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(FT5) Panasonic to announce a new 4K camcorder with Four Thirds sensor today!



At 10.00 am Las Vegas time Panasonic will announce a so called “game changing” new 4K camcorder. And we know just learned that indeed this is a Four Thirds sensor camcorder! It’s actually a complete new camera that will replace the current AGAF100 series.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of new sensor Panasonic has developed. Some of the new camcorders features may will find it’s way in a future GH5 camera!

UPDATE: Veydra confirmed there is a new 4K MFT cam. They reported to Newsshooter:

For NAB 2015 Ryan Avery from Veydra has some exciting new announcements. The first is the dedicated 2x anamorphic prime cine lens for M4/3 mount. Made specifically for the GH4 and another camera that Panasonic will be unveiling tomorrow.

P.S.: Thanks David from for spotting this!

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