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(Fool Days Joke) Panasonic will restructure camera division. Micro Four Thirds project will be killed and focus now on Full Frame!


A manager discussion about the Panasonic MFT future.

This is the fool news:

Two trusted sources sent me an information about a deep change inside the Panasonic structure. One of them also sent me the audio on top confirming the bad news: Panasonic will completely stop the Micro Four Thirds cameras development and the GH4 will be the last MFT product ever made by Panasonic.

The decision has been taken because reforms and changes necessary due to huge losses in the imaging division. Digital cameras division staff will be significantly reduced with all engineers working on new consumer camcorders and m43 cameras abandoning their work and moving to mobile division. And the next surprise is that the main focus now will be on High End cameras with larger Full Frame sensors!

UPDATE: Sorry, you ave been fooled by April 1 fools day rumors. Hope you didn’t get a heart attack :)



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