(FT5) Sources explains why “The GX1 is much better than you think”.


Fake GX1 designed by our friends from Blog.livedoor

As you know a new Panasonic GX1 camera will be announced on November 8 in Japan. It has not a built-in viewfinder a la NEX-7 and not a brand new sensor (same sensor as the Panasonic G3. Two of my top sources had the chance to play with the new Panasonic GX1 camera. After reading your comments on 43rumors they contacted me to say that the camera is actually much better than “your readers do think”.

First: the Panasonic GX1 has a very sexy looking and very high quality body. It’s a camera that feels extremely robust and well in your hands. The quality of the buttons for example is higher than the buttons from the Panasonic GH2.
Second: Semi-pros that loved the Panasonic GF1 will like the new GX1. It is not a revolution but more a very well thought evolution of the GF1.
Third: The image quality beats every Panasonic camera to date. It has the same G3 sensor but also a new much improved processing engine. One of my soruces said that i his opinion this is the camera with the best image quality to date.

In summary, some of us may be disappointed to know that this is not a NEX-7 competitor with built.in viewfinder. But the sources are pretty sure that you will like the new camera anyway because it’s a real advanced and mature photographic tool.

I should soon get more details about the GX1. Feel free to help em to find rumors on the www. If you get some interesting news drop me a message at 43rumors@gmail.com or use the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar. Thanks! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

P.S.: I asked one of the sources why Panasonic didn’t make a camera with a built-in viewfinder like the Panasonic LC1 (Click here to see that cam on ebay). His opinion is that Panasonic didn’t want to compete against his own Panasonic G3. If that opinion corrisponds to truth than Panasonic is making a huge mistake (that’s now my personal opinion!).


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  • Nic Walmsley

    Seems the problem at Panasonic is overall product strategy. They can make good components, but they don’t know how to put them together. They could soon have the GF3, G3, GH3 and GX1 all competing against each other in roughly the same space. And not one of them offering direct competition with the NEX 7.

    • mahler

      To me the product strategy is one of the best. One mount five body (incl. AG-AF100)alternatives, which are -opposite to PEN and NEX- really distinctive.

      Direct competitor to NEX-7? GH2 with better ergonomics and control layout. With the next body round up in 2013 Panasonic will set the landmark against the NEX-7.

      As I said before: with its soft controls, the NEX-7 is a “fake rangefinder”.

    • Swejk

      Panasonic they will never produce a camera that can do everything …

  • Frederic Hew

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. With your permission, I’ll leave it at that.

    • GH2 vs NEX-7? Hmmmm.

      NEX-7 is smaller, lighter, better looking, has better ergonomics, build quality and more manual controls, shoots 10 frames per second and has a much higher resolution viewfinder and LCD.

      Higher resolution, higher dynamic range and lower noise sensor.

      GH2 has better AF lens selection and perhaps slightly faster CDAF, that’s about it.

      If the NEX-7 is a ‘fake rangefinder’ the GH2 is certainly a ‘fake DSLR’

      • mahler

        NEX-7 better ergonomics, more manual controls? No way! Look at it carefully. Everything is soft controlled. No way to tell the camera’s state unless the camera is on and you look at the screen. This is BAD ergonomics. Also, the NEX-7 has not more manual controls. Or – can you tell me, where is the SWITCH for

        – AF-mode
        – AF characteristic
        – operation mode

        The NEX-7 is nothing more than a GF3 on steroids. A typical NEX and certainly not the long awaited rangefinder. It is the “anti X100”.

      • BCK

        thats bullshit mate. Have you seen the dust reduction methods on the pansonic’s vs NEX for a start? YouTube that shit. Then have a look at a tear down of the NEX’s vs Oly and Pana. In particular take note of the lens mounts. Pana and Oly have the industries most solid and strong lens mounts, and their lenses are SMALLER than NEX…

        Ergonomics: you have got to be kidding right? Maybe if all you ever use is a pancake on the 7!

        Don’t forget the GH2’s video, and how in Australia there is no limit to record time. No sensor overheating regardless…

        Better looking? Without a doubt. Just the looks alone had me wanting one. Love the soft controls even tho as already stated they don’t tell you anything without the camera on. And inbuilt viewfinder is a win. But at a very large loss of an inbuilt flash.

        Better still image quality? Also without a doubt. But why would you pay so much more for the 7 when the 5 matches and then bests it at high iso’s?

        But does it have all the features that make Panasonic GH2 so legendary? Not by a mile. And in saying that, the 7 is a class above, so it’s not even comparing apples with apples.

  • alexander

    just build gorgeous products – this is everything people want & no marketing shit !!!!!!!!!!

  • alexander

    http://www.imageresource.com :
    We obviously can’t conclude a whole lot from a camera that we’ve only seen in barely-functional prototype form, but what we’ve seen looks tremendously impressive.

    Oly & Pana wake up – it is time to…

  • st3v4nt

    In my country it seems Panasonic already satisfied with their TV and AC product, unlike Olympus that keep their PEN presence.

  • dumbo

    i find it interesting admin uses these fake mock ups for pictures. this one really doesnt look like any thing panasonic is making today, and i think they really wouldnt go back to such an obvious old design.

    to me it looks like retro junk.

    the gf1 is a real camera and much nicer designed, why dont you show a picture of the gf1 admin, if you think the gx1 is it´s successor?

    • dumbo

      and whats with the lugs, show me a gf 1-3 with those lugs. its a panasonic, not an olympus, do the people making these mock ups have any understanding of branding.

    • BCK

      You have no idea…

  • jeff

    No matter how good it is to touch it wont get me to part with my money as what I want is an X100/Nex 7 type camera, and no, a G3 isn’t it and if Panny wont make one I’ll look to someone else.

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one sick of waiting for Panny.

  • Jim

    It has nicer buttons? Seriously, that’s the reason it’s “better than we think”?

  • NO viewfinder, NO sale, sorry Panasonic. NEX 7 for me!

  • Collapsed comments

    Hi Admin

    Can you put more comments on one page before having to click “older comments”.


  • D

    Wow, 220+ comments. Panasonic needs to get rid of the viewfinder hump in the G3 successor (and possibly add more buttons) and shut us all up :P

  • peter

    I for one love the electronic viewfinder that tilts up
    as it allows for a great street photography

    (interestingly most people dont notice photographer
    looking down into the camera, VS using the traditional viewfinder)

    so if i can upgrade from my gf1 body and keep my lenses/viewfinder—I’m in.

    • BCK

      They will deffinately be compatible.

  • Olympius

    First of all, for all those whiners who want a camera with a built-in EVF and tilt-screen, Panasonic has two models what are a great choice: the GH2 and G3. No, they don’t look like rangefinders, but I do believe, from what I’ve heard, that they are both fully capable of taking photos AND video!

    It seems like the GX1 is going to be exactly what Panasonic said it’s going to to be: the true replacement for the much loved (and purchased!) Lumix GF1. So that’s what we will be getting. Sounds good to me.

    As a died-in-the-wool Olympian, I bought into Panasonic’s version of micro 4/3 instead of Olympus, for the following reasons:
    – Built-in EVF’s
    – IS in the lenses, which is better for video use.
    – A really nice selection of lenses, even better than what Olympus was offering.
    – Awesome video capabilities, along with good quality still photos.

    Since I like viewfinders, the GF1 did not interest me much when it came out. Nor have any of the Pens appealed to me for the same reason: no built-in EVF.

    But I’m not at the point where I’d be willing to try a Pen or GX1 with a clip-on EVF, if that’s what it comes to. As long as the image quality is there, along with the build quality, I will be interested.

    I just hope this new EVF that will debut with the GX1 will work on the LX5 as well. If so, that could make for a nice pair of cameras to have, much like Olympus users can use EVF on their Pens and XZ-1’s.

    – Olympius

  • dj

    Too everyone here that wants a built in VF (and wants it off to the side like nex7) : its bad if you want to shoot with a telephoto. The “SLR” hump in the middle of the camera like on the G3/GH2 is a good thing believe me! Also i love the add on VF because you can tilt them up for creative angles. And one more point: the flip out screens are better for tripod work : tilt out screens are usless when you turn that camera on its side….so a big praise to Panasonic!

    • Narretz

      But the GF form factor is not for shooting telephot anyway. This is where Panasonic should make the distinction: G is the allround model, that appeals to people who think DSLR-form is somehow superior (lots of people that have only seen Nikon and Canon). GH is the high end model for people that want to shoot telephot, have articulated screen etc. GX is the high-end take-everywhere model. The only compromise there should be no-flip screen (for portablity (if they can make it thin, go ahead though), and maybe less video controls (to distinguish it from the GH2). Build quality of both should be very good.
      That gives you at the low and middle end GF and G, and at the top end GX and GH. Have the price progress in the same order, I see this as a very good setup. Soccer moms go for GF, people who would buy a 1100D go for G, people who would buy a NEX-7, Fuji X … go for GX, and people who want the best Pana can deliver go for GH.

  • Ubi

    Two years ago I deliberated between the G1 and the GF1. Loved everything about the GF1 but bought he G1 because it has a viewfinder.

    Next time around, if the GX1 has no VF the decision will be the NEX7.

    Listen, Panny!

  • The only thing that keeps me hanging on to Panasonic are the lenses but Oly have their really nice new ones too now. I have a feeling that I may be joining the NEX7 crowd.

    Panny have Leica, Sony have Zeiss. The lenses will be great but at the moment Panny feel boring with their products and Oly/Sony seem to be a little more forward thinking.

  • thom

    James Allworth:

    They can do it because Apple hasn’t optimized its organization to maximize profit. Instead, it has made the creation of value for customers its priority. When you do this, the fear of cannibalization or disruption of one’s self just melts away. In fact, when your mission is based around creating customer value, around creating great products, cannibalization and disruption aren’t “bad things” to be avoided. They’re things you actually strive for — because they let you improve the outcome for your customer.

  • qwertz

    Announcment in two days and still no pictures? poor…

    • admin

      There will be no announcement in two days!

      • qwertz

        Photorumors says friday 28. oct.

  • Ahem

    On image quality: your sources had similar bold claims about image quality when Olympus’s latest cameras were introduced. They proved to only pertain to JPEG quality, RAW quality was identical to older cameras. This is to be expected since the sensor is the same, and there’s only so much you can do with a new processor.

    I bet my hat this is exactly the same with the upcoming Panny since the sensor is not new. JPEG performance doesn’t matter to me; give me a new damn sensor already. With IBIS.

  • Milt

    An interesting – and long – discussion. Panasonic marketeers seem to belief that there are two kinds of system cameras: DSLRs and “compact system cameras.” The former have built in EVFs and the latter don’t, because Panasonic puts more marketing emphasis on the people moving from point and shoots who take photos at “arms length” than it does in people like those on this site.

    But I want a take everywhere camera like my GF1 that has a built in EVF so I don’t have the bulk and complexity of the add-on EVF. I don’t use larger lenses (zooms and telephotos) with the GF1 that won’t fit with the camera in my jacket pocket. I have my G1 (GH2 maybe) for that. I look forward to more lenses for GF1 style camera, like the collapsible 14-42 and pancakes that differentiate Panasonic from Sony in spite of Sony technical superiority.

    The Sony NEX7 seems to be a great camera. So does the NEX5n. I want to see the Panasonic competitor for that camera, and not just for the NEX5n.

  • NEX7looksbetter

    NEX7 has excellent EVF, swivel LCD (with very good resolution), 3 wheels, the best APS sensor with higher Mpix and better DR (!), and is smaller then GH2 and G3.

    How GX1 will compete with it?

    • Forbes

      Not. (Look at the price.)

  • popeye

    hello guys,

    can someone explain me why G3 sensor it’s such a good one. i know that GH1 and GH2 sensor are pretty damn good cameras from they top ( pro ) line . So why G3 sensor is better than GH1( or 2 ) ?

  • Cansalt

    The gf1 represented a revolutionary product back in 2009. Early adopters flocked to it and promoted the product on the web and to friends and family. These evanglical users are the best customers a product can have (just ask Apple). Patiently these users have waited for upgrades, namely a better sensor, tilting screen, better evf etc. Panasonic has totally ignored this input. Sony has not, they have produced the camera that Evanglical camera users have demanded. The NEX7. I am very dissapointed as a m43 fan that panasonic is squandering the goodwill of its most prominent users by not significantly inproving m43.
    I really like my m43 lens 14, 20, 45mm and i know that the Nex does not have the same capability, but i have a Nex7 on order and can no longer advise friends to look at m43 for best in class performance. Its hard to argue that Panny is on the correct couse when the hottest mirrorless cameras in 2012 will be Sony cameras.

  • Catalin

    I truly hope that the GX1 is smaller than the GF1. Other then that, it sounds like my dream camera. I was originally planning to get the Sony NEX-5n, but it has a fatal video clicking flaw which doesn’t seem to be fixed soon so this allows me to wait for Panasonic’s next camera.

    PS: What viewfinder ? It’s a highly overrated useless item for those looking for compact high quality cameras. And Panasonic has plenty of cameras with viewfinder.


    Yikes, I hope Panny doesn’t pull a Nikon… Like they say, if you aren’t willing to cannibalize your own market, someone else will do it for you. I guess it’s down to Canon to steal the show, otherwise it’s Sony’s ball game once the NEX-7 and new lenses hit the street.

  • Test123
  • Mech

    Yes, Its the same mentality they put into consumer electronic. Loads of different model but fail to package one that actually field those features together better.

    Sony learn that the hard way with their previous DSLR Alpha. Their current NEX lineup reflect a revamped and much more logical strategy regarding.

    Panasonic and Olympus on the other hand is fragmenting the already crowded and ever more competitive sector with more models that do not deviate enough. Looking at the lineup. The G3, and GX-1 and of course the E-P3 ( and well many say up coming E-Pen with the new sensor and possibly build in EVF ) and add the GH2, well we are talking about what 5 models for one system aiming for the dedicated enthusiast. We have the GF-2, GF3, E-PL3, E-PM3 all gunnign for the amateur / consumer market. Can’t see any advantage on that.

    Though I think the GX-1 seems more like M4/3’s take on Sony NEX-5N instead. And the 5N is stock retail now and proven a great performer. Can’t see I can be attracted to the GX-1 , especially in the light of NEX-7 / NEX-5N combo

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