(FT5) The E-M5 successor is “a bit” different from current E-M5 (and has “new higher image resolution”).


Image on top.: OM-1 film camera.

Two highly trusted sources told me the new E-M5 successor will indeed be announced the first week of February. Both of them already saw the camera and told me the camera looks “a bit different” from the current E-M5. They also told me the camera sensor delivers a new “higher resolution” image. Both sources know the exact specs but for obvious reasons cannot tell me them. But they wanted to let 43rumors readers know they can finally expect to see some new features :)

So let’s sum up the little (but highly FT5 rated) news we have ont he E-M5 successor:
– Sligthly different body style than the current E-M5
– New Image resolution (yes, it’s a bit strange I know. They said higher resolution image and not “sensor”!).
– announcement first week of February 2015

Now let’s hope the “real” specs will pop out soon :)

oh….and do not forget…there is one more thing to come from Olympus. One more exciting camera also to be announced at CP+! Full article on 43rumors here.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Andreas

    maybe its E-7/ or DSLR like camera

    • Ross

      In your dreams! ;)

    • DensetsuX

      E-7? How about NO!

    • Yun

      No way it’s going to be E7 .
      Think about other .

  • G.

    “New Image resolution”…what does it mean?

    • Fulcrum Lever

      It means that someone failed English 101.

    • QMN

      Maybe different aspect resolution.

    • eFWee

      Maybe the (was it Hasselblad or some MF digital back?) trick to get higher resolution by slightly moving the sensor. Maybe 0.5 pixelwidth.

      • Jimbo

        I don’t know the science, but I think you could be on the right track with this. It will be very interesting to see. I would personally love to see this technology paired with a lower megapixel sensor (larger photosites) to improve low light performance for stills and video. I think the majority of users of this level of camera don’t need more than 8 or 12 megapixels. That’s still enough for print should you require it.

        • Lorenzaccio

          It could be that the majority of users “of this level of camera” (whatever that means” don’t need a lot of megapixels, but the majority of people who is not happy with the Iphone 8 mp camera will not buy an expensive 12 mp camera. Those people will chose either more mp (24 mp – Sony) or, if high ISO is the primary reason to buy, a larger sensor camera (A7s – Sony). If Oly wants to compete it has to raise the bar in the mp arena. Heck, even the 1″ sensor cameras are all at 20mp nowadays!

          • DaveB

            These people need to be educated!

          • Tron

            Yeah but 1″ sensor quality is crap beyond 1600 ISO. m43 provides 2 stops better low light performance. Why sacrifice low light for stupid marketing BS? I find it unlikely iPhone shooters are gonna drop a grand on any camera. They’ll buy some hipster jeans and sneakers instead and then start a blog ranting about the “insane prices” of advanced camera systems. Better to go after the DSLR crowd with their heavy, POS flippy-mirror cameras and lack of innovation.

            • Devil’s Advocate

              as educated photographers we know that, but your average punter sees more megapixels as better. Clever marketing needs to be done to combat that.

  • Piotr Kosewski

    “Higher resolution” like in “more pixels”?
    I used to think they’ll use the sensor from M1 (so no OLPF).

    • DensetsuX

      I think the rumor only was that it can use PDAF like the E-M1 but not that it uses the sensor of the E-M1. Btw, the E-M10 uses the “same” sensor as the E-M5 and also has no OLPF.

  • feeble wallet

    maybe a built in speedbooster, didn’t olympus patent one , to give higher resolution

  • Nils

    Don’t need new resolution… I just want my 40-150 PRO… Preordered it in the bundle together with the MC in the second it was available for preorder at Amazon Germany and I still got no word… I basically bought the E-M1 because of this tele-zoom and now a new generation of cameras arrives before zoom… (I mean, I still like the camera and I got awesome shot with it which wouldn’t have happened with my 5D (because it was to heavy and I’m lazy), but Olympus should seriously change their communication if they want to keep costumes…)

    • DensetsuX

      What has the lens production to do with camera design? Many people want that lens, not only you that’s why there is a shortage. Only little children think the world has to revolve around them and their selfish little needs and everything has to stop until they get what they want, so grow up. Btw, Olympus has already announced several times that there are delays, but maybe you were just too busy with throwing a hissy fit to notice.

      • Nils

        Well… Of course it is about me, but it is still strategically questionable. When I bought the E-M1, Olympus said the 40-150 PRO would be there at point x (forgot the date) but thy didn’t deliver. They delayed the lens several times… They basically said that the 40-150 PRO would be the companion of the E-M1.
        The only market with reasonable margins is the high end market where they not deliver as promised. Announcing new bodies instead of investing in what binds people to camera systems (lenses) will not help to promote m43 or Olympus as a consumer friendly company…

        • Mark Lavrijsen

          You should have known better then to trust a rumored release date on some site. Olympus never officially published an exact release date. I get that your are disappointed, but it’s not kike Olympus is the only company not delivering products at the expected release date.
          You say canon does? Right :)

    • The Real Stig

      I bet you will have the zoom before the E-M5 replacement is available. They probably have different teams working on different projects so the new camera probably has no bearing whatsoever on the availability of the lens, which is probably delayed due to the manufacturing complexities of such a high quality product.

  • Mike Lee

    The suspense is killing me.
    Please all you highly trusted sources… just say it has at least all the feature of the EM1 with the looks of the EM5 and the EM6 or EM5Mk2 will be mine soon.

  • Nixon

    Current E-M5 is too close designwise to E-M10, so in order to make costumers aware these are different cameras, design should change more than a “bit” (whatever that means).

    • bob B.

      It will also justify charging lots of money! :-) !

  • peevee

    Higher res is unfortunately necessary to compete with 24mpix-28mpix competition. Otherwise, even lens size advantage does not play, because you can always crop 28mpix APS-C to 4/3 and have the same “reach” with the same FL. Today, 24mpix or bust. With OSPDAF of course, the release of E-M10 and E-PL7 without OSPDAF put Olympus into the rut compared to Sony (with a6000 and a5100 and even NEX-5r & 5t & 6) and was a REALLY boneheaded move. Flash also has to be built-in. You either compete in earnest or you are out, the current market is not for games.

    • Falk

      I actually think the Sony A7 approach is quite good. Have one camera with different sensors for different purposes.
      For example I would like Oly or Panny to produce the GX8 and EM5-II in two versions:
      One has 12 (or 16) MP enough for 4k and one has 22 or more MP for those preferring higher reolution to iso 3200+ advantages.

      • THA

        A big Yes to that!
        For me, about to let go of a considerable amount of cash for an underwater housing for my EM-5 it would be nice to know that if there where another version coming, one could use the same housing.
        With underwater photography, buyng a new camera is pocketchange compared to the rest of the rig.

        • Falk

          Yes, keeping the shape is a big plus for a lot of stuff. If you have found a good form, leave it. See GH3/4 for example. A little bit too big for my taste but in most opinions a perfect camera from the handling point of view.

      • peevee

        Downscaling higher res to lower res eliminates practically all higher ISO advantages. The only advantage of low pixel count is higher sequential readout and processing.

    • The Real Stig

      Built in flash?

      Olympus already said they were getting out of the P&S market.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        a BIF is really useful for an enthusiast who doesn’t want to carry a flash around or fit it for the odd shot. The bundled flash looks ridiculous (and only fires forwards)

        • Michael Meissner

          Given the current remote flash setup, a built-in flash is handy to fire the remote flashes.

          • D

            I think a built in flash would be a good move, I hate the current iteration on the EM5.

      • peevee

        OM-D E-M5 is a great light travel camera, but for the stinking flash. I did not even take the flash with my last time when I traveled because it protrudes, and I did not want to have it separate and store the small parts instead of it.
        If you allude to pros, they do and will continue to use FF and MF, not Olympus.

  • S.pipi
  • OM-G!

    Its a square sensor, but it will only be 16 mpix at 4:3 and 3:4!
    The body is portrait oriented…:(

  • Guest

    A ring of LED inside the mount, to get more total light. I have heard that, that solves everything, even if you are a crap photographer your Pictures will be pro class. :-)

    • Tito

      Beauty lol

    • Fri13

      I believe it will be LED as LED is acronym to “Light-Emitting Diode” and Panasonic and Fuji are researching together a “organic sensor”, so that means we get OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) inside the camera to give more light!

      Make it 4 OLED and every 35mm fan would convert at once!

  • Yun

    Higher MP is my guess for the high resolution .
    Likely 18 to 20 MP increase .
    Well done , more tips please .

    • OM-G!

      My new guess is a 16 MP sensor with 64 MP interpolated jpegs…yay

    • Bhima

      Hopefully at least 20MP as there isn’t a whole lot of daylight between today’s 20MP BSI 1″ sensors and our older 16MP m43’s sensors when it comes to ISO performance. Hopefully it is a BSI sensor, which should be a small, but significant step up. Then hopefully in 1-2 years, we see something a little more exotic come out.

      • Yun

        Yes , I wonder why such BSI technology never implemented in m4/3 sensors .
        We see Fuji done it & now Sony .
        This is the other option if Oly can’t secure the OrganicSensor or Sony’s APCS sensor on time .

        • henk

          Don’t the Kodak m43 camera’s use a BSI sensor?

    • TheTree

      18MPx multi aspect sensor?

      • Yun

        If multi aspect sensor is involved , it need to be 20 to 22 MP

        • Agachart Sukchouy

          cheer, 18mpx on size 18 mm x 14.xx mm like old 4/3 sensor,
          18 mpx effective and 22 mpx total pixel with multi-aspect feature

  • beerwish

    I think it’s going to be a small modern DSLR-style body with tilt screen. They drop the retro-rangefinder style and target the audience waiting for a new Panasonic-G.

    In addition they go up to 24MP and concentrate on improving stills, leaving high end video to Panasonic and extreme high ISO to Sony.

    • The Real Stig

      We are talking the E-M5 here, not the GX7.

      • Agachart Sukchouy

        Are you drunk?
        he talk about new body (em-5 ||) style
        that may like SLR on Lumix G and predict em-5 II’s body,
        and near future panny may release new body like em-1(grip+RF)
        what your problem?

        • The Real Stig

          “They drop”
          Describe in what way the current E-M5 could be described as a retro rangefinder.

  • Kev

    maybe a multi aspect sensor? 18mp or something…

  • Doc

    Samsungs back lit sensor in m43 format, same MP but overall improvement in IQ

    • Mount Olympus

      Ditto. :)

    • Yun

      Do you think a Japanese company will use Korea technology in it’s device ?

      • Dmitry Anisimov

        Why not? Pentax released some DSLRs with Samsung sensors

        • Yun

          Oh really ?
          But I still feel at least not for Olympus .
          Likely another Exmor sensor for the successor.

      • Doc

        Now history also plays in the camera business, or is it pride, donno, not my piece of cake, I live on the other side of the earth.

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      it’s not same MP…. they increased MP from 20 to 28

      • Doc

        I meant same MP as E-Mx, 16MP, with Samsungs new back lit tech. 16MP enough.

  • sneye

    A true “higher image resolution” does not make much sense beyond the evolved image sharpening and lack of an AA filter (both featured in the E-M1). But who knows, maybe implementing deconvolution techniques at RAW level has become more feasible with the introduction of new, more powerful processors. Anyway, mount a decent lens on the “old” E-M5 and you can get plenty of detail. There is little room for improvement.

  • Narretz

    All in all, so far this all seems to mean that the E-M5 successor will not be a major technical upgrade.

    • Yun

      Too early to conclude for this one .
      Need to wait a bit if someone eager to reveal more .
      I won’t asking for more , a new 18 MP sensor is enough to cheer me up

    • The Real Stig

      4k video and a higher resolution sensor. Minor things really.

      • mainlybacon

        I hope they finally fix the video.

    • TheTree

      Maybe they will implement 2nd gen PDAF? That would be fine.

      • Agachart Sukchouy

        fine for/to ,
        PDAF use only 4/3 lens(old,big & worry about life time)
        not support current m4/3

        • TheTree

          I think that in AF-C/focus tracking mode all lenses use PDAF. Current Olys FAST system cant handle with tracking, but DFD from Panny does.

    • Turbofrog

      If that’s the case, then Olympus might as well not release it in the first place…

  • Torstein

    As I predicted moths ago. 20 or 24 mpix, better video, better buttons and new art filters comming.

  • alouette

    I guess it’s just the Sensor, we saw before the Firmware Upgrade 2.0 arrived; do you remember the E-M1 with 4K capabilities? that sensor will be built into the E-M5 Sueccessor.
    And we have to realise, that 16MP will remain for several years, similar to the decade, when the E-30, E-5 and all the PEN’s got almost the same sensor.

    • Bhima

      16mp will be broken this year. If sony can make a competent 1″ 20mp sensor, they can make a better 20mp m43s sensor.

  • g_disqus

    Olympus has sensor stabilizer. Maybe it is like pentax antimoire and hasselblad multiexp for higher resolution.

    • Fri13

      It is possible that Olympus can do multi-sampling to gain a higher resolution just by moving sensor little bit and taking a new shot and finally sampling all as one multi-resolution photo.

      It would not work for fast moving subjects but would be great on landscape and architecture photography if shutter speeds are high enough.

    • tripper

      That would be a really nice feature for landscape photography. Frankly, a lot of interesting stuff can be done with software, especially with 5-axis stabilization (Pentax is a good example).

      But pretty much all companies are in the middle edges when it comes to software. That’s why most of the innovation shows up in smartphones nowadays.

  • Jimmy Russell

    36mp sensor.

  • gildas

    Like “S.pipi” I think, it is maybe the new APCS technology of Sony…

  • Sony Nay7

    Difficult to say.
    I don’t think IQ can be improved with the current generation but maybe resolution can be increased through some trickery.
    It’s a good thing the EM6 has PDAF as it gives Oly the opportunity to improve the EM1 tracking AF which was good for a mirrorless camera in 2013 but can definitely be better in 2015
    I like the body will change. The EM5 was a boring rectangle with an awkward pyramid on top. Build quality is unlikely to be much improved without affecting cost, but hopefully the sticky buttons are gone.
    Oly is playing catch up with video features, but with 4K, they do make a major leap forward versus most of the competition. I don’t personally care about 4K though.

    • Bhima

      Iq can very much be improved as m43s has been working off 3+ year old sensor tech for awhile. BSI could be a significant bump…. Though likely not as significant as the 16mp sensors were to the 12mp ones.

  • Bob B.
  • Pierre

    It would be so good that Olympus make a rangefinder left corner EVF to change the form factor! But I know that my hopes are very uncertain… Dear Olympus head responsible for photography, there is no point in having the EVF in the axe of the lens, as when you make a portrait, the EVF is not in the axe anyway with DSLR form factor. Mind that the nose of Europeans and Americans are far bigger than Japanese ones ;-) Rangefinder is the solution!

    • OM-G!

      Why not put the EVF on axe on the underside of the camera? best of both worlds!

      • Fulcrum Lever

        Please lern the difference between axis and axe. I don’t go around butchering your language.

        • jefrs


          • Fulcrum Lever


    • DesignDick

      On-axis EVF is better when alignment is critical. Off-axis would be a bit annoying for those kind of shots. That being said, ideally:
      OMD/GH: Centered EVF and tripod mount with square sensor so you can do portrait orientation with on-axis VF, the hump allowing for best/bigger EVF of the generation.
      PEN/GX: Left corner EVF and off center tripod mount for minimal form factor and non-alignment critical applications such as street photography. Without the hump the EVF may be smaller and shallower than the humped bodies but still the best possible within the tighter dimensions.
      Both should be weathersealed.

    • omg i hope they not listen to you lol

  • Bob B.

    Whatever the new EM5 body has I bet it will be innovative…it has been a long wait…
    It will be something exciting!!!!!

    • Yun

      I afraid design alone can’t win all the readers here

      • Bob B.

        yeah…but that is a tough dance for Olympus because they do not want to make it better than the EM1..now do they. Or…maybe they do?!?!? :-)

        • BJA

          Why not? It’s certainly not unprecedented. The E30 had a newer sensor and several features the E-3 did not have. By the time the this camera hits the market the E-M1 will be entering it’s 3rd year. I’d guess sales of the E-M1 have already dropped off signficantly, and will continue to decline. Folks buying now will likely be folks who really need another body or folks looking for good deals on a body late in the product cycle.They may leave some things off to differentiate the lines but I think trying to market a camera that is lower specced than the E-M1 on most important dimensions is doomed to fail. And look at the competition; the A6000 is cheaper, has a higher resolution sensor, has PDAF. Yes, it has it’s issues too, but a warmed over E-M5 will not sell.

          • Bob B.

            I just took delivery of the Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 Kit with TC1.2x.
            Talk about impressive. Every thing about this kit is really, really well designed from the lens hood to the cases, to the very tight tolerances of the fit of the TC and the lens to the camera. No slop. …and the IQ is just great. I have seen Oly slowly get more and more serious with their MFT gear..so if they are following thru with this mentality for the EM5 replacement…I am sure that it will be GREAT!!!!
            Stay tuned.

          • Fulcrum Lever

            In its third year does not mean three years old. The E-M1 will be only 1.5 years old in February 2015.

        • Yun

          Hmm.. Maybe yes , maybe no .
          This is the point why I prefer to stay with GX .
          The GX series represent Pana highest still photography machine & get the best of still imaging sensor from the company despite of GH series .
          In contrast , the EM5 successor IMO is unlikely to edge EM1 as Oly’s premier photography device .

  • Steffen

    16 MP, 18 MP, 20 MP; where’s the difference? what do you gain? printing 10% larger? How many lenses do you have that outresolve such a sensor? Do all the people who yawn for more MP print 50″ prints all day long? If so, why dont you get a full frame thingy? Is it just inferiority complex? There’s no point in boosting MegaPixels. Anything else: higher DR, less noise at high ISO, better video, better VF; is always welcome.

    • Eddie

      Well, the new iMac has a 5K display, which is 14.7MP. Those people who were shooting previous generation 12MP cameras cannot even fill that monitor screen with their picture. How long until 16MP pictures won’t fill a computer monitor screen?

      • colea

        Why do I have to fill a certain iMAC display? Since when that became a benchmark?

        • Sebastian

          You don’t have to. But it IS a certain benchmark.
          The point was, display resolution is increasing, making differences in sensor resolution more visible.

          • Jan Bergström

            Talking about visibility, average human eyesight is worsened to the lowest point in the history.

            • Fulcrum Lever

              Eyesight has diminished along with common sense.

              • mfiles

                Best – and funniest comment yet! Well done.

        • its nice to have such big screen, but not really important imo. though i would love it.

      • Steffen

        OK, that’s true, but it’s not like your images suddenly look poor because your screen has more pixels. On the other hand: Look, even the old 12 MP files can fill a stunning 4k or Apple Retina display. And for sure sensor resolution will go up sooner or later. Just wanna say, if you get 16MP or 18.12324MP in the next OM-D, I dont care exactly.

        But what if Apple releases an 8k display? – You throw your gear away, cause your lenses cannot resolve it?

      • eFWee

        The Pen 12 Mp pictures outresolve this 5K monitor as its vertical resolution is 2880 pixels. So no worries yet… ;-)

    • Jimmy Russell

      Why does more megapixels frighten you so much?

      • Steffen

        Well, it’s not frightening but it also has downsides; larger files is not even the worst downside. the effective sensor area also shrinks because of the … space between pixels, dont know how that is called. so with twice the pixel number you lose more >50% of photons per pixel, dont you? i dont know how good sensor tech has become but I would not like to give up one stop in DR for 32 MP or something.
        Then again, 18 MP doesnt frighten me at all. Its more or less the same. But then question is why do people beg for 18 MP, when they already have 16 now? Sounds to me they are staring at the wrong numbers, like a fixed obsession.

        Well, I’m just a spectator here and usually I dont participate in discussions, I guess I should better go back to that attitude.

        • Jimmy Russell

          I have to crop often. It’d be nice to have some leeway.

      • one reason i dont like it is because you dont gain much with the extra mp to be honest, unless you like to crop

    • Steve Novosel

      I would gladly take lower MP for improved DR and less noise.

    • Yun

      Take a look of the old 12 MP & 16 MP m4/3 photos than you will notice it .
      M4/3 need increase of MP because of higher resolution is needed & most important is to stay relevant.
      Don’t mix up m4/3 & FF , is not lowend & highend , both have own merits .
      The 16MP surely have to go to give way to new generation sensor & of course you can go as well .

      • still he is right that the increase is beneficial only for some uses, there is no real iq difference between a 12 or 16 mp sensor if you print them equally size IMO.

        • Yun

          Where have been ?
          You are suppose to involve in the hard debate sensor size , 2 days ago .
          No , the 12 MP sensor once you hit ISO 400 , noise sometime is visible compare with the 16 MP ( 1st generation ) , noise still undetected at ISO 800 .
          In term of image quality , the resolution of 12 MP raw photo can’t go further to generate detailing in raw converter compare with the 16 MP raw photo .
          I never happy with that 12 MP sensor & sold it without any doubt .

          • i was slow in solving that cache issue here so i did not see the recent topics untill today. ha i am too lazy to debate sometimes anyway. yeah i was thinking the differences are neglible once you dont keep watching the files 1:1. So for me, I am not really that longing for any sensor upgrade regarding the MP increase. Prob I am more interested in other other stuff, but no idea what.Tbh I just want to do a shoot right now but cant :-(

          • Steffen

            But that’s two different things! Of course the 16 MP sensor was lots better, for example in DR and noise. But that was IN SPITE it had more MP, not BECAUSE it had more MP

  • JN

    Hopefully a BSI Sensor with 20-24 Megapixels and full-sensor readout for video. Of course internal 4K, too.

  • Joseph Ferrari

    Make it a small version of this!

    • Dale


    • Bob B.


    • i have the same wish, but since its L shaped, it prob wont be like this. IMO still the best design from Olympus.

    • Jan Bergström

      I’d prefer a PEN F shape.

      • well the E-1 VF location is at least not centered in some way. :-)

  • David

    Delivers a new “higher resolution” image. I think is crystal clear. 16Mp using bayer pattern has a lower effective resolution after demosaicing. Using a 16 Mp sensor with no bayer pattern has a new “higher resolution” image. I think they are playing with words.

    • Nic

      It’s exactly the same thing they say each time they release a new body with an old sensor

  • Abraham Latchin

    Dammit, I want to be able to use my existing grip… So dont make it too different!!!

  • Sebastian

    Higher image resolution = no AA + better downstream processing. Essentially an E-M1 in a smaller body. Maybe without PDAF.
    And 3 more art filters of course.

  • Will you even notice the differerence? As some said you need to double the Mpx, to notice. That ia a Sony A7r. Probably you’ll notice the video part and the PDAF, but no new sensor, no different stills. Olympus IQ is a fine act of balancing, so if no new sensor don’t expect any breath taking difference. It is already v. good, and it’s the lenses that make it better.

    • I actually agree with this. I still see no reason to upgrade my EM-5. The IQ is great (for my needs anyway, I know I am not that demanding) and the features (for stills) are all there.

  • sdss

    I am going to bet on this non-bayer sensor that sony announced to come in 2015…


  • Iain

    Well, the pic got me really excited. An OM1/OM2 with a digital back and I could still use all my marvelous Zuiko lenses. Then I read the thing and snapped back to reality…

    • Jan Bergström

      I dreamt of a universal digital back that I can use it on all the fixed lens rangefinders.

  • the sources now say its only a bit different in looks, while i read before its very different in general. so prob a subtly different looking OMD plus something different output. plus more maybe. hope you can get more out of your contatcs. keep bugging them :-)

  • I cant say

    I’m calling it now, a big boost for photogs and a big push on video but don’t expect 4K . . . YET:

    Brand new game changers:
    1 – Sony’s new APCS technology – it’s already in cellphones, is ready to go for m43 but not ready for full frame yet
    2 – Focus Stacking
    3 – Microsoft’s Hyper Laps movie mode (this utilities the 5-axis gyroscopic sensor)
    4 – Variable frame rates and bit rates – but no 4K yet sorry (4K will be possible via firmware but will only happen if the E-M1 gets it’s a 4K update, otherwise you will have to wait for the E-M1 successor)
    5 – Clean HDMI Out 4:2:2

    Improvements from E-M5:
    1 – WiFi
    2 – Live Comp
    3 – Intervalometer (Time Laps)
    4 – Phase Detection Auto Focus
    5 – Focus Peaking (also in video)
    6 – 3.5mm Mic in (sorry no headphone out that will be the E-M1 successor)
    7 – EVF from the E-M1
    8 – Bulked out grip
    9 – No AA filter
    10 – No global JPG sharpening
    11 – All Olympus 43 & M43 lens profiles in the camera to correct chromatic aberration, diffraction, barrel & pincushion distortion
    12 – Updated processor with faster AF & larger buffer
    13 – New Art filters

    Still yet to be confirmed:
    New 12-50mm WP kit lens f/2.8-4
    Tethered shooting

  • meyerweb

    If the body is only “slightly” different, then I doubt that I’m a customer. I find the controls on the EM-5 to be horrendously cramped. Very poorly laid out. If, on the other hand, the controls are laid out like the EM1, I’d have to give it a serious look.

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