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(FT5) The new camera name is “Olympus OM-D”


And this is going ot be the name of the future”Oh My Goodness” camera :) Olympus registered the name “Olympus OM-D” on January 3 (Source: trademark.markify). The”D” is for “digital”. And that camera will be the follow up of the last of all OM cameras, the OM-2000 (film camera). The camera will be announced arounf February 8th.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Dana

    I am REALLY interested to see a new OM Oly camera. We’ll see though.

    An OM-style Oly is what we were told to expect when the E5 was due out.

  • Milt

    I would like to see a 4/3 camera with an internal EVF, manual controls and OM4 styling that would compete with the Panasonic GX1 and GH2 for the enthusiast 4/3 market – and with the Sony NEX7 and the new Fuji in design if not technology.

    • Forbes

      If Olympus make a camera with the build quality of the E-P3, a new sensor and built in viewfinder, I think it could make m4/3 more attractive as a format for DSLR users looking to size down.

      I love my 7D and will continue to use it for a while, but it’s too big. If Olympus and Panasonic develop high build quality bodies with built in viewfinders, I might consider a switch.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        If you really think you can attract DSLR users by removing ergonomic grip and with limited retro controls you’re smoking wrong stuff.
        Or are you just wanting to help Canon, Nikon and Sony by treating 4/3 users as disposables?

        • Stu5

          You can build grips for small cameras as well. Plus you can design grips to add. If Olympus can come up with a OM sized camera that handles just as well there will be a demand for it. OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 all handled better than 7D, 5D, D700, D3 etc because they were so small. They reduced the risk of camera shake which you see now so often in photos taken on large modern DSLRs because people can’t hold them still enough and that includes professional photographers.

          • Olaf

            I agree that small cameras are practical, but when it comes to long hand held exposures, a heavy camera body is better than a light small one. And thats just a fact! :)

            • Anonymous

              That’s just an opinion!

              • Frobisher Gunne

                Well, from my direct experience it’s true enough.
                Mind you, that’s also an opinion.

        • Forbes

          I guess you must have misinterpreted my post. I said nothing about ergonomics or controls, or m4/3 users for that matter.

          What I was aiming at is that a camera like a GH2 is a pretty good alternative to a DSLR if size is an issue. A similar camera from Olympus (based on a modern OM inspired design?) that has the build quality of the E-P3 could be even better.

      • BLI

        Forbes — you are 100% right. Although I love my D300, the 24-70/2.8 lens + other lenses, I simply don’t use it much: I need a bag to lug it around, and get totally soaked by sweat after 5 minutes carrying the bag — note, I spend much of my travel in warm climate. For me, m43 implies that I get reasonably good pictures with a camera weighing 1/3 in “90%” of the cases, and I get back the joy of taking pictures. I think these arguments are representative for the majority of those buying into the m43 system.

  • Ian

    I enjoy the 4/3 aspect ratio. If Oly were to make a “FF” camera, I would still prefer for it to be in this aspect ratio. Either a larger version of the sensor or a multi-aspect ratio sensor.

    • Kit

      Approx 3 years back I went on an excursion with my family to Sydney Harbour (I live in Sydney). I took my Minolta XE-7 & 24mm F2.8 MC & 100mm F2.5 along with a bag full of accesories (Flash, filters, blower, etc). I took this system specifically because I wanted to get pin-sharp photos that I could blow up if need be. Now, the camera size is actually perfect but the combined weight meant that it became quiet heavy… especially when walking up and down the steep streets. Because my arms were tired, the normally perfect camera weight became a dumbell and my hands were shaking from exhaustion. None of the photos met my standard. (Yeah, but no – even worse lugging a tripod around as well). I didn’t have that problem with my OM-2n system. Since then it became my objective to buy small, light but high quality gear… and M4/3 Olympus/Panasonic have meet that requirement. My GH2 is perfectly weighted. I would guess that most of us reading about Olympus here want the OM body back… quality with a weight that still leaves steady hands on day long excursions (with family – little kids)

  • Yun

    While someone expect fullframe standard from Oly new OM cameras , my own not too greed . I expect it to beat any DSLR entry level at least ( EOS 600 / 60 or D7000 below ) in image quality . If OM did , I’ll surely get it .

    • Anonymous

      FourThirds *is* full frame you freaking idiots! IT IS FULL FRAME!! ALL THE LENSES ARE FULL FRAME RELATIVE TO THE SENSOR!! 135-format is no longer the only full-frame format. GET OVER IT!~

  • harnamsc


    Oh My Darling!


  • acuberos

    The new camera can not be a follow up of the The OM-2000. This camera was not a true Olympus OM camera, but a much cheaper model made by Cosina many years after the OM serie was discontinued. The OM-2000 is the same camera as the Nikon FM10, and some Vivitar and Cosina cameras. The last real OM camera was the OM4T.

    • BLI

      Interesting. My first slr was a cheap Cosina in 1972. My second was an OM-2 ca 1980.

  • spanky

    There’s no way Olympus or Panasonic will ever launch a FF sensor camera. Period. Dot. Not gonna happen. They’ve simply put way too many resources into the m43 architecture to go back.

    • MikeH

      Panasonic is huge. They could conceivably have m43 and FF lines.

      • Zo


        A few things about Panasonic

        1) They will not go it alone, they like to copy but they do not really innovate

        2) They do not market well and they have a very poor distribution channel and do not know how to effectively get product on the shelves. Ask the 4/3 fans the PITA of getting a Leica 25mm

        3) Larger sensors cost more due to the larger wafers needed. It is not not cost effective unless you already have the forges.

        4) Each business unit must make its own money without money from the mother ship, they make money in the camera division but they are not that big thus is why they paired up with Olympus to start

        All these leads to — its not gonna happen because neither Panasonic nor Olympus know what to nor do it in a cost effective money making manner. Should Samsung join the party, they would offer the missing pieces, but that is still unknown

        Any talk of FF is just dreaming. Canon, Nikon and Sony will rule the FF market now and in the future.

        Lastly, in marketing and business, if you can’t beat them, make yourself a new market. m4/3 (mirrorless) is the Niche where they can compete — they have the lead, the mind share and it is their market to screw up.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > 3) Larger sensors cost more due to the larger wafers needed.
          Wafer size doesn’t change any from the one factory is using!
          You’ll just get lot less products (rectangle areas called dies) out of single silicon wafer because of less sensors fitting into it, more wasted area of round wafer on edges and fever defects being enough to make bigger part of dies useless.
          As manufacturing cost of single wafer stays same regardless number of usefull dies “full frame” sensor could cost easily twenty times the price of 4/3 sensor.

          Here’s good explanation of manufacturing problems of big die size components.

    • yes you are right and this is a GOOD thing . Who would be interested in such a new system and to WAIT for years to get enough new AF lenses

      4/3 ratio is fine . they just need a high quality sensor ( meaning NOT FROM Panasonic)


  • Elliot

    As time passes by, eventually dirty cheap P&S cameras will be equipped with full-frame sensor and sold for less than $100 in a number of years.

    I still remember that 13 years ago I spent $2500 for a Dell desktop with Pentium 400M kHz CPU, and another $2500 for the Dell laptop with Pentium 300M KHz CPU. And people reviewed them claimed their performance was ‘laser fast’. And NOW they are not even qualified for donation!

    43 cameras without continuing upgrading sensor technology will be dead meat very very soon.

    • Zo

      As time marches on, physics does not change. There is a reason FF lenses are so large. Also, the wafers that make the sensors are actually more expensive to make large. When you have smaller sensors you can get better yields and even if you loose some to defects, there are still a lot on a wafer you can keep, not so with bigger wafers. Also, computers and cameras are different — cost comes down due to volume, look at the number of cameras sold, while large, most of the sales are to repeat customers not new customers.

      The P&S will be eaten up by Cell Phone camera many with 12, 14 and 16mpx and now even with 720p video. The question is what happens with the low end DSLRs, due they share market with mirrorless?

      The future of DX is cloudy and may be replaced with defeatured FF but still in the $3K range and lenses will not get cheaper because the cost of optical glass goes up every year due to the process required to make clean glass

      In short, not gonna happen!

    • Nope… even 13 years ago, CPUs’ clock speeds were well over 1 MHz. My first PC (after an Oric-1, an Amstrad CPC 6128 and an Amiga 500) was a 386 DX 40, where 40 stands for “40 MHz”. So your Pentium CPUs were most probably respectively 400 and 300 MHz, NOT kHz…

      So far for your steampunk fantasy :D

  • cj

    Unfortunately Olympus marketing is detached from reality. Thus always setting expectations too high which can only lead to one outcome, underwhelming disappointment.

    They consistently over-hype and under-deliver on product releases.

    I’m expecting m43 mount, mee too sensor and possibly with a poor implementation of CDAF in some way to use 43 lenses.

  • Dave

    Disappointing … was expecting OM-G

    • rrr_hhh

      Me too, I thought OM-G1. Would have been perfect in connection with the Oh My God teasing ad campaign.

  • V4Vendetta

    Oh My Devil!

  • Asasino

    Why the hell sticking with the (Leica inspired) OM body when they have the PEN?
    The PEN was ahead in styling at its launch on 60ies, and the new bodies are still very sexy (much more than Panny G or NEX, and, to me, also than Fuji X).
    Also, the OM was a single-lens REFLEX, so what are we talking about here?
    Why do not put a dmned EVF on a new PEN (slightly larger) body?
    Please explain me…
    Best regards
    Michele Costa

    • rrr_hhh

      You don’t know anything about that camera yet, nobody knows either, so why are you already ranting about it ? Wait that we know more about its look and capabilities before you start whining about it. The only thing Olympus has said is that it will have a stunning VF and continue in the spirit of the OM which was a highly regarded camera. We still don’t know what is marketing hype and what will be true. Going out from the Pen series, I think we will get a modern reinterpretation of the OM. How much it will deliver and how well it will do is way too early to speculate on.

      • Asasino

        You are right: no one know about the new camera yet, so we have to wait for the first info and, more important, getting the hand-dirty-on-it.
        That said, i do not like at all the mkt is using the OM series as a basis for what i’d like to be a PRO-PEN camera (OM is more similar to Leica M).
        After seeing what Fuji has done with the X-PRO (great camera, but bold and expensive), i fear that Oly will stay on the PRO side: new lens mount, bigger sensor, fatness, more bucks…
        If this is the case, they completely lose me.
        Hope to be wrong!
        Best regards
        M. C.

        • Umm… don’t you think the Fuji X-pro1 is more similar to a Leica M than the Olympus OM-1?

          • Asasino

            I agree with u.
            But, again, hoping that Oly doesn’t get the Leica-4-poors way like Fuji does with X-PRO1.
            If it doesn’t, why sticking with OM so?
            Why do not speak about a PRO-PEN?
            I fear that geniuses of mktg will relegate the PEN series to pro-sumers, that do not have a need for an integrated EVF (like Panny does for the GX1).
            All i (we) hope for is a M4/3 PRO-PEN with an embedded EVF and some good dials to play with.
            Best regards
            M. Costa

    • lnqe-M

      Maybe the is OVF (like OVF in E-10 and E-20) combination by EVF.

    • Kit

      My guess is that the OM-D is the new 4/3 body that a lot of people have been waiting for … but the lenses would have to be revised in size…

  • Trondster

    The OM-D will be pinstriped, and specially made for Boid Shooting. :D

  • reverse stream swimmer

    If naming the camera OM, one would expect the camera to take OM-Zuiko lenses as well. Hence it doesn’t make sense to stay with the 25% area of a 135-size sensor, therefore hoping the OM-D will be equipped with a larger sensor. However, most likely it will utilize the existing MFT format sensor.

    • lnqe-M

      Take digital Pen old Pen lens, not out adapter.

  • Julien

    I have started photography with an OM-2 and OM-10. In addition to the quality of their lenses, those cameras were terrific thanks to their compactness and the size and the quality of their viewfinder (for the OM-2 coverage of 97% with a magnification of .92X with and still very sharp), it was a hell of a pleasure to look through these VF that I’ve rarely seen on other cameras.
    So I just hope that Olympus will not come out with an electronic toys with a scrapy viewfinder (electronic or not) that doesn’t match the advantages that OM camera had back to these old days. They already did this trick with the “mju” brand: it was a terrific film cameras with extremely sharp lenses used by some professionnal as a pocket camera to-be-carried-everywhere and instead proposed digital “mju” camera with tiny sensor just as good as the competition.

  • Dana

    “2 days ago | A $10 disposable film camera will give one FF experience. What so special about FF?”


  • Dana

    I think those nice little new + fast m43 primes on an OM-D would look pretty %$#& sweet, to be honest. Come on with some pix of the body! Really looking 4ward to seeing it.

    My E520 is getting long in the tooth. Come on Oly!

    Give us some sugar, baby!

    – Dana

    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart!

  • Roland

    If it’s an OM, then I want full frame and use my OM lenses

  • Geoff

    I have to say I love this whole question of FF (Full Frame) to those who do not understand. What is full frame 24x36mm no that is not FF that is 35mm, what about 60x60mm (120 roll film) is that FF no it’s not yet it is much larger than 35mm, FF is a figment of the marketing men, the given size of each sensor is FF, therefore a 4/3rds or u4/3rds is FF only when the camera is set to 4/3 setting, if it is set to 6/6 or 2/3, then it is no FF.
    As for the proposed digital OM, this is a fantastic addition, yes fit it with u4/3rds mount (you still have adaptors), the EVF as provided for EP2 and its successors is very good and will suite the OM design well; use it, it will handle far better than EP* (which I have). I use E1, E620, EP2 and an old C5060WZ; after the E1 and 620 the 5060 is a far nicer camera to use that EP2, which has been reduced to a P&S camera.
    Bring on the OM-D, I cannot wait; as regards comment on titleing it OM-G that already exists as a 35mm body.

  • camerman

    A digital csc that looks like the old Olympus om? Olympus must be short of new ideas. Couldn’t they have done the same thing by putting a viewfinder into the ep3? Now they have 4 cameras that use the same mount, same sensor and essentially do the same thing, the epm1, epl3,ep3, and a m43 csc that resembles the om slr. why camera makers have to make several cameras that that do the same thing are beyond me.Wasting time and money making several cameras when they could have just made one. Case n point, the Olympus epm1, missing evf and swivel screen, epl3 has the swivel screen, ep3 still has missing evf and no swivel screen, and now the om-d has the evf but chances are no swivel screen. They wouldn’t have to release 4 cameras if they made one with all the necessary features. so basically if Iam correct the new om-d is like a e450 without the mirror box. Why didn’t Olympus do that from the start? Same with the rumored Sony full frame A and E mount camera. Camera makers are sure funny, they keep releasing new cameras that end up at where they should have started in the first place.

  • Sofie

    Give me ISO1600 images like the Fuji X100 produces at that ISO setting and OMG, I’ll be drooling all over this new OMD. It’s not very likely that it will produce that kind of quality though, but one can always hope and dream. If they worked hard, ISO800 might be reasonably clean, but I think ISO1600 will still be too noisy for me. The autofocus might be faster, but I guess it will only be 10-20% faster. I just hope this is not just another mirrorless camera that gives roughly the same output as all the other Olympus and Panasonic models. If that’s the case, I really think micro 4/3 is a dead end and APS-C is the future. Then it’s bye, bye Olympus/Panasonic, hello Fujifilm for me!

  • This is really an exciting camera I hope it exceeds everyones expectations.

    We all know what we want in an OM camera. I am basically looking for an OM4 body with a 4/3 sensor and some amazing primes that olympus whats known for during it’s film days.

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