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(FT5) Super Olympus announcement on Feb 8th! Pro camera + new line of products!


Olympus Hong Kong is sending out invitation for a big event which will take place on Feb 8th! Olympus itself said that they will announce a new “PRO level camera” and a “line of new products“.

As I told you yesterday you should expect a super high quality body (weather sealed!), with built-in viewfinder. But unlike the X PRO 1 and NEX-7 this is not going to have a rangefinder look. It’s a “revival” of the glorious OM camera series. What I don’t know yet is what Olympus means with “new line of products”. Hope to get more rumors about that soon!

P.S.: OM camera and lens auctions on eBay (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • bibi

    yes baby! i’m the first :)))

    hope this time Olympus will begin to grow.

    • Duarte Bruno

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      • VOTZE

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        • Duarte Bruno

          Well, apparently you are as clueless as the first poster was. My advice to him applies to you too.
          Now I believe it’s time to stop post useless comments like the three of us did.
          Have a good afternoon.

          • VOTZE

            i said you should shoot yourself !!
            i did not say to bother us with more of your nonsens you retard…!

            • Duarte Bruno

              Well, if you think my post was nonsense, then it goes to prove who the retard is.

              BTW, I’m finished with answering you, as I have better things to do.

              All the best!

  • sounds awesome, shame I can’t be in Hong Kong at the same time, I’ll just have to use my imagination of what’s coming in the mean time.

  • Boooo!

    It would be really funny if the new line of products was incompatible with PEN cameras, and/or if the PEN lenses took 1-4 seconds to focus on the new bodies :D Then again, most m4/3 users don’t have much of an investment in m4/3 lenses, so meh, they wouldn’t care the slightest.

    • DonTom

      I’d be laughing with you Boooooo! Cos my current set-up works for me.

      • Katzen

        12mm why you betray me!

    • Dumdum

      Congrats on being the first troll to post on this article. Only goes to show how the m4/3 market is ramping up. :)

      • The article does mention the word M43.

  • 43543543

    but it is a mFT product this new PRO camera??

    • Fan

      of course

      • aaa

        well new pro product and new line of products could be anything then mFT.

        olympus is not well known for intelligent decisions….

        • Dumdum

          aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa troll! :D

  • Rich

    Let’s hope it features match-needle exposure and a crank arm to set it up for the next exposure! ;)

    • flash

      Ah, come on. The Olympus OMs had a rapid flip film advance lever, it did not even break like some of the competition, well at least on the single digit OMs.

      For some shooters it will help them not just hit the shutter button, but to think a little about their shoot instead of hoping that randomly they get a nice shoot.

      Like the silver nose lens on the picture. Those some of the old Om lens were pre soft focus :). Once you learned their lens notations you could get a supper sharp or soft lens. Olympus kept on improving their lens in the old days with engineering modifications not new products. So for example a 50 1.8 had maybe 4 or 5 main version through out its live.

      • Rich

        Very interesting. I used to own a lovely OM1n with 28,35,50,85 and 135, now that was a kit! It was great that batteries were completely optional!

    • BLI

      My god, hope we don’t have to manually wind/rewind to see pictures… :-)

      • Rich

        See pictures on what? There will be no rear LCD, just a place to put the end of a film carton so you know what you’re shooting!

  • twoomy

    Woot! Exciting! Looking forward to seeing the new body (and hopefully a new sensor). New line of products for m43? Wonder what it could be. Perhaps “pro” lenses like Pany’s rumored bright zooms?

    I’m hoping for an updated wide-angle lens or zoom that takes filters. The 9-18mm is convenient, but its corner-sharpness isn’t very good. I’d love to see a really sharp version of this lens, even if it’s expensive and significantly bigger than the current lens. (The Pany 7-14 is great, but it doesn’t take filters.)

    If there’s one rant I have about all of these new mirrorless products from Pany, Oly, Sony, and Fuji (and even Canon’s large-sensor P&S), it’s that nobody seems to care about the wide-angle landscape shooter. 28mm FF is as wide as most things go. (The new Oly 12-50mm is a step in the right direction.)

    • aaa

      well you obviously have no clue what it takes to make a wideangle lens on small sensors.

      if you want WIDE go FF as my grandma says….

      • twoomy

        @aaa–While a Nikon D3X sporting a 14-24mm or a 16-35mm is GREAT for wide-angle work, I do believe you are wrong in stating that a good wide-angle lens can’t be made for m43. Pany’s 7-14 is a great wide-angle lens (but it doesn’t take filters). If Oly really wanted to, they could make a higher-quality variation of the 9-18mm that would provide better corner sharpness.

        I think your grandma wouldn’t really want to carry that D3X and 16-35mm if a fairly decent equivalent was made for m43.

        • Olympius

          If you want “perfect” corner-to-corner sharpness on your micro 4/3 camera, there are two zoom options you can purchase IMMEDIATELY that will satisfy your needs:

          1. Olympus 4/3 9-18mm f/4-5.6 ED wide-angle zoom (the original 4/3 version, not the micro 4/3 version…)

          2. Olympus 4/3 11-22mm f/2.8-3.5 wide-angle zoom

          Since both lenses are designed for the 4/3 DSLR, they do NOT rely on software correction to get a good shot, which weakens the corners. The Olympus 11-22mm may be one of the finest wide-angle zooms ever made–that can still take filters.

          So yes, Olympus can make a version of the 9-18mm that has better corner sharpness, and in point of fact, they have. It’s just not a native micro 4/3 lens.

          If you are waiting on a micro 4/3 wide-angle zoom to have great corner sharpness, forget about it. The software correction for the extreme barrel distortion is going to hurt corner sharpness no matter what. It’s not the lenses that are the problem, it’s the software corrections that hurt. So just buy regular 4/3 lenses, that do not rely on software correction. There, problem solved.

          Or even better yet, get an E-5 and a 11-22mm, and you’ll have an amazing rig for landscape photography. Don’t like the size and weight of the E-5? Get a used or old stock E-620 instead. They are only slightly larger than an EP-3.

          Honestly, I don’t undertand why a dedicated landscape photographer would be using a micro 4/3 system to begin with….there’s a plethora of systems and lenses that are far, far better for landscapes.

          – Olympius

          • twoomy

            Thanks, Olympius. I have actually looked longingly at both 43 lenses.

            To answer your question, I’m a Nikon shooter as well. But I do a lot of remote hiking, backpacking, and climbing for shots. Size and weight are often important factors. It’s much easier to climb with a GH2 and 9-18mm than it is with a D3X and a 16-35mm. I love the convenience and ease of the smaller lighter system (as do many other SLR converts); it has brought new joy to my work and the sacrifice in image quality has been acceptable for my needs.

            For shoots where weight isn’t an issue, I’d choose a larger format any day.

            • Olympius

              I understand twoomy, that’s the same reason Thom Hogan is so enamored with mirrorless cameras–they are much easier to take along on a hike!

              Well, as long as you understand the compromises of micro 4/3, it’s really not bad, and the 4/3 sensor actually allows for much better corner sharpness than almost any APS sensor camera with a ultra-wide angle zoom.

              But seriously, the E-620 and the 9-18mm might be a better camera for the ultimate in compact 4/3 landscape photography, with only a very small weight/size penalty over the GH2. But the GH2 will have far better resolution than the E-620, and that multi-aspect sensor sure does come in very handy.

              As for me, I’ve been super happy using the full-size Olympus 9-18mm on my GH1, so much so I will probably never buy the micro 4/3 equivalent. Yes, there are still corner sharpness issues at 9mm, but only at high magnification do you really notice. For standard prints or web use the quality is super.

              But I’ll join you in hoping for some ultra-wide primes from either Oly or Panny — starting at 7mm and up. :-)

              – Olympius

              • twoomy

                Thanks, Olympius! What 43 to m43 adapter do you use for your 9-18mm? Any issues? (Slow focus is not a concern to me.) I’m seriously considering this…

                • twoomy – I used the 4/3 9mm-18mm lens on my GH2 with the Olympus MMF-1 adapter. It’s slow for sure but it is also a very light weight setup. I use the 9-18 mostly for videos.

                • lnqe-M

                  You need upgrad firmware to 1.2 version. you do the in Olympus Master.

                • Olympius

                  I use the Lumix DMW-MA1 adapter, works great. Focus speed is about one to two seconds, but is very accurate. I also use the 9-18 for video, and have been very, very happy with the results.

                  Certainly worth a try. Another classic 4/3 Olympus lens that’s fantastic with Lumix micro 4/3 cameras is the 14-54mm Mk II zoom — between that and the 9-18, I’ve been a very happy camper with the results I’ve been getting.

                  Though the Oly 14-54 Mk II is a monster lens compared to the typical micro 4/3 offerings, it’s a tiny thing compared to Nikon and Canon f/2.8 zooms….about half to a quarter the size & weight, but with outstanding image quality.

                  – Olympius

          • JimD

            I agree. with you Olympius.
            I use the 4/3 9-18mm, the 12-60mm and the 40-150mm on my e30 and use them occasionally on my ep2 with the oly adapter. I use the m4/3 14-42 and 14-150. The 12-60mm on the e30 is magic, but heavy to cart around all day at the Zoo or with grand children. If I am on a landscape trip then its the Bronica GS and the E30 and a tripod. Its handy that the Bronica 65mm, 100mm, and 150mm (32,50,77mm ff equiv) all take 72mm filters the same as the oly 9-18 and 12-60.
            I just hope the new system is not a body and all new lenses. I just want a bigger m4/3 body with viewfinder and better sensor, or an e30 sensor update.
            I find the new Fuji totaly uninteresting, if zooms are being used the viewfinder becomes redundant. It is also interesting they only show iso comparison 200 to 1600, but then what would so many do if they used film and were stuck with iso100 or iso400 for 36 shots.

    • Oly 12mm?

      • twoomy

        Got it and love it. I’d love to see a 9mm or 10mm prime. Or a higher-quality zoom starting at 9mm that takes filters.

        • I’d actually like to see a 7mm prime, though there’s no chance it’ll happen, or that it’d ever take front mounted filters, either.

      • Oh I agree. The ‘old’ 9-18, which I have, is a very clear lens from edge to edge. So I keep it, but few are in the know.

        If m4/3 evolves independently from size in a main system, I am sure those lenses will be rediscovered.

    • AJW

      Duhhhh…….and the Panasonic 14 mm + newly announced 3 mm converter doesn’t count? Doesn’t the Oly 12 mm count? Doesn’t the SLR Magic 12 mm/f1.6 count? You already mentioned the Pany and Oly wide-angle zooms.

      What is all this dribble you’re complaining about????

      • twoomy

        I just want a high-quality wide-angle prime or zoom. A better version of the 9-18mm that takes filters. I have the Oly 12mm; it’s great. A 9mm or 10mm prime would be FANTASTIC.

        Many landscape shooters want to go wider than 28mm or 24 mm FF with corner-to-corner sharpness. Is that really drivel? (I’m not optimistic that Pany’s new wide-angle converter will be that sharp or take filters, but I’m open to it.)

        • WT21

          This is a reasonable request for lenses for m43 to grow into.

          A nice, compact 9-18, but then a high-grade 918 (or whatever) that uses less SW correction and is better optically corrected. It’s a fair ask, IMO (though I have no need for it, it’s good for the system to have)

    • David

      You can get a landscape shot without using wide angle you know. In fact, I’d say normal lenses are better for landscapes. Either frame differently (as in, get the interesting part, not the whole swath), or do pano’s. Ultrawides are for getting close.

      • Lara

        you are such a genius… please quote more stuff from 0815 composition books you have read!!!

      • twoomy

        I know you’re trying to be helpful, but I have 25 years of experience in photography. I know what ultrawides are for–they are for getting wide AND getting close and they are not limited to either activity unless you want to limit your own possibilities.

        I have taken many landscape shots at various focal lengths from ultra-wide to telephoto. All I’m asking for is a high-quality ultra-wide lens that takes filters as an option to the long line of lenses that Pany and Oly offer.

        It seems like most m43 users here don’t have much imagination for wide-angle. Tell photographers who use Nikon’s 14-24mm or 16-35mm lenses or the 12-24mm DX or 10-24mm DX lenses that they don’t need these tools. They should just “frame differently” or take multiple exposures and stitch them together.

        I guess I’m done talking about this. You guys win.

        • Ross

          Your comments are appreciated here & I don’t have the 9-18 4/3’s lens yet for my E30, but I can see I should be getting it knowing the advantage I’d also get with it on a m4/3’s body too. I’m just waiting for further advancements in the cameras coming from Oly & for more spending money. My widest lens at the moment is the 14-54 II & it is a nice lens, but I need the wider angle on occasions for different scenic shots & even events stuff too.

  • max

    cross fingers for a glorious sensor!!

    • aaa

      dont bet….

    • Narretz

      Well, the 12 MP sensor we are probably going to get is glorious in its infamity, so …

    • Thias

      New sensor – would be great.
      m43 first and then a new DSLR (E6?!)

      Where can I pre order the new Oly m43??

  • blastingmills

    Exciting news!

    Isn’t 2012 the 40th anniversary of the Pen series?

    • Wrong. 2009 was the 50th anniversary. It even says “Olympus Pen since 1959” on my E-P1.

    • VOTZE

      no it´s the 10 anniversary of the PEN SENSOR…..

      • NativeFloridian

        ha ha

      • Dumdum


    • Jonko

      It’s the 40th anniversary of the OM system.

      • lnqe-M

        +1 right

  • Alberto

    all is about the new sensor inside

  • Martin

    Hmm… “compatible with Pens”… “line of new products”…

    What if the biggest surprise is actually the sensor and its dimensions? Couldn’t the “new products” be lenses with a larger image circle, huh? ;-)

    • 111

      where did you read that i will be compatible with pens?

      • Martin

        Somewhere here.. Either admin wrote it, or maybe there was a link to another rumour site.. Can’t find it now, sorry.
        But the information itself MAY BE crucial.

        • I think it was said in the Ogawa Q&A.

  • flash

    I wonder what mount it will use? mFT, FT, OM, or xFT? Maybe something else. Got to have “X” and 1 now there are more then a half a dozen cameras that have X and 1 in their name. When will this X stuff end? It is worst then tail fins on cars in the 50s.

    • SZRimaging

      Maybe they will put an “i” in front of it? the Pen iPro?

  • Berneck1

    It has to be m43, right? I can’t imagine they would release the 12-50 lens and not have a new m43 body to follow…..

    • 111

      well.. it´s olympus.

      i think they could come up with yet another standard.
      just so they have “complete control” over their new PRO product.

    • Martin

      Well, the mount can remain the same but what if the sensor is larger (a bit)? For the “new line of”… LENSES?

      • Ross

        There’s no reason why it couldn’t be the multi-aspect sensor which uses a larger image circle, but it depends on what Olympus wants or can get (& price). The new 12-50 m4/3’s lens, being weather sealed is a good indication what mount the body will take, but they will also have to produce a weather sealed adapter too.

  • Parnyman

    Admin, in June 2010 you wrote that “all our most important sources confirmed that Olympus is working on a completely new modular camera system. Some of them told us that Olympus original plan was to first release the Olympus E-3 successor and after that the first modular camera” and added, among other things, that the design would be based on the OM4Ti.

    For an outsider, it is easy to speculate about this to-be-announced camera to be the modular system you wrote about in 2010. It would also make some sense of the central viewfinder and a new product line. But you have not mentioned anything about it. Why not?

  • Jason

    This will be the camera that finally shuts up all the GH1/GH2 marks!

    • lnqe-M

      Yes, maybe the is multi aspect.

  • Ton

    My digital OM-1x is now coming to reality. Only a few weeks to wait till I stop imagining these kinds of things :) The more I was using my lovely ep3, the more I wish it had a built in VF & of course better DR, added bonus if my ep3 could do better high iso for night shots.

    I have no doubt that this will be a solid built body & exceptional VF.
    Hopelly all the good things on pen will be inherited & be added.
    Also, crossing my fingers for updated sensor. Very exciting times… :)

  • I pray for an OM-1 clone, but really expect to see a m43 version of the OM-707…

    • Rich

      Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh! I hope not, but you might be on to something there! lol

  • New Line? Sounds like new lenses, which should be weathersealed and HG.

    At best, if there was a new *sensor* they could be of the ‘super 4/3’ kind.

    So the question is still the same: what sensor, is there PDAF?

    I am afraid however that we are heading towards another price level. Not the Fuji level I hope.

    If it can take 4/3 lenses it would be an immediate success in the high income bracket.

    On second thoughts the Fuji Pro seems to me a camera affluent professionals – dentist and lawyers – more than photographers.

    I hope Oly keeps its eye at enthusiasts, that might not be as rich.

    • AndersN

      Dentists prefer macro lenses and ring flashes – at least for professional use.

    • BLI

      “New line” sounds like it is not going to be named Pen. Someone has pointed out that 2012 is the 40th anniversary for the OM line, so something like “OM E-1” or “E- OM1″ or something would make sense (what about OM-seXy1”?). Personally, I hope they produce a “rangefinder style” — please don’t let it look like the V-1… they could change the mount/number of electric connectors or something in a backwards compatible way, but that would hardly be smart. They could of course also increase the sensor size (Canon?), but that doesn’t make sense either.
      Admin’s message from May 5 2011 that Olympus is developing their own sensor to be produced by Panasonic, could imply the GX-1 sensor, but slightly tweaked similar to what they claim to have done with the E-P3 sensor (a French magazine showed lab measurements indicating a slightly higher resolution in the E-P3 sensor than the past ones). At the same time, in the same admin message, it said said something like a new sensor from a Phptographer’s perspective, and sounds more like Fuji speak.
      Prize guess? Well the PEN E-P3 body was around €770 (?). Add at least €200-400 for EVF, weather sealing, etc. So my guess is € 11-1200 for the body.

  • Say after me please: Let there be leatherette!

    • Narretz

      And Olympus saw that it was good …

    • Fan


    • JSF64

      Why wait for a new camera that might have leatherette when you can get some here: I did and man I gotta tell you it looks/feels great and was surprisingly easy to do.

  • D3xmeister

    If it’s not a 4/3 system or at least 100% compatible I see no point. A big system with worse lenses than other big systems.

    • VOTZE

      isn´t that what olympus was doing for years?

      • Esa Tuunanen

        In overall 4/3 lenses (including Panasonic Leica Ds) were optically at higher level than lenses of other DSLRs.

        • Dumdum

          Oooh, VOTZE ate another bunch of crow. :D

          Seriously, you trolls fail at commenting. Thanks Esa. :)

    • Martin

      Now just imagine: new line of premium primes with a bigger image circle, competing with the new Fuji system…
      I can’t say I am excited by the idea (I am more of a zoom type), but considering Olympus cameras’ history, it’s not that improbable 8-)

  • Can’t wait :) I’ve been slightly turned off by the price tag and bulkiness of the xpro1 lately

  • AndreasF

    If this new pro camera can take both 4/4 and m4/3 lenses I am buying! Sensor can be of GX1 quiality and it would do for me!

  • Can’t wait, will hold off on the Fuji until I see this sucker. I really hope Olympus comes through for us. A weather sealed OM style/size camera could be awesome.

  • Sun

    I hope a modular system!! m4/3 and 4/3 in one body is the best way for me!!

  • Olaf

    If just that Pro level OM camera could work fine with my collection of 4/3 lenses. Like a m4/3 camera with the possibility to “snap on a Phase Detect focus module” for 4/3 lenses. And a new sensor with lower noice and better DR. (12 mPix is fine.) But this is probably not happening…..

    • Fan

      If it had phase detection cells within the sensor, like Nikon 1, then it could work fine with 4/3 lenses without any additional module. Just the adapter that we already have.

  • Dathead

    I waited for the Pana GX1, then for the Fuji X10, then for the Fuji XPro1.
    None of them had all the needed features.
    All the time long I hoped for an oldschool digital PEN with integrated VF on the left corner. And now I can wait for Olympus for a GF3 in OM skin.

  • SZRimaging

    As long as we get a decent phase detect, I could consider a full system switch from Nikon. Of course, switching to Olympus is risky at the moment until we 100% know the outcome of the financial scandal (will they be limping for the next 10 years, bought out, or making it big?)

  • mambastik

    Just imagine a retro OM design with some current technology flairs? Would be so sexy to have an OM body with a flip out LCD screen on the back.

    • ProShooter

      Hahaha…You should google what your nickname means in german…that is if you don’t already know… :-)

      • haha I love the translation.

        • TheEye

          I’m unsure whether to call him by his first or by his last name.

      • Hm.. what does it mean?

  • Keith

    Hope it is an m43 mount, improved Gh2 sensor, hybrid evf camera no bigger than an original OM with new kit 17/1.8 !

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > improved Gh2 sensor
      Finally someone with sense.
      From current 4/3 sensors GH2’s is clearly best balanced by having better dynamic range than completely overhyped G3/GX1 sensor.
      Also multi-aspect capability is real nice.

  • Keith

    Hope it is an m43 mount, improved Gh2 sensor, hybrid evf camera no bigger than an original OM with new kit 17/1.8…

  • tmrgrs

    If this is a faux-DSLR with the old 12mp sensor, I’m going to join the stampede away from Olympus and eventually probably away from m4/3 unless maybe Panny can finally offer a fully featured compact body that can matchup with the NEX-7. You dinosaurs who are lusting after a modern day OM are helping to bury Olympus which is too bad for the majority of us who have bought into m4/3. I love my PEN and my zuiko lenses but there’s no way I’m going to buy into any of this bring back the OM bullshit. Please God let these latest rumors turn out to be FT1.

    • ProShooter

      If oly resurrects the dead old 12mp crap they have been churning out the last few years, I’m probably out too…

  • Mr. Koko

    I think Olympus will get it right in terms of retro styling. Fuji went a little too retro and their cameras look like crap.

    I am also hoping that this is when the XZ-1 successor will be announced.

  • Can’t wait for the E-P4 with 12 MP sensor from 2008!

    • Duarte Bruno


    • Martin

      OMG.. And… will there be new ART FILTERS??? :D

    • Fan

      Come on, E-P3 added touchscreen and many other things. It was a great advancement in many areas, except for the sensor. E-P4 will certainly have a new sensor, but not very soon. I hope that the new Pro camera will have one.

    • Mal

      … and a tripod mount with 1/4-20 UNC threads, designed last century.

      • Jim

        yeh I want M6 bolts :)

  • Z

    As much as I want a large bright kick ass viewfinder, I prefer the PEN look (a-la-nex7). Hopefully this will still be a nice one (oympus usually does not disappoint).

    PRO + weather sealing sounds very good.

    Big question is will it be for 4/3 lenses as well: did they find a way to achieve fast AF there, or will there be a version for 4/3 and a version for m4/3.

    Lastly, 12MP is fine, but the competition is all over the place. Enough is enough, need a new sensor.

  • Brad H.

    Weather sealing sounds nice, and if the X-Pro1 had it the price would make a lot more sense.

    With product fragmentation and financial woes aside, I’m sure this will be something to wait for. I’m not familiar with digital Olympus but the company as a whole has or had this spirit that was uniquely theirs, and would innovate themselves out of trouble and carve different paths from the rest.

    The feeling from Panasonic is like there is nothing novel left in their R&D pipeline, and I feel we’ll never get a true halo product from them. Make an L1 successor dammit!

  • If the invitation actually said “PRO level camera”, I don’t think we have to fear the same sensor. Well, I know, the E-5 had it. But that was over a year ago.
    I suppose the “new line of products” might be accessories to the camera, like battery grip and such. This hints to a higher degree of modularity than the E-5 (more types of accessories).

    • By the way, that “line of new products” could be anything. It might not even be photography-related. Remember, Olympus makes audio recorders among other things.

  • I hope it looks like this:$(KGrHqN,!hEE7vzSR4hSBP!Y(2o6)w~~60_3.JPG

  • Farrukh

    After forking out £1500+ on mft product pre-Christmas, if these newly announced products are available in Q1/Q2 I’ll be a tad annoyed, as I would have waited! Still, lets see what happens!

    • ProShooter

      There is always new tech around the corner. If that annoys you, you should better get out of the game… :-)

      • Farrukh

        I like the game. Being annoyed is sadly part of it :p

    • OSAMA

      yeap camel jokeys should always wait…. there will be always new products.

    • Fan

      Apparently you can usually get a good price for last year’s models on ebay.

  • Vitas

    Hope is not 1699 for body only :D

  • WT21

    New products = new flashes

    Just a guess, but given the “Pro” line, I’m going with that. It’s not likely new lenses, as it would say new lenses.

    • The new product line could be the first of a range of FT compacts like the new Canon.

  • Berneck1

    I always love how the speculation runs rampant! The only way, in my opinion, this makes sense is if they release it in m43 or FF (new system). Anything different I feel would add a great deal of confusion to their line up. I really hope it’s m43, because this sounds like what A LOT of people have been waiting for. They also need an E-5 successor, but this should’t be it….

  • they say “new line of product”. This is not micro four thirds body, and is not four thirds body. Little bit confusing but Victor has answer. This is hybird that join both togethar make one beutiful system.

    • Claas

      victor must learn english.. victor looks like dummy.

      • achiinto

        Sound like Yoda you guys are.

      • my english probably better than your russian
        serious, you do not know how lucky you are needing only one language

  • ktr

    The funny thing is: yesterday, everybody wanted to have the new Fuji device – and many people talked about the new Canon with its big sensor.

    This was yesterday. Today this rumor lets us forget the old topics ;-)

  • Olympius

    I’m just happy that we will FINALLY have an Olympus micro 4/3 body with a built-in EVF and weather sealing! I could care less if it looks like an OM or a GH2 or a Leica M9.

    However, those of us old enough to remember the wonders that were the OM-1 and OM-2, there’s no way Olympus is going to reproduce that magic in micro 4/3 form. The reason why is simple: the direct controls of the OM’s, matched with the small, high quality Zuiko primes where what made those cameras special — that’s not something we’re seeing with micro 4/3 at all. The emphasis is far more on point & shoot upgraders, not professional photojournalists.

    Remember, we already know what the kit lens is going to be for this new Olympus camera: the 12-50mm powered zoom. Not exactly an “OM” class lens by any stretch of the imagination, and much too slow for professional use.

    So I’m afraid 43rumors is over-hyping this new Olympus yet again, as this site has almost always over-hyped every Olympus camera that has come out so far.

    I would say set your expectations more along the lines of a weather sealed Pen with a fixed EVF, as that is a far more realistic expectation than the re-incarnation of the OM-1.

    – Olympius

    • OM-D Ti

      What will a digital OM be? Here is my speculation:
      body based on OM3 Ti
      A built in flash like E-3
      ISO select as is – at the film rewind knob
      shutter select as is
      EVF can simulate manual focus with a split circle.
      flip out OLED touch screen
      accessories – new flash, power grip.

  • nobody


    do you have any rumours regarding new Olympus lenses, particularly zoom lenses? The reason I ask is, there are no Olympus m43 zoom lenses that would match a “pro level camera”. The new 12-50 certainly isn’t since it’s so slow.

    Any “pro level camera” would require pro level lenses to make sense, at least such as the up-and-coming fast Panasonic zooms. So a rumoured “pro level camera” would require that the rumoured “line of new products” includes pro level zoom lenses.

    Have you heard anything regarding such lenses?

    • admin

      No rumor yet.

      • P

        What about as fast standard like 25mm f1.2? I think such a lens will really make the new Pro camera popular amoung photo journalists and street photographers.

  • Stravinsky

    I already have the 50 mm 1.4, just need to mate it with that sweet new OM revival….


    OLY will screw up something as usual… bet?

    • nobody

      IMO, you would better change your nickname before someone tries to translate…

      • tmrgrs

        Too late

      • “IMO, you would better change your nickname before someone tries to translate…”

        That was a good one – and so true.

  • Ht

    I know there are no hope waiting for Olympus ff camera. But i like olympus body, I sold my ep1 ep2 due to missing built in vf, so this one maybe the one.

    • TheEye

      The question is, does his nick refer to his hobby or to his profession?

  • CRB

    Give a better 17mm (f2.0) and a new sensor (as good as d5100) and im buying one…two…lol.

  • om-4

    Olympus love their ad ons.
    If styling is like original OM than expect to have ad on accesoire hotshoe, accesoire mike and like OM-10 accesoire shutterspeed dial.

    Incidently the accesoire shutterspeeddail can be programmed to produce the settings for the 20 art filters at your finger tips.

    The pro means the return of the PC-socket. you still have to get the seperate ad on hotshoe, though.
    btw, grips sold seperatly too. The little plastic thingy grip for the OM-4 was ridiculously expensive.

  • Adam

    I actually just got into film, partially because of the beauty of Olympus OM bodies. If they can give us a large viewfinder with ease of manual focus, solid mechanical feel, and maybe even a larger sensor size I’d buy it straight away. If they can at least nail down the feel of the OM cameras, this should be a hot seller.

    Heh, even if they just make it easy to shoot manually (including focus). I love the aperture ring on the lens mount. I’d love to see that again, or something like Fuji’s new offering. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but if they could cater to professionals others will follow.

    • Stu

      If your OM has interchangeable screens track yourself down a Beattie screen which adds about 2 stops of brightness. Well worth it.

  • NativeFloridian

    Predictions for the new camera:
    – faux-DSLR body type (boring)
    – m43 mount with no modular design (of course)
    – electronic viewfinder (no new tech)
    – the new Oly 12-50 is the kit lens (slow)
    – same ol’ sensor (incomprehensible)
    – good build quality (who cares… see above)
    – does not warrant being called a ‘pro camera’
    – too little, too late

    • nobody

      Predictions for the new camera:
      – faux-DSLR body type (boring)

      faux rangefinder is better entertainment?

      – m43 mount with no modular design (of course)


      – electronic viewfinder (no new tech)


      – the new Oly 12-50 is the kit lens (slow)

      how do you know?

      – same ol’ sensor (incomprehensible)

      would be a deal breaker. I don’t think so.

      – good build quality (who cares… see above)

      obviously you’re one of the few who don’t care.

      – does not warrant being called a ‘pro camera’

      who cares how it’s called?

      – too little, too late

      I don’t know, and unless you’re under NDA you don’t know either!

      • NativeFloridian

        It should go without saying, but I don’t KNOW anything about the new Olympus camera. That is why the first word in my last post was ‘predictions’. FWIW, I can’t tell if you are disagreeing with the predictions or my opinions on them if they were to come to pass.

  • Anonymous

    Is better be good ,.. Hope Oly make a great camera since they have the heart and the soul as Photography camera maker rather than panny (electronic company). I had enough with Panasonic brand, they have the sensor but still could not achieve of” what is photography tool”..
    I have almost all the LUMIX LENSES; 14-45, 7-14, 20, 45-200, 14-140, 100-300, 45 PL macro, 25 PL DG also THE AWESOME 25 PL D 4/3 Version and 45 OLY. Just bought GX1 a week ago turn out really dissapointed. After waited 2 years for an GF1 upgrade,. Also I had G3 ,.. I gave up to my girlfriend,..
    Today I decided to buy a new system which is Fuji X1 Pro and hoping that OLYMPUS could make A Camera Tool so I don”t have to sell all my LUMIX LENSES ,and leave M43.. Be serious OLY

    • Stu

      So you are buying into the Fuji X1 Pro system something which at this point you know little about including if the AF system is any good. At the moment the indicator is it won’t be as it is built into the body and not through the lens. The X100 is already known to have poor AF in low light. The sample photos currently available are OK but nothing special when it comes to sharpness. Nowhere up to the marketing hype Fuji put out in the press release. Until you have the Fuji in your hands you don’t know if it is a photography tool either, especially if the menu software is as poor as the X100 is which slows it’s use down.

      • Fan

        Of course Fuji’s AF is thru the lens. It is standard CDAF. The rumors were not true.

  • Miroslav

    “PRO level camera”

    Doesn’t sound good, sounds like big, heavy and expensive :(.

    “line of new products”

    Black 12mm F2 lens, I hope :).

  • Memo To Olympus:

    The OM system did not have a PASM dial.

  • It’s not going to be a Pro camera, because an Oly executive predicted that perhaps in 2013 we would get one.

    I expect a revamped Pen with built in EVF, but still the problem is the sensor and a clean 3200-6400.

    If fast enough Oly could be clever enough to add built in EVF and sweep panorama.

    I don’t like the idea of a hump, but anyway my main street camera will be a Pen.

    As a fanboy I say it just needs to defeat the X1 Pro and the GH3, and the stock of lenses will make it worth to spend an unheard amount of money :)

    I don’t care. I am safely in the lagging technology dept. :)

    • do a trade in Moscovich parts

  • ange7


  • Mal

    Its going to be interesting to see what Olympus has achieved. I expect a small SLR form with a viewfinder that is really a loupe onto the LCD that flips up/down somehow.

    It must have PDAF, or at least be able to focus fast with my 12-60.

    My hope is that it also comes with a new sensor as good as the NEX5N, but I have to be realistic and would accept the equivalent of the G3 sensor with Oly processing.

    If it meets my expectations I would then have a two camera system, this “pro” cam and my EP3, and would invest fully into the system with another flash and a few more lenses.

  • scalia

    ok a new line of product… hmmm well, lets see… since we have to announce product with an X nomenclature… and since Fuji already have X100 & X10, now Canon have G1X… so my guess is:

    the DIGITAL XA series!

    Olympus DXA: wheatherproof, clamshell, hybrid rangefinder, 17mm f/1.4 (the incarnation of original XA, 35mm f/2.8)

    and later DXA1, DXA2, and DXA4 in the series

    rumor will set the price at $350, but Oly launching MSRP $800. but then preorder price will be $400. and it’s a bargain.


  • GeorgeH

    When are you going to do the Wide Angle adapter so that old FF 50mm Zuikos look like a 50mm should instead of 100mm.

    • achiinto

      Maybe now

  • TheEye

    “What I don’t know yet is what Olympus means with “new line of products”. Hope to get more rumors about that soon!”

    It may well be a user-friendly product line of endoscopes for home use. :-P

    Crossing my fingers for the new body…

  • Yun

    Oly new products , good for my Mzd 45mm , let see if Oly can meet my expectation . I’ll only purchase if the Pro product stand out against my current GX . As for X Pro & NEX 7 , I’m doubt Oly capable to create a product that equal on par with them .

  • mayday! mayday! my goodness of these 2 weeks news and rumors!

    it is simply torturing people. so danger to sony since my caahs is waiting for sony stock. decision could change at anytime!

  • “Pro level” -sounds big.
    “Olympus” -sounds same 2009 old SMALL sensor.
    “OM” – I take for granted that its FF then.

  • om-4

    New line of products.
    Completion of the X-line.
    We have the XZ-1. Now we start at the beginning of the alfabet and bring back the XA like othere poster mentioned.

    XA-zipp will have fixed lens and by december 2012 Oly will bring back the digital mju zoom with 43 sensor of course (too late to the party) as to react to Canon G1X. The one up on Canon will be that the X-Mjutant is splashproof with adamantium chassis and Cyclops focus assist.

    No need for touchscreen ’cause it has thought control 1.0 (doesn’t work untill upgrade to 5.0 in the year 20XX)

  • Fullframe

    All rumours point to a fullframe om this will be big and the nex 9 killer

  • hlbt

    What if the Pen Pro announcement turned out to be a Pen Pro(totype)?

  • Thyl Engelhardt

    Many of the features that made the OM so attractive are either obsolete, would be taken for granted, or cannot realistically be expected.

    Motor drives that are compatible through the whole range?

    Small body size? Manual rapid wind? Exchangeable focussing screens? Advanced flash system?

    A camera “system” for the 21st century must be very different. Like modular power supply, exchangeable viewfinders, diverse LCD monitors, exchangeable sensor modules,interfaces for PCs, iPhone control etc.

  • SteveO

    Admin, any further news on the Pro-Oly OM or new lenses?

  • I hope the model pays respect to the OM-1/OM-2, unlike the e-400/500/600 series which were awful imo.
    The addition of weathersealing is very welcome, also because it promises of more weathersealed lenses.
    Realizing Olympus experiences very hard times right now, I wish them all the luck with this new line.
    Excited to see the new camera.

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