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(FT5) Small bits of rumors…(it has new TruePic VI)


Here is a list of messages I got from different sources:

1) “The improved dynamic range is a result of the new sensor“. -> In response of my question if the higher dynamic range was a result of a software feature or new hardware design.

2) “The 3 inch LCD is a tilting touchscreen“.

3) “AF is not faster…it is MUCH faster than on the Olympus E-P3

4)  About the leaked picture: “The mode dial is on the other side. imagine the OM4-TI (here on eBay) – almost there in looks.

5) “425 g is the weight with the Li-ion battery and a memory card, 373 g is without them“.

6) “The image processor is TruePic VI.”

7) “Price Body+kit lens = 1150 Euro.”

8.) “The cameras name is not OM-D (that’s just the new series name).


One more thing: I am out now for a couple of hours. Will answer your mails in late afternoon (european time).

  • SteB

    A simple solution to the loss of value thing is to wear your camera out and to stop hankering after new ones. If you wear the camera out it’s not worth a great deal anyway. I never did upgrade my OM1N and OM2N to an OM4 or OM3, because they were still going strong. Mind you with film it would have taken a lot of money to wear the shutter out.

  • Biggstr

    If one makes the fair bet that Olympus is abandoning the mirror in DSLR and going mirrorless for all its future cameras (yes, the E-series as we know it would be dead), it has the opportunity to field two versions of the new OM-D line of cameras … one for MFT and another for the legacy 43 community. Thinking out loud: a version of the OM-D with a built in mount that makes allowance for the flange back distance for 43 lenses and supports PDAF. This would sustain the market for the excellent Olympus 43 glass as well as differentiate between the photographers who want MFT for its diminutive size and weight and others who prefer the 43 form factor with its larger, heavier, faster, and more expensive lenses.

    • +1

      Olympus would be foolish not to make a 4/3 version of the OM-D. As you said, just extend the flange distance to make room for the mirror/PDAF, replace the EVF with OVF and extend the grip, then call it a day. Sure it’ll be a bit bigger, but it’ll be slightly smaller than the K-5, good size IMHO. Since the OM-D is already weather sealed, it lends itself well to be paired with the awesome HG/SHG 4/3 lenses. Considering the OM-D is 1100, they can sell this for around the same price as the D7000 and K-5 when they came out. That would be great.

      • Pei

        The units would be very small consider the price and I cannot imagine Olympus has that much engineering capacity to modify OM-D when they have to update E-P as well. An adapter is the best thing you have right now.

  • shanti

    Great idea, as I hate to sacrifice my 4/3 glass for lower quality/slower m4/3, and to use lagacy primes on the OMD,just like in film days..Now thats the Future

  • Charlie

    Page 2 …… new rumor, please!!! :D

  • JFo

    Wow, quite the debate going on here. Do you all take decent photos?

    • BLI

      No. That’s why we are so hung up in technicalities :-).

  • Ep3zd50ninja

    This site is awesome! #justhadtosay



    Admin would you please to go your good source on the IQ even your post on Dynamic range extension to higher by sensor itself, not by software or engine. As you know that the good source never mentioned that on the IQ with noise level how much it will be improved or better even any competitor camera Also build Flash whether is included/come with body or not. Please you work on this, I would say thanks very muchr on your work.

    • admin

      I asked many times. Still nto definitive answer yet…

    • Kenneth_Keaw

      I would like to know too krub

  • Kenneth_Keaw

    Hi Admin,

    Any improvement or enhancement on manual-focus system? I have some Nikon AIS lens and few Voigtlander M-mount lens. It would be nice to have something similar to NEX (peak mode?) that assists the manual focus efficiently.

  • om-1lover

    hmmm OM-4. That’s nice, but the -4 is decidedly less stylish than the -1 or -2. Looks slightly more dated than classic. But now I’m nit-picking. Can’t wait to see it.

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