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(FT5) Panasonic to announce a new 100-400mm MFT lens tomorrow!


Trusted sources told us Panasonic will announce two new MFT lenses tomorrow (follow live blogging on 43rumors at 5-6am London time). One od these lenses will be a new 100-400mm MFT tele zoom lens!

I am yet not sure but I think those lenses will not be available for preorder tomorrow. They may only show them on roadmap and as prototype….

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Jimbo

    F/4? Would that make lens too big?

    • LCV

      I don’t think so, thats to big and expensive.
      But perhaps F4 at 300mm????


      – Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM: 2200 euro
      – Sony 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II: 2000 euro

      • Falk

        I fear it will be at least As expensive. I am hoping for a slight improvement in quality over the 100-300 and a 1000€/$ pricetag. But I am sure that it won’t happen.

        • InTheKnow

          The 100-300 is sh*t I’ve not seen one good image at 300 on the internet.

          • DaveHenson

            in that case you have no idea where to look.
            I think a big problem with that lens is people forget it is 600mm equivalent on FF and think they can hand hold it. It should be on a tripod for best results.

            • That’s very true! It’s so compact and light that it’s easy to forget it’s range.

              It’s really not a bad lens for the size/weight/price, but it takes a bit of time to find the best settings for it.
              f7.1 at ALL TIMES seems to work best.

            • Dave Lively

              Even on a tripod the lens is a little soft at 300mm, particularly at f5.6. But it is comparable to other xx-300mm zooms in the same price range. The 70-300 Nikon lens I had for D90 SLR was also a little soft at 300.

              In addition to motion blur the other reason for a lot of bad images with this lens is they are cropped to death. With birds and a lot of other wildlife it is hard to close enough to come close to filling the frame with a 300mm lens.

              • DaveHenson

                At f5.6 yes. But it is well known that lenses a better stopped down.

                Cropping is an interesting one because if you are shooting with a 300mm lens you are likely limited how close you can get which means cropping will be required if you are using FF, APS-C or MFT. And in my experience MFTs don’t stand up to cropping as well as my APS-C. Which again puts the ball in the DSLR court.

        • Double the price for a “slight improvement”?
          That makes a slight amount of sense. 😜

  • LCV


  • I bet it will be a constant F2 lens and definitely not bigger than the current 45–150. :D

  • A nice present to Máté Bence

  • Narretz

    But will it be as bad at 400 as the 100-300mm is at 300?

    For the other lens, I am throwing my hat in for a 12-50 2.5 – 3.3, as I am wont do to.

    • LCV

      I expect a professional lens.

      So indeed a big improvement.

      • Narretz

        If they developed it after scrapping the 150mm 2.8, we can probably expect a professional lens. Maybe they were looking at what Oly is doing with the “PRO” series and thought “What high-quality (tele) lenses might still be needed?”
        Or they have planned it as part of their own trinity: 12-35, 35-100, 100-400.

    • Dave Lively

      Lets hope not. They are competing with the long delayed Olympus 300mm f4 and 1.4 TC. If this lens is weak at 400 a lot of people including myself will wait for the 300 instead of buying this lens.

      • DaveHenson

        Why are you comparing the possible quality on this lens at 400mm with the 300mm on the Oly? Pointless.
        If at 300mm the Panasonic lens is as good as the Oly 300, then I would be happy and look on the 300-400 part of it as a bonus if I need it.

        • tripper

          Well, he did say with 1.4 TC, which turns it into a 420mm f/5.6. So a fair comparison (apart from the fact that one of them is a prime and the other a zoom)

          • daveh

            Yeah same as Dave L for me – whichever is the better option at 400/420mm is the one i’ll go for (assuming price is not a major factor), even though a zoom can be more useful in some situations. 90% of the time is reach that’s most useful to me, not versatility, but it would be best to have both of course :-)
            It also needs to stack up against the Sigma 150-600 Sport, for me (via DSLR of course, for that one). If they (Oly and Panny) get it right on performance vs size and weight – and cost – it could well pull a few current DSLR users across to the system……

            • David

              Also not quite the same, but will it beat the 50-200 with a 1.4 or 2x TC? Yes, MUCH heavier lens, and I don’t know how well DFD works with 4/3 lenses, but it’s VERY good. A 100-400 can’t be that much lighter…and as an aside, would making the wide end longer–say, 200mm–make the lens a lot lighter? I know it’s constant aperture but I feel like the Nikon 200-400 is noticeably heavier than the 80-400 VRII, for instance.

        • InTheKnow
    • DaveHenson

      And if this lens at 400 is the same as the 100-300 at 300, it means this lens is probably better at 300 – which will be an improvement.

      If you see what I mean.

    • David

      Why those specific apertures out of curiosity? I’m not aware of any lenses that were f5-f6.7…

  • If true, then that’s great!
    Hopefully it’ll be a big improvement over the 100-300mm.

    • daveh

      it blummin’ needs to be ;-)
      SO, if it really is this – and what a great range if so – then the next question is what kind of performance it’s aimed at – i.e. is it a “pro” spec lens or more “consumer” like the current 100-300. If the latter then I might be a bit wary about it (but would be very happy were those fears proved wrong!). I expect possibly f/4-f/5.6 through the range but any slower and I might be a bit less keen, UK weather being what it is!

    • If the improvement is just as ‘small’ as of the one from 14–140 and 14–140 II it’s already excellent. :)

      • Agreed.
        Improved image quality through it’s range, plus the extra range, will be MUCH appreciated!

        I just hope they see fit to include a tripod collar!

  • LCV

    I gladly pay 2000 euros for a Panasonic 100-400mm if it is as sharp as the Canon 100-400mm II and Sony 70-400mm II.

    With the Panasonic 4k video and photo modes this is impressive .

    I’m very curious about the weight and size! Something like the Olympus 40-150mm f2.8?

    • peevee

      For 2000 euros, you can get Tamron SP 150-600 AND D7200. :-)

  • Dave Lively

    Great news!!

    I hope this will be better quality than my 100-300 even though that means it will be expensive. I would be buying this lens for its 400m range. I will not be buying another zoom that is weak when used at the long end of its zoom range.

    I am hoping for f5.6 max at 400. Anything faster would make the lens too big, heavy and expensive. I expect a good quality 100-400 to cost about $2000 and weigh 3.5 pounds. An f4 version would double the weight and at least triple the price

  • Eno

    Good news!

  • 400 not bad

    Motorized, please.

    • Narretz

      Do you want to drive it somewhere?

      • Bob B.


  • Paul Latouche

    I hope:
    Good IQ at 300-400mm (i.e. much better than 100-300mm)
    F5.6 at 400mm
    Better OIS
    Tripod collar
    Competitive pricing (1500$ if great IQ, 700$ if same as current 100-300mm)

    • InTheKnow

      $100 is too much when it has the same IQ as the 100-300

    • harvey

      I would hope that the IQ of a new 100-400 is much better than the old 100-300 in the 300-400 range.

  • SteB1

    This is excellent news for m4/3. I hope it is in the same quality league as other 100-400mm zooms, or similar lenses in the range of other systems i.e. high quality and good at the 400mm end.

    The reason this is such big news is that this lens type is the bread and butter of bird and wildlife photographers. m4/3 has long had potential in this area because of the format size. In this field of photography pixel density is everything, and even photographers who can afford FF cameras often used a crop sensored camera for more reach. Many amateur bird and wildlife enthusiasts or general nature photographers, would love a lightweight system like m4/3, as often they also carry heavy binoculars and telescopes. Unfortunately as m4/3 has lacked this type of lens, and does not have access to independent lenses like the Tamron or Sigma 150-600mm lenses, many nature photographers would not even consider m4/3. If this is a good lens at the long end, and preferably weather proofed, it could be a game changer.

    If it is in the same class as other system lenses of this focal length, it would also turn the GH4 and future cameras in this line, into first rate tools for wildlife filmmaking.

    • Tan

      You stated a good point. But from your logic, I get the conclusion: Nikon 1 is best system for bird and wildlife photography with its higher pixel density, more compact, longer reach(via Nikon F mount adaptor, although Nikkor F lenses themselves makes camera much heavier and larger), plus best tracking AF performance among MLC system. I’m not offending(I’m a m4/3 user anyway), just a curiosity… is Nikon 1 is actually best system for bird/wildlife photography?

      • Narretz

        You still have a small sensor behind the exceptional reach, so not all photographers are going to make this choice.

      • SteB1

        Yes, potentially it is very good, especially one they start using Sony’s much better 20mp 1 inch sensor in their top of the line 1 camera. It’s a potentially interesting system for Nikon users, which has had odd design quirks which have been a bit limiting. I’m not any brand fanboy and simply see cameras and tools.

      • PH

        I’ve seen some outstanding results with their new(ish) 70-300, but the Nikon 1 system is a dog and way too expensive. From what I understand, the 70-300 is their first lens to actually have a focusing ring! It also tells you something that nobody else is making lenses for it. If they offered a wildlife kit – V3 w/ EVF and 70-300 for $1200 or so, it might be worth considering as a stand alone outfit, but right now – forget about it.

      • peevee

        “Is Nikon 1 is actually best system for bird/wildlife photography?”

        In bright sunlight, maybe. Although without a EVF on V3, it is just awkward.

    • TeeKay

      > “The reason this is such big news is that this lens type is the bread and butter of
      > bird and wildlife photographers.”

      oh please no … I’m sick and tired of bird pictures … all photography blogs and forums are spammed with this. Please, Panasonic, no telezoom …

      • SteB1

        I think you mistake spamming, for popular and enthusiastic. You may be sick and tired, but most people are not.

      • How about butterfly and frog pictures? 😜

        • Yun

          Such lens is not just for birding & inserts .
          It’s more ideal for private investigator assignments & spying jobs .
          Example of capturing moment of cheating partner having affair in the hotel lobby for your client .
          Definitely this is the lens for the job .

      • peevee

        BiF is fun. People just should stop publish the pictures outside of birding forums. :)
        BTW, it is even more fun with MF. :-)

    • DaveHenson

      100-400 is the bread and butter of wildlife photographers but with MFT there is one big limiting factor – battery size.
      I am not sure a lens this size will focus particularly quickly, especially AF tracking, because the battery in the MFTs is just too physically small to drive the AF mechanisms.

      • Hubertus Bigend

        In a mirrorless lens, the lens group which has to be moved by the AF drive will be as thoroughly minimized in mass and size as it can be, because of the demands of contrast detection AF. My fears rather are that image quality could be somewhat compromised for that reason.

      • peevee

        The battery in GH4 is not that small.

        • Turbofrog

          Yeah, it’s not that far off the battery life of the 7D II in real life…

        • DaveHenson

          7DII battery is 1650mAh, GX& battery is 1025mAh – a huge difference in power reserves. And my 7D2 battery lasts 600shots, the GX7 barely 300 shots.

      • harvey

        a lens that size would require a grip for my use to balance it better. You get a second battery.

  • Bob B.

    Based on the 100-300 it’s kind of tough to get excited. Really.
    I am definitely anxiously waiting for the Olympus 300mm which I will be able to couple up with my 1.4x.
    Ya never know though…Panasonic could surprise us, though.

    • LCV

      Why based on 100-300mm???
      Panasonic make a lot of other very good lenses.

      • 43user

        Yes, definitely seems odd. Panasonics 100-300 is absolutely cheap. And the Oly 75-300 is not exactly a stellar performer either. In fact they are mostly on par. If Panasonic builds this 100-400 as a 1500-2000$ lens it will perform like one, that’s for sure. And this one will surely have OIS which is nice on the longer focal lengths regardless of whether you have IS in body.

        • peevee

          $1060 Sigma “C” and Tamron 150-600/5-6.3 on any 24mpix Canon or Nikon APS-C camera can do what would-be Panasonic 100-400/4-5.6 could do and more (they actually go to 900/960mm-eq, not 800mm-eq, and with higher res sensors can crop to even more). It the Panasonic is priced any more than that, it will lose the market again. Unless it is something like constant f/2.8 and then it competes in totally different league (but it is so improbable it is impossible).

    • InTheKnow

      Exact same feelings. Hope for an excellent 300mm from Olympus with the TC14. My 100-300 is just a bad lens, I regret I’ve bought it every time I think about it.

  • Turbofrog

    I guess after Olympus announced the 40-150/2.8, stealing the thunder from Panny’s 150/2.8 prime, they decided to fight fire with fire and try to steal a lead on the 300/f4 (including TC) with a high-end super tele zoom…


      You mean like Olympus 1-up’ed Panasonics 12-35/35-100 f2.8? Like Olympus 25mm, when there’s the stunning P/L 25mm?

      Yeah, Panasonic sure likes stealing the thunder!

  • Devonsmith11

    .. m43 needs an affordable 12-60 f2.8-4 for 600 usd. ..not everyone wants or afford 12-35…. also an affordable ultra wide prime or zoom like 7 f2.8 or 6-12 f4.5-5.6 for under 500 usd

    • CN

      These specs sound like a third party product.

    • EnPassant

      Why would a 12-60/2.8-4 be any cheaper than the new Nikon AF-S DX 16-80/2.8-4 when most M4/3 lenses are about as expensive as comparable lenses for APS-c and Full Frame sensors?

  • Les

    I hope to see new wide like an AF 10mm <F4.

    • bob B.

      F1.4 please!

    • poopchute


  • George

    Very exciting news, thank you Pany!

  • poopchute

    The new cameras and lenses announcement would be from midnight to 1;00 am Eastern time tonight, right?

  • LCV

    more GX8 images and specs:

    • poopchute

      Thanks LCV


      Specifications for Panasonic GX8 and silver body images

      Readers from the provided images of Panasonic DMC-GX8 detailed specs and release date information, and silver version.

      Panasonic GX8 announcement is 7/16. Release date in Japan is 8/20.

      GX8 spec is as follows.

      -Newly developed 20.3 MP Live MOS sensor

      -ISO25600 is the highest sensitivity.

      -Newly developed Venus Engine

      -6 control shake reduction system “Dual I.S”

      -Multi-process noise reduction, 3D color control

      -4 K video / 4 K photo (30 fps)

      -4 K photo was one of three modes (4 K 4 K burst burst start-stop, 4 K p rivers to)

      -A large 2360000 dots organic EL EVF. Contrast of 10000: 1. 0.77 x magnification

      -The back of the monitor’s dots organic EL 1040000. Free-angle

      -Dust-proof droplet. With magnesium alloy body is a sturdy

      -More easy-to-hold grip

      -Faster AF adopted the DFD. AF speed is 0.07 seconds.

      -The AF tracking burst 6 frames per second

      -Starlight AF corresponding darkness of Moonlight-4 EV

      -Improved stability of AF in video

      -Mechanical shutter top speed 1 / 8000 sec. Electronic shutter 1 / 16,000 sec

      -Silent shooting using the electronic shutter

      -The sync speed is 1 / 250 sec

      -Wi-Fi, NFC, QR code connection

      GX8 is 4 K and of course adoption of DFD, 20 MP sensor, 1 / 8000 second high speed shutter, dust-proof it seems is going to adopt drops, has become a new Dual IS also the body shake, real word “rollicking” perfect camera. Silver body texture also quite expensive, unless you see the image.

      Furthermore, tracking AF sequential shooting speed information is 8 frames per second, but the latest information in the 6 seems to have become frames per second.


      Thank you for those who sent the information and images.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Excellent! With Olympus’ 300mm f/4 and then this lens, Micro Four Thirds could finally become a serious option for serious supertele photographers.

  • PH

    Finally, a 100-400! Yeah!! Maybe a matching TC too? If it’s good and not too crazy expensive, they’ll have a real hit on their hands.

  • Lstation

    Let’s not forget VLOG coming this fall LOL

  • waiting for the 500mm f/4 from olympus ?

  • VooDooZG

    I just hope it will be on pair with iq like 50-200 4/3, and f/4-5.6 and around 1200-1400€ than it will make a lot of sense if not than why bother relise new lens we already have bad lens like 100-300 and 75-300, we need something with iq on pair with 50-200, we dont need 40-150 pro iq and build because than it will cost 3000€ and it will be like 3kg and 25-30 cm

  • Phony Nay 7 crap II

    This is cool.
    And I disagree with some here claiming Panny is stepping on Oly’s toes. This lens is a different beast from the 40-150 f2.8. The range is quite different (like the Lumix 35-100 was) and we don’t even know if it will have a constant aperture.
    I’m still hoping the other Panny lens is some monster prime. The Nocticron is awesome.

    • bluehorn

      definitely will not be constant aperture. if it’s the size will be huge ..

  • peevee

    Reasonably fast (at least f/5.6) 400mm would be very interesting on m43, unless it is priced close to 500mm for APS-C systems. Unfortunately I suspect Panasonic, in their usual insanity, will price it higher than Sigma and Tamron 150-600 offers, making it pretty much not competitive again.

  • Another cam shooter

    kab00m!!!!! It’s a f2.8-4!!!

    • Boston C

      The diameter would be 400mm/F4 = 100mm

      • Another cam shooter

        100mm=10cm. 10cm is not so big. Heck, it’s a tiny penis size!

        • Boston C

          You mixed the girth w the length. Try again..

          • Another cam shooter

            10cm is 10cm is 10cm is 10cm. Too little to worry about!

  • Boston C

    I don’t see any patent filed for long zoom by Panasonic on Egami’s site.
    Assume it’s true, hope the new lens’ optics tops the Nikon 1 VR 70-300 CX lens. Its old bro 100-300mm is no match, see:

  • JohnH

    Let’s hope they release a vastly upgraded 100-300 (current one pretty poor at the long end) and the long-awaited 150/2.8 OIS PL(?).

  • Augustus

    100-400mm f/0.85-f/1.4? I’ll take it, all for $400.

  • VC

    I want a fast normal weather sealed…. 20 to 25mm

  • normal guy

    Craziness…. who is this 100-400 monster for?
    why didn’t Panasonic make a better edition of the old, poor quality 100-300 ???

  • Bob

    A 100-300 would be fine for me, but I’ll take the 100-400. In fact, I’d take it today if it were available. It’ll be great for motorsports photography.

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