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(FT5) Pictures of the GF3 back, fastest light AF ever.


Here are two more pictures. The picture on top shows the back of the GF3. And the picture below says the GF3 has the fastest light AF ever (when using the Panasonic 14-140mm).

We are very close to the official announcement. I will stay up the whole night to watch for news, previews images samples and other useful stuff. Keep following 43rumors!

  • david

    If they’ve changed the AF, probably they’ve changed the sensor from the old 12MP one, or at least they’ve changed the rate at which data can be pulled off it.

  • 43RC

    AT least they kept some controls and it’s not touchscreen only.

  • It could possibly be a different sensor considering this one is capable of ‘FullHD’, and if it’s not a brand new one, it probably is an updated version of the pre-existing 12MP Sensor. Although all I care about right now is the 25mm lens!

    • JM

      The GF2 was not capable of FullHD?

      • che

        it is. GF1 was not untill hacked

  • XA4

    fastest light AF ever (when using the Panasonic 14-140mm)
    That would be a nice combo.

  • I think it will sell well to its target market…

  • a White night! woo huu!

  • XA4

    They removed another button (ISO) and put it in the menu.

  • admin, don’t get too tired and keep safe!

  • Patrik

    Shame they got rid of the click wheel… (and ISO).

    • Mr. Reeee

      The click wheel is great. I don’t like jog wheels, since it’s too easy to hit the wrong thing. WTF were they thinking?

      ISO you can do with the Qmenu.

      Still, this could be a game changer and sell a ton!
      Definitely a GH2 satellite camera to park the 20mm while the GH2 is capturing video or something…

      That bony girl in the ad is creepy.

  • I’m kind of digging this as a compliment to the gh2. Although I don’t think I’d put the 14-140 on it!

  • Where is the EVF? Where can you connect it? I don’t see any place to put an EVF? No viewfinder at all?

  • XA4

    Thanks for all of your work, Admin!

  • Pricing should be:
    GF3 Body = 399$
    GF3 14-42 = 499$
    GF3 14mm = 599$

    Any thoughts?

    • che

      free :)

  • V4Vendetta


  • Ok, I’ll bite and demonstrate my ignorance. What is the flat rubber piece in the upper right hand corner of the back of the camera? My ever-hopeful imagination is making it a cover for an EVF. I know I am wrong, but don’t know why.

    • che

      same as with XZ-1 rubber grip for your thumb. Allthough it looks funny maybe it works its puprose very well as today i got a hand on XZ-1 for a test drive in shop and it’s amazing.

    • The Master

      I think it’s just a rubber grip. I guess you have to go into the touch screen to change the aperture.

    • killian

      thumb rest. that would be a terrible place for a viewfinder, as your thumb would always be in the way

  • D

    I love how they’re now using the jog wheel! I don’t like how they don’t have the click wheel but hopefully the next model announced would have both the jog wheel and the click wheel. As for the GF3, it looks great! I wish it had more buttons and things but I might end up getting one for my wife. Good to know it has in built flash. Nice job Panasonic! Your move, Olympus.

  • “World’s Fastest Level of Light Speed AF” is kind of an odd phrase. I suspect:

    — They are saying “level” to indicate that it’s as fast as other current Panasonic cameras (e.g. GH2, G3) but not faster;

    — They are saying “Light Speed AF” — marketing phrase they use for the speeded-up AF on their latest cameras — to avoid making a direct claim that their AF is faster than competitors’, which could be challenged in some countries.

    So what the phrase really says is, “Focuses just as fast as our other current cameras.”

  • furb

    I wonder what size that LCD is.

    • XA4


  • Zoeff

    It got announced already on

    900 euros for the f/1.4…. :(

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