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(FT5) Small pieces of G3 rumors


I received very small pieces of rumors from people that claims to have seen and/or tested the G3. They all do confirm that the G3 has an updated body design. It’s smaller than the G2 (less high, less thick, less wide). The camera has less manual controls and is much more touchscreen oriented than the G2. The Q-button is integrated into trash button. The left dial is completely gone. As I already told you weeks ago it’s exactly like having the GF2 instead of the GF1.

The 16 Megapixel sensor definitely brings an upgrade compared to the G1/G2 sensor but it is not as good as the GH2 at High ISO.

There are no other new features (P.S.: price $649 with 14-42mm lens). And there will be no new lenses. The real exciting stuff will be announced in late August. And in June Olympus should announce at least two new Micro Four Thirds lenses.

P.S.: A wonder when the G3 will be in Stock in US if the eight months old GH2 is still out of Stock in US stores (See at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay). Hmmm…..

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Chris

    The sensor’s not as good as the GH2’s, ISO-wise? That’s very disappointing, especially if, like the G1/G2 sensor, they keep using this new sensor for a couple of years… Any news on the sensor’s dynamic range?

    Also, any details of the Olympus lenses, or of August’s “really exciting stuff”?

    • admin

      I am working on it. I can confirm the 12mm f/2.0 lens. And I will post soon some news about the second Olympus lens. The August announcment from Panasonic is pretty secret. My guess is that they are preparing somehting very big and unexpected. I got few bits of info. But I need mroe time to know more about that!

      • Inge-M

        GH3, by globalshot ;-)

        • Admin wrote: “… My guess is that they are preparing somehting very big and unexpected. …”

          You mean like a headphone jack added to the “GH3”? ;-)

          • spam

            “preparing something very big and unexpected”, that’s how marketing would describe a new model almost indistinguishable from GH2 (i.e. the GH3).

      • Chris

        Thanks Admin- will be interested to read your reports! Hope that further testing will reveal not much difference between G3 and GH2. If not, knowing that they can produce GH2-quality ISO but choose to bump up the MP instead would make me lose a bit of confidence in Panasonic. Grumble grumble!

      • Miroslav

        “I can confirm the 12mm f/2.0 lens.”

        Great! That’s bigger news than G3.

        • yes! i will buy a 12mm f/2.0 lens, without question. potentially, this would be a more desirable and affordable purchase than the 14-35 f/2.0 oly zoom. we need bright, wide lenses!
          …i just hope it’s high grade and sharp.

        • admin

          Yes Miroslav ;)

      • LOT

        So it’s just my wishful thinking but I wonder if one of the items will be the GS model mentioned in previous rumors.

    • Bob B.

      The G3 is for Mommies!!!!!

  • Inge-M

    Early to say, maybe ISO 6400 is by very low noise.

  • Zaph

    “The left dial is completely gone”

    This is what happens when electronics companies make cameras. I’m sure they’ve been dying to get rid of all these ancient and rustic dials and wheels since the beginning. Why are they getting rid of physical controls? Hrrummph.

  • Wt21

    Thanks for reporting, but boo on Panasonic if this is true. Boooooring.

  • RT

    Photographers want more manual dials not less.
    Gadget fans want touchscreens, not photographers.
    Panasonic have lost the plot.
    Well, as long as they continue to make good lenses, I don’t care what market share of bodies they want to lose.

    Looking forward to the oly EP-3 with all the wheels, dials and buttons.

    • GreyOwl

      +1 Could not agree more.

    • Jules

      “Photographers want more manual dials not less.”
      Leica M9, Leica S2 and Phase One/Mamiya owners are therefore not photographers.

      photographers, like you call them, wants intuitive and proper ergonomics that doesn’t gets in the way of using the proper tool for the proper task. Neither physical dials and buttons nor touch screens are de facto part of any of that. It is how they are integrated that tells whether it is good or not.

      It baffles me that anyone considers the G3 to be an ergonomic fiasco prior to any prototypes being leaked yet. It all goes against common sense.

      • Zaph

        M9? It has manual controls and dials for aperture, shutter speed, ISO, rangefinder … they aren’t replacing dials with buttons, they are moving them to the touch screen and menus. The buttons and dials allow you to make changes to settings without taking your eye away from the viewfinder, once you know where they are. A contextual touch screen can’t really do that, can it?

        • Arrow

          “The buttons and dials allow you to make changes to settings without taking your eye away from the viewfinder, once you know where they are. A contextual touch screen can’t really do that, can it?”
          Exactly! It seems every camera manufacturer is ruining it’s cameras in one way or another just to justify an “upgrade” and more sales :(

        • Jules

          There are only that many controls one really needs to handle without taking the eye away from the view finder. Focus mode arguably isn’t one of them.

          Taking your argument, contextual touch screens can take away lots of burden and make it easier to know which buttons and dials are where.

        • The Other Chris

          Wrong. The M9 doesn’t have a dial or manual control for the ISO. It has an ISO button, but no dedicated dial like the Canon G series does.

          Also, there is no manual control for the “rangefinder,” unless you’re talking about manually focusing the lens.

          The argument that dedicated knobs for everything makes a camera more useful is tantamount to the argument that manual readouts and controls for everything makes a cockpit more user-friendly. I’d much prefer the glass cockpit of a Boeing C-17 or 737BBJ over the archaic designs seen in older planes. I think Jules hit the nail on the head when he said it’s the implementation that counts.

          • Zaph

            “It has an ISO button” That is, a physical control for ISO. You don’t look for it in the menu, and I bet most using the M9 for any length of time can change that without even taking their eye off the scene they are looking to capture.

          • Zaph

            “The argument that dedicated knobs for everything makes a camera more useful is tantamount to the argument that manual readouts and controls for everything makes a cockpit more user-friendly”

            No, it’s not. They have nothing to do with one another.

          • Zaph

            If you must use a flawed cockpit analogy, it’s more like putting controls that you need to use while landing the plane behind you, so you need to shift your head behind then in front constantly while landing to use them. Also, a C-17 cockpit is not short on physical, analog controls – in fact, they dominate. The readouts, vs the controls, are two distinct things.

          • The Other Chris

            No, it’d be like saying have a separate, physical panel for your IFF, GPS, TACAN, VOR nav systems and separate control panels for your HF, VHF, UHF radios. On older planes, there are separate panels for each. On a C-17, the controls are accessible quite quickly through a multifunction display unit.

            The analogy is about the use of digital technology and well-placed menus for controls over analog knobs and buttons for every single thing. If those options are buried underneath mounds of menus, then yes, they’ll be cumbersome. If those options are placed in a quick, accessible way, then the user is probably better off.

            Also, if you look at the target user of the G3, they’ll more likely be using live view than the built-in EVF anyways. Having the controls on a touchscreen makes more sense in this scenario.

          • Zaph

            “for every single thing” – sure, for a plane, but there’s really only 4 or 5 things on a camera that direct access to is great, but they are even now taking away those. The reason is very simple, it has nothing to do with ergonomics, or best practice, or new technology supplanting the need – it’s just cheaper to make, so that’s what they do.

          • Jules

            “but there’s really only 4 or 5 things on a camera that direct access to is great, but they are even now taking away those. The reason is very simple, it has nothing to do with ergonomics, or best practice, or new technology supplanting the need – it’s just cheaper to make, so that’s what they do.”

            Until we see the G3, we cannot behave like a police officer giving a ticket while saying “was about to burn a red light”.

            You didn’t like the GF2, the NEX3 or the NEX5? Me neither. But just because they reportedly take away some buttons on the G3 and reduces the size doesn’t mean they will get it wrong this time.

      • MikeS

        Moving controls to a touchscreen isn’t ergonomically advantageous; it’s rather the opposite, because it requires the hands to move out of shooting position in order to manipulate the controls. The D700, for instance, is designed so that most settings, including ISO and focus mode, can be changed without hand repositioning.

        It’s clear that the G3, like the GF2, is being marketed to low-end consumers instead of camera enthusiasts, which is not bad in itself, but trying to take a blatant effort to cut features for the sake of gadget-mongering and repaint it as misunderstood sophistication is disingenuous, at best.

    • Nick clark

      *Enthusiasts* might want more dials and controls, but then this obviously isn’t an enthusiast model :/

      I think a WELL IMPLEMENTED touch-screen based interface would be well accepted by mainstream buyers.

      • Steve H

        Exactly! The G3 isn’t aimed at serious photographers, I would assume. If Pany is even going for them, they’d be doing it with the GH2. But, really, is Pany even going after the serious pro photographer? Yet? Maybe that’s the August announcement. A professional grade Panasonic camera, perhaps an iteration on the GH2 but with weather sealing or something like that and the ability to easily use the weather sealed Oly 4/3 lenses? That would be cool, since my 4/3 lenses are just sitting on the shelf now that I have a GH2.

        • spam

          The G-series (with the exception of G1) is the cheap line made for beginners. I’m not particulary fond of touch screens, but it’s a way to save some buttons, space and money on a camera that’s targeted at people who are going to use it primarily in full auto modes anyway. So, IMO it kind of makes sense as Panasonic want more advanced users to get a GH-camera.

          I can’t really see the point in a much higher end MFT camera in the near future. Slightly better build quality could be interesting to some users, but weight and size would increase and that’s currently the main advantages of MFT.

    • Ross

      That’s probably why Olympus is emphasising that it will be making more cameras for photographers, to be different from Panasonic & also why Oly wants sensors made to their specs instead just following the trend from Panasonic.

  • grzybu

    I could live without left dial. I rarely change focus mode so i guess I can use touch screen for this.
    But I wonder if there is AF/AE lock and if it works like G1 when I can lock focus in AF mode and unlock it with single AF/AE button press.
    Bit smaller body will be welcome if it has at least G1 EVF quality.

    • Miroslav


      G3 is going against Canon Rebels, which don’t have second dial either.
      Big plus for me is smaller body, but the sensor is not promising I’m afraid.

  • If this is the case i’m doing the same i did for gf2…skip it entirely and wait for a more photography oriented than gadget oriented tool…probably wait for th gh2 to become widely available at more accessible prices

  • Admin, do you have any info/rumors about 12-50mm bright HD zoom from Panasonic????

    • admin

      Not yet. Only thing I heard is that it has been delayed…

      • Thank you anyway.

  • Steve

    Sound like a GF2 with built-in EVF.

    • With the new G3, Panasonic may be responding to customers who want a GF2-like cam that has a built-in EVF.

  • Diane B

    Another boo. Looks as though I’ll be adding my name to a list for a GH2 body only.

    • Boooo!

      Nope, I’m the one and only.

  • Igorek7

    I don’t mind if G3 will have an external electronic viewfinder, if it provides better imaging than the current LVF1. Less dials than G2, but more than GF2 is OK as well. The worse noise of the sensor than GH2 at high ISO, if it’s true, is a major drawback for me, unless it has higher dynamical range and color depth.

    • The two (ISO vs DR) are likely tied. S/N ratio determines DR, and is also a factor in ISO. Of course, it isn’t necessarily a linear relationship (eg, Medium Format sensors), but its a good bet.

      Frankly, I don’t get it. If I’m Panasonic, I want to use the best sensor possible in order to defend against Sony, and to increase the number of sensors produced. Cost of a chip is more of a function of area than what’s in the area, although smaller features likely lead to lower yields. Hence: more wafers leads to more chips leads to lower costs for all of the products. Differentiating by sensor in this case strikes me as a lose.

      • reverse stream swimmer

        So what do they give up in the G3 sensor?
        The constant image diagonal versus aspect ratio changes like the oversized sensor in the GH?

        Maybe Panasonic has limited manufacturing capabilities of their GH sensor?? The G3 sensor can be manufactured outside of a Panasonic plant, or in a separate processing line? I don’t think it boils down to product differentation, based on the sensor alone?

        • Ross

          Also, is Panasonic going to continue manufacturing in Japan or are they now considering & setting up a manufacturing plant offshore (China)?

  • safaridon

    Still no pictures? The descriptions given so far leave one wondering. If it is like a GF2 with built-in EVF it would cost more than $650 but maybe plastic body and there would be more buzz about the body? Also I don’t think they would call it a G3 in that case rather a GF3? I would venture a guess a plastic body compact would cost -$100 less to produce than metal one like GF2 and be a little thicker so maybe possible?

    If the description of less height, width, and depth are true then this would mean one of two things redesign of the shape and size of EVF and flash or smaller 2.7″ rear LCD screen which would lower height by about 0.2″? No doubt the hand grip will be redesigned to be more streamlined and the existing flash and EVF protrusions are what make most DSLRs bulky and cumbersome to pack irrespective of size. This could be done by placing the flash and sterio sound pickups to sides of camera top or smaller LED popup flash in the middle? I am glad to hear no hint of change from swivel screen design or top control dial so hope Pany retains these in the design?

    What is most exciting in the 43rumor of G3 is the real exciting stuff will be announced in late August and that in my opinion will be the higher end rangefinder model with built in EVF and new lenses.

    • admin

      Still no pictures. Anyway you don’t have to wait a long time. On thursday the camera will be announced.

      • safaridon

        Yes we are aware that the Pany official announcement will be this Thursday but we hoped your spies would be a little more efficient on this one? After all we received detail descriptions and photos of GF1 weeks before its introduction and the G3 was supposed to have been ready for release in early April or earlier? With the muliple manufacturing facilities like those in China usually there are leaks earlier than this so seems it may well be the manufactures who are controlling these leaks of rumors?

        The suggestion that the new sensor for G3 will not have a good high ISO as GH2 seems suspect as that information would appear to be much more difficult to obtain unless Pany purposely hinting as they fear G3 taking sales from the GH2? After all why wouldn’t the G3 sensor if designed similar to GH2 other than multi aspect ratio size have similar ISO capabilities? And is it rational that Pany if designing an all new sensor would design one less capable given what the competition is delivering? Not very rational but who knows?

        Thanks for the info you have provided.

        • LC2

          GF2 photos weren’t leaked until day before the anouncement.
          Now if this had been an American company, you can bet there would be leaks (not enough discipline).

        • admin

          The spies are still good but sometimes there are reason why I don’t receive pictures. And I can’t unveil those reasons. Anyway, even if we would miss to leak the G3 that’s not a problem. I prefer to leak the more interesting cameras like the surprise camera from Panasonic. Hope to see that camera as soon as possible ;)

          • LC2

            I hope the surprise camera is an LX3 on steroids – 2x or 2.5x fixed zoom lens, 4/3 sensor, swivel screen rangefinder style, you know, like we had hoped for a year ago. Like my name… the LC-2!
            Since there’s no electronic shutter yet, lens-shutter m4/3 is next-best thing. I’d buy one to go along with ILC.
            disclaimer: Steriods are bad for you. Don’t use them. They make all your muscles big, except one.

  • Smaller body is welcome news, and truth be told I rarely use the left dial anyway. For the market the G3 is going after fewer dials is probably a good thing as it will be less intimidating. Those of us that are more serious photographers will just have to wait for the pro-pen (or Sony NEX7 :) )

    • safaridon

      Haven’t you left off the pro Pany rangefinder from the above? If the projections and rumors are anywhere near correct all three of the above cameras should be coming at roughly the same time frame. Should be very interesting.

      • pdc

        A “pro” Panasonic rangefinder would be great, as long as it has EVF.
        Will wait to Thursday, but the G3 seems of little interest to enthusiasts.
        Perhaps Olympus will step up and produce the kind of MFT camera we
        have been calling for. It is a strange path that Panasonic may be taking,
        as the G1 was defnitely in the enthusiast bracket.

        • safaridon

          Maybe not as strange logic as you might think. Before the GF2 the sales of GF1 w/20 had tanked in Japan inspite of reduced price because of the popularity of the simplier EPL1 and small NEXs designed for the masses. So why criticise Pany for their from all accounts successful introduction of the smaller GF2 and its simplier touch screen controls? Similarily although the G series has been good technically with its controls and features, sales have been disappointing so Pany using the same approach there make it smaller all new body and simplier to attract the masses from DSLRs.

          That only makes it more certain they will follow with more performance models for their GF3 and GH3 to come. Also if the rumor is correct looks like the Pany pro rangefinder with EVF to be announced end of August with new lenses?

        • Look at the latest BCN Rankings for Japan.

          Actually Panasonic is not crazy. The GF2 is #5 this week and the Nex 5 is #9. No lumix G or Oly PEN in the Top 10.
          The E-PL2 is #12, while the G2 is #30 and GH2 is #70.

          So the camera that sells best is the GF2, Not the G or GH. The G2 sells even better than the GH2 and its not because of stock. In Japan both are available. Lets face it, the cameras most of us want in this forum is not what the majority want or like. So Panasonic considers this a niche market. Same with the G3. I’ll bet it will be a great success in Japan. And that is what Panasonic really cares about.

          • safaridon

            These BCN sales rankings for Japan are a bit misleading as each color or lens combination is ranked separately. Even so one can conclude for now that GF2 has pulled ahead of both NEX5 and NEX3. The EPL2 and EPL1s actually doing very well indeed if you add up all the various models probably equal to that of the GF2 models? The monthly BCN statistics do combine all the variations of a particular camera model together for a better picture.

            Because of the success of these smaller models I would not at all be surprised to see Pany go after a model much like GF2 only with EVF in the middle and at predicted $650 price point that could be very popular indeed so why need to pursue the G1/2 & GH1/2 bodies? Again I think the GH2 would do very well if put into a new body format which I expect we will see by year end?

      • Eric

        I didn’t forget to leave the Pro Panasonic off, I’m just more interested in the high end Olympus and NEX7. I’ve owned mirrorless cameras from all 3 companies now and while I like some of the things Panasonic does (rotating LCD, built in EVF) I just simply prefer the images I got from both my NEX3 and my PEN. I also liked using each of those cameras more. Both felt more natural to me…whatever that means.

        • Cornflake

          I think that there is even one black horse – Samsung NX20. Their first attempt (NX10) was very promising in many ways and their lenses (especially pancakes) are very good quality.

          After all i am very curious about EP-3. NEX7 will be too pricey for me. In the end IQ and lens offerings will judge.

  • twoomy

    I know one of the specs is that it will not have a multi-aspect ratio sensor. That’s a bummer in my mind because if you’re going to offer M4/3 cameras to saavy SLR users, having a native 3:2 (without simply chopping the top and bottom off of images) is a huge selling point. That’s what convinced me to buy the GH2 several months back. Hope they don’t forget this point for a GH3 or GF3!

    • Mr. Reeee


      • LC2

        Right, except G3 is not aimed at savvy DSLR customers. That’s what the GH is for (and probably GF3).

  • Thanks for the info, Admin!

    To be honest, and considering that I’m an Olympus owner and as such pay less attention to the exact Panasonic offerings, I get totally confused as to which Panasonic camera is which. G, GH, GF… it all blends together.

    At any rate, for me, smaller is better. That’s one of the attractions to the 4/3 sensor. A touchscreen is fine with me too… if it’s well implemented. However, it seems that too often companies to a crummy job of designing the touchscreen interface, as though they are more concerned with simply having a touchscreen then making the best use of it.

    For instance, the interface of the Sony NEX cameras was pretty poorly received. Another example: I just test drove a Ford Focus with the My Ford Touch system and was underwhelmed. I’m sure it can do a lot of things, but “buttons” were poorly placed and it wasn’t intuitive at all for the first-time user… I’ve seen systems with actual dials and buttons that were much more user friendly. By contrast, the iPhone/iPad Touch/iPad UI is wonderfully designed and intuitive, making you want to engage with the device. I also seem to recall that the fare-card kiosks for the New York subway were clean and intuitive, and have won awards for their design.

    So that’s a long way to say, if they’ve done the interface right, a touchscreen can be a dramatic improvement, and if they’ve done it wrong, it can be frustrating and a huge pain as compared to buttons and dials.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Panasonic sells 3 different models (they actually replace older models) with distinctively different bodies and feature sets, unlike Olympus which sells 4 cameras in 2 different sizes where reading a spec sheet is the the only definitive way to differentiate between them. ;-)

      Seriously, check out the GF2’s touchscreen interface. It’s actually quite good, streamlined and intuitive. I was ready to hate it, but having messed around with it a few times, find it quite usable.

      As for the G3 rumors, I put little stock in any of it until an official announcement is made. Speculation is fun, but getting upset about speculation is silly.

  • > The 16 Megapixel sensor definitely brings an upgrade compared to the G1/G2 sensor but it is not as good as the GH2 at High ISO.

    Wait what? With the Sony NEX-3C and NEX-7 on horizon, who the hell made the design decision in Panasonic??

    > It’s smaller than the G2 (less high, less thick, less wide). As I already told you weeks ago it’s exactly like having the GF2 instead of the GF1.

    OK. Thanks. Removed the camera from my watch list! For poor ergonomics, I already have the E-620.

  • Arkersaint

    Panasonic, no matter you touch left dial and size as long as…
    – You do not reduce the screen size
    – Tou don not touch both right dials…
    – The PASP one that means more tha less “serious camera”, even if we leave it mostly on “A”
    – Same you do nat touch…
    – The nice thumb dial that Olympus forgot
    – The AF/AE lock
    – The AF/MF

    @Admin : Why don’t you make a poll regarding dials and buttons we – 43R community – forbid any move by more than 80% ?

    Pretty sure anybody is in line with above !

    • As a reasonably serious photographer, at times ;-), I would argue that PASM is the worst thing ever, as far too often it gets switched going into/out of the bag. Better a button + dial (ala E-{3,5}), which cannot be changed unintentionally, and which also hides those stupid scene modes!

    • safaridon

      Reduction of either screen size or EVF is almost inevitable for the hoped for rangefinder style with builtin EVF. Note the X100 uses a 2.7″ screen and only a 0.5″ EVF. I think that such a screen sized for 16:9 format would still be 3″ measured along the diagonal but same height of the X100 2.7″ screen in 3:2 format. The X100 is already 3″ tall and I would want a high resolution EVF somewhere between that of the X100 and the EP2 EVF one. The G2 is only 3.3″ high and G3 projected to be less high so that is why my projections of slightly less height of the screen.

  • napalm

    Is it safe to say now that the PEN increments were better than the G-series?

  • Arkersaint

    @ Archer Sully : Fully agree on scene modes, but everybody should also agree there !

    However my (likely our) concern is about potential move towards specific interfaces (not only touch screens) resulting from dials and buttons suppression…

    Why make different from mainstream when This would weaken the potential base ?

    According to me, mainstream is presently :
    – PSAM ont right top
    – At least one dial on the right and I must admit I like it to fall under the thumb

    Of course, this is subject to personnal taste, that’s why I would suggest a poll !

  • Boss

    What is the price of the 12mm f2.0 and will the other Olympus announcement be a 50mm f2.0 macro?

    The 12mm f2.0 should easily beat the 14 mm f2.5 in IQ, but will the new 12mm be the better choice over the venerable 20mm f1.7? I don’t have the need or desire to purchase a 12mm and a 20mm, it would be nice to just use one lens for walking around and normal tasks. And although the rumored 25mm 1.4 will surely be excellent, I still prefer the wider 20mm field of view. I’m afraid the 12 mm will not be bright enough for non-Flash interior shots, so I’m leaning towards the 20mm f1.7

    As far as Panasonic’s new cameras, aside from the GH2, they continue to disappoint.

    • safaridon

      The 12mm f2.0 should easily beat the 14mm/f2.5 in IQ???

      The faster the lens and the wider it is the harder it is to get better IQ.
      So yes the 12mm/f2 has greater light gathering ability but isn’t the 14mm/f2.8 significantly better IQ than the NEX 12mm/f2.8 according to test reviews? What you say may be true but is only an assumption on your part at this stage?

      • Boss

        Well I say this assuming that Oly will be making this a high grade lens, in which case I figure it will beat the 14mm. The 20mm, however, will be more of challenge to beat. The 20 mm will have better magnification (maybe), bigger aperture (definitely if the Oly is f2.0 as rumored – FT5), and (possibly) even a lower price. So, without seeing the new 12mm yet, I think the 20mm will best it (maybe – I’m just guessing). That said, the 24mm focal length of the new Olympus lens will be more useful than the weak 14mm range. Furthermore, the Oly optics could potentially crush the 20mm optics by a significant amount — but considering Olympus has not converted a single one of their High Grade/Super High Grade lens to a native MFT format — I doubt it.

        • LC2

          The 12mm 2.0 will be the first in a series of micro High Grade primes.

  • kesztió

    Hmmm… nobody asks about tilt-and-swivel LCD?!

    • safaridon

      Most are assuming it will continue to be tilt and swivel but then G10 wasn’t and not so popular as a result. Reason for possible tilt only as G3 projected to be less width and after all Pany has shown a simple top hinged tilt screen on some of their previous patent drawings?

  • queen

    i´m not amused.

  • MikeS

    At least it isn’t another G10.


  • amalric

    Strategic to know is only the 12/2 price, at this point, and size.

    I might be planning to replace the (old) 9-18 with it, instead of getting the new one.

    I think this and the Oly 25mm will be the first (semi) pro glass from Oly, so good investments for the system.

    They’ll probably compare with CVT, but having fast AF.

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