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(FT5) Some more E-M1X reports and details


Some new E-M1X info from two sources:

Source 1:
– CAF Tracking in photo mode is at level of Sony A9.  Basically ‘world class’.
– Hi Res mode shot should best be taken at 1/125 lowest – any lower and its tough. 1/125 would mean 1/15s for the whole sequence.
– The E-M1X’s additional cpu power will be used to develop Deep AI for specific CAF demanding scenarios.  The camera will have in-built ‘apps’ for such scenarios; Assume high speed set up.  This obviously is ‘upgradeable’ for the future

10bit recording
– has eye tracking
– the ND filter is electronic and not physical
– 150-400mm lens is as long as the Leica 90-280mm . Has built-in 1.2x converter.

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