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(FT5) Panasonic will launch a GX1 by end of this year!!!


Panasonic patent: Pictures of the m43 video camera (could be the GX1?)

Two of my trusted sources told me that there will be a new and mysterious camera! It is not a G, not a GH and not a GF camera. It’s the first camera of a new system, the Panasonic GX1! The fact that the name contains the “X” leads me to believe that it has been optimized for video like it is for the new “X” lenses. And like it is for the lenses the “X” inside the GX1 will underline the “pro” aspect of the camera. I have no other info from my trusted sources but I am almost 100% sure the the camera will be announced before the next CES event that takes place in Las Vegas in very early January 2012. So what could the GX1 be?

1) A new line of high end compact cameras, a sort of high end GF1.
2) Maybe a camera built-in viewfinder like the Panasonic L1 (See that cam on eBay) to compete against the new Sony hotseller, the Sony NEX-7 (Click here to see that camera).
3) A compact for video optimized camera?

If some of you have more info about that camera feel free to contact me anonymously by using the contact form on the right sidebar. Or write me directly at Thanks!

What in your opinion should the GX1 be?

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Links to mentioned cameras:
Panasonic L1 at eBay (Usually you find it here only).
Panasonic GF1 Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay (Difficult to find!).
Sony NEX-7 Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay

Links to the new X lenses and kits:
Black 14-42mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here) and Amazon Germany (Click here).
Silver 14-42mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here) and Amazon Germany (Click here).
Black 45-175mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here) and Amazon Germany (Click here).
Silver 45-175mm X lens is available for preorder at Amazon (Click here).
Black GF3 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).
Red GF3 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).
White GF3 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).

  • Brod1er

    Has to be compact with evf. Please make it thin to work well with the pancakes and 14-42 x lens!!!

    • There is already “a compact with evf, which works well with the pancakes and 14-42 x lens”

      Model name: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3

      • frank

        indeed, I’d like a GF1 style body with the G3 or GH2 sensor and the GH2 viewfinder and eye sensor

      • infinity jr.

        In terms of mirrorless, G3 is not compact.

  • Who cares about a video camera – I’m still finding it difficult to believe there is such a thing as moving pictures.

    A high end stills camera [GF-1 meets X100] with weather resistance and an equally high end EVF built in.

    • Many does care about video camera as a matter of fact.

    • I understand the importance of video even though I personally don’t care about it, but if the GX1 isn’t a high end stills based camera first, video camera second, then I’m done with m4/3’s. The NEX-7 will be in stores by the time the GX1 is announced, and there’s no way I can ignore it. If neither Olympus or Panasonic want to offer something similar then it’s clear to me they aren’t interested in making a poor mans Leica M. They’ve had 3 years to make a body similar to the NEX-7, and they haven’t done it. I really don’t understand why not.

      • Yes, I can understand you. Although I share your opinion, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I would seriously consider the NEX.

        Leica will announce an EVIL camera at Photokina 2012 (so one more year). That’s more or less out of the box with Leica management confirming they are working on something like that and the release date has been confirmed. By 2013, Leica’s new production facility will be operational so they can handle a larger number of products. The new Leica system is either going to be R or M based and to be put in between the X1 and the M9. So yes, it will be more expensive than the NEX-7 (which is already expensive), but it’s a Leica after all.

        So if Olympus and Panasonic are not going for such a system, that will give me time to wait and safe for the upcoming Leica system.

        • Nathan

          While Leica’s price can perhaps be justified because nobody else is building a full-frame rangefinder like the M9, it is hardly a tenable position that a Leica APS-C mirrorless camera would be a good deal, considering the fact that Leica camera bodies do not have unique or exceptional features or performance when compared to other full-frame cameras from other manufacturers.
          If Leica is to dabble in APS-C territory, they will bring nothing to the table to justify their atmospheric price, as they do not design their own sensors or possess any technological advantage.
          They’ve made their name with high quality unique cameras and fantastic but pricey lenses. When put up against the more mainstream manufacturers, I believe the value equation will tip out of their favor.
          Currently, the micro four thirds sensors trail the current generation APS-C sensors by around one stop of dynamic range and signal to noise ratio. While I would say it’s definitely worth it to upgrade from an E-P2 to an M9, assuming you can swing the 9,000 dollars it would cost for body and lenses, would it be worth 5,000 dollars to go from E-P3 to something less capable than the M9 by around one stop?

          • Ruhayat

            “it is hardly a tenable position that a Leica APS-C mirrorless camera would be a good deal…”

            And yet the Leica X1, which is an APS-C mirrorless camera, IS a good deal, even considering the price. The Leica X1 image quality trashes my Panasonic GF1, and Leica has stated the new camera system will be *at least* APS-C (so it might be the 1.33x crop factor of the M8 instead).

            “considering the fact that Leica camera bodies do not have unique or exceptional features or performance when compared to other full-frame cameras from other manufacturers…”

            Nothing new to offer compared to everyone else? Again, Leica has also shown with the X1 that it can do camera handling/ergonomics quite a bit better than everyone else until the Fuji X100 showed up (makes you wonder: how difficult can it be for Panasonic to put physical shutter and aperture dials on the camera body itself???).

            “I believe the value equation will tip out of their favor.”

            X1 sales dispute this. Sure it doesn’t sell anywhere near the volume that Nikon/Canon does, but a lot of people are still buying the X1 even after the X100 came out (and in lieu of better-specified dSLRs), so that is saying something about the value equation.

            “would it be worth 5,000 dollars to go from E-P3 to something less capable than the M9 by around one stop?”

            The X1 offers more dynamic range than my GF1, noticeable especially in bright sunlight.

            All of which is to say: Leica is capable of bring something new to the table.

      • Anon

        Setting technical specs aside (Sensor, EVF resolution, etc.), what does the NEX-7 body have that the GH series and G series doesn’t? The only thing that I can come up with is an extra control dial, a tilting view rear screen rather than a fully articulated rear screen, and an EVF that is offset to the right rather than being centered on the top of the camera. I cannot figure out why people are so hung up on having the EVF in the upper right corner rather than centered on the lens. I would really love to know why having a camera that looks like an old rangefinder is so freaking important.

        • For one it gets rid of the faux hump in the center, which I equate to fake hood scopes on cars. If I wanted a prism hump I’d get a camera with a prism. The NEX-7 also appears to have a very well thought out control scheme. It doesn’t have a button and knob for everything under the sun, but it has what most people need without having so much stuff that it gets in the way. I love simplicity. I also enjoy shooting with my left eye open. In the top left position you can open your left eye and track a subject as they come into frame, then switch over to the right eye to take the pic.

          Aside from that it’s just a personal preference. Perhaps it’s silly but people buy all kinds of gadgets based on looks. Why do people still buy Kitchen Aid appliances that look like they’re from the 50’s? I simply prefer the classic rangefinder layout. That said, if Olympus comes out with a PEN that looks like their old OM-4 I must admit it would also appeal to me; faux hump and all.

          • Mr. Reeee

            There’s nothing “faux” about the integrated EVF/flash/microphone housing. It serves logical, and multiple, purposes.

            As for the NEX-7, it _looks_ great. But since all we’ve seen are a few leaked photos, there’s not much to go as for deciding whether it’s any good or not, or something we’d actually buy.

        • Nathan

          Having the viewfinder on the side is great for people with noses, as having a screen right under the viewfinder is a bit of a pain in the butt.

          It wasn’t an issue with film SLRs because none of them had LCD screens on the back. (with exception for date backs)

          Viewfinder on the side is excellent. There’s a reason the E-330 and DMC-L1 had it exactly like that.

          • LGO

            You could also make mention of what is likely a better sensor for the NEX-7 over the GH2 and G3.

            A hacked GH2 though remains supreme for video.

        • Beasmo

          Well, also what’s the GH2 got that NEX doesn’t?

          1. Pancake 20mm f1.7
          2. Easily, did I say easily accessible controls.
          3. Option of touchscreen & manual controls
          4. Cleanest video image
          5. Fully Articulating screen
          6. Pancake zoom lens
          7. Always. Did I say always smaller system because always smaller lenses
          8. I can come up with another 5.
          9. The NEX is cool, so is m4/3

          • andy

            You forgot Bad still photos…sorry as a GH2 owner the photo image quality is bad in comparison to NEX

            • Beasmo

              If you’re pixel peeping then not as good. So how about DOF? which camera has narrowest DOF?

            • Beasmo

              If you’re pixel peeping then not as good. So how about DOF? which camera has narrower DOF?

            • Beasmo

              So how about DOF? which camera has narrower DOF?

        • infinity jr.

          If you don’t know by now, it is pointless for us rangefinder lovers to try to explain it to you :)

          • Beasmo

            Is that it then? Because?

  • I hope it’s not as heavy sa the Yamaha GX-1…

  • James

    What could a camcorder body offer that a GH2 body doesn’t already offer?

    • My only guess would be video-centric ergonomics.
      But then, thats what the AF-AF is all about.

    • dac38

      1 hr of continuous video recording without shut down or overheating ?
      20-30x optically stabilized zoom
      external mic and monitor solutions

  • Anna_T


    Panasonic never had cute bodies and lenses, but this mock-up wins a record for the ugliest camera !! The Olympus Pens, especially the E-P1, E-P2 and E-P3 win the contest of the most pretty camera system. Their lenses too are the most beautifully designed, especially the new R line and the 12mm.

    Too bad that Oly sensor has not been updated on the E-P3, or I’d have got one rather than the G3. But the new one : not for me, plus I’m not interested in video

    • Martin

      > Panasonic never had cute bodies and lenses, but this mock-up wins a record for the ugliest camera !!

      Nah, that place is surely reserved for E-PL1, which looks simply dreadfully..

      • EPL1’s not so bad.

        That slidy mockup however gives me the willies.

        Makes me think it’s some mob instrument to snap people’s fingers :P

    • Ant

      Not really.
      In a glance that mock up reminds me to the shilouette of a Phase One I saw when stumbling upon a group of peoples shooting for pre-wed.

      Keeping hopes low, vote for video cam :D

    • MikeH

      So Hello Kitty cams are what the Anna wants? Heaven help us.

      I couldnt care less what a camera looks like. I’m interested in the final result and not the styling cues.

  • chris

    A high end m43 video camera that takes equally great photos with a new sensor.. Why not? I have no problems with it. Looking at the X lenses and GX1 I’d say panasonic looks to build their strength on video cameras.

  • X? hmmm i think it will be smaller than GF3 lol :P

  • onlyme

    I would like it to be a high end compact with built-in viewfinder but I think it will be videocamera.
    Admin, is there any news about the the third party lenses you mentioned earlier this week? :)

  • Regarding the X lenses I’m quite confident it will be some compact videocam… not interested, personally.

    • xoom

      I’ve the same feeling as well.
      I guess Panasonic needs to build a new product line to compete with Sony’s VG-10/20. Just hoping they will also announce the NEX7 competition too !!

      i wanted to comment on onlyme’s comment above.. not sure how it was put here & i couldn’t change.. aah nevermind :)

  • ArKersaint

    I am puzzled… Is the GX1 meant to figure as the new name of the GF7 you disclosed on several merchant sites ?

  • at

    A true high-end hybrid camera, as inspired by the patent pictures.

  • Narretz

    Admin, you might wanna change the headline, because “launch” implies that you can actually buy it at that date / time (at least to me). You might wanna go with announce there, too. Or “reveal”.

  • Good news and I see this as Panasonic competing with the Sony VG10/20 range, but expect them to do it better.

  • bilgy_no1

    It will not be like the camera in the picture. It will be a straight on NEX-7 competitor.

  • Droboe

    Better come up with a mini L1, I am starting to lurk on the Sony websites, that Nex 7 starting to look real good!

    • Digifan

      Nex7, to me is an overpriced p.o.c./p.o.s.
      Those three wheels don’t look very intuitive, the only thing interresting on Sony is “peeking”/”peaking”. It’s too heavy and doesn’t take olympus or panasonic lenses.
      Seems complainers think they need to threaten Oly/Pana that they go to the competition and hope they(Oly/Pana) may bring out what the complainers want.
      I’d say dream on, buy the stuff of the competition and be happy.
      Oly en Pana have their own strategy and they will do their own thing.
      If I want the heft of the nex7, I’ld buy me a DSLR again.

      • Heft? I haven’t seen a side by side shot yet, but from the looks the NEX-7 is no larger than the GH2 (the closest thing we have to a high end camera). The NEX-7 is certainly slimar and has a better shape (IMO).

        The problem with the mini-DSLR designs is that small cameras should be designed as small cameras, not something that looks like a small Nikon D700. The D700 feels great in the hand, but all the G series and GH’s (along with canon rebels, D40’s, etc), are neither fish nor fowl, and just feel awful to me.

        As far as the NEX-7 tri-navigation goes; looks pretty simple to me. In fact more simple then any other high end camera I’ve seen this side of an M9. But what do I care, all I need is an ISO button and a dial to changer aperture and I’m good to go.

        • Mr. Reeee

          I saw a side by side by side comparison shot of the GF1, NEX-7 and GH2 yesterday. The NEX-7 is about the same size as a GF1, except maybe 1/2″ (12mm) wider and a bit thinner. It’s quite a nice looking camera, with not a hint of Hello Kitty-ness. ;-)

          If I can find the link, I’ll post it. (I’m on my iPad now and it’s on my Mac)

          • Mr. Reeee

            Found it. On Björn Uptott’s site as part of an article:
            Sony NEX-7: Is it worth switching systems for?



            • Wow, thanks. I didn’t realize it was as small as a GF1…with a larger sensor and EVF. Yeah, Panny/Oly need to get it together. There is simply no excuse for using a “DSLR hump” for the EVF as Fuji and Sony have both shown.

              One thing I realized about NEX cameras when I had my NEX-3 is that yes, they need more pancake lenses ASAP, but lenses like their 18-55mm and 24mm f/1.7 aren’t exactly huge; they just look large in photos because their camera bodies are so small.

              • Mr. Reeee

                The size is impressive. The specs for the EVF and LCDs are also. Sony’s tack-on EVF has the same specs as the built-in EVF.

                I could see getting a NEX-5n along with a pile of Rainbow Imaging lens adaptors for my Pentax SMC Takumar, Nikon AI and Voigtländer manual lenses and not even bother with NEX lenses. The NEX-7’s 24MP sensor is excessive.

                A NEX-5n and my GH2 (with native M4/3 lenses) would make a pretty nice combo. Although, I’ve ben extremely happy with my GH2!

                • I couldn’t fight the urge any longer after you showed me that size comparison. Just pre-ordered. I imagine it will be January before it arrives, so there’s plenty of time to cancel if Panasonic blows me away with the GX1.

                  • Hope I didn’t lead you astray with my diagram :-)
                    It should be pretty accurate as I used a CAD program and scaled the images according to the specifications. Yes, based on the specs the NEX-7 is very impressive. So much so that I placed an order for one the first day that was possible. The NEX-7 is the first camera that’s tempted me away from Micro Four Thirds.

                    I would suspect that the GX1 will be the NEX-7 competitor. There’s not much point to another video optimized camera; we already have the GH line. Panasonic has also, until now, used different letter combinations to denote distinct models, so I doubt that a semi-pro rangefinder styled model will also use the GF designation. That now stands for stylish, simple to operate cameras.

                    • Mr. Reeee

                      I’m easily led astray. ;-) Yeah, the NEX-7 IS mighty tempting.

                      Thanks for taking the time to make that comparison.
                      Which CAD app did you use? (I’m a long time Vectorworks user).

                      You have an excellent web site, BTW! You helped sway me toward M4/3 and GH2 when I was looking for a serious camera system upgrade, especially with the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f0.95. Now I’m hooked!

                    • Nic Walmsley

                      Hi Bjorn (and thanks for all the valuable inforamtion you have been posting).

                      You mentioned that you have ordered a NEX 7. Can I ask what lenses you will use? And what adaptors, if any? I’m especially interested in a good pancake setup for the 7.

                • Bob B.

                  Mr. Reee….you are REALLY lusting over the NEX-7…because it is everything we have been waiting for in MFT world and MORE…but the lens situation there is so dreadful that it really isn’t a camera that I want. It is like having this great supercharged sports car…but only having wooden wheels available for it…LOL!!!!!
                  Thanks for the link…I didn’t know the camera was that small …amazing!

                  • IMO the only saving grace for their horrible lens situation is that the 1.5x crop factor means I can adapt tons of affordable 28mm and 35mm manual focus primes and they convert over to 42-52mm’s (my personal favorite focal length range). A NEX-7 + 35mm Voigtlaner Nokton will be a very nice combo (Leica 35mm Summicron would be even better if you want to pay for the privilege). Of course there’s also the Zeiss 24mm, but since I don’t do action I don’t need AF, and would prefer using a Voigtlander 28mm Ultron since it’s slightly longer reach and even better build quality (I love the feel of a nice manual focus lens).

                    Sony does however need to create an ultrawide ASAP. That is one thing that I can’t find an M-Mount lens for. Luckily I know they have an ultrawide zoom in the works.

                    • Mr. Reeee

                      I guess I am lusting a bit. I really like to bat around all the possibilities and see what sticks. I’m kind of a tinkerer and figurer-outer, too. :-)

                      When I was considering M4/3, I also looked seriously at the NEX-5.
                      Lack of lenses nixed the N±EX!
                      I REALLY wanted a GF1, but hated the add-on EVF.
                      I looked at an Olympus EF1/EP2 but didn’t like the user interface, or the fussy industrial design, especially the (to me) loathsome chrome strips. I’m a satin stainless steel kind of a guy. Even my mountain bike frame is stainless steel!

                      It boiled down to wanting an EVF AND a pivoting screen, so I “settled’ for a GH2. ;-)
                      I love it, but wouldn’t mind a second body I could share lenses with.

                    • Mr. Reeee: I’m not going to be responsible for swaying you again, I hope :-) No idea how to use Vectorworks; I’m an AutoCAD man. Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

                      Nic: at the moment there aren’t any good pancake lenses for the NEX-7. I borrowed a Voigtländer Nokton 35/1.4 and used it on my GF2 while in London. I was surprised how small it was, even with the adapter. I think that would be a good compact lens for the NEX-7, of course MF only. That Voigtländer is quite expensive and so it will have to wait until after the Zeiss 24/1.8. And while I prefer compact lenses, I don’t mind somewhat larger lenses if their performance is correspondingly better than their compact counterparts (assuming performance matches the price). The Zeiss 24/1.8 isn’t really large either: it has the same weight and length as the Panasonic Leica 45/2.8 macro lens that I own. And that’s still quite a compact lens.

      • Droboe

        I am a faithful 43rds end user. Have been for years, but I have seen the pictures that the new nx5n puts out. Have you?
        I have E30, GF 1, L1 and Ep2. I also have some fancy 43 lenses, including the PL25 and 50 macro. I love the jpegs from my olympus 14 stuff as well the Panasonic lenses. The reality is that once you hit 800 ISO with any of my cams and their great lenses, it’s game over. I recently bought a pentax k 5 and now I can see what an APSC sensor is capable of. I am sure that olympus at this point is scrambling (( as it should) to find a solution to this dilemma. It’s the only thing holding them back and even Panasonic seems to be substantially showing progress. But sony seems to really be gaining momentum. It’s a business and olympus is not and cannot release products on their own schedule just because of pride or philosophy. Trust me, I want them to succeed, I have way too much invested into the 43rds system. But the sony stuff is showing that they definitely have the technology

  • Milt

    Admin, your survey categories today seem to leave out the GF1 replacement with viewfinder that most people want.

    How long can Panasonic ignore the X100 and NEX 7? Have they gone down a marketing tangent that considers people on this site as out of date fuddy-duddies and concentrates on “youth” whom the Panasonic marketeers deem to prefer holding their automatic, zoom lensed cameras at arms length, and preferring video to stills except for snap shots?

    Are we going to have to abandon four thirds not by choice but by Panasonic marketing decisions that ignore our part of the market? Hope not.

  • safaridon

    The main problem with the above FT5 rumor of a GX1 is the picture. Much more logical for this camera to be the mini L1 like the patent of a couple years ago and previously this was called a GL1 so GX1 now to match the new lenses? Posting a wild guess picture with a FT5 rumor is very misleading and a turnoff to many assuming that is what it will be as noted by the previous coments.

    Just because this camera is likely to have the latest in HD video that does not necessarily mean the big bulky camera just look at the NEX5N or even some of the new compacts. The latest Pany FZ150 with new lower pixel sensor 12mx with small 1/2.3 BI sensor is showing very good detail and good high ISO, has the latest HD for video and 9 fps so also likely if Pany exports same technology to much bigger sensor m4/3 we might find similar IQ improvements? Looking at pictures just posted by DPR comparometer or that of imaging resources the FZ150 at ISO 1600 looks sharper and cleaner than any of the quality compacts with larger sensors and shorter focal length to my eyes? Also just look at what DPR just posted for comparisons with the FZ150. You only have to look at the very promising recent sensor patents filed by Pany to see this is coming.

    • nobody

      “The main problem with the above FT5 rumor of a GX1 is the picture. … Posting a wild guess picture with a FT5 rumor is very misleading and a turnoff to many assuming that is what it will be as noted by the previous coments.”


  • I think people are getting a bit confused about the X designation for lenses. Panasonic have stated it is for their higher quality lenses. The designation for video optimised lenses is HD. Hence the new 14-42mm is an X HD lens so I don’t think the camera is necessarily a video centric camera. My best guess is that it is the camera that Panasonic were talking about when they said the GF line was being split in two, with the GF3 designed for the compact user moving up and there would be another camera for the more serious user. This could well be Panasonic’s answer to the Sony NEX 7.

    • Steve

      +1 …. unless admin knows something they haven’t told us…

  • Bob B.

    UM….what about the GF7? isn’t THAT supposed to be a high-end GF1 with integrated viewfinder?????
    What is this nonsense? LOL!

  • AdriZ

    Panansonic didn’t say “X” lenses are for video but “X” lenses are high quality lenses. The “HD” badge is for video lenses. Just the two X lenses introduced are both “X” and “HD” lenses.

  • Okay, I am hearing all kinds of negative rumors including on Flicker. They say these newer Panasonic X lenses will not be compatible with older micro four thirds lenses. I think this is bullshit but these bad rumors are scaring me so tell Panasonic to get their ass in gear and start talking to their dedicated Panasonic Micro Four Thirds customers. These rumors are pissing me off. I didn’t pay good money to switch to micro four thirds for nothing. i want to make sure my investments are secure and that I have a future with the standard, since I sold all my Nikon stuff. I had a lot of faith in Micro Four Thirds but these rumors are starting to make me feel a bit worried.

    On the other hand who cares about video so much!? I got into this for the photography. Let’s not leave the photographers in the dust, Damn It!

  • Those silver pieces of shit in the mockup are so ugly. It looks like a soccer ball mom camcorder!

  • pdc

    If Panasonic don’t announce a competitor for the NEX-7 soon, they will be playing catch-up for a long time. They had such a camera once – the L-1, but that was before there was an EVF alternative to SLR. As for video-centric product line, this mock-up makes sense as a successor to the GH. It is a better form-factor for film making, and it could sit in between the G/GF/GH series and the AF line. The L-1 form is what is really missing in Panasonic’s m43 line-up. It is time to announce the GL3!

  • avds

    Not much to invent here: just take the G3 and pack it into a seriously scaled-down L1 body, and I’ll then happily dump my GF1.

  • remi

    When i studied film ten years ago, i became a big fan of Panasonic video products, they had a sturdy, simple to use, good image quality and affordable set of tri-ccd mini-DV cameras that none other brand would offer (great lowlight capabilities).
    I don’t really know about their reputation before that era but i’ve always had the feeling that Panasonic has a smart relationship towards video (much more than towards photography, of which they have less experience with), the recent success of the GH1/2 being another good example, so i’m sure the next video-orientated device will be decent and raise some videasts eyebrows a lot more than Sony’s Nex-7 ! Sony products (not always) have the tendency to lack that one little tiny detail that can become really annoying or fixed only thanks to some expensive proprietary accessory(ies).

    That being said, i’m still in love with my GF1 (to my opinion the prettiest m4/3 camera to date :) ) and wouldn’t mind Panasonic to FINALLY come up with a decent upgrade !

    PS: my first comment here, been browsing a lot before, congratulations to admin for a great website. Cheers !

  • minornik

    It looks like a medium format camera … someone (Ant) already mentioned it resembled a Phase One. Is it a bigger sensor camera to compete with the high end ???

    • Emil

      Would it be possible to make medium format camera using m43 lenses? If so, I think a lot of people would buy in. My self included. But is it possible?

    • Ant

      Maybe just medium format shooting experience/style (e.g: switch that EVF hump with screen for waist-level viewfinder. And switchable digital back (sensor unit) :D <=== wild-running imagination
      Just like selling rangefinder shooting experience/style on camera without actual rangefinder mechanism like the NEX-7 (and Fuji X100?)

      Not in the picture is the electronic contacts for m4/3 mount. That part will definitely cast shadow on sensor larger than the 4/3’s quarter frame sensor. That thing must go for larger sensor, but would mean losing compatibility with old m4/3 lenses.

  • Daemonius

    1 word:


    Few more words. Look at A77, I dont say its most beautiful camera today (thats probably Leica S2 as far as dSLR like goes), but it really has nice and clean design. Definetly doesnt look like bad toy. Which is what this look like. And most Panasonic cameras, except GF1.

  • YeahYeah

    I’m really fed up with those video stuff. I want Panasonic to make a REAL camera, don’t care for video stuff. The camera you show above is one of the ugliest one I’ve ever seen, I hope they will unveil a real competitor to the NEX-7.

  • Olympius

    I can’t believe there’s 62 posts for a camera that we know NOTHING about except for the name! So Panasonic is bringing out “something” called a GX1….well that’s nice. Now we know the name of a future Lumix product, hard to get excited until we here some spec’s.

    I would HOPE that it will be some sort of high-end camera, as Panasonic pretty much has the entry level covered by the GF3 and G3.

    Can’t wait to here more about this, and the rumored “GF7” — another camera we know absolutely nothing about.


  • If the GX1 looks like above, we do not need it. If it is not on NEX-7 level, Panasonic don’t need to bother as they already have the G3. I own one and it works excellent for the photography I do. Unfortunately the NEX-7 would suite me even better – but not the lenses for it. Anybody seen a m4/3 to NEX adapter? (there is a4/3 to SonyE)

    • Mr. Reeee

      I read about a M4/3 to NEX lens adaptor, but haven’t found it. I would assume there’d be some pretty bad vignetting with M4/3 lenses. If not, then I’d like to see how the Nokton 25mm f0.95 and 7-14mm work on a NEX.

    • Anonymous

      well,I got two of the adapter,and test them with PL DG 25 1.4,unfortunately, it shows the dark corner.

  • benichou

    According to a news released in august, someone working at pana said they’ll split their GF series. The x serie might be the one for experienced users…don’t you think?

    • Disraeli

      the Nokton vignettes badly, but some vignet is just visible stopped down. The adapters are around on ebay and gadget Infinity market one.

  • Jim

    is this not some sort of moduler camera?? looks it… swichable sensores maybe 16mpix – low light 10mpix and HD 2Mpix??? who knows – but it looks moduler in sttyle>>>

  • lcruz

    I’ve been waiting for powered zoom and a global shutter to buy my next advanced camera… Hopefully this is it!

  • Hamed Art

    I think the new Panasonic GX1 will beat many other cameras, the design just awesome it looks like MF cameras.I can’t wait to buy this camera. More mega pixel will be amazing with dual processor and improve iso performance & DR as well.

    At least Panasonic trys to bring out some great gears while the other companies still watching what panasonic achieued :)

    I’m olympus user and just bought the new Epl3 and I’m quite happy with it. Anyway to every one of you don’t blame the Panasonic company. We must respect their achivement in technology.

    Best regards to all of you and to a great pana team ;)

  • John

    The NEX-7 looks nice but the lens offerings are mediocre. Too big and not fast enough.

    I’m happy with GF1 and 20/1.7 for the moment, but will wait to see what the new GF pro is like. If it’s as good as NEX-7 or close to, I will get that along with the Leica 25/1.4.

    However, if the new GF pro is terrible, and Sony comes out with some better lenses, I might have to make the switch.

  • Emil

    1 Wireless flash trigger.
    2 IBIS.
    3 Better image quality.
    4 Better high iso performanse.

    In order of importance.

    Also I did not understanand the picture patent thing in the article. What exactly is the patent about?

    • Luiz

      Supposedly, a camera which can transform from DSLR form factor which photographers has been trained with for years, and a camcorder form factor which videographer has been trained with.

      Different way of holding the tool for different kind of job. There’s a rumour posted in this site about it previously.

  • sam

    rubbish poll it needs to be a gf style with built in viewfinder…

    • popeye

      indeed. all i need is an new gf with classic retro look, better sensor and better iso

  • james

    I wish Panny would make a full-frame sensor cam. Something like this but less boxy.

  • Andy

    Maybe it’s using panasonic’s 3MOS (3 sensor CMOS RGB)? That would account for the size.

  • Montego

    I think at some point in the near future, Panasonic’s camcorder division will release a prosumer m4/3 model to compete with the Sony VG10-20 models. I own a tm700 and a GH2, but a m4/3 camcorder for around $2000 would be an instant buy for me. It’s mainly about ergonomics in my case.

    Anyway, I don’t think the GX1 Is going to be a camcorder.

  • SiriNEOS

    Panasonic, do not forget the remote control, please.

    Remote control for managing the zoomingIN and zoomingOUT of the X lenses. and also the focus.

    If you do it, then GX1 will be my new VCRIL (video camcorder with interchangeable lens)

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