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(FT5) UPDATED -> Say Hello to the new E-PL1 MicroFourThirds camera :)


Preorder the E-PL1 at!

Olympus next MicroFourThirds camera name is “E-PL1“. The “L” should stay for “Light”. It has an internal Flash, plastic body, same E-P1 sensor, and it is very easy to manage (it has some new special functions). The body comes in four different colors!
One of my best sources wrote:
I absolutely love the solid chunky feel of the model in my hands. You can really hold one in your palm the whole day and feel so good about it. That’s real craftsmanship for you.

AND 43rumors found the first pictures taken with the E-PL1!!!

Searching in google for E-PL1 images I found something interesting: The author says she has taken the pictures with the but all pictures do begin with the name “E-PL1…”  and if you click on the thumbnails and you download the original picture…read the EXIF data :)

UPDATE: One of the leaked images has been taken with the Olympus 9-18mm lens?
Click here to see it:


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