M9 as an example of smaller size, but most companies could not get away with such a manual offerring (as can’t charge the Leica tax to generate profit on a relatively small number of sales).

  • andrew

    how about OM-5 ti all black titanium similar to the OM-4 ti, with digital written somewhere one one side of the prism?
    I do not think D has to even be in the model name.

  • Dana

    I’ve always wondered, why, if people hate Oly so much (or name whatever company you care to name), why do they troll around so much on the company they hate’s web site?

    It kind of reminds me of all the Republicans who hate gays so much, but somehow end up caught with gay rent boyz at Reagan National or LAX.

    That’s it you know. These trolls all have Oly E-520 cameras in the backs of their closets that they take on vacation instead of their ultra-huge Canikons (when no one is looking).

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