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(FT5) Sensor has “High Dynamic Range” and ISO up to 25.800. (The OM-D Logo graphic registered in Germany


The graphic in top has been registered by Olympus at the german patent institution (Click here).

I know you are all waiting to here more about the upcoming new sensor inside the OM-D camera. I just got something for you: I have been told by top sources that the sensor has 16 megapixel and actually has been designed for a “High Dynamic Range“. I don’t know yet is how you get this dynamic range increase. Is there a software trick or is the sensor really a newly designed Olympus sensor rather than the same GX1 sensor? The ISO goes up to 25.800 which on paper beats every current Micro Four Thirds camera!

I take the chance to ask my sources if they can tell me more about HOW this dynamic range performance has been archived and if that is really a completely new sensor. Thanks!

P.S.: The new weather sealed 12-50mm lens which will be the new kit lens of the OM-D is in Stock at Fotomundus (Germany) , Pcstore (Taiwan) and soon at Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon UK and Amazon Japan.

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