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(FT5) New 14mm f/2.5 Panasonic lens (on Panasonic website!)


A new leak on the Panasonic website gives us more details about the new 14mm f/2.5 lens. If you visit the Panasonic Germany page click on “Download Datenblatt“. The pdf doesn’t contain the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 details as one would expect but the new 14mm lens specs! (Thanks to the anonymous sender that found the leak!)

The 14mm f/2.5 lens
– 6 elements (3 aspherical lenses)
– closest focus distance 18cm
– Filter size 46mm
– Overall Lenght 20,5mm
– It weights 55g!!! That’s 45g less than the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens – I don’t know if the price referrs to the 20mm or the new 14mm lens (399 Euro)

And here the google english translation of the presentation text:

The new pancake lens LUMIX G 2,5 / 14mm Asph. characterized by very compact, slim design and light weight. His effort optical design consists of 6 elements in 5 groups including 3 asphärische elements. They provide for mini male distortion and chromatic aberration, and a uniformly high up in the sharp corners.
Its characteristics make the 2.5 / 14mm versatile. The 14mm focal length equivalent to 28mm in KB format and is suitable für snapshot für landscape and interior photography. It is supported, the variable contrast AF system with the functions such as face recognition. The LUMIX G 2,5 / 14mm Asph. is equipped with a solid metal mount, and the Mehrschichtvergütung the lens elements provides for a high-contrast image reproduction without reflections or ghost images. Naheinstellungsgrenze: 18cm, angle: 75 degrees, weight: about 55g, filter diameter: 46 mm

P.S: Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto are selling the 20mm lens for $349.99 only.

  • Nasten

    Way to go Pana!!!

  • Kyle Batson

    Excellent news. I do wish the aperture was a bit faster, but I love the size. Now if the could just come out with a 40mm/1.4 portrait prime.

  • I want.

  • wow, sweet, mmm, pancake: 14/20/ (42 next please)

    typo – weighs 55mm should be 55g

    • admin

      ops! It’s because I am so tired. Did sleep 2 hours only last night :(

      • not surprized … buzy times!

  • mat

    Great news indeed. Finally a new micro 4/3 lens I want to buy.

    • admin

      Yes…awesome lens! I want it too.

  • Dear Santa

    I’ve been so really good this year, I thought I’d let you know what I’d like for Christmas early so that you can stop worrying about what to get me.

    There is this little lens from a company that makes televisions, its called a 14mm f2.5 Asph. in microFourThirds. I think it only comes in some strangle plasticy grey color, I’d rather have black, but its alright this one will match the lens I got for my birthday (20mm).

    Thanks a lot
    Mr Silver Pen

    • mat

      I don’t have the link handy, but it is on a different version of that chart, without aperture specified if I remember correctly.

    • WT21

      I think those are the available lenses (or ones with availability dates), not the announced, but still future lenses (i.e. no date or specs yet)


    That PDF is some kind of mistake though. The model number (H-H020E) is the 20mm f1.7, and the image on the PDF is of the 20mm f1.7. But everything else is for the 14mm f2.5.

    This looks like someone screwed up at Panasonic. They released the PDF before it was ready, and then put it in the wrong download location. Someone at Panasonic is going to get their arse kicked!

  • J

    Great addition. Amusing that Panasonic’s best lenses also best suit Olympus as they are small/light pancakes that don’t have IS. Now if Pana just added IBIS to their cameras there wouldn’t be much use for Oly anymore

  • Parci

    man, if it was a 10mm/f4.0 or 12mm/f2.8 instead… :D still sweet though. now for the 45/f1.4 and “we are done”. :DD

    • mat

      For me “we are done” when there’s a Pen or GF-sized body (roughly) with built in EVF, but that’s another issue.

    • Eric

      Oh I wouldn’t say they’re quite done yet. We still need an 7mm/2.8, 12mm/2.8, 25mm/1.2, 45mm/1.4, and a 70mm f/1.4. The Voigtlander 25mm f/.95 is nice, but autofocus is always a welcome bonus. Good news though, keep the primes coming.

  • four thirds photo

    Panasonic seems to listen to their customers and brings out some nice primes. The GH2 looks very promising too (especially the new sensor).

    Admin: thanks for all the rumors! Most of them are correct or very close, great work! Thanks.

    Because many people are disappointed by the E5, the rumors on the super43 sensor and modular become even more interesting to see if Olympus will bring us something to be proud of in future and a better option (sensor) for use with top pro glass. Look forward to these new rumors!

  • Dummy00001

    “28mm in KB format” – Germans call 35mm a “Kleinbild format” (small picture format) and *K*lein*b*ild is generally abbreviated as KB.

    Mehrschichtvergütung – multilayer coating.

    Naheinstellungsgrenze – closes focus distance.

  • J

    @43 Photo: The GH2 does sound like a real winner too. Yep. I’ll be curious to see how it matches up against a hacked GH1. But between the lenses and what they are promising on the GH2, a strong 2010/2011 for Panny it seems if it all filters down to their other u43s too.

  • WT21

    Would prefer (and am waiting for) a portrait lens, and I didn’t think I’d be really interested in wide, but just had a request today to shoot some indoor shots, where this would really help. I hope it’s well priced. If it is, it might be worth just having around. The 14 and the 20mm lenses aren’t going to take up too much room in your bag! (or even pocket).

    Still — want a fast 50mm!!! :(

  • nice find. The lens size + flange distance will be the same as the nex + 16mm and smaller than the 17mm from oly. unfortunately I dont think the gap between the 20mm and 14mm justifies me getting this lens (or system).

    20+20.5 = 40.5mm

    nex 16mm
    18+22.5 = 40.5mm

  • calxn

    The price will be highway robbery for sure. My guess is that they will price this plastic lens the same price as a Sony NEX + lens. Overpricing lens without regards to the market pricing is a trait they learned from their previous partnership with Leica.

    • TempTag

      Yes – but we’ll still buy it!

  • “mini male distortion” haha. Thanks google-translate!

  • iMikl

    Not excactly a jawdropper, but I’ll get one when the price is reasonable. ;-)

  • John

    Sigh . . . too bad it’s not a 12mm. Panasonic seems to think that interesting wide on m43 starts at 14mm (28mm FX equivalent), which for me is not quite wide enough. Hopefully someone will come out with a 12-XXmm reasonably fast zoom for m43, then I’d buy into the m43 system.

    • mpgxsvcd

      They don’t even have a 14mm-XXmm fast zoom for m4/3s. What makes you think they will make a fast 12mm-XXmm zoom?

      They don’t even have a fast zoom period. What makes you think they will/can even make a fast m4/3s zoom?

  • mpgxsvcd

    Now that looks like a great lens. The 20mm might have some competition for the “best m4/3s lens” award. I will definitely pre-order this the day it is announced.

    • John

      I said REASONABLY fast. If they don’t have a reasonably fast 14-xx zoom that doesn’t preclude them from making a fast 12-XX zoom now does it?
      There the 12-60 for 43, that would be a great lens to re-design for m43.

      • mpgxsvcd

        I don’t think we will ever see a wide zoom m4/3s lens any faster than F3.5. That is just not fast enough in my book. Well, unless they get great ISO 6400 performance.

        I do think we will see a fast F2.5-F3.3 17mm-60mm lens though. I think they will try to make a true “HD video” lens next. Normally those lenses are very fast and not very wide with as much zoom as the wide aperture will allow.

  • Andrea

    Did you forget the fabolous 7-14?

    • John

      No, but that’s not a primary zoom lens like a 14-XX or 12-XX would be.
      On a full frame camera I like a walk-around zoom to be 24-XX, with XX being 85 to 120mm. I just don’t like 14mm on 43 to be wide enough for a general zoom.
      The lack of a 12mm-XX zoom has been the major reason for me not buying a m43 body (GF-1 or GH-1).

    • mpgxsvcd

      Did you forget it is F4.0?

      • hd72

        When I’m shooting super wide, I want everything in focus. A bigger aperture might come in handy on some occasions (at the risk of some of the shot being soft), but that lens was already expensive enough! I can’t imagine how much more it would cost (or how much heavier it would be) if they’d made it f/2.8.

  • john deer

    Looks like a pretty nice lens. If anyone has a clue as to what they’re doing with micro-four-thirds right now, it’s definitely Panasonic. The E-P cameras are nice, but someone over at the Olympus camp really has to start pushing towards the strengths of the system in the lens department. After this lens is released, all that’s needed is an affordable small, fast, auto-focusing pancake-ish 38-45mm prime. Once that’s released, I’m done with gear hoarding.

  • iMikl

    Checked all PDFs on the german Panasonic website… no other surprises. :-(
    Was hoping for portraitprimes or fast zooms.

  • the other Rob

    make a few more primes and I will invest in m43. I wish Olympus would follow suit with these instead of working on all sorts of zooms.

  • NativeFloridian

    Thank you. This lens is not for me (it’s too close to the 20mm f1.7), but I’m just glad there is some good news today on the four-thirds front.

  • stonebat

    each day… oly 14-54 seems enticing. but gonna wait for gh2 kit zoom. its about time to leak more info. please!!!

  • arash

    the lens I wanted since the day I bought the GF1

  • Otis

    This is just too close to the full-stop-faster 20mm pancake to make it worth my while. It’ll have the same DOF as a 28mm lens set of f/5 on a full frame, which isn’t super awesome.

    Thanks, but no thanks. Though I’m glad pany is going in the prime pancake direction.

  • infared

    Hey … that is great! NOw I can look at another lens on the Panasonic website, that I can’t buy for months. Just like the 8mm Fisheye.
    Torture…I am telling you…it is torture!!!!! LOL!

  • James

    Well done, Panasonic.

  • JCC

    Still no I.S.!!! Why Panny, why?!? We want I.S. on ALL of your lenses unless you want us to buy Oly bodies.

    It can’t add that much girth to the lens by adding I.S.!

    • Scarka

      Why? And you know the way how to embed the image stabilization in the lens of this size?)

      • I would presume its impossible in a donut lens

      • JCC

        Yea, see all that space AROUND that tiny glass in the center??? WTF is all that space for??? Duh?

        f2.5 is a joke. Don’t even show me crap like that. Show me a 18mm f1.2 or 1.4 or a 25mm f1.2 or 1.4 WITH I.S.!!!

    • Jules

      The wider the lens, the less IS is needed.
      The faster the lens, the less IS is needed.

      For the rest, just crank up the ISO.

      • JCC

        Sure, that’s why people using the 20mm lens are happiest when they use it with the Oly body. Those with the Pany body are screwed.

        I.S. will add 1 or 2 stops to the lens. That means you don’t have to actually make a f1.2 lens in order to achieve the same performance. That 20mm pancake f1.7 lens is like a f1.2 on an Oly body.

        The best is if someone at Pany actually grew some balls and made a f1.2 or f1.4 lens with I.S. Everyone would buy it! How stupid is it for them NOT to make something that everyone will buy? I mean, you got to be a pretty stupid executive NOT to make something that everyone wants…

        • MSD

          Have you ever seen a 1.2 IS lens before in your whole life? Think before you talk.

          • JCC

            Have you seen the 20mm f1.7 lens and how small it is? You think that subtracting just 6 mm from that lens will suddenly make it much bigger? Perhaps they can’t get to 1.2 but certainly they didn’t need to make the new one 2.5!

            YOU should think before you talk.

        • Jules

          I use the 20mm on a G1. The fact is I often use it hand held in low light and hardly ever miss OIS.

          If the Olympus owners are happier than I am, good for them ;) I certainly don’t look down on their products you know :)

      • Greg

        This is such a dumb comment. We’re talking about a wide-angle pancake on a system which has x2 focal length multiplier factor. Seems to me like pretty good engineering. Why not ask a 14-120 2.8 while you’re at it?

        • JCC

          This is poor engineering if you already have a f1.7 20mm lens. You mean to tell me that they couldn’t have just subtracted 6mm from that lens and kept it at least at f1.7?

          Come on, use your brain.

          • MSD

            Have you ever seen a 1.2 IS lens before in your whole life? —> Did you not Understand the question? I did not ask for your 6mm bla2. :) Read, Think, then answer.

          • El Aura

            Funny that on 35 mm, a 50 mm f/1.4 is much cheaper and smaller than a 28 mm f/1.4. But you are saying that one can simply subtract 30% of the focal length and keep the same f-stop and at the same time maintain the size (and price)?

          • JCC

            MSD, Oh yea, you’re right. Oops. :)

  • Woodent

    I wonder if IQ-wise it competes with Voigtlander 15/4.5 at similar appertures… If it does, mine goes to ebay :)

  • e_dawg

    This thing only weighs 55g? Are the elements made of plastic? A canister of 35mm film weighs more than that.

    • perhaps it is the sample’s weight?
      that particular photo is also referenced to the plastic sample, but its not referenced to the specs

  • e_dawg

    Also, the model number on the website and PDF is wrong. H-H020E is the model number for the 20/1.7. The 14/2.5 should be H-H014E.

  • Yup this is encouraging. Bring on the fast primes Panasonic… bring’em on!

    • JCC

      You mean bring on the S-L-O-W primes. F2.5 is a fUck$%^ JOKE. The 40mm is already 1.7. They’re suppose to come with a f1.2 or 1.4 with I.S. as their next lens. They’re suppose to try to beat their last lens, not make crappier ones.

      • Greg

        Dude, what are you talking about? Are you aware you are just being a troll with your dumb uninformed opinion snippets?

        • JCC

          So you’re saying that the f1.7mm 20mm is NOT small? You mean that just subtracting an additional 6mm is going to change the whole characteristic of that lens?

          Please, sell your birdy num num somewhere else…

          • hd72

            I have to go watch The Party again! Thanks for the laugh! :D

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Distortion? How much?

  • kai

    lol this isnt even close to fast. :( give me <f/2 or give me death. especially on u4/3 system where it takes extra oomf to get a shallow depth of field.

    the gh1 comes with a 14-140 f/4 (at 14). f4 to f2.5 prime just isnt enough of a leap to drop cash on especially when taking the u4/3 chip into consideration. was hoping for a 1.2 from panny. looks like im still saving for that .95 voigtlander.

    • Maley

      Do u even know what you are talking about? Even if its 1.2 you cant get shallow DOF with a wide angle lens. And why would u want to ? Its just not the purpose of a wide angle lens. And u cant obviously fit IS in a pancake lens.

      Why u save for a 25mm lens because u are dissapointed of a 14mm lens? They aren’t close at all in their use. Please stop talking bs when u got no clue.

  • MK

    this piece of glass is more exciting than a 1700 camera that was recently announced… panasonic please disappoint us even more while you read this board and laugh

    • kai

      the same rules of DOF apply for wide angles, pal. is DOF harder to acheive with a wide-angle? of course. is it impossible? not when your subject is close to the camera and your background is far from it (whoah, like how my shots usually get setup).

      keep shooting those boring landscapes my friend. i’ll be shooting with with subjects in focus.

  • TempTag

    Plastic, overpriced, reliant on camera distortion correction and still..


  • TempTag

    Another plus is maybe we’ll see new GH1 firmware to support this new lens which may open the hack back up to new GH1 cameras!

  • Dun

    We want a wide prime (not a fisheye). 14mm is not wide enough.

    • kukuku

      no we don’t. this is exactly what we wanted :)

      • You sound like the borg arguing with each other :)

      • Dun

        Maybe you don’t want a wide prime, but we want. Take your 14mm and shut up.

        • noR

          Bad day at the office?

  • Ulli

    this or the 12mm olympus is on my list!

  • Gabi

    Good job, Panasonic! I will wait until the price drops to a reasonable level. The lens will make a nice addition to my E-P2.

    I am wondering why people would want another portrait lens. There is the 45/2.8 available with macro ability. A faster 45-55mm lens would probably be much bigger and heavier thus defeating the purpose of µ4/3.

    Now what I would like is two fast tele primes (135-160mm/2.8-3.5 and 85mm/2.0 similar to the Minolta Rokkor that I own and that is a fantastic lens). Also, I am waiting for a fast zoom lens similar to the Olympus 12-60mm.

    • Andrew

      One, the 45mm macro is $900. Two, and mainly, according to the DPReview review of the lens says its unusable as a portrait lens because the front element is so small.

      • hd72

        Yep, the general consensus is also that f/2.8 on a m43 sensor does not provide a shallow enough depth of field for a good portrait lens.

  • mma173

    Instead of copying each other, both Oly and Pana should collaborate and try fill in the voids in the system. The lenses from each, should be of different specs.

  • Oly and Pana are not allowed to collaborate / collude to produce or not to produce lenses, this would breach anti-competition laws.
    Oly and Pana have merely agreed to join an open standard not to illegally carve up the market between themselves…

    • Wow. I didn’t know that. I thought that they had just been idiots from the outset by not agreeing on in-body I.S. which meant that they HAD to design two lenses for each focal range.

      The whole system would be FAR better established by now if they could have divided the lens map between them.

      Maybe they need a new company, jointly owned. PanOlympus has a nice ring…

    • Rob

      Technically yes, but that seems standard practice in Japan. If your political party or coporate elite are not embroiled in a scandal, you are not working hard enough.

  • Ulli

    @Gabi, i do mainly portrait/model shooting and would prefer a 1 or 2 stops faster lens, 40 to 50 mm would be fine. I don’t think a compact f/2 would be a problem, even a f/1.4 should be possible in a small package.

    • Gabi

      You convinved me. They could probably make a faster portrait lens without the macro capabilities that does not weigh more or is bigger than the 45/2.8. The price is another story… ;)

  • Simon

    Do you have any idea when the lens will be officially announced and when it will be available? A 12mm or 14mm prime was what I was waiting for to invest in a m43 body. Finally some good news!

  • Las Palmas

    I don´t like this lens, because it doesnt match my needs.
    Andrew, i have the Panasonic Leica 45mm, and its one of the best lens i ever have, and its perfect for portraits.

    • Andrew

      Really? Well its not not what i thought, but if thats the case, can i see a link to some pics? thanks.

  • Way too expensive and too slow for that price. As someone already mentioned Rokkor glass: whatever happened to inexpensive, fast prime glass as standard lenses?! Back in the days Minolta sold excellent cameras such as the XD7 (which by the way is almost as compact as a PEN E-P2) along with cheap and excellent lenses such as a Minolta Rokkor 50mm, f/1.4. Even cheaper cameras such as the XG-1 came with such a lens in an inexpensive bundle!

    Why do fast primes have to be so super expensive nowadays?!

    I’m probably going to invest a lot of money into our gear this year or early next year. I already settled for the E-5 but I’m also playing with the idea of getting a MFT body with the Novoflex adapter so I can use my Minolta glass. As there likely are going to be new MFT bodies early next year, I will hold back the money until then. I’m not going to pay those ridiculous prices for that plastic crap.

  • I use an OM 55mm F1.2 for static portraits. It’s a little soft wide open but very, very nice at F2, and I don’t have to poke my camera right up someone’s nose to get the shot.

    It also looks super cool and feels nice and heavy. People often stop me and ask what camera I’m using. Especially with the viewfinder in place.

  • Ulli

    @thevoiceoverman, did you ever try to mask the backlens of this lens so the diametre of the incoming light matches that of m4/3 lenses ? it seems to improve the use of wide open ff lenses on 4/3

  • cute

  • Milt

    One of the interesting things about this lens is its very light weight (as mentioned in the last comment – although I don’t speak Italian.) As the kit lens for a new light and compact GF body, the combination might win the portability sweepstakes against Sony’s NEX series. Look forward to seeing both lens and body together then the latter is leaked on 43Rumors.

  • Ogawa

    This blochure still descript “20mm”, having photo of 20mmlens.
    So the document has the possibility that is just a stub for the update.
    This article should be labeled as FT4, not FT5.

  • richard

    Problem with m4/3 lens they are over price, if they wanted to compete big boy they must had better price.

    • Dude!


      20mm at $350, when rough equivalent from Nikon, Canon, Sony (50mm f/1.7ish) is $110-200). Just overpriced and cools off any desire to go with m43rd system.

      • Don’t compare the 20/1.7 with those cheap 50/1.8 lenses from Canon and Nikon. The Panny has much much better IQ and a lot smaller in size. All in all, a better lens.

    • hd72

      I agree the m4/3rd system can be very expensive for what it is… Unfortunately for us all, making technology smaller doesn’t make it cheaper — it usually works the other way around.

      I assume the 20mm f/1.7 could have been a lot less expensive if it weren’t a pancake design. But then it wouldn’t be such a crowd-pleaser. I do wish they’d offer something fast, light, and inexpensive like Canon/Nikon/Sony do… The more customers they appease, the quicker this system will take off!

  • Michael

    A few points I feel that are missed: This becomes a 28mm AF general use prime lens,which is exactly what the m43 system needs. You can’t compare this to a different focal length, that’s apples and oranges.
    None of the canon,nikon,pentax etc lenses work in AF, and the adapter makes the form factor of even a GOOD nikkor 50 1.8 fairly large.I have the F adapter for my GF1, and use my 1.2; 1.4; and 1.8 lenses on it now. What i can’t get is a wide angle without going to voigtlander for a 12 or 15 at a premium,again without AF.I’m sold…even more so if they IS the lens.

  • Michael

    Tobias W wrote “Why do fast primes have to be so super expensive nowadays?!”

    My friend, they were super expensive back in the day as well. and not all lenses were created equal.The nikkor 135 2.8 was lovely..the nikkor 135 2.0 was awesome and almost 3 times the price.And still is.
    Ditto the 85 2 and 85 1.4. Same same across all lensmakers. You pay for glass, and the better glass you want,the more money you pay.

  • Michael

    Lastly, I’m good with a 14mm 2.5 (28mm 2.5)as a really nice daily lens. That is fast enough for any daytime shots, and could work as a remote for endzones,hoops etc. I use Canon big bodies for the heavy lifting, but use my LX3 (24mm 2)and the GF1 for quieter stuff when I want to fly under the radar.

    I’m geeked about the new lens. Looks like we’re seeing the evolution unfold before us.

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