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(FT5) PEN-F info by Simon: It will have three new features.



Our good source Simon wrote this a while back: “End of January PEN-F will be officially announced. But PEN-F is the components “tester” for EM-1 II. You will See 3 very New Featues in Pen F.” He also said focus on PEN-F will be faster than on other MFT cameras. Now I hope he will read this post and give us some insights on the new features!

So far the only known specs are:

PEN-f announce datę: 27.01
Sensor: 20mpix
Two kit lens: 14-42ez and 17mm 1,8
Price of kits 1497-1797Euro

Follow the live blogging of the event here on 43rumors on January 27 at 5-6am London time!

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