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(FT5) Schneider m43 lenses to be announced tomorrow (FT4) All newly designed for m43!


Image on top: A Schneider Super Angulon lens (not the new onw for m43).

Double good news folks! First, the new Schneider Micro Four Thirds lenses will definitely be announced tomorrow! The second good news is that it is highly possible that this are completely newly designed lenses for the Micro Four Thirds mount. I had the “fear” that Schneider may just announce current Cine lenses with just a modified m43 mount. This is very likely not going to happen. So cross the fingers guy, we will see some super new lenses tomorrow!

I have no specs now but it seems that 1) there could be more than one new lens 2) One of these lenses is definitely a Super Angulon wide angle lens.

Super Angulon lenses are Wide angle lenses or Tilt Shift lenses and you can find plenty of them for different mounts on eBay (Click here) or Bhphoto (Click here).

Stay tuned on 43rumors! And let me know if you find some leak :)

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • am thinking they will announce 4+ lenses and a road map and a commitment/statement :)

  • Ansel

    Will it be AF?

    • admin

      That I don’t know yet :(

      • BLI

        Didn’t the Schneider boss emphasize that only AF made sense for m43 lenses in a recent statement?

        • DonTom

          According to the earlier posting( ), MR Staub made the AF comment last June, not necessarily related to the press release in February about joining micro four thirds.
          I would love it if they made a line of AF lenses just for m43, but it would be a bold move. If they do it, it is a real sign of faith in the system. Either that or they know for sure that Canon is also going for the same size sensor, and they plan to get in on that too……
          But I reckon we will see MF cine lenses, like the Zeiss units.

          • c.d.embrey

            Schneider Cine-Xenar II lenses are HEAVY, averaging about 4.5 pounds, just a little large for a M43 camera. Also they are expensive, about $30,000.00 for a set of five.

            Schneider makes AUTO FOCUS lenses for Phase One/Mamiya. These lenses have built-in Leaf Shutters and Flash Sync at 1/1600 of a second.

    • HifiNut

      If is not AF, wouldn’t it be better to buy the lenses in Canikon FF mount instead? If i buying an expensive manual focus lens, i want to use it on as many cameras as possible. Buying manual focus lens on mft mount will not be compatible with FF or apsc cameras.

      • Nick

        And full-frame lenses will behave completely differently on MFT and APS…

        If you want a high-quality wide angle for MFT then it basically has to be a native lens…

  • Starred

    For the majority of m43 users af indeed is very important

    • tutejszy

      don’t agree. These will be expensive cine lenses that amateurs (majority) can’t afford. I wish I am wrong, but point just one S-K lens for amateur/semi-pro market. Their rival is Zeiss, so I imagine this will be something from that range of quality and price

      • cybervand

        They are not aiming for amaturs they are aiming to the pro cine persons that use cameras like the af101 and the gh2

        • that’s what I’m thinking too.
          but still, the possibilities are interesting~

        • c.d.embrey

          Schneider has been selling Cine Lenses in PL mount. Panasonic has a PL mount available. There are also third party M43 to PL mounts available, so you could put a Cine-Xenar II on a GH2.

          BTW did you know that Schneider designed lenses for Samsung ???

  • Tom

    Great! It could boost the mFT System – and bring it in a pole position both against the apsc competitors / Sony Samsung New Canon ../ and against the Big Brothers from FF..

  • JF

    I must see my boss and ask for a pay rise or maybe play to lotto…

    • +1
      it’s going to have epic price

  • RSilva

    A 10mm super quality lens would be nice, even if manual and F4 if they keep the price under 500€. A 2.8/10mm AF lens would be great but I would expect to pay a lot for it.

    • cybervand

      that would be very nice indeed +1

    • pfeddeh

      F4 is OK, but I hope it has AF.

  • Miroslav

    Those are three good news: imminent announcement, m4/3 specific lenses, wide angle being one of the first.

    My only fear is that they’ll be video orientated. BTW, those Super Angulon lenses are quite slow for m4/3.

  • reverse stream swimmer

    From their website, this might give a clue:

    “More lenses with different focal lengths will be added soon. The lens range will be continued with lenses with focal length of 14, 18, 115, 135, 180 mm and two high performance zoom lenses.”

    • Agent00soul

      I doubt that’s it. That page doesn’t mention m4/3 at all.

      • reverse stream swimmer

        If only m4/3 mount, why exclusive only for Panasonic & Olympus?

        S-K has already done lenses for Samsung, not sure for NX though.

        How about Sony Sony E-mount? Or will that be supported by Zeiss, a competitor?

        Even with Canon entering with a CSC camera, Canon has it’s own movie lens program, meaning no business for S-K. So Oly & Pana seems like good partners.

        Many questions yes, but tomorrow we’ll know more…

  • Brod1er

    It would be great if they offered AF but this seems unlikely. Competition with Voigtlander will be good though.

  • Henrik

    They should be 1) stabilized, 2) auto-focussing. But they won’t.

    • Geoff

      Stabilisation only required with a Panny body, not required with Oly.

    • Pooh_bear

      If you want all lenses to be stabilised by oly for ibis, if not buy only pana lenses for your pany

    • BLI

      See 43rumors of June 5:

      Dr. Josef Staub, CEO of the Schneider Group said on manual focus and m43 in February 2012: “to put a manual focus lenses on a digital body is not the way to exploit the full potential of a digital system camera“

      It would be strange if they present MF only lenses tomorrow, based on this statement. Regarding image stabilization: common wisdom (Nikon/Canon/etc) is that the advantage of image stabilization is minor for wide angle lenses.

      • Walter Freeman

        I’ve definitely been in situations where the IBIS on my E-510 has been useful with wideangle lenses. I have some shots of the inside of buildings in the Vatican taken at 9mm ISO 800 1/3 sec that came out sharp.

  • ght

    I suspect these are going to be super expensive lenses meant for filmmakers. Very few m43 users will want or need them. Yay.

    • slomo

      Sounds like it.

      I wonder why they even bother manufacturing whole lens with mount built in for manual focus lens. Just built lens bodies with removable adapter that can be used by multiple mounts. This was done decades ago by Tamron with their Adaptall Systems.

  • ProShooter

    No AF, no buy. This is no longer the middle ages, and I want digital lenses for digital cameras.

    And they better be 2.0 or faster and be of superior optically quality because m43 is being choked by slow mediocre glass. There at least should be an option for pros, even if it costs a boatload of cash.

    • BLI

      As one contributor here suggested some time ago, e.g for tilt-shift lenses, very fast lenses is not needed. Such lenses are often very expensive, e.g such Nikon lenses are in the range €1500-2000.

    • ProSucksDicks

      Are you a pro?

      • PSD

        He he he good one.

  • Kaffeperkulator

    We got enough MF-lenses for M4/3 already, bring forth all thy autofocus lenses!

  • David

    I doubt any will cost less than $1000, So will be out of mine and most users range. However its always good to see something really high quality. If these are AF then the Zeiss lenses for M43 will have strong competition. Both most likely costing around $5000 each.

  • Bob B.

    Are these going to be cine lenses, ie mainly for shooting video?

    • I’d guess a FT4 on that.

  • Richard

    Schneider’s current 25mm f/0.95 CCTV lens costs over $2000.00. I have an earlier version (non-ruggedized) and centrally, it’s sharper than any of the fast lenses released for the 4/3rds format that I’ve seen. It does vignette (soft, doesn’t cut the image off, just dims it down noticeably) wide open though. I just wonder if this new dedicated lens’s cost will be in the same region? Also, from the picture, I notice the tripod mount. A good idea as some of these cine/fast lenses weigh a lot.

  • My guess is that this is simply going to be a response to Zeiss’ Compact Prime for micro four thirds. Fantastic lenses for sure, but big, manual focus and not designed with stills in mind. I want to be wrong though.

  • twoomy

    HOLY SH*T!!!! A wide-angle tilt/shift lens for M43? I think I just wet my pants. How freaking awesome and amazing! Yeah, I’d drop $2000 for that!!!!

    • TEB

      Yeah, I would be all over that but am not optimistic.

      • Anonymous

        +1, I’d put a couple of grand towards a good shift lens for µ4/3.

    • $2000 won’t get you a Schneider super Angulon I am afraid.

      • Mike

        Yes it can. Don’t forget the Super Angulon 28mm manual focus shift lens sans mount for FF. B&H streeti price $1923. Schneider could certainly build a 12 or 14mm to cover m4/3 for similar cost… probably quite a bit less

    • Ad

      +1, would easily spend a couple of grand on an MFT shift lens.

  • OneQuarterFrame

    Schneider TS on these tiny sensors = a delicious Italian topping on a cowpat.

    • Nikku

      So which bridge do you live under?

    • twoomy

      Get real! m43 is fabulous! And as info, I shoot with a D800 as well. Both formats have their time and place and real photographers can put either format to good use and come up with outstanding results.

      • Bob B.

        Here HERE….I agree with you COMPLETELY. I shoot with a 5DIII and GX1 & OM-D. They are ALL excellent photographic tools and one cannot replace the other. I love to travel small and light whenever possible!!!!!
        MFT is definitely capable of excellence!…and getting better every day.

        • Rick D

          Since Schneider’s partnership with Kodak is defunct it’s possible they’re developing an entirely new market by offering third-partner lenses for mirrorless formats. It seems conceivable they can adapt the new lenses to several platforms in addition to µ4/3, making the investment worthwhile over the long haul.

          Exciting times!

        • Mr. Reeee

          Exactly. Use the right tool for the right job, though I must say, I feel very little lacking with M4/3, especially with the ability to adapt almost ANY lens in existence!

          Yes, I LOVE my GH2 rig, but will take a REALLY HARD LOOK at the rumored Nikon D600 to use with all my Nikon AI-S lenses.

        • BobSucks

          The brains of those who’d use these Schneider on a tiny sensor should be sectioned… For study and giggles.

          • Nikku

            So you’re saying that the brains of the Schneider engineers should be dissected? Come on now, that’s not even good trolling.

            • spam

              Nothing like an incompetent troll.

      • PC

        M43 only make sense with pancakes and small bodies. Bigger than that, DSLRs are way better and often cheaper. Yes, all of them.

    • OneEight

      Good one mate, suckers will be suckers tho, let them waste money.

  • spanky

    If they’re Cine lenses I’m not interested. If they’re ‘regular’ lenses, then they should generate a fair amount of demand even considering their prices.

  • Nikku

    Regardless of price/specs, it’s always a good thing to have more lens options (for the system, not necessarily for photographers).

  • ED

    What is the difference between cine lenses and regular lenses?

    • P4INKiller

      Smooth aperture ring, geared focus ring.
      Some photographers like to act elitist and pretend there are bigger differences in order to justify their non-interest.

      • I’d ask the question to videographers, not to some of the photographers

        • confused

          Well that and the fact they are preciselly color matched use T-stop rather than f-stop (f-stop corrected for transmittance).

          This is why actually they cost a lot more, it is a matter of yield rather than sheer quality of component. Gear rings aren’t why, it is not that much more expensive to manufacture geared rings.

          • Along with color matching:
            Vignette and distortion that can go near unnoticed in still image will show a lot more in a large projection, specially once the camera starts to tilt left and right.

            In all three cases, color match, distortion, vignette, post process is feasible, but not anywhere where near as convenient as it is working on raw images. In large productions, it is generally considered cheaper to have the proper lenses than to patch the work on computer afterward.

          • on top of all that, zooms are parfocal.

      • ED

        OK thanks:)

  • Camaman

    My “fear” is that their concept of wide dates back to the ancient ages of film photography where 28mm is “wide” :-/

    • c.d.embrey

      They did make a 10-17 fisheye lens for the Samsung APS-C DSLR. They do understand wide.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Fisheye isn’t really wide angle, but point taken. ;-)

    • Rick D

      FWIW my first digicam was a Kodak P-series with a Schneider 24-140/2.8-4.0 zoom that I’d LOVE to have the equivalent of in µ4/3. They know their stuff, including wide angle.

  • avds

    Guaranteed exact same light transmission with each lens sample, I believe (not sure though).

    • avds

      Opps, misplaced reply – that’s about the advantages of cine lenses…

  • confused

    Wow, now I am really confused. I just read about their Super Angulon line on their website. Their angle of view vary depensing on aperture, their 210mm lens have an angle of view of 100deg, their 47mm is also 100deg, basically all their f8 lenses have 100deg angvle of view, their f5.6 lenses have 105deg…

    Since when angle of view is a function of aperture and how can a 210mm lens have the same angle of view as a 47mm?

    • Camaman

      My guess is that finder doesn’t really work with that lens…

  • Jeremy

    These bad boys will be expensive. I would imagine, pretty DAMN expensive, and far more than any other m43 lens available.

  • Tom

    I for one am highly interested in manual focus cine primes. Cine lenses are normally geared to conform to the standard that professional focus pullers are used to with respect to further/clock, closer/counter. All the lenses in a range will tend to have the same diameter so mattebox settings don’t have to be changed with lens swaps. Lenses of similar lengths with have the same physical body lengths too. T stop vs F stop. Cine lenses do not “breath” or good ones should have as minimal breathing as possible.

    If it has auto focus too, I’m not going to be an elitist and say that it won’t be useful or welcome, but not a primary concern for a cine product. Focus is generally pulled the old fashioned way, with a guy dedicated to just pulling focus. Focus is often soft or focussed on something other than the primary subject, in order to aid the narrative effort.

  • I’ve used Schneider lenses before on 16mm and super 16mm and I have to say I’m fond of them. A lot of DP’s consider them second class under Arri, Zeiss, and Cooke- but I still feel they are better than Angenieux or any of the Red, Pro Optics stuff. Just an opinion.
    I can’t see these being too heavy since four thirds needs smaller glass to produce a smaller image circle- but they will probably still weigh a bit because of complex element designs, solid metal builds, and it is standard to make cinema lenses with 80mm front threads and focus gears to fit 105mm matte boxes, rails, and remote focus controls. But there are many 16mm lenses without these dimensions that work with more flexible matte box systems. But now a days I do not see many small matte box systems that are popular and those old lenses were not built for remote follow focus systems. But if they include AF with continuous functionality, maybe it is for a sub top line professional market???
    Some have asked what is the big difference between cinema lenses and photo lenses, and not all of it has been said yet. The most important difference is the standard sizes, the well marked and accurate focus gears that aren’t off weather it is 10 below or 100+ degrees outside, when focused cine lenses are not supposed to breath which is a slight zooming that occurs when the elements move (this effect kills Canon and the popular Samyangs because it is awfully noticeable and makes me grimace when i see it). Another important aspect of cinema lenses, and probably the most important, is that a whole set of them has to match perfectly. They are sold as sets for a reason and many true cine lenses cannot be bought new individually or without special contract because DP’s want the all the lenses to have the same light transmission, sharpness, bokeh and color rendition so that every shot matches. Some will say it is not noticeable enough when you use different lenses, but a really pro DP will point it out. Because all the lenses have to match look, the selection process for glass is stringent and the manufacturing techniques are more hands on with secret ways to coat, polish, and build. Just check out old Lomo designs compared to Zeiss and you see big differences in the way they are produced and distinct differences in looks.
    Anywho, if Schneider is doing this, we would be looking at something quit professional for the m4/3 system and of course quit pricy. But this is speculation and it smells of fallacy because you can already adapt lenses of this sort to M4/3 without any issue besides loss of electronic compelling. Not a big deal if you have a slate, but for the contemporary indie filmmaker meta data (and we see this in the new Black Magic Design camera) is more and more important and when integrated into the NLE speeds up the post-production which hence saves money. So what we might get is not super sets of cine lenses, but a mid priced work horse set of lenses with electronics for real day use. Much like the 16mm lenses made for news programs back in the day when that is what tv was shot in.
    To point out another difference, usually cine lenses are not very sharp compared to photo lenses. There are plenty of test charts out there proving this and the reason is because at 50th a second shutter speed critical sharpness gets lost, film was never meant to be soo sharp, and it doesn’t look that great all the time (too revealing). In the cine world Schneider was especially known for not being sharp like the Zeiss sets, but it has a lovely soft quality that seemed even and pleasant throughout the frame. The colors where also particularity warm- it had a look. In this computer designing lens world I do not know where the company will go, but I hope what they come out with has some of that old school quality to it that I love.

    • Nikku

      Thanks for that. Many of the fool frame pundits quickly forget that films were often shot on formats much smaller than 35mm (eg 16mm). I’m sure S-K will release a quality product appropriate for the format.

  • Farrukh

    I’d love a super wide prime such as a 9mm f2.8 lens :D

  • 35mm FOV

    A good 35mm FOV is sorely lacking for the MFT line-up. They can produce an AF one with f2 or wider, they would be selling lots even at more than 1k.

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